An Unfaithful Wife: Part 3


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Robert never knew his wife was this orgasmic as he watched her constantly losing control to Shep. Jessica couldn’t stop herself from vocalising her pleasure during her rough sex sessions with him. Her mouths open, but she’s not making any sounds other than loud grunts in rhythm with his humping. His body heat coupled with his dense fur is causing her to sweat. Her hair often became damp as it hung down, covering her face. Robert could see the intense sexual energy coming from both of them.

Shep is also clearly in a heightened sexual state, humping with sexual abandon. However, Robert also noticed how often he stopped his rhythmic thrusting and broke into jerky bucking motion. Most likely due to Karen’s cunt walls squeezing together in another orgasm. Still, he‘s clearly the one in charge of everything. His hips controlled the rhythm and the speed of the sex. All Jessica could do is react to his rhythm which got her more and more excited. She’s having raw, uninhibited, consensual sex with an animal – a dog. This sex is devoid of any intellectual recriminations on her part. Her vocalising is purely primal, her body’s reaction to copulating with Shep.

Robert witnessed Jessica and Shep repeatedly locked together in the age old struggle of pleasure, both searching for orgasm. Physically connected in the most intimate way. Robert watched the mother of his children fornicating with a dirty animal in their own bed. Watched as Shep eagerly and greedily copulated with his wife. Although actual conception isn’t possible, the sex is very real. Jessica is mating with him, letting him cum inside her and filling her with his seed. So if it was in fact possible, the dog would’ve undoubtedly sired puppies with Jessica. Obviously he’s just obeying his natural instinct to mate. But then again, is it just instinct that drove Shep to repeatedly seek out sex with Jessica? Or did Shep actually enjoy the warmth and tightness of Jessica’s cunt?

Did he actually feel the sensations as his throbbing cock is spreading her apart as he slid deep into her? Could he feel her cunt walls wrapping around his cock as he copulated with her. Judging by his sheer eagerness to fuck, it must’ve been a pleasurable experience for Shep. After all, dogs love to chase a thrown ball. Although it’s done out of an instinctual need to chase prey, they still clearly enjoy the act as well. So sex with a human is probably no different for Shep than sex with a bitch. He clearly craved the sensations he got when inside her, which is probably why he wanted to fuck so often.

Robert couldn’t get over just how easily the dog brought Jessica to a heightened state of sexual arousal. Shep seems to be vocalising his sexual arousal too, yelping and making guttural sounds as he ferociously humps her. His large, thick cock sliding into her warm, tight cunt generated enough heat to drive him to fuck hard and fast for as long as he could. Clearly straining to get all he could from these fuck sessions. With no rival around to fight off, and with a willing bitch for him to breed, Shep is taking advantage of the situation. So he’s mating with Jessica as often as he can. Robert still couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly and easily Shep gave Jessica multiple orgasms, with Jessica often expressing sexual desperation and anguish during their heated mating sessions.

It’s also obvious that Shep is fucking out of pure selfishness. He fucks her hard, getting his cock in as deeply as possible to pump his seed into the bitch. Clearly determined to reach his own orgasm, he literally pounds her body, grinding her down. With Jessica loudly and unabashedly vocalising her depraved pleasure from his animal cock, which is the most amazing part of it all.

Jessica is having sex with a dog!

Two different species in a heated sexual congress. Both species entirely lost in the realm of their sexual senses and desires expressing the raw sexuality of their liberated urges. With Jessica instinctively following Shep’s sexual lead giving into her inborn female biological response. Releasing her primal sexual need to be dominated by a male sex partner, and to father his children. But for Robert, it’s still a dog having unnatural carnal knowledge with his wife.

This is especially obvious when they wouldn’t knot and Shep’s cock would slip out. Robert could see Shep’s cock noticeably glistening with Jessica’s cunt juices. Still visibly throbbing as it hung low hitting against her outer lips. Jessica would reach around and reinsert his cock into her cunt. Shep would then resume humping until he’s indeed able to knot her. Fifteen minutes later his cock would slip out again with a loud plopping sound, and mix of both their juices would visibly spill down along her thighs and onto the bed or floor. It’s hard to watch, seeing his wife being sexually dominated like this, yet they couldn’t seem to stop seeking each other out for sex.

Even the oral sex is an intense experience for Jessica and tough to watch for Robert. With Jessica greedily spreading her legs for him. Robert hated the sight of Shep’s head and face rubbing against her soft inner thighs. Jessica clearly wants his tongue to lick her cunt lips. How he clearly liked the smell and taste of her skin and licked her inner thighs as well. Often snorting and sometimes sneezing as he sniffs and eats out Jessica’s warm, moist cunt. Her legs spread wide, pulling on her nipples, and rubbing her stomach as he goes down on her.

Spreading her cunt lips apart for him too, so he can lick inside her. A woman’s clit’s designed strictly for sexual pleasure, as it serves no other biological purpose. Jessica often used both hands to isolate and expose her clit for him when she wanted more direct stimulation. Watching her slowly become frantic when she got close to her orgasm, unable to control her reactions or her orgasm. While groaning in pleasure, she starts writhing around. Her stomach visibly heaving, and her back arching with hips rocking. Clutching the sheets with both hands. She often put on hand on his large, furry head as he eats her too.


Amazingly, Robert then learns that her parents, his in-laws, are coming up the cabin to visit for two days. Jessica is slightly alarmed when Janet doesn’t answer her phone. So Jessica gathers up Shep and walks out the front door. About ten min later, Jessica comes back with Shep still in tow. Apparently Janet isn’t home. She calls Janet several times over the next two hours with no luck. Robert could tell Jessica is clearly nervous about her parents coming over while Shep is there. Robert also found himself curious about what would happen. However, when her parents finally arrived, to Robert’s surprise, Shep didn’t do anything to alarm Jessica or her parents. Most likely with other people around, Shep isn’t as inclined to initiate a sexual encounter with Jessica, still he stuck closely to her often sitting right by her feet.

Robert felt shocked when he watched Jessica flirting with Shep whenever her parents left the room. While keeping an eye out for them, she would start petting and stroking his fur. This would clearly excite Shep and he’s put his front paws up onto her chair. Jessica would actually put her feet up onto his back as if she wanted him to fuck her missionary style right there. But it was clear she’s only teasing him and always broke it off before Shep got too aroused to stop.

However, their obvious need to be close clearly prompted her to keep him in the garage for most of the time during the day. Jessica also kept trying to reach Janet, but she is apparently away. Robert is amazed when he saw Jessica putting her parents up in the main bedroom, although thankfully Jessica had washed the sheets. She’s had sex with two dogs on that bed, and on those very sheets too. This is also disturbing to Robert as this is his bed as well. If her parents only knew Jessica is having illicit sex with two dogs in the very bed they were sleeping on.


At around eleven-thirty pm, the hallway camera clicks on in night vision mode. Jessica is seen slowly and quietly walking down the hall. He sees she’s also carrying what looks like a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Robert notices she’s only swearing a t-shirt and her bikini bottoms. She then quietly sneaks out the front door. Robert is perplexed, but is especially surprised by what happened next. Unexpectedly, the camera he put in their old trailer suddenly activates.

Jessica is seen opening the door and enters with Shep right behind her. Robert bought that trailer when they first got married and they hooked it to their car and took it on trips before they started having kids. They hadn’t used it for a few years and Robert kept it in the woods some distance behind the house. Robert had installed two small wireless cameras in the trailer strictly as an afterthought. Just to catch anyone living in the trailer while they weren’t there.

Jessica had just brought Shep into the trailer. It showed just how much Jessica enjoyed fucking him. Their chemistry together is clearly undeniable and it must’ve been hard for her to be so active with Shep, but then have to abstain because of her parents. So here she is. Bringing him into a dark trailer just so they could have sex. The camera had night vision which made for a surreal atmosphere. The bed is all the way at the back of the van. Jessica immediately goes straight for the bed with Shep right behind her. As she’s pulling off her shirt top, Shep is already nosing and snorting around between her legs.

Jessica then eagerly slips off her bikini bottoms and hops onto the bed upright on her knees. Shep quickly jumps after her and immediately drops his head and begins sniffing and licking her crotch. Robert begins to see the sniffing as the instinctual behaviour all dogs do to determine if a bitch is sexually receptive. Obviously, as a human, Jessica is always receptive to the right male, but Shep couldn’t know that.

Jessica is on her knees as he licks, but Shep is clearly in the mood to fuck. He quickly swings around and aggressively grasps her hips. Then he leans into her back, aggressively forcing her onto her hands and knees. As usual, Shep visibly pulls her back and to the right. However, just as he’s about to mount. He again forcibly repositions her.

“Ah, yeah, OK, is that better for you? Is this where you want me, baby?” Jessica asks.

His grip tightens around her hips as he visibly draws her back toward him. He must’ve felt her warm wet lips against his cock, and he thrust forward and begins humping her madly. Shep is lying flat against her back, so she’s bearing all his weight. Still, she’s on her palms and her arms are straight. Shep is large and so hairy he completely covers her body. His head is directly opposite hers and is brushing and rubbing against the side of her face. As they fuck, Shep’s head starts moving around, so his nose also hits against her neck and earlobe.

Shep is already panting loudly and his large tongue is hanging out. She must’ve felt his hot breath on her face and heard him loudly panting in her ear. She also turns her head toward him as he humps away. Dogs can’t help licking, and Shep licks the side of her face. Her temple, the back of her neck and her back. Perhaps he liked the salty taste of her sweat, or maybe he’s liking the scent that’s coming off the heated body of his bitch.

Their bodies are visibly rocking, clearly getting a physical workout. Jessica’s mouth is open in an ‘O’ position. Suddenly she throws her head back and lets out a gasp of pleasure dropping onto her forearms. The orgasm over, she slowly rises back onto her palms. Jessica is rocking back against him again as he thrusts, she’s matching his rhythm. Their bodies hitting together with clearly audible clapping sound. Jessica is grunting and moaning in sync with Shep’s furious and rhythmic thrusts. Unable to control her reactions, she moans loudly with pleasure as her eyes keep rolling back in her head.

Their heated mating clearly evident from the loud squishing and slurping noises coming from her warm wet cunt. Her boobs swayed back and forth with every thrust. The bed is knocking and popping. A bead of sweat is clearly dripping from her chin as they copulate in a dark, enclosed space on a muggy summer night. Finally, after ten minutes of this intense fucking, his rhythm finally slows, and then stops. Everything is now quiet, and Robert hears the crickets outside which he couldn’t hear before over the noise of sex. Jessica looks breathless, while Shep is motionless on her back and panting loudly.

He begins licking the side of her face again and licking the sweat off her temple. He then begins licking the side of her neck and all around her ear. Getting her earlobe licked is clearly pleasurable to her. As she starts to move her head around a bit she’s cooing softly showing her approval to him. Apparently, even the gentle moving her head in response to his licking must’ve caused her body to move under him and triggered Shep to start thrusting again. Jessica starts grunting again.

“Oh… Ooh… Ah… Ung…” she moans clearly enjoying this unexpected flurry of thrusting.

Then just as quickly as it started, Shep stops. Again, everything goes quiet, Only Jessica’s breathless moans and Shep’s loud pants break the silence. This time Shep manages to knot her. Shep’s knot is fully inside her as he pants motionless on her back. Their juices are clearly oozing out of her cunt. Jessica is slowly rocking her hips, her movement causing him to move in response. Jessica gently grunts and moans as Shep starts shifting around on his back legs. It takes Shep nearly fifteen minutes for him to free his cock from her tight confining cunt. His cock finally plops out with a clearly heard slurping sound.

Shep starts licking his cum directly from her cunt and down along the inside of her thighs. However, he’s clearly exhausted and finally flops onto the bed panting heavily. Jessica sits up on the edge of the bed and lights a cigarette. Shep pants deeply and loudly on the bed next to her, displaying the sheer exertion Shep had endured to mate with her. Clearly sex with a human bitch is exhausting work. Jessica is forced to wait over an hour for Shep to recover enough to follow her back to the house. Once there, she let him sleep in her room for the night.


She again kept him in the garage or outside in the yard whenever her parents were around. The next night Jessica is again forced to bring Shep into the trailer for sex. So Robert had to endure a repeat performance of the previous night. After a whole day of abstinence, Jessica is clearly eager to mate with Shep. They went straight to the bed and as usual. Shep began nosing around, then licking her cunt. This time Shep is a bit more interested in licking than the previous night. So Jessica indulged him by laying back and spreading her legs apart.

Shep eagerly and aggressively eats her out for several minutes. Then he stops and jumps on the bed and begins excitedly pacing back and forth. Jessica knows Shep wants to fuck, and gets onto her hands and knees. Jessica is quickly grabbed by Shep’s front paws and pulled back, and around a bit. Shep is letting her know whose boss, and as usual Jessica conceded to his dominance. She backs into him and clearly presents herself for mating. Another rough sex session begins. Jessica looks back at him as she felt him at the entrance of her wet and warm cunt.

She is clearly yearning to be penetrated by his thick red cock. She moans as she feels the pressure of his cock against her swollen lips, filling and stretching her cunt. The friction generated from his cock inside her warm, well-lubricated cunt sends them into overdrive. Each thrust pleasures Jessica, and the squeeze of Jessica’s cunt walls drives Shep on. Eyes closed, her mouth open as Shep vigorously humps away at her, and Robert watches his wife giving herself again to a dog. Her head visibly tilts back quickly followed by a long moan. Her cheeks visibly puff out before letting out a long exhale. The sounds of her obvious wetness mixed with her pleasurable grunts and moans filled the dark trailer.

Robert is by this time numb to the perverse sex he’s been forced to witness time and time again. She gasped and gulped for air as they copulated, her feminine squeals and groans continue as Shep humps her with deep and fast thrusts. Jessica turns her head to the left to his head. She instinctively wants to see the face of her lover frantically fucking her. Their nose rub together and Shep licks her cheek as he fucks. Shep’s body looked powerful and athletic as he ground his hips into Jessica’s warm, tight cunt. Both breathing heavily and Jessica is visibly sweating.

Shep had no possible way of knowing what he’s doing is pleasurable to a human bitch. No one had to teach Shep how to mate, he’s just acting out of natural instinct. He did whatever he feels like doing, fucking Jessica the way he would fuck any bitch. He didn’t ask, he just did whatever it took fuck until he can tie his bitch and unload his cum deep inside her to ensure his seed gets her pregnant. So Jessica is completely at his mercy. Jessica is in his complete control.

It’s his thrusting hips that bring her to orgasm. They were rutting like the animals that they are. Inevitably, this living sex machine dog brought Jessica to the brink. Shep is visibly leaning forward and puts his chin over her shoulder. Shep himself seems to be overcome with pleasure. He actually quickens the pace and begins frantically humping her. His once perfect rhythm is now a jumbled mix of thrusts and bucking. This clearly drives Jessica wild. Her body starts to shake uncontrollably as spasms of pleasure wrack her body. Jessica is almost frantic in her arousal. Breathlessly moaning, she then turns her head into his and speaks to him as if he could understand.

“Oh god, yeah… Yeah, baby… Oh god…”

Of course Shep didn’t understand any of this. Although it’s clear Jessica has already experienced multiple pleasurable contractions. They weren’t making love here, it’s aggressive and almost violent sex. Jessica is being driven to orgasm by Shep’s unrelenting thrusts. Jessica has no control and is simply being sexually dominated. Experiencing one orgasmic episode after another with no chance for her to recover or clam down. She’s being forced to endure this sexual torture until he decides he’s done enough to impregnate his bitch.

She has no time to even catch her breath. Jessica is literally gulping for air as they continue their feverish copulation. She’s is visibly sweating from the exertion of this ‘sexercise’. His frantic thrusting eventually pushes her completely over the edge. Her whole body stiffens, head lolls back, eyes closed tight, mouth open. Her arms and back stiffen. Shep’s whole body tenses and arches, then suddenly stops. Her cunt muscles must’ve clamped hard around him from her intense orgasm, literally forcing him to stop humping.

Weakened from her orgasm. Her arms collapsed under her. However, Shep amazingly rides out her orgasm and incredibly starts humping again. Jessica did her best to stay strong for him and kept her ass up for him. Shep is still gripping her hips with his big hairy paws and continued to pump his thick, eight inch red cock into her. Jessica’s face is now pressed tightly against the bed and her hands tightly grasp the sheets. Finally, after a few more thrusts, Shep slows, then stops abruptly. Jessica’s forehead is resting on the bed, breathing deeply, coming down from her orgasms.

Shep is still tightly holding onto her hips and leaning his body on her back, panting heavily as he stays motionless on top of her. His knot swollen like a large fist inside her cunt, their primal lusts satiated. They’re locked together until his swollen knot deflates. Her cunt is unable to contain his spunk, so their sticky nectar mixed together dribbles out of her cunt and down her thighs. Jessica had to simply hold on until he was finished. Shep is squirting his spunk deep into her.

Clearly Shep will stay inside her for as long as necessary to ensure his progeny. It took almost twenty minutes before the sloppy wet sounds of his cock sliding out of her filled the dark trailer. Freed from his knot, Jessica lays there utterly exhausted. Shep is also clearly exhausted, flops right down next to her, panting loudly. Too tired to even clean her cunt afterward. Jessica lays there for quite some time trying to recover from their heated sexual union.


Jessica begins to stir, sits up, and lights a smoke. Shep isn’t panting as heavily now, but he’s still laying on the bed motionless. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door. Robert is surprised when Jessica didn’t seem alarmed by the sudden knock. However, Robert immediately recognised Janet’s voice from outside. It only took Jessica a few moments to quickly slip back into her clothes. Unfortunately for Robert, Janet isn’t alone. Frank is with her. Clearly Jessica has used his trailer for sex before. Robert feels sick as he watches Jessica enthusiastically embracing Frank. Robert learns Jessica is cheating on him with Frank, a man old enough to be Jessica’s father. Robert actually looked upon him as a friend as well as a neighbour.

It’s bad enough his wife is having sex with a dog, being with another man is even worse. Robert felt so sick, he almost couldn’t bear to watch. Still Robert knew it’s better to know than not, even if he feels humiliated by this whole situation. After some hushed small talk, Frank stays behind with Jessica as Janet takes Shep with her.

Robert’s heart sinks when he watches Frank and Jessica climb into bed together and start making love. Clearly Frank didn’t care Jessica had just had sex with a dog. Quite the contrary, Frank actually tells Jessica how wonderful her hot, gooey, freshly fucked cunt feels. Amazingly, however, Franks suddenly starts complaining about Jessica’s lack of enthusiasm.

“I’m fucking tired, Frank. Give me a break, please. Shep wore me out tonight,” Jessica said.

“But you knew I was coming back tonight, you couldn’t stay away from Shep and wait for me?” Frank replied.

“Well, if I’d have known you wanted to have sex tonight, then yeah, I wouldn’t have fucked him,” Jessica says coldly. “Besides my parents are up at the house, so I didn’t think we were going to be getting together until after they left.”

Frank then actually apologises for getting upset at her and agrees to let her rest. Jessica however, does go down on him and then jerks him off. So Frank does leave somewhat satisfied.


Later that evening after Jessica’s parents leave. Jessica, Janet, Frank and the couple who owned Shep all met up at the cabin for drinks before going out to dinner. Talking in the living room, Robert gets to hear about everything. The couple who owned Shep knew Jessica had spent a few days with him, and were clearly curious about how things went. But it’s when they asked about her and Frank. Things finally crystallised for Robert.

Jessica says to them, “I do love Robert, but he’s a real mama’s boy. Everything his Mommy wants, he’ll do.” She rolls her eyes and squishes her nose to show how it frustrates her. “But what has really soured my marriage for me is he wants to keep having kids and I don’t. Two’s enough for me.”

“Haven’t you talked to him about it?” Janet asked.

“Sure, plenty of times. He just dismisses me like a patronising asshole. The only reason he wants me to have more kids is because his Mommy told him she wants lots of grandchildren.”

“God, what a controlling bitch,” Frank said.

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Jessica said, and giggled. “Robert’s also too religious, and is only interested in sex when he thinks we’re trying to get pregnant. Besides, his imagination in bed only stretches as far as the missionary position, and even then it’s wham, Bam, thank you ma’am.”

The group laughed at her joke.

Although Robert didn’t really believe what she said, he’d be the first to admit the sex isn’t high on his list of priorities and he didn’t see anything is wrong with that either. Being a good provider and a loving father is much more important to Robert than sex. Turns out Jessica and Frank were both sexually attracted to each other right from the start. Even though Frank is old enough to be her father, Frank is handsome and kept himself in great shape.

Robert remembered how Jessica often talked about how Frank still had a muscular chest and flat stomach at his age. They openly flirted at social outings, yet Robert seemed oblivious to it. Janet knew Frank was hot for Jessica, yet they had lived in an open marriage for decades. So with Janet no longer interested in sex, she looked the other way when Frank sought other women to fuck. Frank is a smoker, and Robert assumed it’s the reason Jessica had started smoking again. Amazingly, Frank even talked about how he finally got Jessica to cheat on Robert. He now heard the unpleasant and humiliating details on how Frank went about getting into his wife’s pants.

“I’ve always been good at picking up women,” Frank said. “Even much younger ones.”

“That’s my stud,” Jessica says and kisses him on the cheek.

“Yeah, but normally I don’t go after married women because that can be too much trouble, you know, gets really messy.”
Although Frank was immediately hot for Jessica, he didn’t initially think he’d ever get anywhere with her. Still, he had to try, and quickly discovered Jessica actually seemed to respond to his flirtations.

“You were an awful flirt when I first got to know you,” Jessica said.

Frank laughs. “Robert didn’t seem to notice though, did he?”

“Robert is too nice to notice such things,” Janet said.

“So how did it escalate from flirting to fucking?” The male owner of Shep asked.

“Well, I started playing this game I call: ‘Red light – Green light’,” Frank said. “If I took my flirting too far, and Jess here didn’t give me a red light, I’d take it as a green light and continue.”

“I’d say it escalated pretty quickly,” Jessica said. “Pretty soon you couldn’t keep your hands off me whenever we were together. Even in front of Robert.”

“You never complained about it,” Frank said, looking at Jessica with mock shock.

Jessica smiled. “I liked it. Robert would never pay me attention like that. He’s a total bore.”

“So I started to deliberately come over bare-chested, wearing only tight shorts to highlight my package. I saw how she checked me out, so I knew I was ready to reel her in,” Frank told the group.

“He took me for rides on his Harley. I think that convinced me,” Jessica said.

“Remember when we all went to the lake for a picnic and took you to a private picnic spot,” Frank said to Jessica.

“What right in front of Robert?” The woman asked.

“Robert let me, he’s such a dick.”

“Did you fuck her there?” The man asked.

“No,” Jessica said. “But we held hands and he put his arm around me, it was nice.”

Frank nodded. “When we were about to re-join the others, she abruptly let’s go of my hand and acts as if nothing happened. That’s when I knew for sure she was ready.”

“So get to the fucking,” the man said eagerly.

“I overheard Robert was taking the family to ‘Splash Waterpark’ over in Lexton for a day trip,” Frank said. “So I found a reason to go over and told Jess to stay home that day so we could have some alone time.”

“His big move,” Janet said, and laughed.

“So I go over and see Robert packing the car. I said to Robert, ‘I hope you, Jessica, and the kids have fun today’,” Frank said.

“What he hears next is music to his ears,” Janet said with a big smile on her face.

Frank nods. “So Robert says to me, ‘Thanks, Frank, but Jess isn’t feeling well, so she’s staying home.’ I nearly came in my pants right there and then!”

Jessica puts on a guilty smile. “You nearly blew it showing up like that too, but all’s well and all that.”

“Yeah, but that day while Robert and the kids were away, I fucked the living shit outta you,” Frank said his chest puffing out a little.

“You certainly did. I don’t think I walked normally for a week after that,” Jessica said and smiled.


Frank explained he had a K9 fetish because he found out his first wife liked to fuck the family dog while he was away driving trucks. She tried to keep it from him, but the dog was constantly following her around with an obvious hard-on. Intrigued, he eventually got her to admit what she was doing, and once he personally watched his Labrador dog fuck the shit out of his first wife, he was hooked. From then on Frank tried to get every woman he was involved with to try it. Most weren’t interested, but some were and enjoyed it. Thankfully for Frank, his third wife, Janet, was indeed interested. Together they trained many dogs to enjoy sex with a human bitch.

“So when Jess and I started fucking I introduced her to Butch, a well-endowed Boxer,” Frank said.

“Oh yeah, I’ll never forget that day. Who knew getting fucked by a dog could be so good,” Jessica said.

Janet said, “Then we tried Bully on you.”

“Yeah, but Shep is my favourite now. Sorry, Frank, but no guy has ever satisfied me like Shep does. That dog is a fucking machine!”

Everyone chuckles and Frank says he certainly isn’t offended at all.

Robert had seen enough. For him the marriage was over. After watching Jessica getting it on with two male dogs, and learning she’s also cheating on him with Frank, there’s no way he could stay married to her.


Robert eventually told Jessica about the camera’s in the holiday house and what they had recorded. Jessica was shocked and clearly mortified. She begged Robert not to go public with any of it. For his kids’ sake alone, and Robert agreed. Nothing is now more important to Robert than his kids. So there’s no way he’d ever want them to find out that Mom had sex with dogs. However, there were serious conditions Robert demanded from Jessica.

She had to publicly admit to having an affair with Frank, and she had to be the one who insisted on getting a divorce. It had to be seen as her decision, not his. Jessica had to insist to family and friends that it isn’t anything Robert had done during their marriage. How she needed professional help to sort her life out. When family and friends tried to intervene. Jessica had to stay adamant in refusing to reconcile.

Also, the kids would live with Robert. But knowing the kids were innocent, he didn’t fight Jessica for sole custody and let Jessica be part of their life. He also warned Jessica he’s keeping the tapes in case Jessica ever tried to cause any trouble in the future. Although devastated, Robert managed to get on with his life. He eventually remarried to another boring woman more his speed and had two more children with his second wife.

As for Jessica, she moved in with Frank and Janet and the three of them started a dog training business. They trained dogs to be companions for female bitches, and made a good living selling these dogs online to horny women all over the world.