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Lets be honest here for a minute: Sonia Sweet is not very bright. With a name like that, are you really at all surprised? But that doesnt keep her from getting ahead in class and always getting top grades, no matter how dumb she is. How does she do it?

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Lita Phoenix is due a lesson in hardcore sex. Both her pussy and asshole are the subjects for todays class, and you can see that this naughty old teacher is eager to explore them both. First, he makes Lita get undressed, then he gives her the 'oral exam' which consists of him shoving his hard cock down her tight throat.

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Teachers are supposed to be role models. They are supposed to educate, guide, and provide you with ethics and values that will be the foundation for your life. Well, not this teacher. He is just interested in one thing: getting a piece of that tight teen pussy!

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