A Trip To Tijuana


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The phone rings. Ted answers it.

The caller speaks Spanish. They chat for a while, until the caller says, “The old film is getting worn out, and now we have a new projector. Dolby sound, everything, we should make a new film. Can you get anyone?”

“Perhaps,” Ted says. “How much is it worth?”

“Four… Five hundred, maybe. This isn’t LA you know.”

“I’ll see.”


Lisa liked her new lover Ted a lot, but sometimes he scared her just a little. Most of the time it just added a little zest to their relationship, like the time Ted produced handcuffs and they made love in the shower with her secured to the faucet. Today he seemed edgy. He’d offered to take her to see a show in Tijuana.

“What kind of show?” Lisa asked.

“A sex show, silly. Really neat stuff you can’t see up here,” Ted said with a wry smile.

She agreed readily, so now they were driving into this seedy looking part of Tijuana. They park the car and go into a building with some garish posters on the wall. She can’t read the writing, it’s in Spanish. At the desk, Ted is greeted by the proprietor. They talk for a while in Spanish, then the Mexican hands Ted several hundred dollars. They talk a bit more, and he hands over more bills.

“What was that all about?” Lisa asks Ted.

“Oh, he owes me some money,” Ted lies.

They go through to a small theatre. There’s a movie screen pulled down over the stage, and the film is obviously already well under way. They make their way nearer the front and sit down.

The film is grainy and scratched, obviously an old 16mm production. On the screen a woman is kneeling on some kind of bench. A large dog is licking her between the legs. The woman appears to be enjoying it. After a while the dog mounts her from the rear, enters her and starts fucking in earnest. The woman on the screen is panting, apparently in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Watching, Lisa finds the scene initially repulsive, but shortly feels herself becoming aroused. She wonders what sort of woman would agree to perform with an animal like that, and if it’s really as enjoyable as the actress makes it seem.

Ted nudges her, and says, “Really something, isn’t it? Bet you’d like to do it with a dog.”

She squeezes his thigh and mumbles, “Don’t be silly.”

He slips a hand under her skirt and gives her a quick grope. Her pussy is slightly damp. On the screen the dog has stopped humping. The camera pans across for a last look at the woman, then fades to credits to the accompaniment of distorted music. She expects the lights to come up and the audience to make for the exits, but nothing happens. Perhaps there’s another feature, she thinks. Suddenly she’s aware of two men standing in the row just behind her.


One of them leans over and with a practised movement and forces a rubber gag in her mouth. It’s an inflatable gag, and while one man holds her firmly, the second one inflates the gag to an uncomfortable though not painful tightness. She cannot make any sound past the gag, but looks urgently at Ted in appeal. He looks back, seemingly unconcerned, with a slight smile on his face.

The two men walk her down the aisle, then up some steps to the side of the stage. The screen rises to the ceiling, the stage lights come on and she sees a black leather bench in the centre of the stage. It looks rather like the kind of bench weight lifters use, but the legs have been modified so that they are spread apart like a saw horse. It has been carefully made and the chrome gleams brightly in the lights. To one side, she sees a cameraman filming her. Now she has some inkling of what is going to happen, but her struggles are futile in the grip of the two muscular men.

They force her to kneel on one end of the bench, with her upper body resting on the padded seat. One of them pulls her sweater and blouse upwards and secures a wide leather strap around her waist, fastening her to the bench. While the other man holds her legs, the first pulls her clothes over her head and arms and tosses them to one side. He then fastens another strap around her back, just below her arms. Drawing her arms down, he secures them to the legs of the bench on either side with more straps, two around each wrist and two near her elbows.

Having effectively immobilised her upper body, they turn their attention to her legs. They unfasten her skirt and pull it down, then her panties. Her efforts to kick them are almost completely futile. One of the men makes some adjustment to the bench, moving the rear legs somehow. He then fastens her legs to the legs of the bench, one each side, so that they are spread apart about two feet at the knees. He fastens a strap around each thigh just above her knees, then another at the top of her thighs. Her sex is now completely exposed to view. He then fastens her ankles to two bars that extend horizontally from the bench legs, so that she cannot move her legs at all.

Next, one of the men positions a large mirror in front of her, angled slightly up. In it, she can see the audience behind her, staring hungrily at her naked body. He then deflates her gag and removes it. Before she can do more than lick her lips, he proceeds to fit her with another, different, gag. This is a double gag, made in two pieces. First, he fits a ring shaped piece, which is made of rubber covered steel. It’s about an inch and a half diameter, with two U-shaped pieces that extend a short way forward, out, then back on either side.

At the end of these is a hinge, with a metal bar attached. Leather straps are attached to each bar. The device looks a bit like a pair of sunglasses for a Cyclops. He positions the ring between her teeth, then fastens the straps fairly tightly behind her head. She can close her lips almost fully and the U-shaped sides mean that the corners of her mouth assume a fairly natural position without being pulled back. The hinged bars prevent her from tipping the ring on its side and closing her mouth. Satisfied with the position of the ring, the man then inserts the centre portion of the gag, which is another inflatable type. He fastens the strap behind her head, then inflates the gag fairly hard. He then produces a small metal frame with two legs, which he inserts into sockets on either side of the bench so that it’s positioned across her back.

In the mirror she can see that it has a concave centre portion, and short padded arms either side. He pulls her head back and secures it in the centre of the frame with a strap around her forehead, then adjusts the arms so that they grip her head on each side firmly. She’s now unable to move her head more than a slight amount. The position of her head, tilted back so that she faces straight ahead, is not particularly uncomfortable as the frame bears most of its weight.

Meanwhile the other man checks the straps around her legs, then wipes her exposed sex with a silk handkerchief that feels slightly damp on her skin. In the mirror, she can see another camera set up in the audience. The audience seems to stir excitedly. The two men have left her now, and she wonders what is going to happen. Then in the mirror a large dog comes into view. He is undecided for a moment as the audience waits quietly. Smelling her, he moves toward her cautiously. She tries to scream, to shout, and to kick out, but it’s impossible, she’s too well bound and gagged.

Sniffing her hindquarters, he comes closer. Why did I ever come here with that treacherous lowlife, she thinks, as she tries to make some movement to repel the dog. Suddenly, the dog starts to lick her, his long tongue working up her crack, between her lips. It feels really good, no man ever had such a tongue. He keeps licking, working up the mouth of her vagina and rubbing her clitoris. She tries to resist, but it’s too intense. Her body betrays her with a sudden orgasm.

After what seems like a long period of licking, the dog, his penis now erect and glistening slightly, moves forward to mount her. She finds this concept degrading, and tries to pull away, but her bonds do not permit more than a fraction of an inch of movement – hardly enough to disturb the dog’s actions. It climbs up on her back and grips her around the waist with its front legs, then pumps forward to insert its penis. Her sex is open and well lubricated by this time and the dog has no trouble, ramming its penis well into her vagina. She can feel the soft fur on the inside of its legs rubbing against her legs and buttocks. Some men in the audience cheer as the dog gets into its stride, pumping vigorously. The dog seems tireless, and she feels another orgasm coming, then another, and another.

Finally the dog ejaculates into her with a last, strong, thrust, but does not withdraw as a man might since the engorged knot on its penis is caught in her vagina. There’s silence for a moment, then some stirring in the audience as one of the two handlers come up on stage and removes the centre, inflatable, portion of the gag from her mouth. Again she barely has time to moisten her lips, but this time the man thrust his erect penis into her mouth. She’s unable to move her head away, and the ring of the outer gag prevents her from closing her teeth upon his member.

He thrusts deeper into her mouth, pushing his penis into the upper part of her throat, which is held open by the position her head is secured in. Suddenly he comes, sending bursts of semen straight down her throat. When he withdraws, she can see that the members of the audience have lined up beside the stage, and that another penis is ready for her. As its thrust inside her mouth, she realises she’s going to have to service at least thirty men one after the other.

After maybe a dozen men have had their turn, the dog finally withdraws and is led away. One of the men takes this opportunity to enter her from behind, so that she feels two penises pumping into her simultaneously. At last after what seems like an age the men have all satisfied themselves, and she hopes they will finally release her. There’s some discussion between the handlers and the audience, and to her dismay the dog is led back on stage. This time it’s brought around in front of her, and she realises what they intend. With some encouragement, the dog is persuaded to mount her from in front, its penis now thrusting into her mouth.

She can feel the different shape of the dog’s penis as it pumps away. After a little while she feels some sort of cool, wet substance being smeared between her buttocks, and she’s aware that one of the men has decided to use another entrance. With a quick thrust he enters her, stretching her anus to accommodate his erect penis. As he thrusts from behind, the dog continues to pump away in her mouth, finally ejaculating down her throat. Again, the knot in his penis is enlarged, and cannot withdraw past the ring, so she waits, her view of the mirror obscured by the dog’s body. This time, several of the men take turns to fuck her from behind, either anally or vaginally. At last, the dog withdraws, and the men finish with her.

Surely now they’ll let me go, she thinks. They must have enough material, filmed enough perverted acts by now.

But no.

One of the handlers reinserts the inflatable gag and pumps it up firmly, and to her horror she sees in the mirror the other handler is leading a donkey onto the stage toward her.