First time (Gay Zoo)


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The best thing about having a dad that travels a lot for work and mom and sister that get cabin fever easy is I got most weekends to myself. It happened to be a Friday and dad was at work, my mom and sister had left early for a four hour drive to Denver for some summer shopping.

I stayed home like usual it was a nice 80 degrees outside, hot for Wyoming but good for swimming in the creek that wandered through the five acres we had. Late morning I took off to a deep and wide area of the creek, where it was an impressive ten feet wide and four feet deep. I can’t really say what had caused the odd cut, but the creek itself was only four foot wide and four foot deep in this stretch. The important part was, it was the only deep part of the creek and you could not see it from our house or the two homes a good eighth of a mile and half a mile away.

My Rottweiler Frank, always accompanies me as I wander around the fields. We got out to the swimming area and he jumped right in, paddled around as I stripped to my shorts. I walked in and splashed Frank rough housing in the cool water of the creek until I wore myself out. I plopped down on a solid patch of sand to lay in the sun and took off my shorts for some nude sun bathing. Kevin, who had sex with me regularly liked it that I had no tan lines.

However, Frank was in the mood to play some more, which meant I had to get up on my hands and knees. Which was when I most likely made my first mistake, playing with an unfixed dog naked. Like any dog, he kept trying to sniff my ass I tried to get him to stop but he didn’t and nearly gave me a heart attack when he pressed his cold nose into my ass cheeks. With a sniff he licked, well, slobbered is a better word my ass.

I yelled “God damn it, Frank, knock it off!”

Shaking my ass while I tried again to push his head away, in hind sight was also not a good idea. When he ran his big slobber covered tongue over my butt hole it felt odd at first and I stopped trying to get him to stop. And likely my biggest mistake of the day was actually spreading my legs and pushing against him so he could do a better job. Frank did not need any more encouragement, slobbering and drooling all over my ass, even getting my balls wet. Between his warm dog drool and rough tongue I was getting aroused. Which caused some conflicting thoughts, that lead me to try once more to get away and get my shorts back on.

With a good push I finally got him to stop and even started to get up. I just got up on my knees when Frank had a different idea. With a bit of a lunge, he pushed me down to my hands and knees, putting his wet chest on my back and hugged me tight with his front paws.

“Damn it, Frank, get off,” I said loudly and tried to get up but, he gave me a low growl and a quick nip on the neck freezing me in place.

I have seen enough to know exactly what Frank wanted. As the last few minutes ran through my mind, I figure I must have acted in a manner that told him I wanted sex. Which I did not want in the slightest and tried again to get up. Frank just gave me a sharp bark causing me to freeze again and searched for my now wet asshole. I had hoped after a few failed attempts he would give up. That thought quickly left when I felt the warm point of his dick push against my asshole, Frank knew he found his mark and lunged forward pushing his hard member into me. If not for the fact he had gotten me wet and this was not the first time I have taken up the ass, it would have likely been far more painful. It still was uncomfortable and a little frightening.

“At least get it over with,” I said, knowing he didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about.

It felt like his penis was on fire it was so hot and way bigger than Kevin who routinely did me. It hurt until I resigned myself to my fate and relaxed, adjusting my position a bit and let Frank fuck me.

I thought Frank was just pent up because he really pounded his cock into me. Later I learned that dogs are rather enthusiastic when they fuck. I had actually started to enjoy it, even gave him praise. “Good boy, keep going” sounded odd to me between my moans and his constant loud panting.

On my hands and knees in the sand with him panting in my ear and soaking wet, I gave in completely. I liked being taken and my dog was better than the guy who took my virginity. Frank didn’t want me to act a certain way, he just wanted me to be a good bitch and take it. I loved every frantic thrust until I felt part of his cock swell, at the time I had no idea what a knot was. I panicked, thinking something was wrong with him or me. With a wet pop, what felt like a ball had been pressed into my ass. I whimpered and cried from the knot being forced into me.

Frank didn’t pay attention to my cries and he kept humping me his knot too swollen and large to let him pull out. So it was a burst of very short thrusts into me as I felt his dick pulse as he squirted dog cum into me. His head next to mine as he panted loudly in my ear oblivious to my discomfort. Though he licked my face as if to thank me for the use of my ass so he could empty his balls. At least that’s what the gesture felt like to me and actually better than I got from Kevin most of time.

“Good boy, Frank. I’ll be your bitch any time,” I said, and reached up to scratch behind his ear.

Being knotted was physically uncomfortable, but mentally I loved having him stuck inside me. I reveled in the warmth I felt, not only from him on my back but balls deep in my ass.

It felt like an hour had passed with his heavy weight on me and his knot bulging inside of my ass. It finally began to shrink in size and he pulled it out with a painful sloppy sounding pop. I turned to look at his huge tool that he drilled into me, bigger than Kevin’s and I liked how full Kevin made me feel.

Frank laid down and licked himself clean. I laid down in the sand before trying to stand up. My ass hurt, but I still felt all warm and fuzzy from getting sex. My knees were rather sore and my legs a little weak. I finally managed to get up and walk back into the creek with cum, drool and a little blood running down my legs. I cleaned up and put my cloths back on Frank and I went back to the house and both took naps.