Amy did it


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I've been told by many people that I look a lot like Dana Delany, the actress (i.e. "China Beach," "Tombstone"). One day I asked my friends if I could take Samson out for a walk in the morning.

All of this started last week after a guy online sent me a gif of a beautiful woman being fucked by a huge black dog. I was so mesmerized at the thought (this is something I had NEVER thought of before!) and I was so turned on that it was all I could think about for days. Other guys, at my request, I admit, sent me more dog/woman gifs, and that just made me hotter and more anxious to try it for myself. So I made up my mind not to wait any longer.

I called my neighbors and asked if I could take Samson on a walk. I was so excited and nervous as we said good-bye and I started jogging down the street with this huge German shepherd in tow. I took him back to my place and I shut the curtains and blinds. He knows me so he was very relaxed and comfortable. I was wearing running shorts, a tee shirt, and tennies: that all came right off!

I knelt down next to him and began to pet him and talk sweetly to him The more I petted and stroked his fur the more his tail wagged. I kind of pushed him over on his back and began to rub and scratch his belly moving my hands down closer to his cock. (Didn't want to startle him or anything) He liked it when I started massaging his cock and balls and began to whine softly. He got hard right away and started to extend: very red and wet-looking.

I put some canola oil on my hand and touched his cock. He kind of stiffened but didn't move away or try to stop me so I began to move my hand up and down on his shaft, lightly at first, then I gripped him and began to pump him; he had an incredibly huge erection and his knot was also very large, very swollen and red.

I think he knew what I wanted him to do, because he rolled back onto his feet and began to sniff and lick at my pussy so I sat up on the edge of my bed, opened my legs, and moved his head into my crotch. He didn't need any more encouragement from that point on, I just laid back and let him lick at me for about fifteen minutes; I was dripping wet!

I looked down and saw that he still had that huge, stiff erection, and he kept trying to stand up and mount me, so to be safe, I went to my dresser and got a pair of my heavy socks and knelt down and put them on his front paws. Then I decided to try going down on him. I laid on my back and stood him over me so I could lick and suck on his cock. He just kind of stood there at first but then he began to kind of hump my mouth as I sucked him off.

Almost immediately his cock was spraying this very hot, watery pre-cum stuff, it wasn't cum, that came later, this watery fluid was spraying all over me, my face especially. I was afraid he would ejaculate in my mouth so I stopped going down on him. I wanted his cum in me.

I sat back up on the edge of the bed and called him to come to me. He stood up and mounted me, as I guided his huge cock inside my pussy. (god, I'm getting dizzy just telling you this) So, he had his paws in the socks--glad I did that because he would have scratched me (somebody warned me to do that): I didn't have to do much else, except sit back and let him fuck me, and he did; boy did Samson fuck me hard!

His arms were gripped around my waist really, really hard. I mean he was holding on to me as he rammed into me, faster and faster. He was whining a lot too as he seemed to be ready to cum. I was so overcome with passion that I scooted my bottom forward on the bed till it was pretty much off the bed. My hands were back behind me holding me steady, his arms were around me tightly and that's when I made a mistake: I had forgotten about his knot. I was so slick with my juices and Samson's pre-cum that he was squirting all over and inside of my pussy, and he was thrusting so hard, that he pushed his knot all the way inside me and he just kept fucking me harder and harder.

Before I knew what had happened his knot was completely inside me. I didn't mind at first, because it felt so good having his huge cock and knot inside me--thrusting in and out so hard and rapidly. I had a huge orgasm and I loved the feel of his rough fur on my soft skin and his rough, brute thrusting into me as he fucked my tender pussy.

Then Samson came. I could tell because of the deep, breathless thrusting he made as he shot his sticky doggie jism deep inside me. But after he came inside me he just kind of stopped fucking and stood there, or rather, he kind of leaned there against me his chest against my breasts, his head over my shoulder for a LONG time. He was still and just stood there inside me, I could feel his hot, sticky dog cum all over my pussy and thighs.

Every time I tried to pull him out of me, his knot would kind of hurt me, it was so huge, so I had to stay coupled with the dog for about fifteen minutes. I just held him and stroked his fur and let him lick my face and breasts. When I could pull him out of me he went back to normal, a happy-go-lucky dog!

But I was exhausted and a sticky mess! His cum had trickled out of me and was all over my legs and tummy, and his pre-cum had dried all over my face and breasts and everywhere else. I had the smell of his cum in my hair, on my arms, everywhere. He was sniffing me and licking me all over, kind of checking his handiwork, I guess. He still had his erection so I decided to try him again.

I knelt down against the bed and let him mount me again this time from behind. Well, it was the same frantic fucking again, but this time I reached under him and held his knot with my fingers so it wouldn't slip back inside me. He came again inside me in a series of long thrusting grunts of dog pleasure. His front legs were gripping me around the sides so tightly, I could tell that he was really shooting every last ounce of his cum inside me.

I came again too, very hard, but I had to lean against the bed on my breasts and finger myself till I came, just after Samson had shot his load in me. We both rested for about a half an hour, and then I began to go down on him again. He loved it! He began thrusting into my mouth almost immediately, so I decided to sit back up on the edge of the bed. I made him stand again facing me, put his front paws on my shoulders, and I took some more canola oil; in my hands and I jerked him off until he came again, all over my tummy and breasts. It floored me to see how much hot cum this dog could shoot!

Samson seemed very, very pleased to have such and attentive female human friend, someone who would see to it that he had a good experience. By then I was done, so I took a long hot shower and then took him home to his masters, who knew nothing whatsoever about what we had done.

Samson is one very lucky dog, and I am one VERY satisfied grad student. Now I just have to work up the nerve to tell my boyfriend and see if he'll take pictures next time (I'm sure he will!!!). If I could just find a man to fuck me like Samson