Dog wakes girl


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This is a story about a girl that finds a adventure with her dog that grows and grows. Hope you enjoy let me know if you do.

Nice girl asleep in bed. Her dog jumps up on to the bed. He is playing with her rubbing his head into the bed and rolling over she is rubbing his belly the dog is liking the attention. Her hand slips and makes contact with the dogs cock pouch. She moves her hand away and starts to stroke the dogs head. She has a naughty look on her face, you can see what she is thinking (should I touch him again?).

She looks sheepish but her hand goes down again, but this time she is rubbing it the little red end is coming out. She seems to be shocked and pulls back her hand. She looks so surprised after a couple of seconds she finds herself feeling between her legs; she is dripping wet. Now she knows she liked what had just happened.

She offers her wet hand to the dog and murmurs would you like to taste me? The dog is licking her hand and she is feeling so naughty but she is not going to stop that long tongue is cleaning every drop of her off her hand; she has the other hand up her love hole she swops hands and the dog is loving it.

She has noticed the dogs red cock is getting bigger she cannot keep her eyes of it. She brings her hand down to her love hole and the dog is following her hand. She is panting her chest feels like it is going to burst wow what a feeling. The dog is licking her cunt and it feels out of this world. The tongue is going deep, she cannot believe the sensation she is out of control and starts to play with the dogs cock.

He is about six inches, the dog starts to fuck her hand she is struggling to keep a hold of his doggy cock before she can do anything the dog is squirting all over her. She cannot stop him his doggy cum is over her neck and chin she is trying to push his cock away but he is to strong and thrusts forward and his cock touches her lips. She jumps back and leaves go of the dog, not believing what she has just done; but it felt brilliant.

Let’s see if she goes further the next time

She goes down stairs to make a cup of coffee, the dog does not leave her side. The dog goes into his bed and has that puppy dog look. She sits down and starts to dream about what has just happened (did it really happen) yes was the thought as she was wet again just thinking about it (The dog cum on her neck and chin). Stop I must stop this she told herself.

I need to get some air so she got the lead and set off for her normal walk with the dog. She lived close to a wood were there were picnic areas for people to sit, as the dogs ran round the woods. She normally walked to the picnic tables and back to her house (she could sit and the dog would wonder off and keep coming back.

Nothing changed this morning as she sat watching the dog her mind started to go back to the event in the bed. She was wet again she could feel the cool of the air between her legs. She did not know how but her hand was playing with her private parts (she did not remember thinking I would like to play with my self). There were people around what was she doing all she could think of was the doggy cum on her neck and chin.

She starting to think about the red cock touching her lips and the taste of the dog cum, it was a bit salty but she thought it had like a metallic taste not a bad taste just hard to explain. She looked around and there was no one there she shouted for her dog. He came back and whent under the table and was licking between her legs.

The feeling was so strong she was breathing heavy her lungs were exploding. She had moved her knickers to one side and the dog was licking her love hole and her fingers. God this was so naughty but what a great felling she opened her lips more to let the dog in, he did not wait his tongue was in as far as he could get it.

She was still thinking I must be dreaming “I cannot be doing this”. Then it happened a wave of pleasure that she had not experienced before. She yelped like a puppy, what a shock she looked around lucky there was no one there. She thought that was good she did not want to stop and she did not she opened her legs as wide as she could and give one big shout “goooooood boyyyyyyy” she could not believe what she had just done.

Just then a couple came to the area she thought; had they heard or had they been watching. She put herself right got the dog out of under the table and walked away quickly. She rushed home did they see her she did not know “ I will not be able to go back there”. She was home and feeling safe; wow this is feeling so naughty she lay down on the sofa the dog lay down beside her and she just stroked him gently.

She started thinking how exciting it had been. If they had seen her it must have turned them on because they came close to her, did they try to see more. She had stopped feeling guilty, her thoughts turning to how she had give them something incredible to chat about when they got home. I bet they will try it with their dog. She started to dream what would have happened if she had let them catch her.

The day dream
The couple comes close to the table; the dog is still between her legs. She is feeling nervous the woman (she looks about 35 yrs young) asks; could she sit beside her while her husband walks the dog. The girl (is 23yrs young) says yes not knowing what to do (the dog is still licking her love lips under the table). She quickly pulled he skirt down her legs (the dog was still not moving she covered his head with her skirt).

They must have been watching her. The woman sits beside the girl and swings her legs under the table. Wow she says that’s a nice dog he looks like he likes pussy. Yes I have been trying to stop him but he will not stop. The woman stoops down let me help you she pulls the girls skirt up and pulls the dogs head towards her. She opens her legs she has no knickers on the dog starts to lick the woman.

“there! he is a good dog you were right when you shouted”.

“You and your husband have been watching me!”

“yes we could see everything”

Just then the woman gave off a sigh he is good.

“Do you fancy going into the bushes?”

“We have a super spot just up there were my husband and I have sex”

“No one can see but we can see people passing us very close. It is very exciting”

The girl says yes she is spell bound. They don’t walk far when the woman says in here. There seems to be no way into the bushes but the woman pulls away the bush, and there is enough room to go behind the bush. When they get behind, there is a nice bit of green grass not big but big enough to lay down. She could see the path through the bushes but the woman said they cannot see us in here. They lay down and the woman lifted the girls skirt up and took her knickers off.

The girl was shaking with anticipation (what was she going to do to her). She got the dog and started to pat the girls pussy.

“come on you know you want this” The dog was there like a shot the girl could not get her legs open any further. The woman pulled the dog round so it was in 69 position she was kneeling down in full control, the woman was playing with the dogs cock right over the girls face. The girl was enjoying every second of it. (The girl paused she did not know where these thoughts were coming from). This morning was the first time she had touched her dog let alone have sex with him. She carried on stroking the dog as she lay on the sofa and carried on with her day dream).

The woman was making sure the girls lips were open and the dogs tongue was going deep. She was telling the girl you are his bitch as she was wanking the dog. The girl was looking up at this big red hard cock being played with by the woman and feeling her dog licking her love socket wow. She was told to kiss the cock; which she did without question. She was told, that looked good you bitch, put him in your mouth. This again she did without question the dog gave her a squirt she pulled back.

The woman said “what you doing he is given you his doggy cum open your mouth and drink”. Her mouth was soon full and she had to swallow (the woman was telling her drink you bitch love your dog) she was in ecstasy doing what she was told. WOW she came out of her fantasy her body was in the middle of waves of pleasure she was jerking. Her muscles in her love socket were going wild and she was not touching herself (it was just one wave after another with no control).

She was feeling sensations all over her body and she could not stop them, this went on for a long time she was soaking. She needed to go to bed. As she walked up the stairs she could feel her lips rubbing and she was still cummmmmmming. She got into bed and just thought; what a day the dog jumped on to the bed and lay beside her.

Her thoughts just kept going over the day and that fantasy;

where did that come from

how did I cum without touching myself?

One thing after another then she fell asleep.
What will happen the next day its Sunday and she will have all day with her dog.