An Unfaithful Wife: Part 1


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Robert is a happily married man, or so he thought. Robert is thirty-nine, he and his wife Jessica who’s thirty-four, have three wonderful children. They’ve been married for six-years, so they have a child every two years. Robert came from a large family. Growing up with four sisters and three brothers. Robert’s mother, Eleanor, is also from a large family. So Robert is intent to keep up the ‘family tradition’ and have lots of kids.

Family and friends always felt they were an unlikely couple. Robert and his family were devout Christians. While Jessica was known as the ‘party girl’ in college. Jessica and Robert actually met when Jessica became friends with Robert’s younger sister. Even Roberts’s sister was surprised when she learned Jessica and Robert started dating. Initially Robert’s mom is very much against their relationship, and isn’t shy about it either. However, Eleanor eventually warmed up to Jessica once she started having babies. Still, Jessica always had a love/hate relationship with her mother-in-law.

With three kids, and his wife and mom now on good terms. Robert’s only problem had to do with a particular aspect of his job. Several times a year, it took him overseas for a few weeks. Early on, this isn’t a problem, but it became one once they started having children because Robert soon realized he couldn’t stand being away from his family.

So he decided to do something most people would feel, is a very strange thing to do. He actually installed several nanny cams in his home. This way he could be with his family, even when he’s away. Besides Robert is something of a tech head and is able to easily tie the camera feeds into a secure, high speed internet connection for viewing on his phone or laptop. However, he didn’t do any of this to spy on his wife and kids. He just wanted to watch his family going about their daily activities. He didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want them acting differently for the camera. He quickly discovered he really liked it seeing how his kids would come crying to Mommy asking about when daddy is coming home.

He liked it whenever Jessica would invoke his name when the kids were misbehaving, and how this would always make them stop. He also liked it when he’d listen to Jessica talking on the phone to her friend or family member about how much she missed having Robert around. Although some would question what he’s doing. Right or wrong, it satisfied his strong need to stay close to his family despite being physically absent.

Shortly after their third child, Robert and Jessica decided to buy a cabin in the woods as a quiet and fun place for the family to enjoy, especially in the summer. The cabin is actually a small, ranch style home located near a large lake which is popular for both camping and fishing. Although out in the woods, the cabin itself is only five or so miles from a large town. There were also other such cabins in the surrounding area, so they still had neighbours.

Their closest neighbours were Frank and his wife Janet. They were an older couple in their late sixties. They seemed friendly and helped them settle in. Robert learned from Frank the cabins were sometimes broken into and lived in by people when not in use. So this prompted Robert to also install camera’s in the cabin as well. This way he could document any potential theft or property damage. Besides, he knew his wife and family would sometimes be at the cabin when he was away. So now he could stay in contact with this family there as well.

As luck would have it, the previous owners had installed central air conditioning. Robert felt it wasn’t needed, so they never used it. But with air vents all around. This provided a perfect place for Robert to install hidden cameras. The vents allowed enough room for a video camera to be securely mounted, and the vent grills helped to conceal them. This also meant he could install high-end cameras. Unlike the nanny cams, these camera’s features full HD recording. With pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. Again, all tied into a secure high speed Wi Fi network. For viewing in real time, or saved to a secure server viewing later. All though high tech isn’t necessary to watch his family while away. The cabin is enough of a financial investment, and its remoteness warranted this extra security in Robert’s mind. However, neither Jessica nor his family knew about these cameras.

Since the cabin is only used at certain times, Robert didn’t really think he’d get much out of these cameras. So when Robert is again abroad for a few weeks. He’s surprised when he returned to his room and saw his cabin cameras had been activated with hours of recordings available for viewing. The cameras are motion activated. So he knew someone or something is in the cabin. Jessica didn’t tell him about any plans to stay at the cabin while he’s away. So he’s completely taken by surprise when the camera in the hallway popped on. He saw Jessica unlocking the front door and walking into the cabin.

After putting down a couple of small luggage bags. She quickly walked back out the door, closing it behind her. After a min without further motion detected. The cameras will shut down. Robert sees the next recorded file begins about ten-minutes later. When he clicks on the next file, he once again sees Jessica opening the door and walking in. This time he’s shocked when he sees the neighbour’s dog, ‘Bully’. A large American Pitbull following her in. This is especially shocking because Jessica had always expressed a very real apprehension toward Bully.

Whenever he’d wander onto the property. Jessica would hurriedly round up the kids and bring them inside and calling out to Robert to do something about the dog. Robert certainly didn’t see Bully as a threat in any way. Still, he understood Jessica’s apprehension due to her claims of being bitten by a dog when she was a young girl. So why would Jessica, of all people, be bringing Bully into the cabin. It’s clear she even went and got him. Which explained the ten-minute gap between activities. Why would she do such a thing? Also, why is she there by herself? Where are the kids?

Robert’s even further surprised by just how excited Bully seems. He’s wagging his tail and circling around her in the hallway. This looked extremely odd since Robert couldn’t recall ever seeing Jessica interacting with him, not ever. So why is Bully so excited, and why is Jessica not showing any apprehension? Then, to make matters worse, Bully started to sniff Jessica’s crotch. It’s summer and Jessica is wearing her favourite pair of cutoff jeans and a tank top. But instead of discouraging or ignoring this behaviour like a normal person, she didn’t seem to mind. She just stood there looking down as he nosed around her crotch area.

Robert noticed Bully’s tale is now straight up. After a few sniffs, he actually begins physically mouthing her crotch, actually forcing her back a step. Robert couldn’t believe it. Why is Jessica letting him do this? Bully didn’t stop there either. He immediately moved in closer and continued loudly sniffing and mouthing her crotch. But instead of rebuking him, she let him do this for a bit longer before finally covering her crotch with her hand. After a couple of licks to the back of her hand, Bully then lifted himself and actually grabbed Jessica by her hips. But Jessica gently backed out of his grasp. Robert is surprised when he saw Jessica actually smiling. She isn’t afraid of him at all.

Undeterred, Bully again moves his snout toward her crotch. But this time before he can sniff her again, Jessica quickly put her hand over her crotch. Unable to get past the back of her hand. An agitated Bully again jumps and grasps her hips with his legs. However, this time she doesn’t move away. He has her by the hips and is balancing himself on his hind legs with his tail wagging slightly. Instead of telling him to get down, she actually says, “Wow, you don’t mess around do you? Yeah, I know what you want, baby.”

It’s becoming clear to Robert what Bully wanted as well. She finally breaks out of his grasp, but then she does something even more shocking. She sits on the small hallway bench, takes his head in her hands, and actually initiates a French kissing session with him.

Robert watched with utterly shocked as she Frenches Bully for almost two whole minutes. Into it, she’s softly moaning and making cooing sounds as she Frenches him. Robert simply couldn’t believe it, his anger mounting. “What the hell is wrong with her?” He asked the screen.

What did Jessica think she’s doing? French kissing a freaking dog. Obviously the dog didn’t know they were French kissing, but Jessica certainly did. It ended when Bully finally lost interest and quickly lowered his head and again started nosing around her crotch.

Robert’s anger toward his wife continued to rise as she responded by leaning back a bit and opening her legs for him. Robert wanted to yell out,Stop it, don’t let him do that! Bully is again aggressively sniffing and mouthing around her crotch. Dogs, of course, have an excellent sense of smell, so Bully could smell her wetness and licked the alluring scent through the material of her jeans. Which explains why Bully is so intent on what he’s doing. Robert is particularly horrified by the obscene sound of Bully’s large tongue rasping against the crotch of her jeans. Bully is licking as if he’s tasting something he really liked. Using long and forceful strokes, his tongue continued to wear away at her jeans. Robert also noticed the licking was finally having an effect on Jessica.

After a few hisses and low moans, she actually spread herself even further apart for him. It almost looked to Robert as if Bully is intentionally trying to wear away the fabric of her jeans with his tongue. Finally, after about two-minutes, she stood and started to unbutton her jeans. Then gently swaying her hips from side to side. She struggles to push her tight fitting jeans down past her crotch. Bully is excited by this and his tale is wagging as he watches. Robert is then even further surprised when he saw Jessica isn’t wearing any panties. No wonder Bully was licking her crotch so intently, the fabric of her jeans was the only thing between his tongue and her cunt.

This confirmed what Robert had thought. Bully is tasting the actual juices from her pussy even through her jeans. This also explained why his licking is starting to make her softly hiss and moan. His tongue is so large and powerful, the material of her jeans is likely hitting and rubbing up against her clit and sensitive lips. However, with her jeans now pushed down past her crotch. Bully aggressively sticks his snout right between her legs. Jessica took in a short, pleasurable sounding breathes, but quickly covered her pussy with her hand.

Jessica covered it with her left hand. Undeterred, Bully kept trying to get at her. Bully began licking the back of her hand. So Robert had to endure the sight of bully licking her wedding ring as he desperately tried to get at her pussy. This really galled Robert. His mind immediately flashed back to the day he slipped that very ring onto her hand at their wedding ceremony. Still, despite everything, Robert is encouraged by the fact Jessica is actually covering herself, and not giving him direct access to her, as upsetting and disturbing as this is.

Robert is hoping this is as far as she’d let things go. He’s quickly encouraged even further when Jessica suddenly pulled her jeans back up. However, she doesn’t button them back up, So Bully starts to lick her still slightly exposed groin area just above her vagina. Bully still tries to get his tongue into her pants. However, Jessica backed away and finally buttons herself back up. Robert immediately thought to himself, OK… Maybe that was it. Keep in mind this happened while they were still in the front hall. So ten minutes of this disgusting behaviour by Jessica could still be forgiven, eventually.

Jessica picks up her bags and begins walking down the hallway toward the master bedroom, with Bully following closely behind. The bedroom camera clicks on and he sees Bully run past her and jump up on top the bed with his tail straight up in the air. However Jessica doesn’t take any notice and starts to unpack. Bully jumps off and on the bed several times as she unpacks, but she continues to take little notice. Then, as before, Bully again starts trying to nose around her crotch. This time, however, Robert is relieved when he sees Jessica doesn’t indulge him as before. As Jessica begins settling in, Bully at first kept following her everywhere continually trying to get at her crotch. He even attempted to mount her hips a few times. However, Jessica didn’t stay sill for him and simply went on with whatever she was doing.

Bully eventually seemed to give up. He stopped following her around, and simply flopped down on the bedroom floor. Whenever Jessica came in, he’d stand to watch, but wouldn’t approach her. When she walked out he’d just flop back on the floor. Robert kept hoping either Janet or Frank would now call, or show up looking for Bully. Better yet, he kept expecting Jessica would simply bring him back. Although deeply disturbed and disgusted by what he had seen. Robert still felt he could forgive her behaviour and move on.

Suddenly, after ignoring Bully for almost two hours, Jessica walked into the bedroom and this time closed the door behind her. Bully immediately got up and approached her. As always, he quickly began nosing around her crotch, soon aggressively licking her through her jeans. This time, however, Jessica seemed much more into it. She actually began gently grinding herself against his muzzle as he licked. Even straddling her legs more apart for him. After a few hisses and a few quick inhales, she starts to unbutton her jeans again. After struggling a bit to slip her tight jeans off past her hips, she places a hand on Bully’s back for balance and finally removes them. She’s now naked from the waist down. Bully quickly moves in and again goes for her now exposed cunt.

However, Jessica abruptly walks away and slips on a pair of bikini style panties. Bully approaches while Jessica stands very still. Bully gives her a couple of loud sniffs before licking the crotch of her panties. To Robert’s continuing chagrin, Jessica again straddled her legs apart and let him have at it. Jessica is quickly hissing and softly moaning as he sniffed, mouthed, and licked her. Robert then noticed a large dark spot on the crotch of her panties. Obviously Bully’s tongue had soaked her crotch. Still, Robert clung to the idea at no time is she letting him lick her exposed pussy. So, as upsetting as all this is, maybe this is as far as she would let things go.

However, Jessica quickly proved him wrong when she then slipped the gussets of her panties aside, fully exposing her pussy to him. Finally able to get at her pussy, Bully immediately and excitedly began licking her. After a quick inhale, she takes a step back. She then quickly moves back toward him and practically pushes her pussy into his muzzle.

After a few more licks, Jessica unexpectedly steps back and actually adjusts her pantie, then walks away and opens the bedroom door. The hallway camera clicks on again as she disappears into the guest room down the hall. Bully follows, but she quickly reappears with two rather large oblong shaped, throw pillows, and begins walking back to the bedroom with Bully again right behind her. She then tosses them onto the bed. Robert immediately notices Bully suddenly becomes quite excited at this and begins prancing and hopping around with his tail arched.

She then walks to the bedroom door and again shuts it. Bully follows her and begins loudly sniffing her crotch the moment she turns around. After a few sniffs, he begins mouthing her crotch through her panties again. However Jessica quickly breaks this off and walks back toward the bed.

He immediately follows and she again lets him stick his snout between her legs. Jessica seems to tease him because she then takes a step back. Forcing Bully to move forward to get at her again. So Robert is hoping all this is just some perverse game Jessica liked to play. Jessica sat on the edge of the bed and quickly slipped off her panties. Bully immediately approached and Jessica quickly spreads her knees apart. This finally confirmed his worst suspicions. Bully wasted no time and stuck his head between her legs licking her. Jessica took in a quick breath before visibly spreading her knees even further apart. Bully is standing directly in front of her pussy and licking her. All Robert could see is the back of his head, but he could hear Bully’s tongue eating her out.

Then Bully tilted his head to one side and seemed to get deeper into her. Jessica let out a low moan, then turned her hips slightly to the right while lifting one foot up onto the bed. This new position allowed Robert to get a much better view. That’s when Robert remembered the cameras he installed is equipped with zoom capabilities. So he zoomed in and could see Bully’s tongue licking her vaginal lips. She leaned back on her elbows as he licked. She then actually placed her foot onto his back and began cupping her breasts with her hands as he continued to eat her out. There’s no mistaking what’s happening, Jessica is letting Bully go down on her.

Jessica is enjoying whatever sensations his tongue is producing as she began to softly hiss and moan, the lips on her mouth pursed and puckered as he worked over her pussy. His persistent, long, deep strokes started to take effect. Her quick and short hisses and low moans began to grow in intensity and duration. Her lips were pursed and she began humming, “Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm.”

This is an unmistakable sign of real sexual arousal. She’s giving voice to the pleasure his tongue is giving her. After a few more ‘Mm-hm’s’, apparently overcome with pleasure, she flops onto her back. She places both soles of her feet onto the bed. Bully responds by moving in almost directly over her. His large head is now rubbing against her inner thighs.

Positioned directly over her like this, lets him get even deeper into her cunt with his tongue. Jessica puts her arms all the way back in complete supplication to the pleasure. She keeps lifting her head to watch, then dropping it back onto the bed. Every time she lifts her head to watch, she hums again. But just when it seemed Jessica might actually orgasm, Bully suddenly stops licking and jumps up onto the bed. He tries to continue licking while standing over her, but his paws are too close to the edge of the bed and he’s hesitant. Jessica responds by actually scooting herself toward the middle of the bed and lays on her back, knees up and both feet on the bed. Bully then stands beside her, lowers his head, and starts licking her while standing over her. Jessica lowers and spreads her legs apart for him.

This now gave Robert a bird’s eye view. Bully immediately began working her outer lips. Robert noticed his wife’s clit had swelled and is now out of its hood. Bully seemed to notice this too, and quickly began licking it. Jessica placed one arm back under her head and watched him eat her out. Now working on her clit. Jessica is quickly hissing and quietly moaning in pleasure. Robert felt helpless as he watched his wife let a dog explore her pussy with his tongue. But she’s there with her legs spread wide for him. Robert even felt jealous watching Jessica giving Bully such intimate access to her. She’s letting a dog smell, lick and fully explore her most inmate areas. Only Robert had the rights to her sexual parts, no less a filthy dog. After initially watching, Jessica suddenly seems to experience a surge of pleasure and lets out a long, tense hiss followed by her body relaxing.

She’s again, cupping and pulling on her nipples, and also moves her hands all over her body while he licks her. For some reason, Bully is also licking the inside of her thighs a lot. Robert wondered why, but as he licked her thigh, this left Jessica’s cunt completely open to view.

Robert caught a glimpse of something shining on her pussy lips. When he zoomed in a bit he distinctly saw a tear drop shaped substance hanging from her clit. Robert then watched in amazement as it drips. Another drop quickly forms and takes its place. Bully had her pussy in full response mode. Robert couldn’t believe it, his wife’s cunt is dripping wet. In eight-years of marriage Robert had never seen Jessica’s pussy do anything like this. He could also see her juices were collecting and pooling down around her taint. Some of her juices had even seeped through the linen making a big wet spot.

After licking her inner thighs, Bully then went right for the drop and lapped it up. Robert, of course, is aware the sole purpose of a woman’s clitoris is pleasure. His wife’s cunt is healthy and doing its job. Her pussy dribbles juices in response to the sexual stimulation from his large warm tongue. After working on her clit for a bit, Bully then started to roam around her pussy. Bully is using long, deep strokes. Licking the edge of her outer lips.

Licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top, then back down again. He also worked on the sides of her inner lips. Bully also actively licked her taint, lapping the juices collecting there too. Bully had licked too thoroughly, as Robert could no longer see any juices anywhere. Once he had licked those juices, Bully began aggressively licking around her anus. This actually made Jessica’s butt hole pucker, and caused several visible sphincter responses from her as well.

However, as he’s working over her butt hole, her pussy starts getting wet again. Robert could again see wetness dribbling from her pussy. Bully noticed this too, and began working his way back toward her cunt. However, apparently tired of standing, Bully sits right beside her so he’s now on his stomach eating her out. Going by her hisses and moans, all this licking is very pleasurable for her.

But Bully simply isn’t working on her clit long enough to get her off. Then, Bully, apparently having his full of Jessica’s pussy juices. Stands up and straddles her. She seems to understand what Bully wants because she looks at him, and says, “OK, baby, I know what you want.”

She raises onto her elbows and scoots back toward the edge of the bed. Bully steps aside, and Robert sees the dark red tip of Bully’s cock protruding from its sheath.

As she’s scooting, she reaches for the throw pillows and places one under her lower back. She then sits and props the other pillow, leaning back onto it. Placing both her arms behind her and bracing herself with her palms, she spreads her legs while thrusting her hips out slightly toward the edge and closer to Bully. Bully mounts the bed from the floor, and walks his hind legs toward her and the bed. Bully begins trying to position himself. He leans in, and Jessica reaches out and puts both of her hands on his Bully’s hips.

Robert is numb as he watched them actively positioning themselves so they could have sex. He’s forced to watch as his wife, the mother of his children about to have sex with a dog. A filthy animal, as Robert saw it. Jessica lets out a low moan when Bully leans against her. Her hands were on his hips. Bully is balancing himself on both hind legs and begins slowly thrusting his hips out, trying to mount her.

Jessica continues to manoeuvre herself, and Robert could hear the sheets rustling as they did. She’s looking under Bully’s chest and trying to guide his cock into her. As she watches Bully’s muzzle is up against her forehead. Robert can hear Jessica’s breathing, but Bully is completely silent. She’s still leaning back on the pillow with her legs out and spread apart as she continues to try and guide him to her. Robert felt amazed at how Bully understood what’s happening. How such a powerful dog would passively stand there while Jessica moved his hips to the right and left, back and forth. Bully new sex would follow.

Jessica must’ve found the right angle as Bully suddenly thrusts his hips forward. Her head dropped back and Jessica let out a gasp of pleasure as his thick cock slid through her vaginal opening and into her warm wet pussy. The once quiet Bully is now panting and grunting loudly as he began humping hard and deep. Robert watched as the two were now entwined as lovers. She squeezed her knees up and together against him. Jessica also grunts as they grind against each other. She then lowers her head and is looking at him with her hair hanging down over her eyes. Her nipples fully erect. Her hands caress his back.

She bit her lip and is letting out moans and gasps. Her knees and feet against his sides. Lost in the pleasure her mouth is open making in an ‘O’ shape. She then lets out a series of loud moans. Her arms straighten and she visibly presses herself up into him. Her arms now around his back, hugging him. Her face is against his chest and neck. His chin is resting against the top of her head. He then hears her start actually talking to Bully. Telling him how well he’s fucking her.

“Wow, you really like to fuck, don’t you,” she moaned. “Oh, god yeah, make me cum, Bully.”

Bully didn’t understand, but her pleasure forced her responses. She continued to press herself up against him. Her legs tightly wrapped around him. Suddenly Bully visibly moved his front legs closer together around her sides. He began to thrust more in an upward direction. Jessica liked this and again drops her head back. She begins muttering things under her breath, as his chest hit up against her breasts as he thrusts. She lets out a series of gasps and suddenly her whole body stiffens. It’s obvious Jessica had just been fucked to orgasm by a dog, and is trying to stay in control long enough for Bully to finish.

She didn’t have to stay strong for long, as Bully suddenly began bucking wildly, and just as suddenly, stopped. He leans on top of her panting very loudly, exhausted. She drops her arms from his back, letting her arms fall back on the bed. Bully is standing on his hind legs and laying fully on top of her with his chin over her left shoulder, still panting heavily. However, he’s knotted and cumming inside her. Filling her with his semen. Unwilling and too exhausted to break their mating. Jessica had to simply lay there and wait for him to finish. Bully slowly lifted his head, and placed his chin against her forehead. Jessica, also exhausted, laid back on the pillows.

After what seemed a long time Bully slowly raised himself. After an audible wet sound, his cock visibly pops out of her. Bully quickly backs off the bed and stands with his cock visibly hanging down and glistening with Jessica’s cunt juices and his cum. Jessica then did something that really took Robert by surprise. Jessica gets up, pulls out a cigarette from her handbag, and lights it. This is perplexing because although Jessica had smoked when she was in college, she quit when they started having kids.

Robert knew for a fact Jessica had indeed quit. Robert is a non-smoker and is extremely sensitive to secondhand smoke. So he would’ve known if Jessica had taken up smoking again. So even this really threw him for a loop as well. Bully’s is now laying on the floor and panting. She briefly wiped herself with a few tissues before putting her shirt back on and slipping into a pair of sweatpants with the word ‘Pink’ written across the back.