3D kaiten gazou shuu (I and II)

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    3D kaiten gazou shuu (I and II) - Excellent sex game fantasy


    In the first game of rotations of 30 pieces, but no sound, and the second 19 items, there is sound. In the first game through the HTML is run, and in the second game via the EXE file. You can rotate to look at a frozen moment of sex. Information: Part 1 (HTML + Flash / JPG included); Part 2 (Doujin SoftwareCG Collection). Full Collection of 3D kaiten gazou shuu.


    Genre: 3DCG, HCG, Animation, Doujin, SoftwareCG, HTML, Flash, JPG, Oral
    Language: jav
    Platform: 2000/XP/Vista/7
    Censored: yes
    Size archive: 942 mb


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