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The end of May had finally come and the struggles of eighteen year-old Jess Findlay’s first year of college finals was finally over! The cab pulled into the driveway of her childhood home. She quickly paid the driver and jumped out with her bag. As she burst in the door and her mom is there to greet her with a huge hug. Her and her mom Anne had become very close ever since her dad left when Jess was sixteen. By Anne’s side is Jess’s other best friend Jackson, their three-year-old Doberman.

They originally got him for protection because it is just Anne and Jess in the house. But, it turns out that he is just a big sweetheart. Not watchdog material at all. She bent down and let Jackson lap at her face as she reached her thin but toned arms around him and hugged him. As she stood up, she looked at her mom and they embraced lovingly for a few moments.

Anne whispered in her daughter’s ear, “So glad your home, I missed you”.

“Glad to be back mom” Jess replied softly.

Jess went to her old tool to unpack and get adjusted to her new life for the summer. She had already planned to play tennis the next day with her old friends in town and couldn’t wait to see them!

Anne came to the door and said, “How about I make dinner tonight and we just relax and watch a movie?”

“That would be great,” she replied with a big smile.

Jess had a smile that lit up the room. At five-feet-six, she weighed one-hundred and ten pounds and is toned and her skin is sun-kissed already that made her bright blue eyes stand out even more. Her hair is light blonde that set on her shoulders with a natural slight wave. Her slim figure is exceptional, but she though consciously about her breasts, which she thought were too small. But at a large C-cup and perfectly symmetrical and perky, her friends coveted them greatly.

Her looks and good genetics, she received from her mom. Her intelligence she got from her dad. Anne is 42 and worked as a physical therapist. She is physically fit and looked more like a big sister than a mom. At five-feet-seven and one-hundred and twenty pounds, she’s a bit more toned and muscular than Jess, but equally attractive. Even all the guys’ friends that Jess had in high school would fantasize about different scenarios involving Anne. She is at the center of many youthful wet dreams of football players and math geeks. It is the common denominator. The equalizer in the male species. Anne and Jess. Two of the most beautiful women in town.


The next day comes and Jess’s friends pick her up and head to the courts. Jess is wearing a sleeveless top with a low scoop neck and a short tennis skirt. Anne tells Jess that she will be at the gym and then the grocery store, so she probably won’t be home when she gets home. Jess and her friends play around and have fun playing tennis as they catch up on what’s going on in their lives, gossip, and boys. Several hours go by and Jess’s friends drop Jess off at her house. Like her mom said, she is still out when she got home.

Jess went to her room and thought she would send some emails while she cooled down from the hot afternoon sun. She is so hot and sweating. She removed her top and skirt so she is just in her bra and panties. She proceeded to get on the computer and start her email to her friends.

After just a few minutes Jackson comes in and comes up to Jess. She strokes his head gently. Her laps at her then stops and puts his nose in the air smelling at it catching a wandering scent. He quickly walks around behind her and pushes himself under the desk and forces his snout between her petite legs. He finds the musky scent he is looking for! The hot summer temperatures mixed with her activities enhanced her natural scent. Although she didn’t know it, she is emitting pheromones that were ten times more potent than normal.

Jess jumped back a little and tried to push Jackson away. She isn’t weak, but he is very strong. Even though she still had her panties on, his tongue still pressed hard on her pussy and managed to spread them and touch her clit. A shock wave of pleasure ran through her body. She is trying to repel the instinctual sexual feelings knowing it is wrong. She thought about everything in detail. Her classes this year came into play. Human sexuality, and human anatomy. And one other thing came to mind. At a house party at college, she overheard a girl talking about how she had let her dog fuck her when she was sixteen, and ever since, she couldn’t get enough.

It’s just nature, she thought. We’re all animals, and besides, I’m not going to have sex, just let him lick me. So then her mind is made up. With Jackson still sniffs her cunt, she stood and closed the door. She dropped her panties to the floor and unclasped her bra. She went to the computer chair where she is sitting and sat on the edge of the chair and spread her legs wide. As soon as she sat down, Jackson went to town! He licked her vagina and labia with his flat tongue, then all of a sudden it curled up and went deep inside her, then pushed hard in her clit. It’s driving her insane! He juices started flowing freely. Jackson started responding by lapping even faster and harder. Jess grasped her breasts and gently pinched at her nipples. Moments later, she moaned loudly as she climaxed. She had such a hard orgasm she feels female ejaculate squirt out. She’s shocked and slightly startled by this, because she had never experienced this before.

Jackson continued to do this as she continued to moan and groaned in pleasure. Just as she’s about to cum again, Anne (her mom) opens the door with her head down and says, “Jess, I was—”

Anne’s head rises and hers peach stops abruptly as Jess grabs a blanket from the bed, kicks Jackson off and covers her naked body.

“Mom,” Jess shouts. “Didn’t you ever hear of knocking?”

Jess’s face turns bright red in embarrassment. Anne looks at Jess and without any facial expressions she goes over to the bed and sits beside her.

“So, Jess, I think it’s about time we had the talk,” Anne says.

“I already know about that stuff, mom.” Jess says with her head down.

“Not that talk. Another talk,” Anne says as she uses her slender fingers to pull on Jess’s chin so she can look her in the eyes.

“What do you mean other talk, mom?”

“Maybe it’s best if I show you, just so you feel less awkward right away.”

“Ok,” Jess replies nervously.

“Now, before I do, I want you to understand that we don’t keep secrets from each other. We’re women, and we’re animals deep down inside, right?”


How could mom be thinking what I was just thinking Jess wondered? What’s she going to do? Suddenly Anne stands and looks Jess in the eyes as she leans down. She kisses Jess on the lips. Not like a mom, but more passionately. She turns her head a little and their tongues intertwine. Then Anne stands and kicks off her heels first, then she takes off her top. Then she slips out of her faded high-end denim jeans. Jess looks at her sexy body and let’s her animal instinct take over. Anne unhooked her bra and lets her amazing breasts free. Her nipples are erect, as she is already, very aroused. Then she quickly lets her panties drop to the floor.

As she sees this, Jess removes the blanket from covering her glorious nakedness. Anne kisses her once again. They’re breathing heavily now, at the peak of sexuality. Anne grabs her daughter’s hand and guides it to her dripping cunt. Jess slowly puts one finger in and starts moving it in and out. Anne puts her head back in pleasure. Jess quickly inserts another finger. Continuing. Then, Anne sits on the bedroom floor and without having to call him, Jackson quickly comes to her. She spreads her legs and mirrors what Jess did. All of a sudden Jess’s embarrassment and shame are immediately released from her. She watches in delight as her mom experiences a climax from Jackson’s wild licking.

As Anne continues to let Jackson to pleasure her, she reaches down and proceeds to stroke his doggie cock. It does take long before his cock is fully erect and turns a purplish hue. Jess watches in amazement. She starts masturbating as she gets more and more turned on. Anne quickly turns over on all fours and puts her arms low to the ground.

She reaches back and smacks her ass a little and says, “Come on, Jackson.”

Anne slowly reaches back and finds his large member. She guides it to her slick opening and puts it in her as far as she can. Jackson starts humping as Anne starts moaning in ecstasy. Anne grabs Jess’s ankle and pulls her down so her pussy is in front of her. Anne starts to eat her daughter’s pussy as if she had been doing it every day for her whole life. Jess cums hard and squirts again. Both scream with delight. Anne stops abruptly and pulls Jackson off before he releases his seed into her. Anne quick gets up and positions her daughter on the bed just right.

“Mom?” Jess questions.

“Baby, you’re gonna love this,” Anne said.

When she’s in position, she called for Jackson. Jackson quickly jumped up. Jess put his paws on each side of her, making them both comfortable. Anne then grabs Jackson’s prick and guides it to Jess’s tight little cunt. She guides it in without any problems. Jess moans as it enters her. Jackson then proceeds to hump wildly.

“Oh my God, Mom,” she moans.

Jackson keeps pumping and pumping and Jess orgasms five times. Then he pushes into her and starts to swell.

“Mom, it kind of hurts now.”

“Just relax, baby. This is the best part. The more you relax, the better it is.”

The knot swelled to what seemed an enormous softball size. But, as Jess relaxed it started to press on parts that made her moan and scream. She had orgasm after orgasm! She is squirting as her orgasms became harder! Her mom lay there sucking and gently biting on her nipples. This went in for half an hour or so. She had countless orgasms that brought her to tears. When Jackson’s knot finally collapsed his cock withdrew and her pussy leaked with a combination of dog semen and her flowing juices. Then Anne got between her legs and lapped and sucked at it as if she were a dog begging for scraps