Amy’s Day Off


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The alarm went off at five am sharp signaling the sleeping Amy Conrad that it is time to get up and start the day. Begrudgingly Amy rolled over and let her hand flop onto the alarm switch silencing its annoying call. She sat up in bed, stretched, then reluctantly got up.

She slowly got her robe on and dragged herself to the kitchen. Her two dogs Moxie and Hoxie were hot on her heels. She looked outside and groaned. It had snowed again. It looked like another ten inches were added onto the existing twelve inches that is deposited the day before. She sighed and let the two prancing dogs out into the back yard to do their thing. She started her morning coffee and then headed for the shower.

She turned the water on adjusting the hot and cold until she got it to the right temperature. Amy let her robe drop to the floor. She looked in the bathroom mirror. “Not bad,” she thought as she studied her reflection. Amy is in her mid-thirties and is small in stature, only a touch over five feet. Her breasts were C cups, but on her frame they looked much bigger. Perched on top of her breasts were two very suckable nipples. She kept herself in tip top shape and had a flat tummy and toned arms and legs to show for it.

Amy smiled and then stepped into the tub. The hot water felt good to her and she started to wake up. By habit Amy started with her hair. She lathered up her shoulder length black hair, then rinsed and repeated. Being a High school teacher Amy expected her students to follow instructions so she should too. Then came the body wash. Amy poured the soap onto the sponge and began to soap herself up.

She loved the way the soap felt on her skin. It made her skin slippery and glisten. Her freshly shaved pussy started to twitch as soon as the sponge hit her breasts. She’s horny. She’s always horny. She slipped one hand down over her right breast as her other hand worked the sponge on her left. Then Amy slowly pushed her hand down over her flat tummy to her thigh in slow circular motions. She liked to tease herself. Taking as much time as she could before touching the sensitive lips of her sex.

Eventually her middle finger found its way to her throbbing clit. Once, twice, three times, her finger stroked her start button before sliding deep inside her smoldering pussy. She started to fuck herself on that wonderful digit. Then she added another finger to the mix. Her breathing is becoming labored as she approached her impending orgasm. Then she stopped.

“No, no, no,” she said to herself.

If she came once, then she would want to cum again and she would be late for school. With all this snow, she needed extra time to clean the car off and fight the morning traffic. She quickly finished her shower, wrapped a towel around her head and put her bathrobe on again. When she opened the bathroom door, she is hit with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Amy made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. She turned on the radio as she took a sip of the brew. She sighed. Amy loved her coffee.

Amy looked out the window dreading having to go out into the snow and cold. She hugged her coffee cup to her chest like it is a shield against the weather. Then announced they were closed and that students and faculty were to remain home. Finally, at the end of a very long list she heard her school mentioned! She yelped in delight, but is not convinced. Quickly she changed the channel on the radio to another station that announced school closing. Sure enough, she heard it again.

Amy started dancing around the kitchen probably more excited than the kids were. She loved her seniors and she loved teaching, but you know, an unexpected day off is good. Amy did regret that she would not be able to tease Tina Cruz today. Tina is one of Amy’s students that would be graduating this year. For some reason Amy is attracted to her. Tina is a Hispanic girl a bit taller that Amy. She had long brown hair that is not kept very well, giving Tina a mousy look. Tina also wore loose fitting clothing that hid her attributes. Amy’s intuition knew that Tina had a kick ass body. Tina kept to herself and is not that popular with the boys or girls. Amy also knew that Tina is attracted her as well.

Being a student/teacher situation, Amy could do nothing about it. She certainly did not want to lose her job and have her name splattered all over the Internet. So Amy decided she would have her fun by teasing Tina. Amy loved to stand behind Tina during a lecture and innocently touch Tina’s hair or shoulder. Once in a while she would lightly pull Tina back towards her and press her breasts into the back of Tina’s head. Amy knew Tina could feel her hard nipples pressing into her. When Amy stood in front of Tina she could see that Tina’s face, neck and top of her chest were flush with excitement.

Once Amy wore a loose fitting blouse and ‘dropped’ a pen in front of Tina. When Amy bent forward to retrieve the pen, her blouse fell forward, giving a Tina full view of her braless breasts. After class Amy noticed that there is a wet spot on Tina’s chair. She ran her finger over the spot and held it to her nose. She could smell Tina’s juices on her finger. She smiled, then placed her finger into her mouth, licking it clean. Little did Amy know, but Tina is outside the room watching. She left before Amy caught her.

Amy’s pussy started to moisten again thinking about Tina. She sighed and took another sip of coffee.

“What to do today? What to do?”

She looked outside and saw her twin male Labs playing in the back yard. She smiled to herself and knew exactly what she is going to do. She is going to do Moxie and Hoxie.

Amy puts her mug down and went to the kitchen door. She grabbed the towel that is hanging there to wipe the dogs down so they wouldn’t track snow all through the house. She opened the door and called to the dogs. They both came running as fast as they could tails a wagging. First Moxie came bounding in. Amy closed the door so she could wipe Moxie down without Hoxie trashing the house. Amy wrapped the towel around him and started to dry him off, first his body, then his head then his feet. Moxie took every opportunity he got to lick his Mistresses face. Amy let him go and opened the door again to let Hoxie in. He ran into the house, knocking Amy over causing her robe to fall open. The subzero air hit her warm body like a ton of bricks. Her nipples instantly became painfully hard. A pain Amy liked. She felt her pussy spasm.

Amy quickly closed her robe and the door. Hoxie didn’t roam too far because his sensitive nose caught a familiar scent. Amy called him back and he came. She repeated the drying process on Hoxie but this time she went back to his belly and started to rub the sheath of his cock. Hoxie stood there enjoying the attention. Soon his red cock started slipping out. Amy put the towel down and used her hand. Slowly she stroked the dog and more of his cock slipped out. It is hot in her hand.

Amy’s pussy started to juice up. She could feel her own heart rate quicken. Soon Moxie smells the perfume of his Mistress and came to her. He knew what is going to happen. Amy looked at Moxie and saw his cock start to slip from its sheath as well. Amy licked her lips in anticipation. Suddenly Amy stood up and ran into her bedroom.

“Come get me,” she yelled, dropping her hair towel and bathrobe on the way.

Both are hot on her heels.

Amy and the dogs jumped on the bed. They began to tussle and wrestle knocking the sheets and blankets to the floor. Amy grabbed a pillow and is going to hit the dogs with it in a one-way pillow fight. She thought better of it as she pictured her pillow evaporating into a cloud of feathers. Amy could see the both dog’s cocks were now out. Foreplay is over and it is time to get down to business.

Amy lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pussy is open and dripping her hot juices.

“Lick your Momma. Make her feel good. Momma needs her boys,” she called to the dogs.

As if on cue, the dogs made a beeline for her cunt and started licking for all they were worth. Amy started feeling good. The two tongues whipping through the folds of her pussy is driving her closer and closer to heaven. But brothers being brothers, they began to fight for Amy’s pussy. Soon they began to growl and take nips at each other completely ignoring Amy.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” she yelled. “There’s plenty of room for both of you.”

The dogs immediately stopped fighting and sat, their cocks are still hanging out and starting drip pre-cum. Amy is very flexible and brought her legs up and pinned behind her arms. Her hips are now raised exposing her ass and opening her pussy wide. She called Hoxie to her and spun him around so that he is facing his brother.

She asked, “Is this better?”

Moxie barked and both dogs went back to licking her frothing pussy.

This is perfect! Moxie is tonguing her ass and cunt hole, and Hoxie is licking her clit and cunt hole when Moxie isn’t there. Amy is beside herself! Hoxie licked Amy’s clit then stuffed her pussy with wriggling dog tongue while Moxie slid his tongue deep into Amy’s ass. When Hoxie isn’t licking her insides, Moxie did! Amy couldn’t control herself. Soon her hips began to quiver and shake. She could feel her long awaited orgasm building faster and faster. She squeezed both of her breasts hard, trapping her nipples between the knuckles of her fingers.


Both dogs doubled their efforts licking all of the tasty treats pouring from Amy’s twitching pussy! Amy came hard. Very hard! Her body shook the bed. The dogs would have run if they didn’t already know what is happening.

Amy’s body began to relax. She let her legs drop back to the bed. Moxie still lay between her legs, but Hoxie unfortunately is displaced. Amy puts her arms around poor Hoxie and drew him to her. She loved the way his fur felt against her skin.

Amy really didn’t have a chance to completely recover from her orgasm. Moxie is still lying between her legs licking whatever he could put his tongue on. Amy twitched every Time Moxie’s tongue hit her clit. Amy propped herself on her elbows and looked down at the dog between her legs. She noticed that his hips were humping up and down on the bed.

She smiled, and said “Silly dog, mommy has a nice hot tight pussy. You don’t have to hump the bed.”

With that, Amy sat up and pulled Moxie up her body. The dog went willingly.

Amy looked underneath Moxie and squealed in delight when she saw the dogs cock. All ten inches were out and his tennis ball size knot is fully formed. She lay back down and continued to pull the dog up her body until she felt the dripping cock poking at the entrance to her cunt hole. She scooted down just enough to feel the tip penetrate her. She bent her knees and braced her feet on the bed giving the dog more access. She pushed her hips up and the dog slid in. She loved the way the dog filled her. His burning cocked drilled into her. She loved the way his hot cock stretched her wide, lubricating her already wet channel with his pre cum.

Moxie is working hard now. His doggy cock is being loved the way only his mother could. Both dogs were fucking their oversexed mistress ever since they were old enough to get a hard on. They loved their mommy and were happy to please her.

As soon as Moxie’s cock slipped into her, Amy’s body started to vibrate with another orgasm. She whimpered with pride and pleasure as her body took control of it. Moxie fucked her hard and fast. His hips were a blur. The last wave of her orgasm passed over her, but she’s locked to her canine lover. She could feel his pre-cum squirting into her, hosing down her insides. Soon she would have his actual cum flooding her till it flowed out between them.

No sooner did the first orgasm wash over her, Amy could feel herself getting closer to yet another mind shattering orgasm. She wrapped her legs around Moxie’s back, hips and pulled him in. She could feel his knot banging at her cunt door. One more pull from her, and a push for him and in he went, her fuck tunnel swallowed his knot.

Poor Hoxie got displaced from his mistress when his brother made her cum. He stood up and started prancing on the bed. The way Moxie laid on top of her he couldn’t get to her pussy for his turn. Out of frustration, he starts to whimper. Amy looked over at him and giggled.

“Come here, I have something else for you to fuck!”

She guided Hoxie so that he is standing over her perpendicular to his brother. His still hard cock is dripping pre-cum onto Amy’s lips of which she eagerly licked up and swallowed. Amy adjusted her pillow, parted her lips and pulled down on Hoxie just enough so that the tip of his cock is now inside her mouth. Hoxie got the idea and started to thrust his hips driving his cock deeper into Amy. She loved how hot it felt gliding over her tongue. She tightened the oral grip on her pet sucking as hard as she could.

Her hips began to involuntarily move so that Moxie’s cock slid back and forth inside her pussy. She is in heaven! One cock in each hole using her for their mutual pleasure. Amy did have sense enough to hold Hoxie by his knot so she could control his motions. If she didn’t, then Hoxie would shove his cock and knot and all down her throat until his semen boiled out of his balls and into her tummy. Although an interesting way to die, Amy did not want that. Plus, she would not be able to taste his yummy cum.

Amy had her bedroom set up so that the bed is the same height as her dresser. This way she could see her entire bed in the reflection of her mirror and all of the hot action on it. She glanced at the mirror. She watched Hoxie’s red cock stretch her lips into a tight oval. With each thrust of Hoxie’s cock she watched streams of saliva and dog juice dripping from her mouth coating her face and neck. She glanced lower and saw Moxie covering her body with his, her shapely legs wrapped around Moxie’s hips drawing him in. She’s in a sensory – overload and started to moan around Hoxie’s pistoning cock. Soon she would orgasm again and she wanted them to cum with her.

Amy started squeezing her pussy muscles tightly around Moxie’s cock massaging his flesh with every push of her hips. She pressed the flat of her tongue against the underside of Hoxie’s cock. Her lovers came almost immediately that way. Hoxie is no different. Soon she felt his cock expand in her mouth. She pulled him back so that only the tip is in her mouth. She wanted to feel his cum squirting into her mouth. She wanted to taste it and revel in its flavor as she swallowed it down.

She did not have to wait long. The first volley of his precious juice squirted into her hungry mouth triggering her own climax. She screamed around his pulsing meat. Her hips and body thrashed around under the humping dogs. The uncontrolled spasming of Amy threw Moxie over the edge and he began to shoot his juices into Amy’s pussy.

Amy lost all sense of reality, she’s only aware of the dogs feeding her cum. One filling her mouth so much that as hard as she tried, she could not swallow it all. The other scalding her insides with his burning juices.

Each spurt of the dogs cock seemed to force a new orgasm out the whimpering Amy. But as all things come to an end so did this session. Hoxie could cum no more and pulled out of Amy’s dripping mouth. Her lips chasing after his cock like a baby bird wanting more food. Moxie’s knot finally receded enough so that he could pull out of Amy’s quivering pussy. A torrent of dog and human cum gushed out of her now empty hole. Both dogs jumped off Amy’s bed and scampered to their own doggie beds to clean off and take a nap.

Amy lay on her bed exhausted. She reached down between her legs to scoop up some of the juices that flowed from her well-used cunt. Her body spasmed when her fingers brushed her clit. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. She smiled to herself and closed her eyes. She needed a nap as well. Amy lover her day off.