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mom train her son to fuck

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Rachel Steele, Stacie Starr Taboo Stories, Cabin Fever

Category: Mother-Son / Nephew-Aunt Incest, MILF, Taboo, Threesome, Mom's Sister, Sister's Son, BBW, Sisters, Siblings, Older Woman / Younger Man, Mature, Cougar, Facial, Caught in the act

Rachel and her sister Stacie rented a quiet place in the mountains to escape the noise and stress of their modern city lives. Joining them was Rachel's son, Johnny. He had been dragged along with his stepmother and his aunt because they could not trust him to behave while home alone. The young man was bored from the get go. There was not even any TV in the . Rachel and Stacie had no such reservations. They enjoyed going on nature walks through the surrounding countryside and enjoying the simple pleasures of the pool and the Jacuzzi. That was until the storm struck. It came with a sudden, startling rumble of thunder, and it soon left Rachel, Stacie and Johnny snowed in at the remote retreat. Over the following days, with food running low and claustrophobia setting in, each of the trio grew more and more tense and irrational. The first cracks began to appear when Rachel caught Johnny drowning his boredom with a bottle of scotch. Rachel was furious with her son. The two of them argued loudly - eventually waking Stacie so that she came along and joined in. Afterwards, a thoroughly stressed Rachel called the local authorities and demanded they do more to clear the roads so that she and her family could get out. Much to her distress, she was told it would take them three weeks at the shortest! Within a couple more days, all three of the party had full on cabin-fever. Johnny was so overcome with sexual frustration that he took out one of his porno magazines and starting jerking off to the photos of naked women while sitting in the recreation room.

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Princess Leia - Daddy's Wake-Up Call HD 1080p

Ah, is what I'm doing wrong, Daddy? I'm sorry. Do you want me to stop? No, I didn't think so... Is it... good? It's my first time; am I doing okay? You like it when I deep throat you, don't you. Does this feel good? ... Does this make you happy, Daddy? Being sucked by your little girl. Would cumming down my throat satisfy you? I want to taste you... Please cum in my mouth, Daddy!

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Freezing Females, Sex Doll Sister HD 720p

category : incest, milf, mother , father , son , daughter,Brother ,Family , mom

isty would not remember anything that happened for her. And so it was that Kyle removed his pants, pressed a button, and told his sister to start sucking his cock. Bending rigidly, Misty went straight to work. She spend a long time bobbing her head, fucking her lips up and down her brother's long, hard shaft. She pleasured him in a way that she had never done to another man. Kyle loved every moment of it. Finally he had to admit that his sister's nagging mouth was good for something after all. Afterwards, he was aching to fuck her tight pussy. He started by taking her from behind. It turned him on incredibly to have Misty so utterly at the mercy of his device - and of his thick, plunging cock. He relished pumping her deep, making her gasp and moan. Like the perfect sex-slave, his sister kept her butt nice and high, hornily slamming it back to meet her brother's incoming thrusts. This was followed by a long, intense missionary-style fuck. Legs spread very wide, Misty's pussy was totally vulnerable for the taking. Kyle gave it a relentless pounding. He drove his cock right to his sister's tightest depths while heaping on more pleasure by rubbing her clit. Again Misty's body responded eagerly - lifting her hips in an effort to fuck back. Kyle was delighted at how much under the power of his device she was. Eager for yet more of his sister's pussy, he got her to ride him reverse-cowgirl style. Now Misty fucked her master with a real wildness. On her brother's cock she bounced and bucked her lithe, pert-titted body with a slutty insatiability. There was a brief return to missionary-style fucking to wrap things up. Then Kyle ordered his sister to kneel down and suck him off until he came. When he did so, he blasted a huge wad of hot cream into her open mouth and over her chin and cheeks. Not once did Misty flinch or protest. Right to the end, her brother's device had maintained its control over her.

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i love my mom

category : incest, milf, mother , father , son , daughter,Brother ,Family , mom

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