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Alyssa Reece - Committed Shrunk And Crushed

Mister Wilson I'm a doctor and I'm here to try and help you. Will you talk to me? I'm a psychiatrist and I want to find out more about what brought you here to the hospital. I understand that you first went to the police and the report states that you were "hysterically ranting about giant women trying to get you" this what you told the authorities Mister Wilson? Did you tell the police "They want to shrink me, they want to eat me!"? If you're too upset to talk just nod yes or no for me. So yes you did report these things? I see. Did you really think we would let you get away with exposing our secrets Mister Wilson? Yes, I said we. I'm not really a doctor Mister Wilson. I'm a giantess assassin and I've been sent here to silence you. You made a very terrible mistake Mister Wilson. You might have lived a wonderful life as one of my giantess sister's shrunken sex slaves. You could have spent the rest of your days as a pampered pet with no worries. Instead you chose to run and worse yet to go to authorities. I am a merciful goddess Mister Wilson. I will give you one last chance to beg forgiveness and prove your loyalty. These next minutes with determine whether you leave this hospital tucked away safe and warm in my panties or are stomped to oblivion for being a fucking rat. I suggest you do your best to convince me.

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Nextdoor Madman
Mandy Flores - The superior sex transformation

We are married and in my spare time I work on inventing medical devices that will benefit mankind. I have called you down to my workshop in our basement family room. What was it you wanted to show me, Dear? Your demeanor is conservative, mousy and prim. Oh youre new invention? Hmm thats nice You laugh that I actually think my invention will work by scanning two individuals and then augments and transforms the individual that the device deems as less superior to make that person twice as powerful, sexy and smart as the other individual in the comparison scan. You joke and me to see who your invention thinks is better but you want nothing to do with the augmentation. The device then scans you and by accident it begins to augment you as well. Oh! Whats that? Oooo it tickles! "Wait...what it is doing? Turn it off!!...

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