An Unfaithful Wife: Part 2


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First the hallway, then the kitchen, camera clicks on as she then begins to make herself something to eat. Bully still exhausted, falls asleep on the bedroom floor. Nothing of note takes place for the next several hours. After eating dinner, Jessica sits down on the living room sofa. First she reads a book for a while, then watches TV. Robert sat in disbelief as he watched his wife calmly going about things as if nothing had happened. Jessica finally goes back into the bedroom where Bully is still asleep on the floor. Jessica then puts on her sneakers, then goes over and wakes Bully.

Although the damage has already been done. Robert still hoped Jessica is about to bring him back. He’s disappointed when he sees it’s just a bathroom run. After locking up for the night, Jessica reruns to the living room to watch some TV. Soon after a wide awake Bully saunters in and goes right for Jessica. He immediately begins nosing around her crotch again. Jessica lifts up her hips, quickly slips her sweat pants down to her ankles, and spreads her knees apart for him. At first Jessica actually continues to watch TV as Bully licked away.

After a few minutes, his licking begins to take effect and she’s soon hissing and softly moaning.

However Jessica then gets up and then pulls her pants back up. She then reaches for the remote and turns off the TV. She then walks down the hall to the bedroom, followed closely by Bully. Once inside she closes the door behind him and walks over to the bed. Bully follows and watches as Jessica quickly slips out of her sweatpants. She then sits down on the edge of the bed and spreads her knees apart. Bully quickly sticks his nose between her legs and begin licking. Jessica leans back on her palms and watches as Bully again explores her cunt with his tongue. Although Robert had already seen all this already. Robert still couldn’t get over the shock about what he’s seeing. There is his wife. Her legs spread wide apart. Her bare pussy fully accessible, letting the dog do whatever he wanted to her most sensitive of areas. Robert is also a bit jealous of the incredible intimacy of it all. She’s totally trusting Bully, letting him freely explore her soft, and delicate slit.

His large tongue is taking effect. Robert again saw the glistening from her self-producing lubricant. Watched as it inexorably ran down her lips and began to make a small, but a noticeable wet spot on the sheets. Then, like before, Bully abruptly stopped eating her out and jumped up onto the bed. Jessica wanted him to continue licking and just lays back while patting her pussy. But after a brief sniff and lick, Bully stops and once again straddles her with tale arched in the air. Bully is trying to initiate another mating session. However, instead of propping up the pillows again for missionary sex. This time Jessica gets up on her and knees. Bully now has access to her fully exposes cunt, only this time from behind. He eagerly begins sniffing and licking her warm and moist pussy. Jessica enjoys it and actually spreads her knees apart and lowers herself a bit, giving him deeper access to her.

The bully has his tongue deep inside her so deep Robert can see Bully’s nose, inhaling and exhaling against her lips as he eats her from behind. Jessica is enjoying it so much, she’s slowly but visibly grinding herself back into his snout as he licks. But apparently having Jessica in this position is just too much for Bully. He stops licking and then places his chin on her back. Jessica seems to understand and while still on her hands and knees, moves up a bit toward the head of the bed. Bully then aggressively moves up. Grabs her hips, and mounts her. Jessica pushed back as Bully thrust forward.

Bully’s cock quickly slid into his wife’s warm wet cunt. Robert is actually surprised by the intensity of what followed. With Jessica fully up on her palms. Bully immediately began humping her is deep and hard. Bully’s heavy balls were visibly slapping against Jessica’s pussy. Robert distinctly heard their bodies making a loud clapping noise as they fucked. Jessica is grunting, her butt cheeks swayed back and forth in time with each stroke. Her excitement is evident from the wet, squwashing sounds her pussy is making.

Jessica’s breasts swayed back and forth with every thrust. Her mouth open. Bully is giving her such a workout, Robert could see a drop of sweat forming at the tip of her nose. After about 20 seconds of this hard pounding, Jessica blurts out to him, “Oh my god, yeah, oh yeah.”

Suddenly she lets out a gasp of air. Her body stiffens and she arches her back. This momentarily breaks his rhythm, and Jessica then collapses down onto her forearms. However, with Bully has still holding onto her hips, and he resumed his humping. Amazingly Jessica tries to stay strong for him and keeps her butt raised up long enough for him to finish. After another 10 or so seconds, he suddenly stopped. Panting heavily, it took almost fifteen minutes before Bully is able to pull his swollen knot.

Both of them were tired after this intense sexual exertion. After lighting up another cigarette. Jessica then goes into the bathroom and takes a long shower as bully sleeps on the bed. As she showered, Robert couldn’t help looking at the bed. He couldn’t believe this is still actually their bed. Robert had slept in this bed. The same bed in which Jessica and Bully had twice copulated on. They pushed in pillows and dishevelled sheets reflecting their carnal pairings. After showering, Jessica watches some more TV before turning in for the night. Nothing of note happens during the night as the camera only clicked on when Jessica got up to go to the bathroom at around 4:00 am. However the action picked up again a few hours later.

It’s early, Sat 8:10 AM to be exact. Jessica is lying on her side sleeping. Bully is also asleep opposite her. Bully decides he wants to fuck again. As he gets up, he jostles the bed and seemingly wakes Jessica up from a light sleep.

She groggily lifts her head and sees him standing over her with his front leg against her shoulder. He then begins nosing and licking the back of her neck. Jessica then slowly raises herself up. Bully slowly back away as Jessica raise herself up onto all fours. All Robert heard is the soft, gentle rustling of the sheets. However, instead of staying on her hands, Jessica straightens fully up onto her knees. Bully then show his dominance. He grasped her hips, and forcibly pressed his chest against her back, pushes Jessica down onto her hands and knees. Bully quickly mounts and immediately begins fucking her.

Bully snarled and yelped as he humped. For Robert, Jessica is the mother of his kids. But for Bully, she’s just a bitch in heat to be bred. Jessica is breathing rapidly, as if she’s hyperventilating from the pounding she’s taking from Bully. She’s moaning and mumbling incomprehensible words. Matching his rhythm, rocking back into him with every thrust. Actively engaging him. The sound of Bully’s dog tags clanging together mixed with the slapping sounds of their bodies. Both of them locked in uninhibited, interspecies sex. Robert now realized sexual passion really is blind. Nature didn’t care, it’s just simple biology at work. Bully continued panting and snarling as Robert watched the mother of his kids, defiling herself with a dog. Purely for her own sexual gratification.

Then just as quickly as it had started. Everything went quiet for a few seconds as Bully suddenly stopped humping. The silence is quickly broken by the sounds of heavy breathing coming from them both. Jessica then slumped down and put her forehead on the bed. Robert could see her heaving as Bully panted loudly, still inside her. It again took almost 10 minutes before Bully finally pulled out. Once again, Jessica lights up a cigarette before going into the bathroom to wash.

Robert is once again amazed how quickly everything seemingly went back to normal. After making breakfast, Jessica is watching TV when the doorbell rings. Whoever this is, Jessica must’ve been expecting them. So although Jessica is in her bathrobe, she immediately gets up to answer the door. It’s Janet, their neighbour. Jessica lets her in, and Bully runs up and excitedly greets his owner. Robert is anxious to see how Jessica acted around Janet. Especially considering what they have been up to.

However, Robert is again shocked when Janet asks Jessica, “Well, how is he? I hope he performed well?”

“What the fuck?” Robert said out load. “Janet knows about this? How is this even possible?”

Jessica said to Janet, “Oh my god, Janet, Bully is very good as always.”

Yet things get even worse for Robert. Janet tells Jessica how Frank is bummed about being out of town and won’t be back until late Sunday. Janet then tells Jessica she has a surprise for her. Janet has another dog for her. Robert is now completely in shock. What the hell is going on here? Janet says she’s been taking care of a dog for a couple of days. He belonged to a couple who were friends of theirs. However, Janet warns Jessica he’s very sexually aggressive, who, according to the wife, really likes to fuck. However Jessica is eager to take him on. Janet tells Jessica she’ll drop him off later evening. She then takes Bully back with her as she leaves.

Now alone, Jessica then gets on the phone and calls her parents. Robert can’t believe the conversation. If her parents only knew what Jessica is doing? He’s incredulous as he listed to her talking to their kids. What lies about how she missed them. Missed them. Did she miss them while she had her legs spread, letting a dog lap up her cunt juices? Or when she’s copulating with Bully. Anyway, after talking on the phone. Jessica gets dressed and then steps out for a few hours. When she returns is clear she had done some shopping in town. A few hours later the phone rings. It’s Janet telling Jessica she’s coming over with the dog. Seven minutes later, Janet appears with a large Old English sheep dog.

Jessica says, “Wow, he sure is a big boy.”

Janet asks if she’s sure about this, yet feels if Jessica can handle Bully, Shep shouldn’t be a problem for her. Robert is amazed how Jessica and Janet then start engaging in small talk for almost an hour. All but ignoring Shep the whole time. Finally, Janet tells Jessica she has to get back and leaves Jessica alone with Shep. With all the talk of him being so aggressive. Robert is surprised how hesitant Shep seemed, unsure of his surroundings. He stayed right by the front door as if expecting Janet or his owners to come and take him away at any moment. Jessica tried to make him feel comfortable. However, Robert noticed his wife also seemed hesitant, and is wary of him as well. Perhaps she’s lying about her fear of dogs, she had no fear of Bully, but she then again she’s just met Shep.

At one point, Jessica goes into the bedroom and begins changing out of her street clothes. She’s putting on her house clothes which in the summer consisted only of a T-shirt, and panties, sometimes she wore a bathrobe. The door is open and Shep suddenly is standing by the door and watching Jessica. She takes notice and motions for him to come in, the sight of a half-naked woman got his attention. Although he approaches her slowly and cautiously, his tail is wagging, which probably reassured her. However, unlike Bully, Shep didn’t immediately start nosing around Jessica’s crotch or anything.

Instead he just innocently sniffed around at her legs and began exploring around the bedroom. Once Shep got around to the bed, Robert felt the whole atmosphere change. Shep jumps up on the bed and begins excitedly sniffing around. The scent of sex is probably all over the sheets. Shep sniffed, snorted and actually started licking the sheets. As he did so, Jessica saw Shep’s big, red cock is fully erect and hanging down. As it could be seen even with Shep’s thick fur.

“Wow, Shep, let me get a closer look, Darlin’,” Jessica said.

She then approaches, but as she’s reaching for it. He jumps off the bed and circles around her. He then starts acting exactly like Bully. He sits down right in front of her and began sniffing the crotch of her panties. He’s a large dog, so even sitting his snout is directly opposite her crotch. Jessica is used to this sought of behaviour. However, unlike with Bully, she didn’t waste time teasing him. Instead, she moved the crotch of her panties to the side, completely exposing her vaginal lips to him.

Shep immediately began sniffing and licking her. She straddled her legs apart as he licked. He then stood up and really began pressing deeper into her. Even backing her up a few times. Jessica then walks to the bed and sits down. With the crotch of her panties still bunched over to the side, she spreads her knees wide apart for him. Shep quickly stuck his head in and continued licking her. Unlike Bully, Shep seemed to be a much more focused licker. Mainly concentrating on her clit, Jessica is hissing and groaning. Robert noticed Jessica is slowly looking around the room as he licked. Closing her eyes is pursing her lips. Although her hair is up in a ponytail. A couple of times, she shook her head as if she her hair is in her face.

He also noticed Jessica’s legs would occasionally spasm together. Jessica then lets out a long exhale, she lies back completely onto the bed. Jessica is breathing is shallow and she’s softly moaning. Jessica then lifts her hips and finally slips her panties completely off. She then spreads her legs even further. Amazingly Shep doesn’t take any notice and just keeps licking.

With Jessica now in this position, Robert is able to get a clear view of the action. He really savours her clit and vaginal lips. Jessica began slowly rocking and moving her hips to his tongue. One arm is back under her head and she had one hand on her stomach. She’s licking and pursing her lips, along with pleasurable moans and sighs. Suddenly Jessica begins rocking her hips. She lifts her head to watch him licking and starts humming, “Hmm-hmm, Hmm-hmm.”

She rocks her hips, her lips are tightly pursed together.

“Hmm-hmm, yeah, Hmm-hmm!”

Overcome with pleasure her head violently snaps back down on the bed. Her mouth locked in an O shape. Jessica is gasping and panting rhythmically. Her right hand tightly grasping the sheets. Robert notices the sex flush across her neck and chest as she approaches her orgasm. Taking no notice of Jessica, Shep just kept licking the whole time. Finally, she arches her back slightly, hangs there for a few moments, and then falls back down onto the bed. It’s only when she arched her back Shep finally stopped licking. Robert couldn’t believe it. Shep just stood there licking his wet lips as Jessica writhed around the bed in orgasmic pleasure.

For the next 2 minutes Jessica breathed deeply, running her hands all over her tits and stomach savouring the come down from her orgasm. When Jessica finally sat back up. Her sex flush although fading, is still visible. Satisfied, Jessica lazily gets up and goes into the kitchen for a bottled water. While she’s in the kitchen. Robert notices Shep is busy rolling around on the bed, rolling in some scent he found appealing. So Jessica is unaware Shep is still obviously hyped up for more. So when she returns to the room, she’s again greeted by a much hyped sheep dog.

Shep immediately begins to show the sexual aggressiveness Janet had warned her about. Shep Moves up behind her, lifts himself up and grasps her hips with his front paws. Shep then forcibly spins her around and forces her down on her hand and knees onto the bedroom floor. Luckily for Jessica there is a large area rug covering most of the bedroom floor. Still Shep had just manhandled his wife. Robert is a bit surprised at himself when he realized it didn’t seem to bother him either. Robert thought to himself, If she wants to get down with dogs, well that’s what you get.

Although Jessica gasped as he spun her down, she didn’t seem upset. Most likely because Shep immediately began trying to mount her. Shep again shows his dominance over Jessica. Shep firmly grasps her hips. However, instead of bringing himself toward her. He aggressively pulls her back toward him. Jessica is up on her palms, looking down, watching as Shep continues to establish his dominance by and visibly manoeuvring her hips around as he tries to get her into position for sex. It took about 8 or 9 seconds before Shep finally found the right angle for penetration. It seemed the more he manoeuvred her around, the more excited he got. Jessica also enjoyed being roughly positioned by him. As she’s softly grunting and hissing the whole time. Once Jessica realized he’s finally about to enter her.

She says, “Yeah, baby, give it to me.”

Robert could only imagine the sensations Shep is feeling as his large thick cock is pushing apart her vaginal walls as it slid into his wife. Shep knew exactly what he’s doing. Like Bully, Shep is thrusting hard and deep. Jessica’s gasps signalled exactly what is happening between her legs. She strained and bit down on her lower lip, breathes out and groans. Thrashing her head around, her breasts swaying and bouncing all around. Robert couldn’t help but impressed by what he’s seeing. Jessica is being so feminine and emotional.

Breathlessly moaning, and grunting. “Uh. Uh, yeah, ooh.”

Her eyes tightly closed, her mouth open wide. Then suddenly her body stiffens, her eyes open wide. Let’s out a deep groan. Her eyes suddenly open wide and she breathes out a long exhale. Jessica then struggles to catch her breath as Shep continues humping. Exhausted from orgasm, Jessica slumps down onto her forearms and rests her forehead on the floor. After a few more humps, Shep finally comes to an abrupt halt. However, he continues to tightly hold on to her hips until he finished. Although no longer shocked by all this, it isn’t easy watching his own wife having rough sex with a sheepdog. Unfortunately for Robert, Shep would continue to demonstrate his sexual aggressiveness.

Only little more than an hour their first short, but intense mating session. Jessica is at the kitchen sink washing dishes. When Shep comes confidently walking and begins sniffing the back of Jessica’s legs and nosing around her butt through her panties. Jessica briefly looks back, but continues washing up. Shep suddenly lifts up and grasps her from behind again. Jessica isn’t expecting it. She drops a plate as her arms are then pinned to her sides by his front paws. Jessica is now also tightly pinned against the sink. Robert couldn’t believe it, it looked as if Shep wanted to have sex while standing. He immediately began thrusting his hips, looking to fuck her. Jessica tries to struggle free, but only manages to move sideways along the countertop. Shep is a large dog. So sex, while standing up, wouldn’t be a problem for him.

However Shep didn’t seem to like her arms against her sides like and actually released his grip, and is back on all fours. However, he immediately raised up and grasped her again. Jessica realized what Shep wanted to fuck standing up. It seemed to him Jessica is willing to let Shep take control. So with her arms now free, she hurriedly and excitedly, slips her panties as far as she can, down past her butt. With her hips firmly in his grasp. He’s visibly pressing her up against the counter top. Desperately thrusting his hips upward, trying to get into her.

Shep then aggressively pulls her hips toward him a bit and leans into her back. Jessica is now slightly bent over the counter top and this finally lets him get into her. He begins thrusting his hips and Robert can hear Jessica’s pussy making a squelching noise with every stroke. Shep visibly straightened up onto his hind legs and is pretty much standing upright. His chin is resting against her left shoulder as he greedily thrusts his hips. The side of Jessica’s face is actually pressed up against a kitchen cabinet. However, her seemingly uncomfortable position isn’t stopping her from enjoying this. She’s grunting, moaning while straining to stay in position for him despite his frantic thrusting of his hips.

Suddenly Shep starts bucking wildly, then stops humping. Shep visibly balances himself on both hind legs as he continues to hold onto her sides. He’s still cumming inside her, filling her with his cum. Jessica is still pressed up against the kitchen counter, breathing deeply, and staying strong for him. Finally Shep becomes completely still, then pulls out. Robert can hear wetness and visibly sees his cum leaking and dripping from Jessica’s cunt. Shep then begins cleaning up. He eagerly and thoroughly licks her cunt from behind. Jessica enjoys this and patiently lets him lick her clean of his spunk. Even licking her ankles and heels. It’s obvious to him Janet is right about Shep. He’s insatiable. Robert couldn’t believe how many times he initiated sex over a day and a half period. Shep’s next move showed just how demanding his needs were.

After one oral and two intense fuck sessions, Jessica is pretty worn out. Even Shep seemed rather subdued and listless. So nothing of note occurred in the rest of the night. It’s 3:20 AM when Shep suddenly starts pawing hard at Jessica, who is sound asleep. Awoken and groggy, she flips over and tries to go back to sleep. However, he started nosing around the back of her head and neck, while clawing at the sheets. Robert assumed Shepy just had to go out. Jessica also assumed this. So she got up, quickly put on a t-shirt, and walked over toward the door. When Shep doesn’t move, Jessica slaps her thigh and motions for him to follow. Shep just stands there on the bed looking back at her. She walks over to the bed and again tries to coax him out of the room, but he then lowered his head and begins sniffing around her bare crotch.

“No, Shep, C’mon, it’s too early for this.”

But Shep then lays down on his belly to get better access. Once again Robert has to watch as his wife simply gives in. Realizing he really didn’t have to go out. Jessica gets back on the bed and lay completely back. She spreads her legs, giving him full access to her. However, after a few sniffs and licks. Shep gets up and begins circling around the bed. It’s 3:26 AM, and with just a single night light, everything is pretty dark.

Jessica understood what he wanted. So she complies with his wishes by sitting up on the bed and then turning around onto my hands and knees. He immediately grasped her hips and swung himself around into position. Jessica grunts as Shep then aggressively pull the hips back toward him. Then lays down fully on her back and visibly moves his hips, trying to find her cunt. He’s quickly in and starts thrusting. Robert is watching a human female and a male dog. Two completely unrelated species, actively procreating. It’s 3:30 am in a darkened room, and his wife is letting Shep exert his authority and sexual dominance over her.

Shep is in total control. An alpha stud male, breeding a human female. To Shep, Jessica is just a bitch to be bred. Jessica’s grunts and breathless gasps and moans showed just how much she’s enjoying being bred by a true stud of a dog. Shep’s thick throbbing cock is releasing her primal need for a dominate male sex partner to father her children. Make no mistake, Jessica and Shep were in the act of procreation. The semi darkness meant every sound they made only accentuated the primal animal passion. It’s clear they were both having satisfying sex.

As always, Shep suddenly slows down and stops entirely. He again stays motionless, panting loudly with his entire upper body lying flat against her back. Tired of supporting his weight, Jessica goes down onto her elbows. Ten or so minutes later, Jessica grunts as his cock audible pops. Shep then stands next to her panting heavily with his still fully erect cock hanging down. Jessica reaches out and begins clearing some of his wet matted hair away from his cock, and perhaps lick it clean of our juices. Even in semi darkness Robert could see Shep’s cock is still glistening with his cum and his wife’s cunt juices.

Shep is exhausted and just stands there as Jessica moves under him and begins gently handling his cock as she licks their juices off. After about a minute, Shep steps away, and doesn’t let her do anything further. It took both of them a while to fully calm down. So as Jessica fell back to sleep, Shep lays next to her panting loudly. It’s warm out and all that hair meant it took him a while to cool down enough to sleep.


Remarkably, the action picks up again later in the morning. A couple of hours later. It’s light out again but Jessica is still half asleep. Since Jessica also got over heated from Shepp’s early morning fuck. She hadn’t slept under the sheets. So being completely naked from her waist down, her pussy is fully exposed. Shep again shows his one track mind, and rolls over and starts nosing around between her legs. However, it quickly becomes clear he’s just not looking for a few quick sniffs. He starts nosing around with such determination, he wakes her up. Robert again watches helplessly as Jessica once again lets Shep have his way with her. Jessica leisurely spreads her legs apart and silently watches as he licks her.

But Shep is really licking hard and Jessica starts to hiss and move her legs slightly. Jessica then sits up a bit and props her pillow up against the headboard and leans back into the pillow. Shep doesn’t take any notice of her movements and keeps licking despite being jostled around a bit with her. Jessica is getting into it and spreads her legs apart even more for him. Shep is on his stomach by her side, this gives Robert a wide open view of what is happening.

Robert then watches in utter amazement as Shep thoroughly and methodically eats out his wife. Robert surmised Shep is so interested because of the sex they have earlier morning. Jessica didn’t wash at all afterwards, so her cunt is probably still reeking of sex. Robert quickly sees that like Bully, Shep’s tongue gets her cunt wet and dripping. When Robert zoomed in, he sees her clIt’s really wet. Beads of wetness are forming on her mound. As the beads grow larger they drip down, bathing her vaginal lips.

He’s licking hard and deep. His nose is actually nuzzling against her clit. Robert could hear Shep inhaling and exhaling. His tongue making creamy, squishy, squelching noises as he’s eating her. Wetness oozes from her pussy, bathing her vaginal lips with fluid. Shep couldn’t get enough of it either. Her wetness made him snort as it got into his nose. Using steady, slow rhythmic licks. His large and thick tongue allowed him to get all the right spots with every lap. Shep also licked the juices puddled up down at bottom of her pussy. Jessica is making noises and holding her breath. By following her clues, and reading her signs. He could tell how much she’s enjoying receiving cunnilingus from him.

Of course Robert knew Shep didn’t know he’s performing cunnilingus. Shep isn’t giving going down on Jessica. Shep is just licking something he found appealing. He probably just liked the taste of her cunt. Or perhaps taste had little to do with it. Maybe It’s the scent of her cunt is making him lick so thoroughly. Perhaps the scent and taste of her cunt is registered in some part of his brain. Perhaps he instinctively knew his licking is getting her ready for sex. But Jessica knew what is happening. Jessica knew she’s letting a dog go down on her.

She knew he’s eating her out, and she didn’t care. All this licking is really starting to take effect. Robert knew Jessica is really aroused. Jessica’s cunt is twitching, and her clit visibly snapped. Robert also noticed her pussy is now producing a thick egg white substance as well. At this point it looked as if Shep is putting her through a roller coaster ride of pleasure as it were. Jessica is just lying there as Shep’s tongue did all the work. Jessica isn’t touching or pleasuring herself in any way. Shep is totally in control of her pleasure. Robert noticed her stomach muscles twitching and involuntary hand movements.

She’s taking both short and deep breaths. Visibly struggling, but struggling with pleasure. Some women moan, cry out and throw their bodies around. Other women become rigid from the sexual tension. Jessica is doing a little of both. He’s licking inside, outside and all around her wet, now fully engorged lips. She sighs loudly with pleasure as her cunt visibly experiences rhythmic contractions. Her mouth open as her cunt throbs with pleasure. Suddenly Shep starts licking even deeper. He’s hitting a very sensitive area. As she starts to whimper and begins rocking her hips. Her eyes are closed tight and her head pressed back into the pillow. She lets out a pleasurable moan, followed by a long exhale. Her face is now contorted, her mouth is open wide as she gasps in ecstasy. Her back stiffens, her head back, thrusting her neck upwards. Her legs trembling.

“Oh god, yeah. Oh yeah. I’m cumming,” she yells.

Suddenly Robert now hears a loud, unmistakable hissing sound as Jessica experiences an intense squirting orgasm. The loud ssssssssssssss sound is quickly followed by a large and powerful spray of liquid. Shep is also surprised by this and hurriedly backs away. Her squirting orgasm looked exactly like when turning on a garden hose and putting your thumb on the end of the hose. The initial squirt lasts incredibly lasts for almost 4 seconds, then visibly dribbles to a stop. Both of her hands are clenched and she’s visibly trembling. Suddenly her hips rock and a second equally as powerful spray gushes out from her cunt.

The bed is soaking wet as the second squirt also dribbles to a stop. However, her breathing is still extremely shallow and her cunt is still switching in orgasm. Suddenly a third slightly less powerful squirt streams upward and arches onto the bed. Jessica finally relaxes and lays still while continuing to softly moan and groan. Shep liked the smell and or taste and starts actively licking the sheets. It takes almost 3 minutes before Jessica finally sits up and gazes in amazement over the mess she made of the bed.

“Holy shit,” is all Jessica could seem to say.

Then, with her legs still a bit shaky, she gingerly starts removing the sheets from the bed and mattress. They are so soaked through, so she goes into the bathroom. Dumps the sheets in the bathtub and physically wring them out. After wringing out all the sheets as best she could. She then carries them to the washing machine. As she’s in the washroom area, Robert can see Shep is licking the mattress itself which is visibly damp. Some people Question the validity of a squirting orgasm. Claiming it’s only a gimmick used in porn videos. The women are just peeing, nothing more. However, Robert could see it certainly isn’t piss. Although the liquid does squirt from a woman’s pee hole, it’s not pee, but real female ejaculation. Robert had been married to this woman for 8 years and saw her peeing countless times. Besides Jessica is all alone and not putting on a show for anyone?

Although Shep had just eaten out Jessica, he still wanted to fuck. So when she goes back to the room, it’s obvious to her Shep wants to fuck. Jessica goes into the bathroom and comes out with some large beach towels. Obviously the whole family at one time or another used the towels too. As she’s spreading them onto the bed. Shep comes up from behind her and grasps her hips. Jessica spins around and sits down on the edge of the bed. Shep then lifts up and puts both of his front paws up on the bed. Shep is larger than Bully, so Jessica didn’t need any pillows to fuck Shep missionary style. Jessica then leans back all the way into her back. She’s looking down, watching as he tries to get into her.

She hisses as Shep leans forward onto her and begins vigorously humping her. Jessica lifts her knees up and puts the soles of her feet on his rump. She’s panting and moaning as his torso bumps up against her. The bed creaks and pops to his rhythmic thrusts. Shep is looking down at her. His nose is less than an inch above hers an inch from hers. Her eyes are open and she’s looking up at him. Robert is struck by the intimacy of it. Jessica is actually holding his gaze. His snout brushed and bumped against her nose as she ran her nails up and down his neck and back. Her feet flat against his back, her knees squeezing together against his sides. Shep is also panting and grunting, her eyes are closed tight. Her mouth in a clear O shape.

Suddenly she blurts out, “Oh god. Yeah.”

Her body visibly stiffens. She lets out a deep groan as her arms and legs visibly spasm. Shep starts bucking wildly, then suddenly just stops. Finally able to relax, Jessica begins coming down from her orgasm as Shep pants loudly on top of her.

As Robert noted earlier, he’s amazed at how often Sheppy had sex with his wife. Jessica never said no to him either. Robert watched them repeatedly have amazingly satisfying sex. Robert is also struck by how vocal Jessica is with Sheppy. This only brought home to Robert his own inadequacies as a lover. Jessica is never as responsive and expressive in bed with Robert. Yet she’s expressing her excitement and pleasure with both Bully and Sheppy