Mom’s Mexican Donkey Show


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Connie is sobering up fast despite all the tequila she’d guzzled this evening. She sensed danger in the tent, felt the animal tension. She realized she was the only woman in here and all eyes were on her. She dug her fingernails into Matt’s arm.

“Matt, take me out of here,” she said under her breath, her words sluggish from the tequila.

“Don’t be silly,” Matt said, nowhere near as drunk as Connie, although he’d put down a lot more liquor. “The show’s about to start. Every vet ought to see something like this.”

A hand started rubbing Connie’s ass and she spun around. “Hands off, buster!”

The young Mexican showed his teeth in a leer and tipped a green bottle to his lips. His companions, a half dozen shirtless Mexican youths, laughed at her. She turned away from them, searching the crowd for Billy, desperate to grab him and drag him out of here with her. To hell with Matt! He could stay if he wanted to be stubborn. She and Billy would find their way back to the hotel alone, even if they had to run all the way.

Connie scanned the crowd frantically, the haze of cigar smoke stinging her eyes and making her cough. Where had the little devil run off to? She spotted him at last, his blond head shining among all the dark heads. He is standing right at the front, at the edge of the circle formed by the crowd. He’d stripped off his shirt and looked lily-white compared to all the dark skin around him, and suddenly Connie feared for her son as much as for herself. She tried forcing her way through the crowd.

Matt grabbed her. “For god sake! Where are you going?”

“I’m getting out of here. I’m gonna’ get Billy, and we’re getting out of here. Let me go!”

Matt had her by the waist and pulled her against him. She isn’t sure, but she thought she felt something very hard against her ass for a moment. Matt turned her toward him. The Mexican youths were laughing.

“Calm down,” Matt said. “It’s too late to leave. The shows gonna start any second.”

“Matt, I said I’m…”

A cheer went up from the crowd, stunning Connie into silence. Matt turned her back toward the clearing at the center of the tent. A fat Mexican, smoking a cigar, his shirt open and his belly bulging out, led a huge mongrel stud into the ring. The dog looked like a cross between a Great Dane, an Irish setter, a German shepherd, and a Doberman. The dog growled, glaring at the crowd, and the Mexican cuffed it alongside the head.

Connie is entranced. What were they going to do with the dog? When Matt had suggested at the nightclub that there is a unique animal act in Tijuana that a veterinarian like herself simply had to see, Connie had been so giddy on tequila that she’d gone along gladly. Little had she known that Matt is going to drag her and Billy through dark streets and back alleys to a dilapidated tent that smelled like a combination barn and outdoor toilet? The tent is crammed with sweaty males, many of them very drunk. They looked at her as if she was a new zoo specimen and she’d begun sobering up immediately.

The cheering soared, punctuated with whistles and catcalls, most of them in Spanish. Connie couldn’t believe her eyes. Making its way into the ring now is a donkey, being led by another fat Mexican. Astride the donkey’s back sat a completely naked young girl, her tits well- developed for her age, her shiny black hair trailing all the way to her ass. As she rode through the crowd, smiling shyly, sweaty hands reached out for her, stroking her legs and feet, pinching her ass. A man broke from the crowd and shoved his head between her legs, biting at the black fur of her pussy mound. An attendant beats him away with a riding crop, and the crowd’s cheering crescendo.

Connie stood there with her mouth open, frozen where she stood. She’d never witnessed anything so obscene in her life. Suddenly she remembered Billy and she panicked. She had to get him out of here. There is no telling what would happen next, no telling what kind of filthy show Matt had dragged them to. This is nothing for a young boy to see. She tried, but she couldn’t move.

The girl unsteadily rose to her feet on the back of the donkey, her tits jiggling slightly, her black little cunt bush glimmering in the light of the bare overhead light bulbs. Her toes curled against the donkeys back as she balanced. She squatted slightly, at the same time pulling apart her pussy lips with her fingers. Her pink cunt meat gleamed, dripping with juice as she flashed it at the crowd of men. The men cheered.

Connie is stunned, completely fascinated. She gazed at the scene, her heart slamming. She couldn’t believe what she is seeing.

The young, dark-skinned girl turned, showing her spread cunt to all the men in the crowd. As she displayed herself, juice began to trickle from her cunt and leak down the insides of her thighs. She bent forward then and tugged apart her smooth little ass cheeks, showing the men her moist, pink, twitching ass pucker. The youth who had felt her ass stepped up alongside Connie, gazing at the girl’s ass and muttering in Spanish, the muscles of his naked shoulder rippling as his arm moved.

Connie glanced down, her heart momentarily lodging in her throat. What she saw now is even more unbelievable than the naked girl on the donkey. The boy had his cock out and is slowly fisting it, working the foreskin off and on his shiny purple knob. Precum bubbled from his huge hard-on, running over his knuckles, dripping on the dirt floor of the tent. Connie started to shake. She felt a tightening in her crotch, in her loins. She looked away quickly, back toward the center of the tent.

The lithe young girl slid off the donkey. She is a dark, slim young girl with flawless skin, shiny raisin eyes, and upturned nipples on the ends of her large yet firm tits. The mongrel stud started to struggle as the girl approached it. She let the huge dog, which stood on all fours nearly as tall as the girl herself, sniff of her pussy, then at her ass. The dog’s cock flexed, completely escaped from its hairy sheath like a long red snake. The sizzling dog dick, with its arrow- shaped head, squirmed and wiggled as the girl wiped some of her cunt juice on the dog’s wet snout. The dog struggled so hard to break loose that two men had to restrain it.

The young girl slid under the dog, wiggling her ass in the dirt as she began to sniff the dog’s dick. Connie watched in speechless shock, her head buzzing. It is as if she were surrounded by animals. She chewed her lips as she watched, aghast, as the young girl began to lick the hound’s rampant dick.

Now it took three Mexicans to hold the dog. He put his snout in the air and howled as the girl swallowed his dog cock to the sheath and began to munch on it. As she bobbed her head, her tight lips sliding up and down on the dog’s cock, her black hair swept the ground behind her ass. She gripped the dog’s balls in her hand, squeezing them, massaging them. Her other hand moved up between the dog’s legs and her middle finger wiggled under the dog’s quivering, uplifted tail, the tip of it is probing the hound’s asshole. She twisted her small hand and deftly screwed her finger up the hound’s asshole to the hilt. Suddenly she began choking.

The dog’s cock slipped out of her mouth, shooting long strands of milky cum all over her face. She pumped her finger in the dog’s asshole, squeezed his contracting nuts, and lapped at his flexing, spurting dick. The hound howled, humping frantically’ squirting his cum all over the girl’s cheeks, onto her tits, into her open mouth. She sucked up his cock again and sucked it until the dog stopped humping. Then she spit his cock out, swallowing his cum.

She slid out from underneath him and stood, smiling at the crowd as she wiped the dog cum off her body and face with her hands, then licked her hands clean. What she didn’t clean off, she rubbed into her young skin like lotion.

Connie felt a hand on her lower back and she is about to twist away when she realized it is Matt’s hand. She pressed her back against his hand, glad for the support. Her legs were shaking so that she feared they’d fold under her. Matt’s thick fingers slid a few inches down into her jeans and the contact is comforting.

The Mexican girl crawled under the donkey now, dropping to her knees, reaching out to gather up the beast’s dangling cock. As she massaged the naked donkey cock from one end to the other, it swelled and stiffened. The donkey began to snort as the girl rubbed herself all over his arm-like cock, stroking it with her belly and tits, hugging it, kissing and licking it as if it were her teddy bear.

Precum ran like thick syrup from the donkey’s prong, trickling down the girl’s brown stomach. She sat on her heels, her black hair brushing her beautiful round ass cheeks, and she lifted the donkey’s dripping cock to her mouth. As she licked the beast’s throbbing cock knob, he brayed. She shoved her tongue into the open piss hole, fucking it.

Men helped steady the donkey as the girl blew him. The beast stirred restlessly, dancing on all four hooves. The girl ran her nimble fingers all over his cock as if she were playing a gigantic flute. She opened her mouth wide, allowing the entire head of the donkey’s cock to fill it. Then she sucked, reaching her right arm out long, tickling his balls, which she could hardly reach, with her fingertips. The donkey’s flanks quivered. Men shouted at him, holding him as he tried to rear up.

Connie knew this must be a dream. How could anything so perverted happen in real life? She realized that Matt’s fingers had slid down further, he’d pushed them under her panties and is feeling her naked ass. His finger slid up and down between her ass cheeks, greased by the moisture there. She would have resisted him, but she is too stunned and too weak to fight. Besides, Matt’s hand steadying her is all that is keeping her from falling over.

The donkey brayed wildly, trying to hump as the young girl sucked and jacked him off. The girl’s hands became a blur around his cock. Suddenly her cheeks ballooned and she is choking. The donkey danced, humping, braying as he fucked his hot cum down the girl’s throat. Cum poured from the girl’s mouth, running down her brown skin like gray slime. She managed at last to uncork the throbbing cock knob from her mouth and gasped for breath as the huge fucker flexed in her hands, spurting hot precum all over her.

It is like a fat hose spurting a milky glue. The girl grinned, letting the braying beast squirt all over her face, tits, and belly. Gobs of donkey jism hung from her stiff nipples like frosting. When the donkey had stopped shooting, she milked his cock, sucking on the end of his knob and slurping down the thick cum as it bubbled out. Then she cleaned herself, licking off her fingers and smiling at the crowd of grunting men.

Connie felt drugged now, completely helpless. Her mind wouldn’t function except in slow motion. The grunting of the men around her, most of whom were pounding their dicks raw, filled her head, along with the smell of hot, steaming cock. Matt is unsnapping her jeans so he could shove his other hand down into her panties. His hot fingers rubbed and pinched her swollen cunt and she found herself panting, moaning, getting dizzier and hotter by the moment.

The young Mexican girl bent over, bracing her elbows on her knees, showing the hound her ass. Her long hair hung along her cheeks now, the tips tickling the ground in front of her toes. The men released the dog and it lunged at her, shoving its snout between her legs, sniffing her crotch madly, licking her dripping fuck meat. His snout twisted between her ass cheeks, its wet, black nostrils rubbing her ass pucker.

His pink tongue lapped up and down her ass crack and she wiggled her naked ass, gibbering in Spanish. The dog rose up on its hind legs, gripping her waist with his huge paws as he mounted her. His long red dick knifed at her open pussy, finding the cunt hole in seconds. As his long cock sank into the girl’s body, she shivered all over.

At that moment, Matt wiggled a thick finger up into Connie’s cunt and she shivered all over too, the hot fuck juices running out of her and into Matt’s hand. She moaned out loud and she heard Matt grunt.

The mongrel hound sank his claws into the girl’s brown skin. His tongue flapped as he panted, his dog-spit dribbling on the girl’s lower back. He humped so fast that Connie could hardly see his dick. Only occasionally, when he pulled it nearly out of the girl, did Connie catch glimpses of the shiny, red, wormlike dog dick.

The young girl wiggled her ass, fucking her cunt on the dog’s pistoning cock, churning her hot little ass against his hairy loins. As she fucked, the cunt cream ran out of her, sliding down the insides of her legs like a thick, clear glue. She tossed her head from side to side, muttering in Spanish. Her brown toes curled, digging into the dirt.

The crowd seemed to pulsate, grunts and groans and swearing poured from the men as they swayed dizzily on their feet, beating their precum covered cocks. Their eyes raped the young girl as they watched her squirm under the humping hound.

“Fuck her, give it to her, screw the shit outta her!” Came the voices of the English-speaking men.

And words uttered in the same lustful tones came in Spanish from the mouths of the Mexicans. The hound responded by growling, clawing, ramming harder and faster. His furry loins hammered, his dick a blur as it pistoned.

Matt’s finger pistoned in Connie’s cunt, and Connie saw stars, her hot cunt squirming, the walls of her cunt hole quivering and sucking. It had been so long since anything except her own fingers had been up her cunt that she’d almost forgotten how good it felt. She crossed her legs and squeezed them together, going out of her mind with the hot itchy feelings.

The hound started howling, his head thrown back, his snout up high. His flanks shivered. He suddenly dropped his head forward and rounded his back. He growled, his dangling tongue slobbering spit all over the girl’s brown neck. His loins jerked powerfully and the girl’s body jerked as if electricity were being shot up her cunt.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, her head snapping back, her eyes rolling. “Unh, uhhhhh!”

Her body shuddered, her toes clawing at the ground.

Two men stepped forward and forcibly uncoupled the dog from the girl. As his dick slipped out of her, he howled loudly and his jism squirted in sticky strands all over the girl’s brown ass and back. The spasming girl cried out as if in pain and shoved her hand between her legs, clawing at her sizzling cunt as the dog continued to shoot all over her ass.

The dog’s red cock looked like a beet-red, flexing candy cane, and it shivered violently with each spurt. Before he is done shooting, the men allowed the dog to remount the girl and shove his spurting dick back inside her. Both the dog and the girl groaned in ecstasy.

Connie’s eyes rolled back. She shook all over. She swayed dizzily and fell against Matt as the spasms exploded in her own cunt. She clung to Matt, grunting, humping, and her fuck juices gushing into his hand while he finger fucked her to maddening ecstasy. As she writhed, completely helpless, her hand is taken and wrapped around a hot slippery rod of cock meat.

Thrills shot up and down her arm as she massaged the squirming slab of fuck meat. After only a few strokes, the cock exploded, spurting hot cock cream into her hand. She rubbed the jism on the pulsating dickhead and heard the moans of pained pleasure. When she eventually opened her eyes, starting to recover, she found the Mexican youth leering at her, her hand full of his cock and cum.


A cheer went up and Connie jerked her head, looking toward the center of the ring. She straightened herself, pushing away from Matt and pulling her cum-dripping hand off the Mexican youth’s cock. At first she stared in shock, then she started to scream. Matt clapped his hand over her mouth, holding her from behind and telling her to calm down. She chewed his fingers, her chest heaving.

That’s her son up there!


Billy appeared to have lost his mind. He’d stumbled into the middle of the circle, his jeans around his ankles, his white young body looking more naked than naked, and his cock jutting from his loins like a club. As the hound is dragged off the girl, Billy took the dog’s place, gripping the Mexican girl at the waist just as the hound had, sliding his adolescent dick into her young cunt and fucking her frantically.

The crowd screamed as if cheering on a matador. One of the Mexican attendants moved toward Billy.

Connie screamed into Matt’s palm as the riding crop licked across Billy’s white back, leaving a thin red welt.

Billy winced, but continued to hump, fucking his big teenaged cock in the young girl’s jism-greased pussy hole. His skinny ass dimpled with each fuck-thrust. His fingers sank deeper into the girl’s skin and his tongue hung out, dripping.

The Mexican switched him again with the crop, then again.

Billy chewed his lips, trying to ignore the whip. The muscles of his skinny body rippled as he fucked the girl’s beautiful brown ass. His back, beaded with sweat, is crisscrossed with welts and he is trembling all over. As the crop stung his skin again, he hunched over the girl and chewed on her shoulder. His ass jerked and he moaned loudly, his half-changed voice cracking and going from low-pitched to boyishly high-pitched. The Mexican flung down his riding crop, grabbed Billy by his blond hair, and yanked.

Billy’s head snapped back, his back arching, his spasming cock popping out of the girl’s pussy hole. The Mexican held him, gasping, as the crowd cheered and Billy’s jism spurted onto the girl’s ass. His young dick flexed just as wildly as the dog dick had, spurting just as far. His jism is whiter, however, glistening on the girl’s brown skin.

When Billy had finished spurting, the fat Mexican placed his boot squarely on Billy’s ass and launched him into the crowd, which cheered and laughed, welcoming him back.

Connie whimpered, shaking all over, her mouth clamped shut by Matt’s fingers. Suddenly Matt’s hard, naked cock is sliding against her ass. He’d forced her jeans down enough to bare her ass and now he is humping against it. He pushed his cock down farther, slipping it between her legs, fucking her between her thighs. As his long dick shaft slid along her greased crotch, she weakened in his arms, dizzy, helpless. He unclasped his hand from her mouth and she moaned softly, delirious with desire. She hadn’t felt a hard cock between her legs in months, so many months, not since she’d divorced Sam.

In the ring, four Mexicans had hold of the naked girl, two of them puffing on cigars as they lifted her. The four men, two on each side of the donkey, held the girl by the torso and legs as they lifted her against the underside of the beast. The girl reached up, her small brown fingers clutching at the donkey’s ribs as she pulled her tits up against his furry abdomen. The men holding her legs forced them wide apart and the girl pointed her brown toes like a gymnast. A fifth man, squatting between the donkey’s hind legs, lifted the beast’s baseball bat cock, wiping the dripping tip of it against the girl’s jism- dripping pussy.

Connie squirmed in Matt’s arms as he slipped his hard hot dick back and forth between her thighs. She couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in the ring. The donkey’s cock is as long and thick as one of the girl’s arms. The girl squirmed, rubbing her cunt against the animal’s dickhead. Her brown toes wriggled excitedly. Connie realized that the jizz leaking from the girl’s pussy hole is the combined jism of the mongrel stud and of her own son. This is unreal!

The donkey’s flanks quivered. He brayed, thrusting. The girl whined loudly as the beasts huge cockhead stuffed her pussy. The crowd cheered. The donkey humped, ramming at least eight more inches of his cock into the girl’s teenaged pussy. The girl squirmed madly, her eyes wobbling. The men spread her legs even farther as the donkey plunged a third of his gigantic dick in and out of her cunt.

“Yeah!” Matt growled. “Fuck her! Ream her out, yeah!”

He is humping at Connie’s ass, shimmying his hard dick between her clenched thighs.

Connie couldn’t stop trembling. She is sickened by this whole scene, sickened by Matt too, but she stared straight ahead, watching every thrust of the braying donkey, watching the young girl writhe as she is fucked on the donkey’s cock. Matt chewed on the back of Connie’s neck and she shivered with goose bumps. As his cock filled her cunt slit, her throbbing pussy drooled hot precum all over it.

The young Mexican girl clawed at the donkey’s flanks, her lithe little body writhing like an eel, her toes clutching repeatedly at the balls of her feet. As the huge donkey dick reamed out her cunt, she shrieked, gibbering in Spanish, her eyes rolled back into her skull.

The crowd went crazy. The scent of jism rose in the air as more and more men shot their loads. One of the men holding the girl’s legs hauled out his dick and pounded it fiercely, popping his cockhead in and out of his foreskin. Suddenly he started licking the girl’s foot and sucking on her wriggling toes. He shot off in seconds, spurting his white cum into the dirt.

The donkey hee-hawed as if he’d lost his mind, apparently incensed not only with his fucking but by the mania of the crowd. The beast twisted his head, shook it, braying incessantly as he humped, ramming his huge cock pole up the pussy of the shrieking young girl. In and out, in and out, slid his gleaming cock. In and out, in and out, in and out.

Matt crushed Connie in his arms, his fuck thrusts matching those of the donkey, his big cock burning between her thighs. Connie’s cunt sizzled as Matt’s thick rod rubbed against it. Her clit protruded from between her pussy-lips, filed mercilessly against Matt’s sliding cock. Connie’s pussy tightened, the fuck-itch driving her crazy. She rubbed her bare ass madly against Matt’s loins.

“Eeeeeeeeh!” The Mexican girl wailed, her body convulsing, shuddering as if she were being electrocuted. “Eeeeeeeeeeh!” Her toes clawed at the balls of her feet, her fingers raked the ribcage of the donkey. “Aiehhhh!”

Humping out of control, the donkey reared up, breaking free of the men restraining him. He balanced on his hind legs, ramming his cock in and out of the girl’s spasming cunt. His flanks shuddered violently and he brayed madly, his brown eyes rolling. As his cum exploded into the naked girl, she jerked, grunting, gasping. Before he’d pumped half his load into her, his precum is running out of her ravaged cunt.

“I’m cumming!” Matt gasped into Connie’s ear. “Catch it, oh Christ!” His dick swelled between her legs, contracted, pumping cum. He moaned, biting at Connie’s neck.

Connie is delirious. She cupped her hands in front of Matt’s cockhead and caught his hot thick cum as it spurted out. As the hot fluid gushed into her hands and Matt’s dick flexed between her thighs, Connie’s cunt went into spasms. She shuddered in Matt’s arms, letting the hot feelings overwhelm her. She is still spasming when Matt stopped shooting, and she raised her shaking hands to her mouth, sucking and slurping his cum out of them. Cum dribbled down her neck, soiling her blouse, but she didn’t care. Her lust is too great.

It is only after she’d recovered her senses that she realized that she’d swallowed not only Matt’s cum, but that of the filthy Mexican youth as well.

“Let’s go,” Matt said. “Zip up quickly and let’s get out of here.”

“Billy,” she said. “Where’s Billy?”

“We’ll find him,” Matt said. “But let’s move it!”

They were both suddenly very sober, neither lust nor tequila clouding their judgment anymore. They found Billy and left in a hurry.


Connie lounged in her hotel room, staring blankly at Johnny Carson on the TV. She wore her bathrobe, with nothing underneath it, and her bare feet were propped up on a footstool. This is so weird, being in Mexico and watching Johnny Carson. It is some San Diego channel, she believed. She heard Johnny’s voice, saw his picture, but her thoughts were elsewhere. She sipped ice water, trying to calm her nerves. She didn’t dare drink any more alcohol tonight.

They’d made it back to the hotel alive, having luckily found a taxi after wandering down only a few dark alleys after they’d fled the sex- show tent. Billy hadn’t said a word all the way back. He’d stared out the window, his face permanently flushed. He smelled of sweat, cum, and the Mexican’s girl’s pussy. Matt had tried to make silly conversation, but Connie had also remained silent, her embarrassment as great as her son’s, if not more so.

Matt had wanted to come into Connie’s room for a nightcap, or for her to come to his room, but she’d politely declined. Now the three of them were in their own separate rooms, Matt’s down the hall, hers and Billy’s linked by a common bathroom.

Things were turning out quite different from what Connie had expected. She’d come on this trip because she hadn’t trusted Matt to come here alone with Billy. Matt is one of her wealthy clients, the owner of some prize animals. She’d been treating his high-priced dogs and horses for years. He lived on a ranch outside town, a bachelor, alone with his animals, which is strange because Matt is such a handsome hunk of a man.

Lately, especially since Connie had divorced Sam, Matt had been very friendly with Billy. Too much to suit Connie. She had her suspicions, Matt being a bachelor and spending so much time with a boy young enough to be his son. And so when Matt had proposed the trip to Mexico, a flight to Tijuana for the weekend Connie had insisted she go along.

How wrong she’d been! Matt wouldn’t keep his hands off her! It is obvious now that he’d been spending so much time with Billy so he could get closer to her. She realized now that she’d snubbed his every attempt to make a date with her these last several months. The divorce had been too upsetting. She’d shunned all men since the divorce, despite her increasing sexual frustration. She had good reason to distrust men after discovering Sam’s deceit and faithlessness.

She’d married Sam while still in college, even before veterinary school. Billy came along within a year after the wedding, after Sam insisted on fucking her a minimum of twice a day. She should have realized even back then that Sam’s fuck-lust would lead him to other females eventually.

Connie didn’t know if Sam had been fucking around behind her back during the entire fifteen years of their marriage. If he had, he’d done a damn good job of keeping it secret. All she knew is that she did catch him at it once, and once is enough. She’d divorced him without giving him a second chance and she’d never forgotten the shock of discovering her husband fucking another woman.

It is a sunny summer afternoon, and Connie had come home from work two hours earlier than usual, something she seldom managed to do. On the way home, she’d waved at Billy, on his way to swim practice on his bike. Matt’s car is in the driveway, and Connie had pulled in next to it, quietly closing her own car door so she could surprise him. Little did she know the surprise she herself is in for?

Stepping in the front door, Connie almost tripped over a newspaper sack half-filled with papers. Now what is that doing here? She pictured Trixie Smith, their cute little papergirl with the pigtails who always wore a baseball cap and went barefoot, a regular little tomboy, about a year younger than Billy.

Connie searched the downstairs, but she could find neither Sam nor anybody else. She is about to call out, starting to feel a touch of uneasiness, when she heard a squealing giggle come from upstairs.

The door of her bedroom is open and noises came from the room. Connie stood in the dimly lit hallway and peered in, stunned speechless and immobile by the action taking place on her very own bed.

Trixie Smith, completely naked, lay sprawled on the pink bedspread, her lips stretched around Sam’s erect cock. Sam had straddled the girl’s neck and is rubbing his ass against her erect nipples. He hadn’t a stitch on either. Clothes were strewn all around the room. The afternoon sunlight blazed in the window, washing over the bed. A strong breeze blew in the window and across the room, bringing the aroma of teenaged cunt to Connie’s nostrils.

Connie couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, couldn’t do anything but watch.

“Like it, baby?” Sam asked as he wiggled his big cock in the young girl’s mouth, working it between her thinly stretched lips.

“Mmn,” she cooed, munching, sucking, her dark eyes gazing up at Sam as if she were madly in love. As she sucked Sam’s cock, she wiggled a finger up into her leaking cunt.

Sam pulled his dick out. He is panting, his skin flushed. The girl licked his cock as if it were a gigantic candy cane. He lifted up and let her lick his balls, then his crotch. He settled his ass over her face and she sucked on his asshole, moaning, pumping her finger in and out of her sucking pink pussy.

“Christ!” Sam said, his cock throbbing upright against his abdomen and he slid down until he is on his belly between the paper-girl’s legs. “Naughty girl!”

He pulled her finger out of her cunt. He sucked her dripping finger off, then plunged his face deep between her thighs, stretching her pussy wide open with his fingers.

Trixie squirmed all over, gasping, humping. “Oh, I love that! Oo, lick it! Oh, oh!”

Sam growled, slurping, sucking, and driving his tongue in and out of the girl’s inflamed pussy. As he sucked her, he humped against the bedspread.

Trixie arched up. Her toes curled and she grabbed Sam’s head, crushing it between her thighs, humping at his face, squirming. She gasped repeatedly, her eyes turned back to white slits.

“Eeeeh, I’m cumming!”

Sam at last pulled away, Trixie’s fuck juices dripping from his lips. “You dickens, you! That’s three times already. How many times are you gonna cum today?”

“A hundred,” Trixie said with a sigh.

She kicked her legs up in the air, gripping them behind her knees and pulling them wide and well back. Her pink cunt pulsated, clear cunt cream trickling out of it like syrup.

“Shove your big fat cock in me, Sam. Fuck me!”

Sam rose up; his cock looking monstrous, Precum running out of it like spit. He crawled over the slim young girl with her nubbin tits and drove his cock straight up her tight pink cunt.

Trixie’s arms and legs wrapped around Sam as he settled down on her. She is gasping, her little ass jerking up and down as she fucked herself on Sam’s enormous cock.

“Oh Sam, it feels so good! Move it, Sam, move it! Oh, fuck me!”

Sam grunted like a bull, his face as red as a beet as he crushed the little girl under him, grinding his hot dick in and out of her tight, sucking pussy hole.

“Oh Trixie, oh God Trixie, you’re so hot, you’re so good!”

Connie stood in the hallway shaking, her throat so dry she could hardly swallow; How could this be? How could Sam do such a thing? He is three times the girl’s age and twice as heavy. She is the papergirl, for god sake, with hardly more than fuzz around her pussy hole. And how could she take Sam’s cock? Her cunt had appeared hardly capable of taking two fingers.

Trixie clawed Sam’s back, kicked at his humping ass, twisted her head from side to side, her mouth open, her eyes closed.

“Oh Sam, fuck me, fuck me!” She cried.

Sam grunted, fucking almost savagely, his cock making obscene squishing noises in the young girl’s cunt. His hairy balls flapped against her pink crotch, getting frosted by the pussy cream that is frothing out around his plunging cock.

“Baby, you make me feel so fucking good!” The young girl is gasping. “Oh Sam, I’m gonna cum again!”

Sam plastered his mouth to hers, shoving his tongue down her throat. He growled, ramming his cock in and out.

Trixie’s eyes opened and rolled back deliriously. Her toes curled. Her little butt wiggled madly, her fuck juices bubbling out around Sam’s plunging dick. She moaned into Sam’s mouth, her pussy is clutching with spasms.

Sam rammed his dick in to the hilt and shook all over. His body jerked with each explosion of his hot cum into the young girl.

Trixie grunted as Sam fucked his cum into her, clinging to him, squirming with youthful pleasure. As their orgasms subsided, Trixie opened her eyes wide.

“Now do it to me the other way,” she said.

“What way?”

“You know! The way dogs do it.”

“You dickens! How many times do I have to fuck you today before you’re satisfied?” Sam pulled his dripping cock out of her, pushing away.

“At least fifty,” Trixie said, scrambling up on her hands and knees, Sam’s cum oozing from her open pink cunt.

“Oh, you hot little bitch!” Sam said, slipping his cock into her from behind. He rubbed his belly against her upturned, wiggling ass, his cock buried in her to the hilt.

“Oh, Sam. That feels so good!” Trixie cooed.

Connie had seen enough. She regained her strength enough to turn and slip quietly out of the house. She went straight to her lawyer, who drew up the divorce papers. In a note to Sam, she advised him not to fight her, unless he wanted Trixie Smith involved. She obtained the divorce in two weeks. Sam forfeited, not even bothering to show up in court, much to Connie’s relief. She didn’t want to ever see him again. He and Trixie could fuck their guts out together now, for all she cared.

Connie opened her robe, letting it fall aside. The hotel room felt uncomfortably warm, stuffy. She crossed her legs, squeezing them together. Her cunt is throbbing and tight. It always got that way when she recalled Sam with Trixie. As much as the scene had outraged her, it had also made her horny. She’d been driven to finger-fucking over her memory of it more times than she wanted to admit.

Well, now she had more dirty memories to excite her. She’d never forget what she’d witnessed tonight, the Mexican girl with the dog and the donkey. She could still smell the lust in that tent, the sex-aromas given off by all the men, by the animals, by the girl. She could still feel the Mexican youth’s cock spurting into her hand while Matt finger- fucked her. She could still feel Matt’s hard cock flexing between her legs and spurting more jism into her hands, could still taste the cum she’d licked off her fingers like frosting. It had been months since she’d tasted cum or had felt a hot hard cock. She missed blowing Sam! Missed his pinning her to the bed and fucking her.

She worked her thighs together, rubbing her feet against each other. The pussy juice leaked out of her like hot melted butter, making her a mess between the legs. She rubbed her tits, feeling their swollen weight, their silky softness and warmth. Her nipples stood up like fingers, surrounded by her erect and tingling cherry-bumps.

She pinched and tweaked her nipples, the fuck-tingles screwing through her cunt. She closed her eyes, picturing the scene in the tent. The first vision that popped into her mind is that of Billy, his cock randy and waving as he stumbled forward to mount the Mexican girl.

She’d had no idea Billy’s cock had grown so large. It is certainly as large as Sam’s, if not larger. Jutting up out of the young boy’s slender loins, it appeared monstrously over-grown.

She shoved her hand between her legs, rubbing her frothing crotch, slipping her finger between the hairy slabs and sawing at the hot wet cunt meat. As she slipped the finger inside her, she moaned out loud.

She’d had no idea Billy knew how to fuck. Maybe he’d learned from watching the dog fuck the girl. Who knew, though, maybe Billy had been fucking girls for years without her knowing about it. She is not a prying mother and Billy’s sex life is his own business. But it had come as a shock to see him up there fucking that Mexican girl, an exciting shock.

During the months since Sam had left, she’d more than a few times looked at Billy with hungry eyes. He is a teen, only sixteen, but he exuded male sexuality. And he had the equipment of a man, she knew that now. He certainly had the equipment.

She is finger-fucking herself, thinking about her naked, erect little boy and masturbating furiously.

The bathroom door rattled and Connie’s heart leaped. She quickly threw her robe over herself and stood up, tying her belt, then wiping off her fingers on her robe. She stood watching the door, expecting Billy to knock, then enter from the bathroom. Instead, she heard the lock click. As he is locking the door from the inside so he could use the bathroom in privacy!

Connie felt a twinge of excitement. She’d never done anything like this before, but she couldn’t help herself now. She tiptoed toward the door and knelt in front of it. Like the door that opened from the bathroom into Billy’s room, this door had two locks. A deadbolt lock which could be turned only from the bathroom, and a key-lock under the door knob which could be used for the bedroom. Connie carefully slipped the key out of the lock, then peeked through the keyhole.

Billy sat on the toilet, stark naked. He is hunched forward, his elbow on his knee, his chin resting in his hand, looking like the statue of the Thinker. Connie heard a turd plop into the toilet and watched Billy wipe himself.

This is sick, she told herself. You’re being disgusting, a pervert. But she kept her eye glued to the keyhole.

Billy stood up, scratching his balls. He milked his cock, letting a few drops of piss fall on the floor. He stepped in front of the mirror and lifted his arms, flexing his biceps. He hadn’t a hair under his arms yet, although a small blond tuft sprouted on his groin. He ran his hands down his chest and belly, then played with his nipples. His cock throbbed up, pointing at the ceiling. He grabbed it and started to jerk it off.

Connie’s head swam. Her heart slammed so loud she could hardly hear. She steadied herself against the doorframe with her left hand and shoved her right hand into her robe, between her legs. She slipped a finger inside herself and started beating off to the same rhythm as is her son.

Billy rubbed his belly with circular strokes as he pounded his rigid cock rod. His blue eyes looked glassy as he watched himself in the mirror. His fat brown nuts flapped to the rhythm of his cock beating. He muttered to himself in whispers, some of the words audible to Connie.

“Tits… Brown ass… Dog… Pussy… Donkey dick… Fuck… Bitch girl… Juicy cunt… jism… Lick… Suck… Fuck… Hot dick… Brown girl.”

“Yes,” Connie whispered. Oh yes, I’m as hot as you are, she thought. Oh baby, let’s fuck!

Billy humped at his jerking hand, rounding his back, his blue eyes rolling. He grunted, letting out a soft moan as his jism spurted in white streams, splashing all over the mirror and washbasin. As his cum poured out of him, he jerked his loins, his hand a blur on his teenaged cock.

Connie is on the verge of exploding with him when a knock frightened the shit out of her. Panting, shaky, she forced herself up, wiping her fingers on her robe as she went to answer the door.

“Who is it?” She called out.

“Matt. Can I come in please?” Connie tried to steady herself by breathing deeply. Her heart is still pounding. “It’s late, Matt. I’m just going to bed.”

“Just give me a few minutes. I’d really like to talk to you.”

“If it’s about what happened tonight, forget it. We were both drunk. I’ll pretend it never happened.”

“Please, Connie, just let me in for a minute.”

He sounded almost desperate. Connie took one last deep breath. “All right,” she said, turning the lock.

Like herself, Matt is dressed in a bathrobe. His hairy chest peeked at her from the open top of the robe. His feet were bare. He had very muscular calves. After Connie shut the door behind him, he turned and secured the lock.

“Is that necessary?” Connie said.

“In Tijuana, it’s best to keep your doors locked at all times,” Matt said. He is looking around the room, sniffing the air. “Are we alone?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course we’re alone. Now what’s the problem?”

Matt looked down at her, his face flushed, his breath reeking of liquor. “You’re the problem,” he said. “You’re the problem. You’re driving me out of my fucking mind!”

He threw his arms around her, crushing her in a fierce embrace, grinding his loins against her. His cock felt like a billy club pressed between them.

“Matt, please!” Connie squirmed.

He shoved his tongue down her throat, ripping open her robe and mauling her tits. Connie choked, struggling. He pinched and twisted on her nipples and the precum ran out of her contracting pussy, running down between her legs like hot oil. She lost all strength, going limp in his arms. Her head fell back and he gnawed on the side of her neck, her body shivering alternately with hot flashes and goose bumps.

Her hand automatically reached inside Matt’s robe, groping for his cock. It is a big hard one, as thick and long as Sam’s, as Billy’s, and it leaked Precum into her palm. She greased the cock knob with the slimy Precum, massaged the big dick from one end to the other, slid her hand down and squeezed the man’s egg-sized nuts.

“Oh God, Matt, oh God, I want you!”

Matt is panting, fumbling with the belts of their robes. He forced her robe off her shoulders. She could see his heart pulsating in his chest as he tore off his own robe and let it fall to the floor. Naked, flushed with lust, they stood looking at each other for a few moments, Matt strokes her tits with his fingertips, Connie slips a loose hand up and down his veiny cock.

Matt growled suddenly, crushing her in a bear hug and stumbling with her to the bed. He dropped her on the mattress, grabbing her legs and forcing them up. He hooked his shoulders under her knees and crushed her thighs against her tits.

“Oh, Connie!”

“Fuck me, Matt, fuck me!”

Connie shivered, wide open, the cunt cream dribbling down into her ass crack. As Matt’s cockhead kissed the wet, sizzling meat between her pussy-slabs, a rash of itchy thrills saturated her pussy and spread through her loins. She dug her fingernails into Matt’s flanks, pulling him toward her. As his cock sank into her frothing pussy she cried out with pleasure, not caring who heard her.

“Baby!” Matt moaned, grinding his cock inside her. “Oh baby, I’ve wanted this for so long!”

He began to slide his cock in and out of her, all eight hard inches of it, and Connie thought she would lose her mind. She wiggled her ass, squirming under him, wondering how she could possibly have denied herself such pleasure all these months.

“Oh Matt, move it, give it to me good, oh yes!”

Matt’s nostrils dilated like a bull’s as he fucked his thick dick down into her. His fat cockhead fucked in and out of her pussy and his balls flapped against her crotch, exciting her.

“This is good, this is so good, oh Matt!”

She tossed her head on the mattress, gasping, grunting, and grinding her hot cunt on Matt’s pistoning dick. The fuck-thrills filled her loins and streamed down her legs until the tips of her toes tingled.

Matt grunted rhythmically as he humped. He’d started to sweat and warm drops splashed on her face like rain. She tasted the sweat, savoring its saltiness.

The mattress creaked as Matt braced himself and bore down, plunging his cock faster and harder, fucking her deeply. She quivered all over, gasping, thrashing around, and going out of her mind. It is as if Matt’s cock were electrified. Sizzling jolts of electricity seemed to be drilling the pit of her cunt, her cuntal walls, and her clit.

“Oh Matt!” She half screamed, her fuck tension rushing to a head.

She exploded, gasping, grinding her exploding pussy around and around on his thick, veiny cock. The spasms made her shudder and nearly pass out. As her orgasm passed, her cunt went slack, but Matt continued to hump away at it.

“Let’s change position,” Connie panted. “Fuck me doggie style.”

As Matt slipped his cock out of her and she got up on her hands and knees, she remembered Trixie Smith getting up so Sam could fuck her from behind. It is as if she were acting out that scene she’d watched so many months ago.

She arched her back, turned up her ass, and wiggled it. “Oh God, Matt, put it in me!” She cried.

Matt wrapped his big hands around her waist, inserted the knob of his dick in her open wet cunt, and slipped it inside her to the hilt.

Connie rubbed her ass madly against his hairy abdomen. She couldn’t believe the pleasure. Her nipples tingled at the tips of her hanging, hugely swollen tits.

“Fuck me, Matt, oh Jesus, fuck me!”

Matt’s hard belly smacked against her ass, jolting her, making her gasp. Fucking her from behind like this, he is able to fuck her even deeper. His dick knob pounded deep in her womb. She gritted her teeth, grinding her ass against his hairy stomach, fucking his cock. Her toes curled from the sensations. His belly slamming her ass sounded like a clapping hand.

“Jesus, that’s good, oh Jesus!”

Connie tossed her blonde head from side to side, grunting, panting so hard she is dizzy. The precum bubbled out around Matt’s plunging cock and dribbled down the insides of her legs. God, she is hot. She didn’t think she’d been this hot since her honeymoon with Sam.

Matt gripped her waist tighter, jerking on her body, slamming her ass against his abdomen each time he rammed in. He drooled on her back like a dog, and Connie thought of the little Mexican girl getting fucked by the big hound.

What did it feel like, she wondered? Did a dog cock feel like a man’s dick? A dog dick is certainly slimmer, more pointed, redder, more slippery-looking. The thoughts made her skin crawl, but they also turned her on.

She tightened her cuntal muscles, massaging Matt’s cock rhythmically. “Wiggle it, Matt, make it wiggle, oh God!” She whined.

Matt, grunting, gasping, moaning, flexed his cock inside her again and again. It drove her crazy. The fuck-thrills surged through her cunt like a zillion hot needles.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” She gasped. “Oh, oh!”

She writhed, humping her ass madly, fucking her spasming cunt on Matt’s slippery dick. Her orgasm made her chew her lip and she whined loudly, like a mating bitch. Her cunt is so sensitive she wanted to scream.

“Pull it out!” She pleaded. “Oh God, pull it out! Fuck me up the ass! Fuck my asshole, but pull it out!”

“Jesus Christ, I don’t believe it! You’re the hottest bitch, I ever got my hands on. Shit!”

Matt caught a handful of her slick cunt cream and slapped the slippery juice on her asshole. Then he spread her ass cheeks wide, getting them all greasy with her pungent fuck juices. His cock knob kissed her twitching ass pucker and he leaned into her, forcing her ass-pucker open.

Connie’s eyes rolled back. Her mouth gaped. It felt as if a fist had been rammed up her ass, as if her widely stretched pucker were splitting in a thousand places. She knew it was only an illusion, however. She always felt that initial splitting pain when getting ass- fucked. As she took deep breaths, she began to relax and within seconds the pain had vanished.

“Oh Matt, I love it!”

Matt stroked her ass, spreading her fuck juices all over it. He rubbed her cunt cream on his rippling abdomen and chest, licked it off his fingers, and rubbed it all over his face.

“You’re such a juicy bitch,” he said, wiggling his cock in her asshole. “That smell drives me out of my fucking head!”

He braced his hands on her upturned ass-cheeks, digging in with his fingers, keeping her ass-globes spread apart. He worked his big dick in and out of her tight, sucking asshole.

“Shit, you’re so hot in there! Man, I could fuck your ass all night!”

“Then do it,” Connie said, squirming as the fuck-thrills screwed through her asshole. “Fuck my ass all night! Mm, that feels so good!”

Connie’s loins tingled to the core with fuck sensations. She loved getting ass-fucked. It is a different kind of pleasure than getting fucked up the cunt. She felt wicked, dirty, and she loved it.

Matt pounded away, sliding his long thick cock in and out. His cockhead rippled along the sensitive folds of her asshole and she felt corkscrews of pleasure in her guts. Her asshole contracted, sucking Matt’s cock.

“Baby, I can’t hold it!” Matt humped wildly. “Jesus Christ, here it comes!”

“Shoot it, Matt, oh God!”

Matt’s cock flexed, spurting streams of hot jism into her bowels. He groaned, shaking, jerking, and pumping out his cum.

Connie gasped, wiggling her ass in circles, grinding it against Matt’s belly as he hunched over her like a whimpering hound. She could feel his spurts deep inside her.

Matt collapsed on top of her and she collapsed under him, unable to hold up his weight. He breathed heavily, his heart slamming against her back.

“Don’t pull it out,” she said. “Leave it in me all night. I need it. Just keep fucking me.”

* * *

Billy chewed his lips as he shot his cum against the bathroom door. He is kneeling in front of it, naked, pounding his cock as he peeked through the keyhole into his mother’s room.

That lucky Matt, fucking Mom’s hot ass! It must feel like heaven.

Billy got some toilet paper and carefully wiped his cum off the door. It is still warm. He then wiped his earlier load off the mirror and sink and he tossed the cum-sticky wads of paper into the toilet. Then he pissed, looking down at his fat, long dick. It is still frosted with the Mexican’s girl’s cunt cream.

What a night it had been! Watching that Mexican girl get it from the dog, then fucking her himself, then watching her get it from the donkey. She’d even sucked the animals off! Shit! How he wished he had that girl in his room right now! He’d make her suck him off, then he’d fuck her all night, fuck her up the asshole even. Shit!

He heard his mother gasping and quickly resumed his post at the keyhole. Matt is really fucking the shit out of her, just like dad used to. Billy really missed watching through the keyhole at home as dad fucked between mom’s legs or mounted on her ass. Well, now maybe the good days would come back. He hoped that when they got back home Matt would start coming over every night and fucking the shit out of mom. Billy loved to watch. It made him fucking hot!

Billy started beating his cock. He could still smell the Mexican girl’s cunt cream on it. As he watched Matt hump his mother, he imagined that he is Matt. In a few minutes he is spurting all over, daggers of pleasure knifing up the core of his dick.