Getting Caught (Gay Zoo)


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Frank was a little agitated that I was not getting around quick enough for our usual Wednesday routine. Wednesday and Thursday were my days off from work, because I worked Saturday and Sunday. My room mate John worked a normal Monday through Friday gig fixing computers. I worked in a warehouse, not real exciting but it paid the bills while I looked for a better job.

Wednesday was Frank’s day, in that I spent most of it naked so he could mount me as many times as he wanted too. It had become a routine a year or two ago. I have been Frank’s toy for longer, but once John and I moved into an apartment to cut down on our bills, Frank had to settle for only being able to one or two days a week.

“Can’t you let me sleep in once and a while?” I asked Frank who was sitting next to me while I was at my computer.

Frank just barked once, apparently that was a no. He was not going to let me sleep in. Frank pawed at my shorts and let out a playful hurry up growl. In his mind we ate breakfast and I got to check my e-mail, now it was his turn. As I stood up Frank got up and followed me to the center of the bedroom. His dick was starting to come out of the sheath, he really was excited it was Wednesday.

I pulled out the towel I kept for just this sort of thing and laid it out on the floor. I glanced at my door to make sure it was locked as I pulled off my shorts. Frank telling me to hurry up and get my ass down to his level. Frank didn’t waste any time as I got down on all fours. He jumped up on my back hooking his front paws around me and after a few quick jabs found the hole he was looking for and buried his bone.

He wasn’t always this quick on getting it in me, now I knew how to position myself for him and he had figured out things on his end. Once and a while he would miss or have to get off of me and try again. “Good boy Frank. Just like that.” I said as he humped away. It felt so good having him grip my waist tightly while he mounted me. I was his bitch and I loved every minuet of it.

Frank kept up a good pace like always before his knot swelled up inside of me tying us together. I reached back and scratched his head giving him more praise for the way he fucked me. Its weird how we think of things sometimes. I like girls and even have a girlfriend, but sometimes it is nice to be on the receiving side of things. I have even had sex with a few guys, and while none of them were bad in bed, Frank was just better at taking me.

He licked my face as we stayed tied for ten minuets or so. He pulled his dick out with a wet sounding pop and laid down to clean himself up. I sat up and felt the towel dampen from his cum. “Can I finish checking some things on the computer now?”

Frank just lay there panting. “Thanks for your permission.” I said and crawled over to the computer and surfed around while dog cum dribbled down my balls and semi hard cock. Eventually he would be ready for another round and come over and lick his now dried cum up.

The more he licked the quicker I got into position. His tongue felt great and he didn’t seem to mind doing it. Frank was a bit of a tease since he quit licking after I got hard. Pushing back against him only made him jump up on me faster. Thanks to his slobber and cum, one poke was all it took and Frank was humping me as fast as he could.

That’s when things went a little different from usual. Eddy, John’s clueless pit bull had gotten in my room. I guess I didn’t get the door latched all the way. Double D is what we usually called the dopey puppy. He was about as polar opposite of what people expect a pit bull to be. Couldn’t ask for a nicer dog, he just wasn’t the brightest of the litter.

“Go away Double D.” I said and pushed him away. Didn’t help, he just came back and licked my face. Frank growled at him and Double D just sat back and watched with his normal play with me expression. Frank seemed content to let Double D sit and watch as he kept humping. It didn’t take Frank long after we moved into the same place to put Eddy in his place.

It might be all in my head but it seemed like Frank was trying a little harder since we had an audience. I moaned as he pushed his knot in and it swelled quickly. I was still hard and reached between my legs to masturbate while knotted to Frank. More of his cum dripping down my balls mixed with his slobber gave me all the lubrication I needed and I worked my own hard on slowly at first.

I kept moving slightly keeping Frank stimulated and the pressure of his knot added to my own pleasure. Double D whined a little, either because he didn’t know what was going on or because neither of us was paying any attention to him. Frank didn’t like me not holding still and let me know with a low growl in my ear. I froze like always and came rather hard. I guess being dominated did play into why I liked this so much. Eventually Frank pulled out of me and Double D instantly got up for a try. I really did not want to have sex with my friend’s dog so I tried to sit up and push him away.

“Damn it, Eddy, I don’t want to play.”

I quit fighting as Double D and Frank growled at me. Double D pushed me back on all fours and jumped up on me. I didn’t try and help him, which frustrated him as he humped looking for a hole. He got down and whimpered a little as he paced before jumping up to try again. That happened twice, the third time finding my ass and thrust into me as quick as he could.

With his cock in a warm hole Double D calmed down and happily humped away while slobbering all over my face and panting loudly in my ear. He was not as heavy as Frank or quiet as large, but as much as I didn’t want to be his bitch. Eddy was pretty good at this. When Double D knotted me that’s when my world came to an end with the click of a camera. My heart instantly stopped and I was overcome with nausea, nearly throwing up. I managed to keep the bile down and was truly frightened. I didn’t look up.

“I knew you played for both teams, but getting fucked by a dog is kind of low. But that’s my dog fucking you and I think that’s a little messed up.” John said, as he leaned against the door jam.

John was dictionary definition nerd. Glasses, thin balding hair and overweight. Average looking guy really.

“I didn’t get my door locked, okay. Double D let himself in, I swear I don’t want to be doing this with him.” I said.

Double D just panted away. While visions of impending doom ran through me head.

John reached out and grabbed Double D’s collar. “Come on, dopey.”

“Wait don’t do that,” I yelled as Double D’s knot was pulled, still too big to come out.

Double D whimpered and pulled back.

“What’s wrong with you two?” John asked, and let go of the collar.

I blushed more than I ever thought possible.

“We’re tied. Don’t you remember dogs have knots?”

John thought about it.

“So his dick is stuck in your faggot ass, like a bitch’s pussy?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“How long until he’s free?” John asked.

“I don’t know, this is my first time with him. Five minutes, ten minutes hell I don’t know. Just give him a little while.” I said, and gulped as John took another picture and left.

Double D gave me another sloppy kiss.

“You stupid dog,” I grumbled.

With there being pictures, all the enjoyment I had been getting was gone. I still felt sick and was starting to get a cold sweat. I had been so damn careful to not be caught since I had started letting Frank mount me any time. John had changed out of his work clothes and sat in my chair with a bag of chips. I suddenly felt embarrassed, more so than could be put into word. Now besides being scared and sick, it felt like I was in a cheap and poorly made porno.

“So what’s it like?” John asked like we were talking about the weather.

Not his dog banging me like a bitch in heat.

“What do you mean? It’s a dick up my ass. Normally, it feels good. Are you going to sit there and watch?” I asked.

I suppose just dying would be too much to ask. The way John leered at me did not help the situation either, made my skin crawl.

“Yeah I am, he’s my dog,” John said, and looked at the pictures on his camera. “So does Frank fuck you all the time?”


“No, just on Wednesdays when you’re gone,” I said, and moaned a little as Double D decided to turn so we were butt to butt.

“Wow you really do like it. I guess I don’t have to worry about Eddy’s equipment not working,” John said, and took another picture.

“Yeah, it all works.”

I was mad at myself because despite the fear, I was really turned on. After an awkward silence I spoke up.

“I’ll do anything to get you to delete those pictures,” I said. “Name your price, I’ll stay like this and you can fuck me if you want. I don’t care but please don’t tell anyone.”

“That’s gross. Why would I want sloppy thirds after two dogs?” John asked a little angrily.

“Well, your girlfriend has been out of town for a month, I just figured you might want to fuck something. I’ll take a shower first. I mean it, John, anything you want to get rid of those pictures.” I pleaded.

“I’ll think about it.” John said and leaned back in my chair watching.

This was the most humiliating five minutes of my life and Double D’s knot was still firmly in my ass. I wanted to cry. I wanted to be anywhere other than here at the moment. John put the bag of chips down and pulled his shorts down. He pulled the chair closer and sat down with his still flaccid but fairly big penis right at my eye level.

“This is just too fucking hot. Give me a blow job and let me keep the pictures of you giving head and I will delete the others.” John said with his legs spread.

I didn’t say anything just reached up with one hand and gave the growing prick a few strokes before taking all of it in my mouth. John had a porn star sized cock when it finally got hard. I licked and sucked all of it like my life depended on it. In case it actually did. John moaned as I teased and licked. I may have gotten a little carried away when it came to the amount of spit I was using, but better to over do this. Never been good at deep throat, but I managed to take all of his shaft and lick his balls at the same time. It was good enough John forgot he had been taking pictures of his blow job.

“Hold still,” John said and jacked off a couple times before shooting his load on my face as Double D still kept filling me with his cum.

It was a good sized load and he got it in my eye which stung like hell, and like we were in a porn he smeared it around with the head of his penis before pushing it back in my mouth.

“Fuck that’s hot. You give better head than my girlfriend,” John said, and held me by my hair as he humped my mouth, the camera in his other hand.

Finally Double D finished and pulled out to only dance around like the dopey puppy he was while John pulled up his shorts. I was pretty well spent and laid down on the soaked towel. I had cum covering both ends of me at the moment.

I asked, “Hey why are you home early anyways?”

“Lost power at work,” John said and smiled from the pictures on his camera.

“You said you’d delete them,” I said and looked up from the floor.

John smiled. “I deleted all but one of them. As for you sucking my cock, I’m keeping all of those.”

“But what about our deal? Come on, John,” I said, as I sat up.

“Keep sucking my dick like that and I’ll delete that one as well,” John said a little smugly.

“Don’t be an ass, I told you before I would do that any time.”

“I’ll think about it,” John said, and whistled for Double D.

The pit bull happily ran after John and he pulled the door closed.

I sat in disbelief for an unknown amount of time. Frank came around and pushed me into position. The door was locked and this time John had pulled it fully closed. I relaxed and let Frank take me again.

The incident was mostly dropped. Granted John did occasionally hold it over my head for a joke or if he just wanted to get his rocks off. Turns out his girlfriend hated to suck cock and was happy to let me fulfil that role, even watching on two occasions. However, she wasn’t happy about the photos and deleted all of them.