Chocolate Ass Hot Black Girls [pics]

Nikki Ford - Date: 08/04/2014

Cast: Nikki Ford, Erik Everhard, Mr Pete
Date: Date: 08/04/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.93
Description: Nikki Ford wants to be as big as other ebony stars in the game--Jada Fire,Misty Stone and others. However, she doesn't really know where or how to start her journey into the wild world of interracial porn. Enter Mr. Pete and Eric Everhard. We find both guys giving her some pointers, but talk is cheap and actions are loud and vocal. It's not too long before both guys bring her home in order for her to get her first double dicking of white boy. The busty ebony slut's isn't at all nervous (odd since she's brand new to the business), and she gladly welcomes both white cocks into her mouth. Now, do we end here with a simple double blowjob? Fuck no! Eric and Pete takes turns plowing that black snatch in Nikki Ford's interracial threesome debut. Nikki Ford's fun with white cocks only ends when both guys blow their cracker cream all over her face and tits. Do we have a star in the making?
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Genre: 2 on 1 Big Tits Facial Shaved Tattoos

220 | 3000x2000 | 146,5 MB

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Ashley Pink - Date: 01/11/2016

Cast: Ashley Pink, Sonny Nash, Archer, Danny Mountain, John Strong, Kurt Lockwood
Date: Date: 01/11/2016
Rating: Rating: 9.17
Description: Ashley Pink has a fantasy she can't seem to shake. She wants to walk into a bar and get gang banged. No lie. She's masturbated to that fantasy so many times she's lost count, and unlike her other fantasies, once she rubs one out a few times to the naughty though, she's "over it". Not with the gang bang fantasy. Look at her walking down the boulevard like a cheap hooker! And when she peers into a random bar and sees it's filled with a handful a white guys...well, it's now or never. You're about to witness Ashley Pink's first gang bang, right on a pool table in a sleazy bar, and after she's "loaded up" and it's dripping from her face, what's a good little whore gonna do but resume her walk down the boulevard!
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Genre: Brunette Ebony Facial GangBang Petite Shaved Tattoos

257 | 3000x2000 | 265,5 MB

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Layton Benton - Date: 10/06/2014

Cast: Layton Benton, Chad Diamond, Eric John, Filthy Rich, Scott Lyons
Date: Date: 10/06/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.42
Description: Layton Benton has been running her demolition crew hard from sunrise to sunset. The busty black queen is running her man's construction crew down to their bones....and mutiny can't be far off. Layton's tongue lashing of the white crew eventually ends when she opens up to them about her husband/their boss. The next chapter in our interracial love story sees Layton servicing 4 big white cocks and cheating on her black husband at the same time. The huge tits on Layton shake and quiver as her mouth works hard. The blue collar crackers unleash their work frustration on the boss' wife....and she couldn't be happier. That black pussy feels the power of white wang, and that mouth houses any given cracker cock in the vicinity. The boss' wife has each guy clock out by dumping their redneck sauce all over her face and tits. We have a feeling she's about to file divorce papers to the black guy who's now forced to sleep on the couch.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: Big Booty Big Tits Ebony Facial GangBang Shaved

207 | 3000x2000 | 158,6 MB

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September Reign - Date: 11/30/2015

Cast: September Reign, Chad White, Markus Dupree
Date: Date: 11/30/2015
Rating: Rating: 9.10
Description: Chad White is what you'd call a "host", as his family hosts foreign-exchange students. They've got a new student in from Russia -- Marcus Bay. Chad and Marcus become quick friends, as they both love black pussy. In fact, Chad makes it a number 1 priority to get his new friend some ebony American pussy, and he knows just who to call: September Reign. Chad's been banging September forever, and he knows September's an insatiable white-cock slut. This is a "no-brainer". What Chad doesn't know is his new Russian friend is a crazy pervert. Wait until you see what these two have planned for September once they get her up to Chad's room!
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Genre: 2 on 1 Ebony Facial Petite Shaved Squirting Tattoos

203 | 3000x2000 | 132,9 MB

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Rachel Raxxx - Date: 12/12/2016

Cast: Rachel Raxxx, Chad White
Date: Date: 12/12/2016
Rating: Rating: 8.46
Description: Rachel Raxxx. Barely-legal...and blessed. Just take a look at this white-cock slut and her 30 JJ's! You read right: barely-legal and double J's! This ebony doll makes her debut on the world-famous Dogfart Network with Chad White, and this scene is all about those big, beautiful chocolate titties! Chad's going to oil them up and fuck them good before he moves to her mouth and her tight little cunt. You're going to love watching those enormous ebony fun bags bounce up and down and all around as she's banged out. In the end, Rachel's jugggs are jizz-covered and something you'll never forget!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 18+ Teens Barely Legal Big Tits Ebony Hairy Tattoos

277 | 2000x3000 | 135,2 MB

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Adriana Malao - Date: 08/01/2014

Cast: Adriana Malao, Erik Everhard, Mr Pete
Date: Date: 08/01/2014
Rating: Rating: 9.00
Description: Adriana Malao doesn't care about getting caught in public getting inappropriate with white guys. We find Adriana and Erik getting hot and heavy in a hallway. However, she wants to get down and dirty in a public restroom--this is where things get taken up a level. Erik and Adriana slip into the men's room where Mr. Pete is in the middle of draining his bladder. This is where Adriana's love for the WHITE MAN comes shining through; she takes on both of them in a filthy, vile bathroom and rocks their worlds. Adriana gets her knees dirty as her mouth sucks down on both white boys. The party in the stall sees Adriana's pussy and mouth get obliterated by a couple of vindictive white boys. The urinals get a front-row seat to Adriana's extreme fucking by Erik and Pete's gigantic white dicks. The threat of getting caught only fuels Adriana Malao's inner whore. And we soon find her getting a face full of caucasian cream.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Ebony Facial Petite Tattoos

229 | 3000x2000 | 132,9 MB

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Priya Price - Date: 02/22/2016

Cast: Priya Price, Chris Strokes, James Deen
Date: Date: 02/22/2016
Rating: Rating: 9.19
Description: Inmate #1427 -- Priya Price -- is a real handful. Demanding. If she's not yelling for the guard about food, she's yelling about blankets. If not blankets, she's screaming about the toilet. A real pain in the ass. Prison Guard Strokes has been eyeing Price's enormous titties through all her ranting and raving, and now he's about to take some action. BJ action. Right through the cell's bars! And what if Warden Deen were to appear? Well, in this prison, there are no rules, and the Warden is horny. Before long, the action's in the cell, where Guard Strokes and Warden Deen take turns pummeling Price's wet mouth and tight cunt before unloading all over her pretty face. With that all said and done, now they'll listen to the inmate's complaints.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Big Booty Big Tits Ebony Facial Shaved Tattoos

258 | 2000x3000 | 171,7 MB

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Tamra Millan - Date: 03/23/2015

Cast: Tamra Millan, Chris Strokes
Date: Date: 03/23/2015
Rating: Rating: 8.96
Description: Tamra Millan isn't the type of girl to be fucked with. Fucking with her bottom line is like a roll of the dice. And Chris Strokes is in over his head with some money he owes the sexy black vixen. Tamra meets up with Chris in a dark alley, where she lets it be known that his days of owing her some dead presidents are now over. She takes the white boy back to the safety of her place where she, in so many words, shows him who runs these streets. The vindictive black boss has Chris eat her beautiful ass , and then his white cock satisfies her taste buds. Tamra's assertiveness over Chris can only mean that she MIGHT forgive the outstanding debt--only if he can make her cum with his massive white dong. Chris plows into that black pussy in every way possible, until his white cream makes a mess of her face. Tamra's way of doing business are unorthodox, but seemingly effective.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 Big Booty Brunette Ebony Facial Petite Shaved Tattoos

284 | 2000x3000 | 198,8 MB

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Brittney White - Date: 10/10/2016

Cast: Brittney White, Chris Strokes, Kurt Lockwood
Date: Date: 10/10/2016
Rating: Rating: 9.02
Description: If you think cheating is limited to white girls with black guys, think again! Just look at poor Brittany White. She gets the news of her cheatin' black man as the plumbers are fixing her clogged drain. But don't get me wrong...there's nothing "poor" about this hottie. She's known her man's a cheater -- she's always suspected it. And now, she's going to do something about it! The plumbers are done opening up one hole, and now they're about to open up two more: Brittany's willing mouth and her eager, wet cunt. But not in her kitchen! Sure, it's ok to start there...but Brittany wants to make her revenge complete and fuck both strangers in her marital bed! Looks like Brittany is wise beyond her 19 years, and this is a great argument as why you should never take a young wife! You can never please them, and they're pure evil when it comes to pay-backs!!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 18+ Teens 2 on 1 Big Tits Brunette Ebony Facial Feet No Tattoos Petite

281 | 3000x2000 | 185,5 MB

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Jezabel Vessir - Date: 08/29/2016

Cast: Jezabel Vessir, Aaron Evans, Jake Jace, John Strong, Logan Long, Viktor Bond
Date: Date: 08/29/2016
Rating: Rating: 9.13
Description: Jezabel Vessir is one horny girl. Just look at her! She's in her front room, making booty call after booty call, hoping for one of her white boys to swing by to rail her tight, pink cunt while manhandling her all-natural Double-D's! After the booty call fails (after all, it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon!), Jez just sends out a mass text message. It's easier to catch some fish if you throw out a net...right? Her only problem? She didn't catch one or two or even three white boys -- five answer the call! What's a good White Cock Slut gonna do but entertain them all! She's never had five men at once, so why not experience life to its fullest?
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: Big Tits Brunette Ebony Facial GangBang Hairy No Tattoos Swallow

245 | 2000x3000 | 200,2 MB

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Katt Garcia - Date: 10/27/2014

Cast: Katt Garcia, Erik Everhard
Date: Date: 10/27/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.88
Description: Erik Everhard (the veteran)is talking to Katt Garcia(the newbie) about this being her 5th scene in the business. Katt goes into detail about her new career--how she loves white guys AND getting fucked in the ass. So here you now have Katt Garcia's first anal scene. Erik gets her back inside where those huge tits get played with right before her mouth sucks that cracker cock. Katt's Dogfart debut has her living out her actual addiction and love for the WHITE MAN. Katt's pussy gets a brief rest when Erik sets his sights on that tight, black ass of hers. Katt's teeth clinch as that white boy slams his meat deep in that third entry. Those titties, shake, quiver and bounce as yet another white cock slut gets a hefty helping of whitey's dick. Katt's first ever anal scene draws to a close when Katt drains Erik's nutmeg all over her face and gigantic tits.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 18+ Teens Anal ATM Big Booty Big Tits Ebony Facial No Tattoos Shaved

286 | 3000x2000 | 221,7 MB

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Skyler Nicole - Date: 05/04/2015

Cast: Skyler Nicole, Brett Rouge, Chris Strokes
Date: Date: 05/04/2015
Rating: Rating: 8.96
Description: Everyone thinks they have what it takes to be part of the Dogfart Crew. At least most of the dudes who arrive in Porn Valley, and today, one of them is going to see nailing a hot chick ain't easy. Oh,'s easy when you're home, in your own bed, with the lights out. Walk on to a Dogfart set with some of the hottest stars in the biz, toss in some hot lights, a director and his crew, and a top gun like Criss Strokes, and our new homeboy is gonna find out hangin' and bangin' with the best of them ain't no walk in the park. Where the new guy left off, Mr. Strokes picks up, and runs hard, buttfucking this beautiful ebony babe until he sprays her face white.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 18+ Teens 2 on 1 Anal Brunette Ebony Facial No Tattoos Shaved

298 | 3000x2000 | 234,2 MB

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Cherry Hilson - Date: 12/29/2014

Cast: Cherry Hilson, Chris Strokes, Mr Hampton
Date: Date: 12/29/2014
Rating: Rating: 9.12
Description: Cherry Hilson's boyfriend knows that he's with a chick that craves the white man, 24/7. They have an agreement: She can fuck all the white guys she wants as long as her man gets to watch the fun. Sounds like a good deal, right? Cherry makes the phone call to her black cuckold as he's with a friend discussing sports. The black cuckold ditches his buddy in order to return home to watch his woman get some white dick. Cherry's constant craving for cracker cock has no shame--and neither does her boyfriend. The black cuckold wears his male chastity device while his woman's mouth meets a huge white cock. The grin ion her cuckold's widens as Cherry's black pussy feels the wrath of The White Man. But it's not over.....yet. Cherry's ass is next in line to feel nearly 12 inches of white meat. The cuckold's extremely excited to see his woman getting her ass stretched from one side of the room to the other. The only thing left for the black cuckold to do is cleanup after Whitey makes a mess on Cherry.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 Anal Big Tits Cuckold Ebony Fetish Shaved Tattoos

252 | 2000x3000 | 161,4 MB

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Amilian Kush - Date: 01/02/2017

Cast: Amilian Kush, Chris Strokes, James Deen
Date: Date: 01/02/2017
Rating: Rating: 9.05
Description: Amilian Kush and her hubby-to-be have just moved into their new home, and for the past week have been renovating the entire place. New floors. New paint. And repairs galore! It's a "fixer-upper", and that's what they've been doing. While her finace is at work, Amilian's been supervising the 2-man work crew. They're great, and Amilian's developed a crush on the two. She's also concerned, just like anyone who's about to marry would be: this is the last person I'm going to have sex with. So, like any good slut, she's going to try and "sew her wild oats" before her Big Day! Amilian's out inspecting the finishing touches the two have put on her back yard fountain when it all goes down. A simple conversation turns into a menage-a-trois, turning a bride-to-be into a world class cheater. These two take turns fucking her skull and cunt before dropping two immense loads all over her pretty, ebony face! Oh, and the fountain got fixed, too...right before her man got home!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 18+ Teens 2 on 1 Brunette Ebony Facial Shaved Tattoos

273 | 2000x3000 | 164,2 MB

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Jenna Foxx - Date: 09/19/2016

Cast: Jenna Foxx, Chad White
Date: Date: 09/19/2016
Rating: Rating: 8.86
Description: Chad White's figured it out. Rent a house in an expensive neighborhood. Make sure it's super sweet. Then place an ad on the internet. Make it a casting call. When the girls show up, tell them it's your place, have them sing or dance or act, then tell them what they've heard over and over and over: "thanks for your time, I'll get a hold of you...don't call me." Sure, it's the oldest trick in the book, but it works. Do you realize how many girls come here every day from Small Town USA searching for fame? They wait tables and tend bar -- just like Jenna Foxx -- waiting anxiously for their next audition. Chad will tell you the key to this hustle is to turn them down, and then let them say something like, "I'll do whatever it takes to land this part, sir!" Sure you will, Slutty. Of course you will...
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 18+ Teens Big Tits Brunette Ebony Facial No Tattoos Petite

251 | 3000x2000 | 150,9 MB

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Teanna, Jezabel and Anya - Date: 05/25/2015

Cast: Anya Ivy, Jezabel Vessir, Teanna Trump, James Deen
Date: Date: 05/25/2015
Rating: Rating: 9.18
Description: Girls love to talk during their slumber party get-togethers. Just listen in on Jezebel Vessar, Anya Ivy, and Teanna Trump, as they blab on and on about their love of white boys, and white cock, and getting banged out. Soon they're comparing notes, and none other than James Deen's name pops up. Teanna's banged him...but none of her friends have. And guess what? Teanna still has his number. Now, you'd think that James Deen -- being as popular as he is -- would be kinda calm and cool when a Fuck Buddy calls and says she's got 2 other hunnies with her, and they're eager for a dick down. And at first James is...until he gets off the phone. He's there immediately, and it's on!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 18+ Teens 3 on 1 Big Tits Creampie Ebony No Tattoos Petite Shaved

326 | 2000x3000 | 211 MB

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Anya Ivy - Date: 11/17/2014

Cast: Anya Ivy, Xander Corvus
Date: Date: 11/17/2014
Rating: Rating: 9.03
Description: It looks like the black man's neglect of his woman is where Xander Corvus is gonna swoop in and take advantage of the situation. We find Anya Ivy venting to Xander about her man's neglect and lack of affection towards her. Xander's light bulb goes off and he's about to show another black girl the power of the WHITE MAN. Anya's feet and legs get felt up by a man who's showing her the kind of attention she's been lacking. That black slut shows her appreciation to white generosity by sucking down that whiteboy's pole. The busty black fuck toy gets that black snatch slammed by Xander as she quickly forgets about ever being in a relationship with a black guy. Xander bends her over and takes control of that black pussy until she begs for a hefty helping on cracker cream all over her face. And the whiteboy delivers a load of biblical proportions.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 Big Tits Ebony Facial No Tattoos Petite Shaved

286 | 2000x3000 | 173,4 MB

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Osa Lovely - Date: 06/06/2016

Cast: Osa Lovely, Filthy Rich, Jake Jace, James Deen, John Strong
Date: Date: 06/06/2016
Rating: Rating: 8.43
Description: It's Osa Lovely's birthday. Really, it is. What should we do for the birthday girl? Dogfart threw her a party! We bought her a cake and four well-hung studs to present Osa with a cake, sing happy birthday, and let her make a wish. Do we really have to tell you what lovely Osa wished for? Or that it came true immediately? These four white studs fucked the living shit out of Osa's tight pink cunt. I mean they pounded this whore. Pounded her hard. From start to finish. Speaking of finishes, Osa couldn't eat her cake until our boys put the proper frosting on it...and then? Well, Osa had her cake...and ate it, too!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: Big Booty Brunette Ebony GangBang No Tattoos Pantyhose / Stockings Shaved Swallow

193 | 2000x3000 | 296,7 MB

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Sarah Banks - Date: 08/08/2016

Cast: Sarah Banks, Kurt Lockwood
Date: Date: 08/08/2016
Rating: Rating: 9.14
Description: Sarah Banks is a physician's assistant that, from time to time, oversteps her job description. You know the old saying -- when the cat's away, the mice will play -- which perfectly describes Sarah today. She's insanely turned on by white men, so why not give one of her favorite patients his hernia and prostate check? Speaking of white men, Kurt Lockwood is a known freak, so he's down. Whether Sarah has a finger or a tongue up his ass, Kurt doesn't mind. On the flipside, when Kurt's got his big white cock buried deep in Sarah's ass, she doesn't mind either. In fact, they both love it. From taboo dirty talk to Sarah on her knees begging to "cum on my braces", this scene is smoking hot.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 18+ Teens Anal ATM Braces Ebony Facial Petite Shaved Tattoos

222 | 2000x3000 | 119,7 MB

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Lisa Tiffian - Date: 07/06/2015

Cast: Lisa Tiffian, James Deen
Date: Date: 07/06/2015
Rating: Rating: 9.00
Description: Porno Superstar James Deen lives near a lake, and he enjoys it. James likes to check e-mails and just kinda chill on his off days on a bench near one of the jogging paths. It's relaxing...and there's a ton of hot chicks usually there, and sometimes he even gets recognized! Of course James uses this to his advantage, so today when Lisa Tiffian recognizes James, he does just that. And even thought Lisa's there to meet a girlfriend, it's James who's heading home with Lisa. Lisa Tiffian is a 3-input gal who loves rough sex, so kick back and watch James put her through the wringer!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 Anal Big Booty Big Tits Brunette Ebony Shaved Tattoos

222 | 3000x2000 | 144,1 MB

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Jasmine Webb - Date: 01/23/2017

Cast: Jasmine Webb, James Deen, Kyle Mason
Date: Date: 01/23/2017
Rating: Rating: 9.29
Description: Jasmine Webb is distraught. Why? She's just spent more of Hubby's money, and when he discovered this, the shit hit the fan. What's more tired than that cliche? He left in a storm and jumped a flight to Vegas, where he'll vent his frustrations on the Black Jack table and at various strip joints. And wouldn't ya have guessed? Not thirty minutes after he stormed out, the furniture arrived! To Jasmine's delight, the delivery boys are white -- and cute! Watch Jasmine violate all her marital vows as both white boys take turns using her wet mouth and beautiful ebony cunt in order to satisfy their needs.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Big Booty Brunette Cougars Ebony Facial Glasses MILF No Tattoos Pantyhose / Stockings Shaved Squirting

266 | 2000x3000 | 124,8 MB

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Kayla Ivy - Date: 03/14/2016

Cast: Kayla Ivy, Kurt Lockwood, Markus Dupree
Date: Date: 03/14/2016
Rating: Rating: 9.20
Description: Kayla Ivy's hormones are raging! That makes sense though, because she's seven month pregnant. But Kayla's hormones are even surprising her! She's always much so Kayla has a hard time making it through the day without masturbating or looking for dick. And make no mistake about it -- all Kayla wants is white dick! Her baby's daddy is a white boy, and whenever she's around one, all Kayla wants to do is fuck. In hopes of finding some sort of drug to tame her hormones, she's gone to her OB/GYN's office. No luck, but Kayla considers herself a lucky girl, because she's going to fuck not one doctor -- but two! She'll suck cock, eat ass, and let the docs rail her before both of them unload directly into her ultra-tight, pregnant pussy!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Big Booty Big Tits Brunette Cougars Creampie Ebony Fetish MILF Pregnant Shaved Tattoos

220 | 2000x3000 | 124,7 MB

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Ana Foxxx - Date: 08/01/2014

Cast: Ana Foxxx, Erik Everhard, Ramon Nomar
Date: Date: 08/01/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.97
Description: Ana Foxx is Ramon's tutor for English. Since he's from Spain, he doesn't quite grasp the English language. The lesson goes from confusing to complete bedlam when Erik shows up to take Ramon to a baseball game-complete male bonding. Ana's anger quickly subsides when both white guys exchange America's fast pastime for some amazing black pussy. Ana's still on the clock as she gets on her knees and services both Erik and Ramon. Baseball takes a backseat to Ana's love for cock of the lightest color. Erik and Ramon take turns stuffing her gullet and pussy at the same time. After all, who gives a fuck about English when this insane interracial threesome is going down? Ana,like the good black slut she is, keeps getting fucked by those white boys until she's covered in baseball batter.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Brunette Ebony Facial Petite Shaved

355 | 2000x3000 | 209,6 MB

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Chanell Heart - Date: 04/25/2016

Cast: Chanell Heart, Codey Steele, Filthy Rich, Jake Jace, Kurt Lockwood, Wrex Oliver
Date: Date: 04/25/2016
Rating: Rating: 8.92
Description: You're about to step into a special meeting, gone awry, lead by Chanell Heart. Chanell is a therapist, and her specialty is sex addiction. Being a sex addict herself, Chanell is an expert on the topic. She knows about to create a safe atmosphere for her group to set aside all their shame and embarrassment. Chanell's biggest problem today? She's a sexy, ebony babe who wore a short skirt to the meeting. When it was her turn to talk about her weakness (white boys), she got herself all worked up. Soon, the guys in her meeting were beating their meat, which made Chanell shift her plan to an experimental therapy. In other words, what began as group conversation turns into a full-blown gang bang, with Chanell using her warm, wet mouth and tight, pink cunt to make the fellahs shower her in jizz. Blast after blast, literally covering her! The results of Chanell's experimental therapy aren't in yet, but you know she's already scheduled next week's meeting!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: Big Booty Ebony Facial Hairy Tattoos

223 | 3000x2000 | 157,7 MB

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Ivy Sherwood - Date: 08/01/2014

Cast: Ivy Sherwood, Clover, Eric John
Date: Date: 08/01/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.98
Description: Ivy Sherwood is the very definition of a WHITE COCK SLUT. Ivy's fooling around with Eric John when her cheating ways are discovered by another fuck buddy, Clover. Ivy's been caught with her pants down, so to speak, and her love for white dick can't be stopped...she wants to fuck both guys! Clover and Eric settle their differences by taking out their aggression on the fine piece of black ass in the room. Ivy's beautiful lips wrap around each guy's huge white cock right before that black snatch gets its filling. Eric and Clover temporarily forget that Ivy's been fucking around, and that black pussy is now on trial. We find huge white cock ramming into that dark cavern as her screams are muffled by a white cock at all times. The last item of business is for Ivy's beautiful face to take some hot,sticky goodness via the two huge white dicks she's been messing around with.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Big Tits Ebony Facial No Tattoos Shaved

228 | 2000x3000 | 162,4 MB

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Adriana Maya - Date: 06/15/2015

Cast: Adriana Maya, Eric John, Filthy Rich, Mark Zane, Richie Black, Talon
Date: Date: 06/15/2015
Rating: Rating: 9.14
Description: Barely-legal ebony babe Adrian Maya is one freaky gal, and today she's talking to her pal Filthy Rich about just how freaky she is. Or isn't. She's done some "crazy" things before, but she wants more. Much more. Adrian Maya is insatiable, and she asks Filthy for his help in securing her very first gang bang. She's wants it all: creampies, swallows, and facials, and she wants at lease 5 guys to run a train on her. The best part? Adrian doesn't want to know names, or make friends, or become buddies with any of them. Back at his crib, Filthy's friends enter one at a time to make Adrian's fantasy a reality.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 18+ Teens Creampie Ebony Facial GangBang Shaved Swallow Tattoos

263 | 2000x3000 | 167,8 MB

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Yasmine De Leon - Date: 12/08/2014

Cast: Yasmine De Leon, Eric John, Gavin Kane, Talon
Date: Date: 12/08/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.98
Description: Yasmine De Leon's obsession for white guys has interrupted her day-to-day living. The ebony slut lives and breathers ONLY to satisfy the white man. However, she knows her addiction is getting out of hand when she informs Talon of her problem. Talon brings her back to meet his buddies back at his place, and well, it only adds more to Yasmine's problems. Gavin and Eric join Talon in giving Yasmine De Leon a triple dose of cracker cock. The slut gets on her knees and orally satisfies 360 degrees of whiteboy dick. And you can guess what happens next: ALL her holes are up for the taking by the guys. The sweat starts pouring off Yasmine as her holes are shown no mercy. Anal? Yes. Double penetration on that slut's naughty area? Abso-fucking-lutely. The grand finale comes when tidal wave after tidal wave of cracker cream coats her face. Obviously this won't curb her addiction to the white man.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 3 on 1 Anal ATM Big Booty Double Penetration Ebony Facial No Tattoos Shaved

251 | 3000x2000 | 223,6 MB

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Misty Stone - Date: 08/01/2014

Cast: Misty Stone, Chris Strokes, Eric John
Date: Date: 08/01/2014
Rating: Rating: 9.14
Description: You remember Misty Stone from when she orally pleased nearly a dozen white guys over at However, two guys were missing from that party: Eric John and Criss Strokes.Well, what better way than to make up for a missed invitation than to get a hardcore pounding from both previous absentees? No more time is wasted as Misty works on both white cocks in the same manner that she did with nearly a dozen for Eric and Criss feed her every inch of peckerwood penis and that black pussy is not spared the wrath of the WHITE MAN's dick. Both white guys turn Misty into a human finger trap as one occupies her mouth, the other obliterates that black snatch. The need for Misty to get some white seed is evident as she nearly makes both white boys tap out. Then again, we only conclude this interracial love story when she's covered in honky juice.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Ebony Facial No Tattoos Shaved

260 | 3000x2000 | 182,1 MB

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Monique Symone - Date: 08/01/2014

Cast: Monique Symone, Mick Blue, Xander Corvus
Date: Date: 08/01/2014
Rating: Rating: 9.00
Description: Monique Symone has just found herself as the pawn in a game between Xander Corvus and Mick Blue. The two guys are discussing the degree of difficulty when it comes to picking up European chicks vs. their American counterparts. Xander pretty much solidifies his argument when he encounters Monique Symone, and invites her inside to discuss things with him and Mick. Monique doesn't stay clothed long after the two white guys spit some fantastic game her way. The black slut uses her oral skills to back up the idea that black chicks love the WHITE MAN. Xander and Mick go on opposite ends of Monique and treat her openings to a blitzkrieg of honky meat. The bed's sheets slowly get drenched in the sweat of all three as the temperature rises on this interracial threesome. At a certain point you can pinpoint the very second Monique writes off anything that isn't cracker cock. And after the loads they unleash on her, can you really blame her?
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Big Booty Big Tits Ebony Facial Shaved Tattoos

219 | 3000x2000 | 149,5 MB

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Mocha Menage - Date: 11/09/2015

Cast: Mocha Menage, Brad Knight, Codey Steele, Kurt Lockwood, Rob Carpenter, Steve Lucas
Date: Date: 11/09/2015
Rating: Rating: 9.19
Description: Since it's the end of the summer, why not see it with a pool party? That was one of the reasons Mocha Menage is celebrating. The other? She's a white cock slut, so at a Mocha Menage pool party, there's no couples, no girls, and no black dudes. A Mocha Menage party means whites only, and dudes at that. Today Mocha's invited five of her friends over, and in no time at all they see it's "one of those parties". Mocha loves to fuck and suck outside, and she doesn't care what the neighbors think. After some poolside action, Mocha leads them over to her backyard, where our crew takes turns on her mouth and pussy before unloading all over the place. Mocha's got cum dripping from her snatch, her face, and down her throat as the boys unleashed a whole lot of pent-up tension. I'd call this party a success!
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Genre: Brunette Creampie Ebony Facial GangBang Hairy Tattoos

214 | 3000x2000 | 216,8 MB

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Tiffany Tosh - Date: 11/21/2016

Cast: Tiffany Tosh, Chris Strokes, Jake Jace, Kurt Lockwood, Leo Christensen, Logan Long
Date: Date: 11/21/2016
Rating: Rating: 9.15
Description: With a couple hours before they open the restaurant, manager Kurt Lockwood is going over his employees' duties. It's a pain being a manager, and Kurt's got to run a tight ship. Like all managers, sometimes he has to be "tough", and make sure his workers are following through with their assigned tasks. One particular, Tiffany Tosh, has been the "weak link" lately. And there's a reason for it: she's done. Right in the middle of his meeting, Tiffany makes her announcement. She's done. She needs to make more money, and she's going to do it over at Shotgun Billy's! It's a notorious strip joint, and wouldn't you know it...Tiffany's going to show off her skills before she clocks her final hour at the restaurant. A light strip tease turns into a full-blown gang bang! Afterall, Tiffany's a slut for the white man. She always has been. Watch her cum all over that white duck before all her co-workers unload all over her beautiful, ebony face!
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Genre: Big Tits Ebony Facial First Time IR GangBang Petite Shaved Tattoos

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Marie Luv - Date: 08/03/2014

Cast: Marie Luv, Clover, Ramon Nomar
Date: Date: 08/03/2014
Rating: Rating: 9.03
Description: Marie Luv's recent hiatus from porn has seen her attempt non-porn related work. You name it, she probably worked it. However, Marie's love for white dick has brought her back to the Dogfart Network. We find her rapping to Ramon and Clover about wanting to get back in.....and it's the only green light they need for full access to that pussy and ass. We find both white guys showing all her holes absolutely no mercy as every inch of white meat finds warm housing in Ms.Luv. The sheer thrusting of white cock in her asshole is easily 5x harder than any black cock she's ever had inside that same cavity. Marie's scene at , and never saw her ass fully played with....until now. The pussy gets some attention as well, and that ass is given no time-out. We finish this interracial anal fuck-a-thon when Ramon and Clover hose her down with white boy batter.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Anal ATM Ebony Tattoos

229 | 2000x3000 | 176,3 MB

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Jayden Starr - Date: 03/02/2015

Cast: Jayden Starr, Erik Everhard, Ramon Nomar
Date: Date: 03/02/2015
Rating: Rating: 9.03
Description: Jayden Starr wants to be one of the elite girls over at In fact, she knows she can hang with the likes of Layton Benton, Chanell Heart and other black girls that love their fair share of white dick. However, she needs Erik Everhard and Ramon to vouch for her and they can't unless they give her a test shot first. The slut for white dick has no qualms about giving Erik and Ramon complete and unrestricted access to all of her welcoming holes. The busty black slut sucks down each white guy until she damn nears begs them to fuck all her holes. Jayden has something to prove--and that she's as big a slut for white cock as any of those other whores over at That black pussy and ass get the whiteboy treatment courtesy of two porn veterans. The piston-pumping friction on her nether region brings Jayden to the point where she demands a hefty helping of the white man's nutjuice. Do you think she makes the cut for
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Anal ATM Big Booty Big Tits Double Penetration Ebony Facial Shaved Tattoos

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Kahlista Stonem - Date: 06/27/2016

Cast: Kahlista Stonem, Chris Strokes, James Deen
Date: Date: 06/27/2016
Rating: Rating: 8.78
Description: Khalista Stonem is probably a name you've never heard of, but after you finish watching superstars James Deen and Criss Strokes pound this petite, ebony newcummer, not only will you be one of her new fans, but you'll probably start searching for more Khalista! This girl loves a good, hard pounding, and that's exactly what she gets. Our two studs put little Khalista through the wringer, choking and slapping and spitting all over this little sluts until their balls erupt deep inside her. Khalista doesn't tap out, and after she's taken both loads deep in her womb, Deen allows her to crawl away...her body almost too weak to crawl!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 18+ Teens 2 on 1 Big Tits Brunette Creampie Ebony Hairy No Tattoos Petite

246 | 2000x3000 | 147,2 MB

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Kira Noir - Date: 10/19/2015

Cast: Kira Noir, Chris Strokes
Date: Date: 10/19/2015
Rating: Rating: 9.15
Description: You may not have heard of Kira Noir, but after today's scene, that's going to change. Kira is a stripper from America's Heartland (the great Midwest city of St. Louis), and she landed in Porn Valley just a few months ago. She's already opened all three holes up for business, and today's Bull -- the very well-hung Criss Stokes) is going to take advantage of all three. After he snatches Kira from his backyard pool, it's on! Strokes opens Kira's mouth wide, before stretching open her tight, pink hole. Speaking of "stretching open", wait until you see what he does with Kira's puckered brown star. I'm not sure Kira's asshole is ever going to close up tight again, as you'll witness her first on-camera gapes, followed by some tasty "ATMs" (that's ass-to-mouth, in case you really don't know). The money shot is nothing short of huge, and whatever didn't get all over Kira's face lands all over his furniture. Which, of course, Kira cleans up with her tongue.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 Anal ATM Brunette Ebony Facial No Tattoos

257 | 2000x3000 | 157,4 MB

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Nadia Jay - Date: 05/16/2016

Cast: Nadia Jay, Brad Hart, Filthy Rich, Jake Jace, Robby Echo, Wrex Oliver
Date: Date: 05/16/2016
Rating: Rating: 8.89
Description: Nadia Jay runs a private night club. This is the sort of place that one can find all sorts of vices besides drinking. Nadia's club offers it all, from gambling to girls, and her staff's been doing a great job selling it all. She's even been talking bonuses, but, for some reason, Nadia's been all talk and no action...until today. A few hours before the shift, Nadia has an employee meeting that turns into something she'll never forget. What starts off as a typical "rah rah let's go get 'em!" speech turns into a 5-man gang bang in which Nadia gets railed. After the boys take turns on her sweet mouth and warm, wet cunt, it's time for them to drop loads. Nadia takes a triple cream pie before a double swallow! What then? Time to open the club, of course!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: Big Tits Brunette Creampie Ebony GangBang Shaved Swallow Tattoos

235 | 2000x3000 | 195,7 MB

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Skin Diamond - Date: 08/01/2014

Cast: Skin Diamond, Erik Everhard, Mr Pete
Date: Date: 08/01/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.99
Description: Mr. Pete and Erik Everhard are hell bent to dispel the myth that black guys have the market cornered on aggressiveness with ass and pussy. Enter Skin Diamond. Skin has no qualms about letting Erik and Pete use all her holes for the sake of, ahem, gathering sexual data. The black slut works her oral skills around both white peckers as both cocks take up housing in her gullet. The temperature in the room rises as Skin Diamond's mouth is given temporary relief while that pussy and ass get stuffed. Erik and Pete are adamant about proving to Skin's multiple entry points that white cock is far superior in terms of ability to inflict havoc. And inflicting an extreme dicking is what they do. Skin sucks her booty juice off those white dicks right before holy hell is unleashed all over her--in the form of thick goo.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 2 on 1 Anal ATM Double Penetration Facial Tattoos

256 | 2000x3000 | 204,6 MB

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Serena Ali & Diamond Monrow - Date: 09/15/2014

Cast: Diamond Monrow, Serena Ali, Chris Strokes
Date: Date: 09/15/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.88
Description: Serena Ali and Diamond Monrow are a couple of black chicks that LOVE the white stick. The two recent additions to our roster of ebony sluts are waiting to get their hands on Chris Strokes(who has just wrapped up a scene). Serena and Diamond's inability to resist white cock is as clear as day when they pretty much attack Chris in the bathroom. Serena and Diamond both feast on Chris' big white sausage in a manner fitting a couple of white cock sluts. If it's not Serena's black pussy getting stuff it's Diamond who's getting her share of the white man's meat stick. Diamond lends a helping hand by guiding Chris' cock right inside Serena's sweet spot. Diamond's gash isn't off the white target as Chris shows her fuck hole the same courtesy he showed Serena's The lens nearly fogs up from all three going at it in a wild frenzy of black-on-white fucking. The last order of business is for both black sluts to share the creamy goodness that whiteboy has to muster up.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 18+ Teens 2 on 1 Ebony Facial Lesbian Petite Shaved Tattoos

266 | 3000x2000 | 174,2 MB

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Jazzy Jamison - Date: 09/28/2015

Cast: Jazzy Jamison, Axel Aces, Filthy Rich, Kurt Lockwood
Date: Date: 09/28/2015
Rating: Rating: 9.10
Description: Poker parties. Gotta love 'em! A lot of money is won (and lost) over at this party, and barely-legal, fresh-faced ebony treat Jazzy Jamison is here to wait on your every beck and call. Need a drink? Call Jazzy! Need an appetizer? Call Jazzy! Need to bust a nut? Drop a yellow chip into Jazzy's tray and call her on over! When it comes to white boys, the more the merrier for Jazzy. She'll serve up her fresh, tight cunt and wet, warm mouth for everyone at the party. Go ahead and fuck her as hard as you can, too, cause for Jazzy, the harder the better! When it's all said and done, "jizzy" Jazzy will continue to serve your needs!
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 18+ Teens 3 on 1 Brunette Ebony Facial No Tattoos Shaved

239 | 2000x3000 | 151,3 MB

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Ashton Devine - Date: 08/02/2014

Cast: Ashton Devine, Erik Everhard
Date: Date: 08/02/2014
Rating: Rating: 8.97
Description: Warning: You're about to watch a black newcomer get the fucking of her life. And it's her fourth scene ever. Erik's in desperate need of a loan and his credit is far from decent. Ashton's doing everything in her power to get Erik the funds he needs. However, Ashton's risking her job at the bank by laying on some heavy duty flirting. Erik's taken back by Ashton's advances, but his need for the loan is too great to pass up this opportunity. Ashton's mouth quickly targets in on Erik's huge white cock. Those beautiful black feet get rubbed right before Eric unleashes hell on that black banker pussy. That black cavern gets thrashed, trashed and smashed by that massive cracker cock. Ashton's desk? It's sole purpose from now on is to keep her off the floor as that sore pussy continues to get demolished by raging white meat. Eric's eating of that pussy was just a prelude to the pounding he laid on that creamy black slit. The end result is a creamy mess all over that ebony kisser.
Site: Wefuckblackgirls
Genre: 1 on 1 18+ Teens Ebony Facial Shaved Tattoos

221 | 3000x2000 | 141,5 MB

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