My First Knot


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I am a guy. Now over 40.

Net is down, bored, several folks have asked what a knot was like for my first time. Open note pad and see what happens. Never tried to write a story of any kind. Will simply try to tell what i am thinking while remembering it i guess. If my memory isn't so good, or i simply can't write for shit. Sorry!

My first time was not like a lot of stories i have read. It had good moments and lot bad at the same time. I basically got my stupid ass raped by that dog. Guess i simply try to write down what i remember of it.

My first summer after finally graduating the hell called high school. Had a decent job and finally got to rent my first place. Grew up in a very rural sparsely populated area, lot of farms, dirt secondary roads, houses few and far between. Lived on a huge farm till i was 16, but even with all the animals, farm dogs, dads hunting dogs... never had the first thought about any kind of sex thoughts with an animal. Semi religious upbringing might have been why.

Briefly... small old semi run down house back of a big field couple miles down a dirt road, up against the woods, nearest neibour was several hundred yards away, could not even see their house.

No body over 20 years ago in the area bothered keeping a dog up. So dogs roamed fairly freely and neutering was rarely heard of except for medical stuff, serious aggression or what have you. And most folks had a dog back then.
By the end of that summer i had gotten horny enough or curious enough by a horny neighbor lab always trying to hump everything in sight, to discover what a dogs dick was like, jacked him a lot (so fucking cool to have a dog pounding your fist with obvious lust and discovering how damn well equipped a dog is comparing to myself, WOW) eventually moved on to blow jobs(another WOW at how good i think a dog tastes), even jacked off a border collie that came around quite a bit. Eventually moved on for who knows why to getting mounted by the lab almost every chance i got. BUT, i now know, he was over excited and the knot pumped up to big to get in, almost the moment he entered. He also wasn't a real vigorous humper, and i rarely felt the knot till he was done humping and it would press a bit against the outside of me.

There was no net back then. Not a single local isp. So was totally clueless about dogs sexually, except what i was learning about it. I KNEW what a knot was, and what it was for, even before i actually truly seen one and felt one on the lab and the collie.

Also understand. While not real religious, i knew what the bible said about animal relations, i knew it was something that could never ever be told to another person, and what not. So i had serious issues with every moment i fooled round with a dog, but, only after it happened. Every time after would think i was sick, pervert and such. Swear never again. At every chance i had alone with a dog, i could not control it .. i would fool around with out even thinking about what i was doing till it was over. Then regret it, OMG! What have i just done? WHY? He's a damn dog for gods sake. swear never again. But honestly it was in many ways as much about the dog then it was me. I have always felt a deep emotional bond with dogs. It is like they transfer their emotions to me. The more happy they are the more happy i am for them. And of course it is addictive. I want to make them even happier to make myself happier. A realy ecstatically happy dog gets me feeling high. So, i guess in a way, that was a big part of what got me fooling around with dogs. Trying to see how happy i can get them, to get myself just as happy and as high as i could get on happy.

Back to the actual first knot before i keep rambling on.

I can remember it like it happened yesterday. Starting into fall, been fooling around with 2 different dogs for couple months. My parents shitzu had come in heat, and they needed to go out of town for the weekend. Lived bout 30 miles away so it was easier to just have her stay with me till they got back. Picked her friday afternoon. Sat morning i went to let her out, with never thinking about her in heat. Sat on the porch steps with my coffe to make sure she didn't wander. She had just finished taking care of necessity's and was wandering around before coming back in. Suddenly a big plott hound came around the corner of the house. A plott for those not familiar ... think basic hound, brindle, big, at least 80lbs or so. At the time i would swear he was closer to hundred, and my actualy have been closer to 100lbs. The lab i was familiar with was a small one probably 50lbs or so. In comparison he was at least a 3rd bigger. Much taller.

OH shit! She's in heat! Run over try to get him shoved away and snatch her up in my arms. Try rush her back inside, trying to keep him away at the same time. Made it into the house, but was impossible to hold her and kick the door shut with out him barging after us. Scrambled for the bath room got her almost tossed in and door closed. FUCK! FUCK! Now i am trying to find away to get him out of the house, and he ain't having none of it. FUCK! FUCK! Trying to drag a big dog by the collar when he absolutely ain't going if he can help it is near impossible. Then the collar popped over his head and i fall flat on my ass. Ignores me and go's right back to the door sniffing and whining.

NOW WHAT! As i sat there. He runs over to me, whines, runs back to the door, sec later, runs back to me, whines and back to the door. (Wow, i can't be leave how much detail about this event i actually do remember. I have never remembered this clear detail about it before. The more i write the more clear and detailed it gets, stuff i know i never remembered before, and i know i never actualy remembered happening an hour after it happened. I am actualy reliving this, as if it was all in super slow motion. So overwhelmed at the time it always seemed hazy to an extent. But apparently my mind actually recorded every single detail in my subconscious i guess. WOW!)

I am sitting just inside a 20 foot hall way bedroom door on the right, half way down the left, bathroom/laundry, at the end of the hall on the right, bedroom. I recently ripped up the old wore out carpet, living and hallway, only had time and money so far to replace carpet in living room. And was planning to replace the path to the front door and hall with vinyl. It is currently bare rough, unfinished concrete. Only wearing a t shirt, and thin swim trunks.

Third run to me, he licks my face before runnning back. He comes back to me, another quick face slap of the tongue, whines, lick, whine. Instantly, i feel sorry for him, and basicly star talking to him, sorry bud, know you want it bad, but you can't have her. Runs back to her, serious whineing now. You'll be ok ... runs back to me ... lick, whine, reach out and scratch his his head. More licks to my face. Still trying to talk to him and reason with him about it, for some reason(as if he has a clue what i actually saying,LOL). More licking, i scratch more. Cool, maybe he like getting the attention enough i can get him distracted and get him out of here.(AS IFF!) LOL.

This continues for several minutes, stop scratching long enough to put my hands down to get up, and he instantly pounces on me, OOOFFF! Humping llike mad. HOLLY SHIT! He is strong. Takes nearly all my strength to shove him off. Roll over onto my hands and knees, he pounces my head humping like his life depends on it. I quickly stand up and shove him off. Jumps up and grabs my waist, going to town. Force him off again, knocking him back on his ass into a sitting position. H e definitely not thinking about her anymore. No sooner is thought in my mind, POOF. Wtf are you doing, HE WAntS ME! NEW DOG to get humped by. Instantly, without another thought, jerk my shorts down, and whip around. The second i hit the ground on my hands and knees, he sniffs my ass and starts licking.
OMFG! That feels increadable, his tongue is going to town on my ass. Lab never gave more the a swipe or two with his tongue before mounting. OMFG! He licking so hard, he managing to get his tounge inside abit. OMFG! He is twisting his tounge around inside my ass slowing working deeper and deeper. Total mind blowing sensory overload. Goes like for what seems like forever. I am facing the far end of the hall, wriggling my ass on the end of his tongue. OMFG! I feel like i am high and getting higher from it. This might be what it feels like to be a bitch in heat. Please don't stop! OMFG! Is literaly only things going thru my mind over and over. Then he suddenly slams ontop of my back. OOMPF!! Almost knocking me to the floor, scramble to get balance back. Instantly clasping my waist in a death grip. FUCK YEAH! Grabs my waist about half way up my side. Jerks me back against him, dew claws rip into my side. FUCK THAT HURTS. Knocked off balance again, hard poke in my butt cheek from his dick, hard poke in my other cheek. POKE in the other cheek again, lower and closer in. This is actualy happening at an increadble rate of speed. Each poke is almost instantly after the one before. 10 x faster then the lab ever had gone at me, and several times harder ... each poke almost hurt from that bone of his.

5-6 hard pokes and POW, he pokes the rim of my asshole and it feels i like stabbed. FUCK THAT HURT! Faster then i could actually think that. POKE again in my ass cheek. POKE in the other ass cheek. OH FUCK THIS AINT FUN! POKE! I probably got poked another 5-6 times before finishing that thought. Try to lunge up to my feet... just as my hands come off the floor .. i must have hit the ideal height he needed. KAAAWHAM! His dick slamms up my ass. I damn near fall on my face, barely catching myself at the last second. Feels like i just had a foot summer sausage shoved up my ass. In the same instant it gets jerked back out. SLAM! In it goes again. Comeing out, jerk a breath, SLAM! FUCK! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! Jerk a breath. F..U.. SLAM C..K! He had to be slamming it in 4-5 strokes before i could gulp another breath. I am now in full blown PANIC! Try to get up and get knocked off balance he is slamming me so hard and so unbelievable fast. The he quickly jerks his front legs back farther all the way too my waist and tight against my thigh, ripping his dew claws down my side as he does. F..U..SLAM..C..K SLAM. Felt like a knife had just ripped deep and hard across both sides of me. The same instant his feet hit my thighs, he jerks me back into him, feels llike inches, scraping my knees across super rough concrete. i nearly fall on my face again, his dick SLAMS back in, what feels like an extra couple inches, next instant jerked back out, SLAM! It goes in again. SLAM! SLAM! Finaly get my hands back under me, SLAM, almost got weight back on my hands, SLAM, SLAM, balanced, SLAM, SLAM.

Super hard jerk on me back into him, hop forward with his back legs, damn near on my face again, SLAM, and it feels like he suddenly get another several inches in, before i can re balance, OUT, SLAM and another inch and slight pop as the knot go's in.

For the record, yes i knew what a knot was, i knew what it's for. But at this point in time i honestly did not think a dog could get it in a women let alone my tight ass. Figured angles was wrong it was to big. Been humped probably a dozen times by a lab but he never came close to getting the knot in. Never actually humped hard enough to get it in if i had wanted him too.

Pop, as it comes back out, slams back in, pop goes the knot in with it. Get my self re braced. Pop out, slam, pop back in. Repeat. F..U..pop .. slam .. C.. pop .. K! I am so overwhelmed, i don't even realize the knots going in and out in my mind. I am in little pain, some pleasure at the same time. Full blown panic, wanting it to stop. My knees and sides actually hurt worse. He is hammering me so hard and fast, i am actually slowly getting shoved across the floor. Probably every 5th or 6th SLAM, i got to shuffle a step forward. He shuffles forward and jerks me back hard into him. Seemed like it went on forever, then it almost started feeling good. Slam, pop in, pop on the out stroke, slam back in, pop. Pleasure would slightly increase probably every other stroke... my dick is throbbing with every stroke, so hard it almost hurts...WTF! Slam. oh god. were probably half way down the hall now. SLAM, pop, out, pop, slam, pop. i don't feel side hurting or my knees hurting. FUCK YEAH! and this continues for a bit.

Suddenly my head hits the far wall, SLAM, pop, thump my head on the wall ... get banged on the wall at least 3 times before i can brace my hands on the floor enough to stop my head banging, shove back against him, not because i wanted more of him(probably sub consciously i did), but it was hurting my head.
That is what he actually needed to happen(not for me). He now no longer was trying to keep me from getting away and following me down the hallway. He now had good solid footing, and actually started slamming my ass even harder then before. However, he didn't get that last step in to get his back feet back up closer to me, before going for broke. Now that i am braced it is feeling pretty damned good....and i am no longer fighting for balance or trying to wanting to get away(guess i finally relaxed enough) OMFG! ... i suddenly realize i can feel every fucking inch of his dick in exquisite detail. OMFG! I blast a load i guarantee hit the wall.

Like super slow motion: in reality probably 4 strokes or more a second. I am amazed my mind recorded eveything in such detail i never knew was there. My mind i guess was so overwhelmed, that it posted the majority of this to my subconscious i guess. And as i write it just comes back like i am reliving it as it is happening on video playback. Until now, once it was all over i just remembered being basically getting raped, tons of pain, occasional moments of pleasure, till it was over. My god! This happened over 20 years ago. I always thought it was much more pain then anything else.

His dick slides out an inch at least, pop goes the knot, s..l..i...d..e out farther feels like he is dragging it out forever, like over a foot, can't be much left still in me, s....l....i....d...e back in, pop goes the knot, and slide in a bit farther, same instant his dick comes to rest, WHAM! i shot a load, i would swear my whole body felt. slide back out, pop, s....l....i....d.....e forever out. Back in, pop,BLAST from me as he comes to rest. Seems like 4-5times i blast before finished. He still stroking me in amazing ways, my dick throbs hard, every time he reaches full depth. OMFG. After probably another dozen strokes at least, my dick is stilll so hard it almost hurts, and throbbing hard with every in stroke.

THEN! He hits full depth, thump, i feel his dick throb, and back out, pop goes the knot, almost to the end of his dick, plunge back in, pop goes the knot, thud, his dick throbs again. After 3 or 4 strokes, i swear he is getting bigger, plunge, throb, pop a bit harder in an out, plunge, throb, pop even a bit harder, feel like his dick slid another inch before the pop, and definitely bigger, out stroke, Pop, (Damn)... another inch feels like and bigger (he) ... bottoms out, Thump, harder then the last one...( is )...slide forever ... (Getting) ... Pop ... (Bigger).... Pop(knots hurts a bit more) slides back in...Pop. Bigger with each stroke and i swear longer. It suddenly dawns on me what the fuck that popping is that is starting to hurt ...(his fucking knot) ...OMFG! NO! .... probably another two pops and thumps so hard i can seriously feel it now, before i can finish thinking those two words. Pop, slam, throb... back out ... Pop, it hurt coming out that time. Pop in again, really hurt that time... throb... back out, Pop really hurt that time going out. slam back in feels like his dick is the size of my arm and two foot long, as he shoves that big fucker back in. The knot slams into my ass hard enough it hurt with out going in. like some one just punched me with a fist. But stayed out. Long pull back slam back in, slam into my ass again, no go. this happens multiple times. THANK SLAM GOD SlAM IT SLAM CAN"T FIT SLAM IN....

NEVER! ACCIDENTALLY THANK GOD in such a situation. (He takes it seriously) Thank me for saving you from this...FUCK YOU!...Want a bet it can't fit. I guess he aint got a sense of humor about it.

He jumps forward, i would swear his feet came off the ground, my ass crashes against his groin, OOMPH! Knot slams so hard against my ass, feel my asshole stretch almost to the point i would have swore it was going to split open. And he falls back. Gulp a breath. Jump again. Crash, this time it feels like i split open a bit and it almost went. Falls back, gulp a breath, CRASH! I know i split open some this time! I could not have been saved by a fraction of it not going in. CRASH! The most incredible pain i have ever felt. POP! And it's in, the pain instantly drops a sizable enough amount. RE LEAF! As what feels like inches go in behind it. he falls back, and hits the inside of my asshole, pain again as it nearly comes back out, then plunges back in. RELIEF! He falls back and it hits the inside again. PAIN! Plunge in. RELIEF! THUMP! as his dick throbs and pumps up. FUCK! out PAIN! in RELIEF! Crashes against me.THUMP i swear i fill it vibrates my entire body. Fall back just barely hits the inside, CRASH, in, THUMP! I vibrate with the pump up, and it feels like he gains another inch in length, and diameter... it's a fucking softball now! Fall back and doesn't slide much. CRASH against my ass and he jerks me back at the same time, and holds me as tight as he can. T H R O B! And it pumps up again. T H R O B! Got too be bigger the a grapefruit now hurt like hell. T H R O B! No clue how many times before he relaxes a bit. T H R O B! Several more times till i feel like he has a basketball shoved up my ass attached to a baloney roll and if he gets any longer he going to be in my throat. And i am going to fucking pop. Then jerks me back again. Quivers for a second. THROB! But this time it doesn't get bigger. Collapses on top of me. THROB! I BLAST a shot of cum with the throb, THROB, BLAST, THROB, BLAST! Several times, so hard it almost hurts for me to blast so hard....... guess i go numb .... i suddenly feel no pain anywhere. i can still feel a thud with every blast of his cum. And a surge of pleasure with every thud. Several thuds i feel high. My dick still so hard it hurts, throbbing with every thud of his knot. Then suddenly feel the pressure of that basket ball again. About the time i think i gonna explode.... POOF ... Pain is gone and i am numb again. Except for the THUD of his knot(i will swear i can actualy hear every thud as much as feel it) and the throb of my dick.

Several THUDS and pleasure starts building again till i am once again almost floating for several THUDS then i slam back to the ground again THUD! Its suddenly a basketball and i am going to explode! Repeat the cycle for who knows how long... seemed like an eternity. Couple THUDS i want to die. RELIEF! THUD! I don't want to die. THUD! Please let me die! THUD! RELIEF! THUD! I want to die. So many times untill i could longer think or anything. THUD! DIE! THUD! LIVE! THUD DIE! Suddenly my legs start cramping, adding even more pain. Trying stretch my legs out to relieve that. Then maybe i blanked out! Suddenly like popping a balloon he deflates. My full attention now! FINALLY! He was maybe half deflated, i shift my weight a bit. He snatches me back up. THROB! FUCK! THROB FUCK! Till i felt i was gonna explode again. He relaxes against me again, POOF, he deflates like a tire with a big leak. I ain't fucking moving a muscle this time. Finally down around softball size, he quickly steps backward and slams the softball against the inside of ass. FUCK! He jerks back harder and feels like my asshole is gonna rip off! POP, a baseball is suddenly ripped out taking my asshole with it i think! And ever so slowly what seems like 3 feet of a dick the size of my is arm drug out! SPLASH! So much liquid comes out i can feel it splash my legs, and belly. Running down my legs, scared to death not knowing if it is blood, piss, or cum. Surely a dog can't cum that much! I collapse to the ground, literally no strength left to stay up. Every part of my body hurts, swear i feel air blowing into my now softball sized hole where my asshole once was. My legs and arms tingling almost to the point of pain, I guess as better blood flow returns.

SWIPE!!!!!!! A mop wet with gas just slung across my asshole. Flinched so hard my body might have left the ground! SWIPE!!!! FUCK!!! Flinch again! But it feels like my asshole tried to slam shut. SWIPE!!!! And guess reflexes kicked in. Was like it lifted me to my knees. SWIPE!!! I feel what i suddenly realize is his tongue drag across my asshole the tip flipping in and hitting inches inside me it seems still dipped in gas, and flipping back out. I flop sideways SWIPE! and i thud to the ground on my ass sitting with my back against the wall. FUCK! He's wagging his tail. I think... you motherfucker! one long lick across my cheek, he spins around and trots towards the still wide open door. Glad you liked that motherfucker! Angles down the steps half on the last step lifts his leg. God he got big fucking balls. And pisses on the hand rail post! YOU MOTHERFUCKER! The trots off out of sight. WIDE OPEN DOOR! FUCK!

I am so lucky no one came by to pay me a visit. Hear god knows what, possible screams at times even. Step up on the porch and see directly in to the hall, and SEE WHAT WAS HAPPENING. (Might have committed suicide or something if i had gotten caught). Stagger to my feet, stumble to the door like i am drunk off my ass, no balance hardly at all. Push the door closed, almost fall on my face as i suddenly lean like the door drug me with it. Stagger to the bath room, damned Pekingese that caused all this pain nearly knock me over running out. Collapse onto the toilet, FUCK SHORTS! SPLASH! As a river runs out of me. Nearly fall off the damn toilet trying to get up to get my shorts down. Nearly fall over again when i get stood up and fuck shorts is still around my ankles. crash back down, more rivers it seems pour out of me, i am trembling, hands shaking, use tissue to touch myself to see how bad i am bleeding. Swearing over and over to god i will never tough another dog in any sexual way again as long as i live, if he lets me live though this. FUCK! Toilet paper dipped in alcohol it feels like. eyes closed toilet paper in front of me scared i will see blood...still swearing never ever touch a dog in anyway again. sat there forever before cracking a peak....YES! only see two tiny specks of blood.

I can guess what the next questions are: YES I LIED TO GOD!

NOT THE NEXT DAY! The second day, after this happened.

The damned pekeneese, that caused all my pain: which by the way is now just a dull ache in my ass, a bit of pain with a bowel movement, is back at her normal home. Sitting on the porch step that evening: for some reason i spent more time sitting on the steps then i did sitting in the porch chairs.

The fist day, after, i never even opened the front door, i just put papers down on the back screened in porch and let her go out there, so i did not have too deal with him trying to get her or ME again. Lot of whineing from him in the yard, on the porch all damn day, yell out the window at him to shut up and go away,(and a lot of other things i should not have been yelling out a window at a dog...LOL). Thank goodness no neibors to hear the goings on. And, who comes trotting into the yard again?

NO! I was not willing to ever let him have the slightest chance at my ass again!

YES! i did end up fooling round with him again, that second day after. I fucking could not stop myself.

BUT! As they say, thats another story. ... Yes, i would be willing tell that story also, if any one was actually interested. I think it would be cool to try and tell that one too. Seems i can currently remember a lot that event as well.
I got to end this, as memory's of that event are starting play thu my mind.
Don't feel like proof reading, gonna post as is... sorry about what is probably a lot of typos, misspellings, and bad grammer. If you actually read this far, guess it not to horribly bad.

Honestly...figure if i try to proof read, will think it sucks, try to correct to much, add things that come to mind as i reread it.... and i would probably never be happy with it, and never post it.

Now that i have relived this, i am so glad i tried to tell it. Amazed i remember so much i never knew i remembered the next day, let alone over 20yrs later.

I suddenly realize, my original thoughts of it only being a few short paragraphs, has been so, so much more then that. I have sat here typing away an entire day. Can't stop the telling of it. Break when i had to goto the bathroom, let dog out, refill my tea glass and back to typing. If it actually came out as well as i relived it. Think it should be a pretty good read.