Bitch For Hire


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When I answer the door, the girl is already halfway back down my front steps, back hunched nervously under her light spring dress.

“No longer interested in the position?” I ask mildly.

She turns slowly, straightening her shoulders, visibly gathering her courage. Her face is young, looks younger than in the photo she sent, but maybe it’s her nervous expression. Her blonde hair falls in a sweet sweep over half her face, dusting her slim neck.

“Uh, no. I mean, sorry. Yes, I’m still interested.”

“Well then, hi, I’m Chris. Come on in.”

She smiles apologetically. “Sarah. But you knew that.”

I laugh and hold the door open wider. “I did. Nice to meet you, Sarah. Let’s get started.”

I wait for her to slip out of her sandals and hang her purse on the bannister and then bring her through to the living room. She’s relaxing by visible degrees, openly admiring the clean decor.

She declines the offer of iced tea and sits carefully on a leather Barcelona chair. She crosses her ankles neatly, but her dress still rides up her thighs. Better for the boardwalk, not an interview. Except maybe this interview.

“So, you survived your freshman year of college,” I ask lightly.

“Yeah, finished my exams last week and now I’m back home for the summer.”

“Alright, well, if everything works out, this is going to help with your tuition a lot faster than slinging Orange Julius at the mall.”

She nods emphatically. “Oh yes, that’s what I’m hoping. Rez, books, lab fees, it’s really adding up, and I don’t want to be paying off student loans until I’m fifty.”

“Smart girl. I’m forty and just wrapped them up,” I tell her. “What’s your major going to be?”

“Arts and Humanities, I’m thinking. Maybe Russian Literature.”

“I see.” Maybe not that smart. Good thing I’m hiring her for what’s below her chin.

I briskly clap my hands together.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

She takes a deep breath. “Okay.”

“Here’s how it’s going to go: I’m going to do an initial examination of your bitch hole, and then, if it’s promising, you’ll meet the boys and see if you’re all compatible. We’ll do a trial mounting and see how it goes. And then if everything goes well, we’ll discuss scheduling and fee payments.”

Her brown eyes are very wide. “Yeah, okay.”

“If at any time you want to end the interview, you just have to say so. No problem at all, I’ll make sure the dogs are off you. No safe word, no bargaining, if you’re even a little bit uncomfortable with the situation, we’ll stop.”

“Okay, thank you. I appreciate you telling me.”

I pause and make sure she’s really listening. “That said, there is inherently some physical discomfort as part of the position.”

“I…I get that.”

“Not pain necessarily, but it’s no small task taking a knot. At least at first. If you’re still with us by the end of the summer it’ll be far more pleasurable than uncomfortable.”

“Sure,” she says, obviously unconvinced.

“So that means if you can’t take the physical discomfort, the position probably isn’t for you.”

“I get it. I do. I’ll remember that it maybe gets better,” she says, like she’s psyching herself up. She balls her fists on her knees with determination. “I… Thank you for this opportunity, Chris. The offer really is generous and I hope I’m what you’re looking for.”

“Me too,” I tell her. I can’t help but smile. She’ll make a sweet little bitch.

I stand up.

“Okay, let’s have a look at you then.”

She lifts her ass and scoots out of her white cotton panties without fuss, spreading her legs and lifting the skirt of her dress.

She’s bare as a golden lab underneath, her bitch hole soft and neat. I kneel in front of the chair and get her nod of approval before using my thumbs to spread her cunt. The slit of her bitch hole is pinker, wrinkled inner lips also tucked up neatly, the left one a little longer than the right. I repress a chuckle at how innocent it all looks now, knowing the boys will leave her blasted open and gaping within minutes.

“Looking good so far, Sarah.”

She gasps softly when I rub my thumb up the line of her cunt, rubbing around for her tiny clit. She’s too dry for me to work my other thumb into her hole itself, and I don’t force it, instead quickly unbuttoning the top of her dress and digging in for a nipple.

She grips the sides of the chair and lets me jog a small breast out of her white bra, pinching and jiggling her little rose nipple until it responds, stiffening prettily.

“That’s it, just relax.”

I gently finger at her nipple with one hand and use the other to work the top of her cunt until she’s squirming in the chair, legs spread so wide she’s practically straddling it.

I like a nice obedient bitch, still and gripped tight, but the boys like it when a bitch moves under their teeth. I pat her breast for being a good bitch and then work a finger into her hot little hole, getting good and wet now.

“Oh!” She gasps, and I pause.

“You good, Sarah?”

Her eyes are shut tight, cheeks a riot of blush. “Yeah, yeah, I’m good,” she huffs.

I start moving my finger in and out, and she’s tight as an asshole, warm and moving around my finger responsively.

“You’re doing real good, Sarah. I’m going to measure you now, so take a deep breath.”

I get another finger in, barely, and work them up, up, up, deep as I can go, until my knuckles are bumping against her cunt.

Sarah grunts but doesn’t struggle, ass moving on the leather.

“Good depth,” I tell her, pulling my wet fingers out and rubbing them on her clit in reward. Her eyes are still closed, head back, nipple sharp on the breast hanging out of her dress like a bitch’s milky dug.

“Okay, turn over and kneel up.”

She obeys immediately, though her legs are a little shaky. I flip the skirt up over her ass and reinsert my fingers in her hot cunt.

“Still good. Very nice, Sarah,” I compliment her. She should be able to take all the dogs, even Buster’s thick, long, soda can of a cock.

I take a moment to admire my hand in her pretty little bitch-hole, framed by her pale ass cheeks. Her asshole is small and neat too, a mauve wrinkle peeking out above her cunt. I feel over it with the thumb of my free hand and she shivers.

Her free breast is hanging low and round and I root around to free the other one, watching them both swing as I rock her gently by her cunt. It’s nice to think of pups blindly nosing at them, plump with milk.

“Sarah, you’re doing so well. Let’s go introduce you to the boys.”

She smiles shakily at me as I help her stand and out of her dress. I then led her naked to the sun room, where I have the mounting block set up and pat the padded bar for her to lean over.

“Oh,” she says, stopped in the doorway.

“It’s okay, the block is just temporary. Trust me, it’ll be safer for both you and the boys if we use this first.”

Her eyes are on the leg and arm straps. “I…”

I draw her to me and cup her breasts reassuringly, thumbing her distended nipples. In the light of the sunroom they’re almost golden.

“Hey, I’m going to be right here the entire time. You say the word and we’ll stop. Okay?”

“Can’t I just meet them first? You know, give them a treat or something?”

I smile. “You are the treat.”

She takes a breath and nods. “Right.”

I put her over the padded bars myself, making sure her knees aren’t taking any of her weight. One padded bar under her hips, one padded bar a little lower, supporting her shoulders, breasts hanging behind it.

I make sure she’s comfortably supported before buckling the leather straps, soft and lined with sheep shear. One around each spread thigh. Ankles, upper arms, wrists.

“How do you feel?” I ask her, brushing the hair out of her eyes.

“Like I’m floating,” she tells me.

“Good, Sarah. That’s good.”

I nitpick at the position of her bitch hole, gently shifting her a little on the block. Her slit is still wet, long and pink in this position.

I open the door to the yard and whistle for the boys. My three over-stimulated German Shepherds come gamboling into the sunroom, yipping around me, having not yet noticed Sarah.

“Sit,” I command.

Jack and Decker obey immediately, but Buster whines, still twisting around my legs. I sincerely hope Sarah appeals to their excess energy, because I’m desperate at this point.

“Buster, sit,” I snap again, and he does, haunches barely even touching the ground. All three of them have little pink tips sticking out of their sheaths, horny their default setting these days.

“Jack, to me,” I tell the youngest, and bring him over to Sarah. He immediately starts sniffing around her, licking her face and arms.

“Here, Jack,” I bark, and spread Sarah’s waiting bitch hole for him. He sticks his cold snout into her folds, licking there too, unperturbed by her grunt of shock.

“He likes you alright,” I tell Sarah, laughing at Jack’s enthusiasm.

She doesn’t respond, just whimpers, tight in her restraints. I put a hand on her rump as Jack laves at her anus.

“Do you want to stop, Sarah?”

“Ugh, ugh,” she pants. “No, ugh, no, don’t stop.”

“Good,” I tell her and help Jack up onto the block, lining up the pointed tip of his penis with her bitch hole. He’ll only need to be shown once.

Jack licks my face in excitement, hips already starting to pump at the air, and I ignore the whines of Decker and Buster behind us.

“Come-on, Jack. In you go.”

He finally finds purchase and starts growing rapidly out of his sheath, jacking into Sarah in jerky pumps.

“Oh! Oh god!” She cries. But it’s not a command to stop, so I keep my attention on the beautiful sight of Jack’s shiny pink dick working in Sarah’s bitch hole, her cunt stretching obscenely around his girth.

It doesn’t take long for Jack to fully emerge, his knot swelling into the strained opening of her bitch hole, his hips jerking erratically as his front paws scrabble at the padded bars. I watch entranced as the knot tugs at Sarah’s bitch hole, so wet, come already starting to leak out.

Jack eventually slows, one leg coming up as if he wants to turn on the tie. His wriggling pops the knot free, a spill of pink tinged come spilling out of Sarah’s bitch hole, dripping down the line of her cunt. Sarah moans long and loud, her panting practically shaking the block. I let Jack go to lick himself clean in the corner and squat to examine her swelling cunt.

“Sarah, I’m so sorry, I think you’re bleeding.”

She shifts in the straps, the leather creaking. “It’s… It’s fine. I’m a virgin.”

“Not anymore,” I tell her and pat the gaping, wet mess sneaking two fingers up her bloody hole to feel the slimy dog cum still inside. It feels amazing.

“Decker, to me,” I bark, and Decker comes trotting over. He doesn’t greet Sarah with a kiss and a sniff like Jack did, just goes straight for her bitch hole, licking at the wetness and getting his tongue in as deep as my fingers when I hold her bitch hole open for him.

Decker knows Sarah isn’t a human friend, knows she’s his bitch.

“Up, Deck. Here you go,” I tell him, helping him arrange his paws on the padded bars. I have to move the hook of his dick away from Sarah’s wet anus before he gets too excited, guiding it into her bitch hole instead.

“Not today, Deck,” I laugh, as Sarah yells at the feeling of Decker shoving his big hungry dick into her bitch hole without the hesitation Jack had. Decker goes to work with a (excuse the pun) dogged focus, tongue lolling, and hips pistoning without pause.

“Oh, oh god, oh, it’s so much,” Sarah pants, and I scoot to her head, putting a soft hand on her neck. She can hardly keep her eyes on me, she’s being fucked so hard.

“Do you want to stop?” I ask.

She shakes the hair off her sweaty face and snarls at me.

“No, I can do it. I can do it.”

I grope both swinging nipples in reward. Such a good bitch.

I get back to Decker as he’s finishing, shaking with his release, his knot a strong red plug of flesh visible in the stretch of Sarah’s hole. There’s more blood, and Decker doesn’t manage to hold a tie either, slipping out of her with his big cock slapping back between his restless legs, dripping clear dog come and pink blood.

“Good boy, Decker,” I tell him, scratching behind his ear and shooing him off.

“Alright, Buster, your turn.”

Buster has been the most excited yet, licking me, licking Sarah, nosing her messy cunt, nosing her dugs, nosing her ear, licking me again, all the while his huge furry balls rolling heavy behind him.

“Come on, boy,” I snort, getting him into position.

He starts humping my fist before I can even get the flared, pointed tip of his monster penis into Sarah’s bitch hole. He’s immensely strong and I make sure he’s putting more weight on the padded bars than on Sarah.

He licks at her shoulders as he happily pumps away, apparently encouraged by her yips and cries. Buster’s cock is visibly destroying her bitch hole, her tender little pussy lips spread ridiculously wide, sucking around Buster’s big red-veined stud dick, her entire cunt gaping, not just her opening. Buster dominates her as if she were born and raised to take his big shiny cock, like he’s going to put a litter of puppies into her ripe womb.

The sight makes me harden, and I rub the line of my own cock while keeping a supportive hand on Buster’s happy back.

This time the tie holds and Buster turns and locks with Sarah, his tails buffeting her ass. Her head hangs low in the block, likely exhausted, little moans escaping her every time Buster fidgets, the huge knot holding while Buster pours her full of seed.

I examine the place where they’re joined, happy with the tie and with how none of the dogs are ripping around with too much energy for the moment. The knot is the size of my fist and I palpate Sarah’s lower abdomen, feeling how full of dog cock and come she is.

One of Buster’s fidgets finally breaks the tie after ten minutes or so, and he joins his pack mates on their bed in the corner of the sun room. Just as I had predicted, Sarah’s bitch hole is unrecognizable from the fussy bare college cunt that came to my door. It steadily pours a long line of come from her hole, lips red and puffy with swelling. I thumb at her clit and jiggle four fingers up her cunt with ease, still so warm, sludgy with cum.

“Excellent,” I say to no one in particular, the dogs and Sarah are worn out.

I carefully undo the straps, lifting Sarah out of the block and putting her on a free dog bed. She goes without resisting, curling up like a good bitch, letting Buster lie behind her. He licks her neck and whines but she just lets him, eyes closed and limbs loose.

I sit down next to the bed and pet her breasts and thighs, keeping watch so the dogs don’t go for another round without the block. It goes without saying she’s hired if she wants the job, and the boys will use her multiple times a day all summer long. But a taste is enough for now