Norma’s Secret Life: Part 1


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Norma was born on a farm to very loving parents. Being an only child she was always alone; she had no real chores or jobs to do on the farm except for gathering the eggs which were a money-making commodity for the farm, she was annoyed when at the age of ten she was sent away to boarding school; she no longer had the freedom that she enjoyed on the farm. At least when she did have the holidays when she would come home. Her parents had given her a puppy when she was about six years old, for company; every time she came home the pup was always happy to see her.

It was on one of these holidays at home that Norma first saw the sexual act between two animals. Being a young girl going to an all-girls school hadn’t helped her with much sexual education. She wasn’t supposed to be watching. But that day she just happened to turn up as her father was about to let a young heifer in with one of the young bulls.

The young bull was pacing up and down impatiently. He was for sale. Her father had a halter which he didn’t really need because as soon as he opened the gate between the two yards the bull raced through the gate and went to the heifer and sniffed at her cunt to satisfy himself that she was, in fact, in heat. His cock shot to full erection as he heaved himself up onto the heifer; after a couple of quick thrusts his cock found its target and with a jump he shoved his cock all the way into her. The young heifer stood there bellowing as the bulls hot cock tore into her for the first time.

Norma was fascinated as she watched the bull’s huge balls tighten as he climaxed deep inside her. Almost immediately he withdrew. Satisfied, his cock hung down limply for a few seconds before it vanished from sight again. A thin trail of semen was dripping from the heifer’s cunt. Even before Norma had a chance to turn away the bull heaved himself up onto the heifer once again and shoved his cock into the heifer and climaxed again.

She heard her father mumble, “He’s done the job.”

As he turned away the bull mounted the heifer again.

Norma felt all wet and sticky between her thighs. As she was out of her father’s sight, she pulled her dress up and pushed her hand inside her panties and touched the moist lips of her fanny. She rubbed the tip of her finger up and down her wet slit. As she was fingering her slit she was wondering what the heifer had felt like when the bull had shoved his cock into her. She was also wondering what it would feel like having something like that in her own pussy.

Norma took to going for long walks around the farm during that summer and she was always accompanied by her dog. It was on one of those walks she came to one of the many dams on the farm and, as it was a hot day, she decided to go swimming. Being well out of sight Norma stripped her clothing off and jumped into the cool refreshing water; her dog followed.

Norma and her dog splashed and frolicked around in the cool water for quite some time. When Norma, got out of the dam she lay on a grassy spot on the bank to dry off. By this time some of the Hereford cattle had come to the dam to drink. As the cattle milled around the dam Norma noticed that one of bulls had singled a cow out of the herd. The cow just stood there not attempting to move as the bull sniffed at her cunt. Norma could see his thin red cock poking out from beneath his belly. Then when the bull put his chin on her rump and heaved himself up onto her back his long cock poked out even further and he began thrusting, shoving his long red cock at her; the cow lifted her tail as his long red penis found the opening of her cunt. As the tip of his cock entered her cunt, he jumped forward. As he savagely drove his long cock into her the cow arched her back. With a couple of quick shoves the bull sprayed his hot semen into her.

As Norma lay there on her stomach watching the bull she became aware that something cold was touching her fanny, – it was her dog sniffing at her. Not wanting any part of this she got up and immediately got dressed. And as it was getting late she went home. Norma didn’t tell her mother what had happened that day fearing the worst; she never thought about it and never dwelt on what had happened.

She was eighteen when she finished school and got a job in the local township of Clare. Norma was still a virgin when she met a young salesman, named Stan. Norma and Stan got married six months later much to the dismay of her parents; they set up house in Clare. Norma had never seen a man naked before her wedding day; she knew that a man had to have a cock but the only cock she had ever seen was an animal’s. When Stan stripped off in front of her and she saw his under-sized erect cock for the first time, she was a little scared of what she knew was going to happen. Stan came over to her and quickly undressed her. As he held her in his arms and kissed her, his hard cock was poking into her stomach. He gently lowered her to the bed, spreading her legs apart he knelt between them. He brought the head of his cock to the lips of her cunt. Exerting a little pressure the head of his cock started parting her opening. As the bulbous head of his cock slid through her virginal pelvic ring he shoved hard and drove his cock all the way into her.

“Get it out! Get it out! You’re hurting me,” Norma screamed.

As he started sliding in and out of her now relaxing pussy her screams turned to whimpers and then groans, not of pain, but of pleasure. Stan finished just as quickly as he had started and rolled off of her he turned and went to sleep. Norma lay there with his sperm oozing out of her ravished cunt.

After the weekend honeymoon, during which time Stan managed to fuck her twice, he went back to work, as a travelling salesman. For the next year Norma spent a lot of time alone, wondering if that was all her married life was going to be. As Stan was often away for weeks at a time, Norma was always frustrated. Even when he was home his love-making never gave her any of the sexual release that she needed and deserved, her pussy was always hot and ready for a good fucking. When Stan did come home he just rolled on top of her and as she spread her legs for him he shove his cock into her and shot quickly. Leaving her unsatisfied.

For some reason, one afternoon whilst Stan was away she had been daydreaming about sex and more so she was dreaming about the incident with the bull she had watched some years ago. She was so hot and horny that her pussy and not her mind was controlling her thoughts. She had to get relief somehow and she had to get it fast. Her panties were soaking wet and her cunt lips and hairs were sticky from her juices; she wasn’t sure what she was doing as she pulled her skirt up around her waist. Lifting her bottom up off the lounge she slipped her wet panties down over her hips and let them slip down her legs to her ankles and then she kicked them off. Norma moved her bottom closer to the edge of the lounge spreading her legs wide she started fingering and rubbing her hot snatch wishing that her fingers were an extremely large, hot cock sliding in and out instead.
She had never contemplated being unfaithful to Stan, even though his cock never gave her satisfaction. She had definitely never contemplated anything like what was to happen to her during that eventful afternoon.

It was then, through half closed eyes, that she noticed Toby, their dog, trying his best to hump the corner of the coffee table. His long red cock poking out further than she had ever seen it before. She had seen and felt it on a number of occasions as she bathed him; a couple of times she had even felt it swell a little when she did touch it accidentally. The sight of his cock was making her hotter and hornier than ever.

Norma closed her eyes again, trying to recapture the daydream as she furiously rubbed her clit and cunt lips. It was the smell of her sexual arousal that had triggered Toby’s sexual excitement off in the first place. The dog came over to her and stuck his nose in between her widespread legs and licked at her hot snatch. Her eyes instantly opened wide not wanting to believe what had happened. She shuddered as his rough tongue touched the hot wet lips of her juicing snatch, again.

Norma pushed him away, but having tasted her juices he came back again. The more she pushed him away the more agitated he became. The hair on the back of his neck stood up and he growled at her. Norma thought of all the things she’d used in her slit, like her fingers, the candle, a cold cucumber and so forth and none of them had been as good as the real thing; even Stan’s cock would do at that moment. As she looked down at Toby’s excited cock she realised that this was the real thing and it was much thicker and longer than Stan’s.

Norma had no idea why she did it but she quickly stood up: it was as if she were under a spell, she undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor, stepping out of it. She was completely bare from the waist down. As she spread her legs a little and leaned down to pick the skirt up, Toby jumped up and tried to mount her from behind, thrusting his cock at her, occasionally brushing her leg. Standing up again she removed her blouse and bra and unashamedly stood naked in front of her dog.

Her hot, cock hungry cunt and not her head was now dictating the terms, there seemed to be no turning back. Then, not fully realizing what or why she was doing it and not even stopping to think about the consequences, she got down onto her hands and knees on the floor lowering her chest and shoulders closer to the floor, as her erect nipples brushed against the soft carpet, her ass poking higher into the air. She felt as though she were a bitch in heat.

Toby quickly took the hint. Walking behind her he started licking her ass and cunt. As the dog licked at her cunt, Her juices, still flowed freely. It only took a few seconds before she was on the verge of orgasm as the dog’s tongue parted her hot slit and he licked her erect, throbbing clit, slowly licking deeper and deeper into her. Then as he stopped licking Norma was disappointed. Thinking that the dog was finished she lifted her head and was about to get up when Toby mounted her. He thrust his cock at her cunt as he wrapped his front legs tightly around her dainty waist.

His cock missed the mark on the first few thrusts. The poor dog was so anxious he was whimpering and spraying his juices all over her ass and cunt hairs, leaving them wet and sticky. Looking back between her swaying tits Norma clearly saw the length of his cock poking out of its hairy sheath as he jabbed and thrust it at the hairy mound of her hot cunt. She was aching to feel his cock inside her hot cunt.
Then, when Toby’s hard cock found her opening he gave a shove that almost sent her sprawling on the carpet as his cock slid into her until his hairy sheath slammed against her opening.

“Oh! God! Oh! My God!” Norma cried as he buried his hot, rod like cock into her cunt, right to the hilt.

At that moment Norma felt like she really was a bitch in heat. Toby pumped his cock in and out of her faster than any man ever could. His cock felt hotter than any cock that she’d ever had her cunt before. As he went deeper and deeper into her his cock slowly expanded and lengthened as no man’s could. Stan’s cock was no match compared to the thick, hot cock that was sliding in and out of her snatch at that moment.

Looking back between her swaying tits Norma could see the thick red cock sliding in and out of her mound. She would never be able explain her inner feelings to anyone; Norma had never had anything this deep inside her cunt before; nothing could ever compare with the feeling of that long cock slamming against her uterus.

With each thrust his cock seemed to grow hotter and thicker inside her sucking cunt. Norma could feel the walls of her cunt contracting and relaxing uncontrollably around his piston like cock. She screamed and went into the most shattering orgasm she had ever experienced.

Norma felt a lump forming at the base of his hot shaft as it slid in and out of her. The first time she felt it slide into her cunt it wasn’t very big. Each time it brushed against her swollen clit her cunt contracted around the dog’s cock. The more he slid his cock in and out of her, the larger the lump grew.

By this time she was cumming so hard and fast that she couldn’t have stopped him even if she’d wanted to. She felt the dog’s cock swell even more as he sprayed her inner walls with his hot semen. With a final shove Toby slammed his cock all the way into her, her cunt lips stretched to accommodate the huge lump in his cock as he forced it into her. As her cunt swallowed that huge knot the tip of Toby’s cock slammed against the tiny opening of her uterus and he started shooting his hot sperm deep into her. Toby stopped shoving and humping as spurt after spurt of his scorching semen deep into her. Norma was suddenly scared as the huge lump knotted itself inside her. What if somebody comes, what will I do?” she was thinking to herself as she felt the dogs cum jetting into her. She could feel his hot sperm running down the insides of her thighs as he pumped more semen into her.

As soon as he finished coming inside of her his cock began subsiding and when it finally slid out of her it came out with a with a resounding pop. Norma collapsed exhausted on the floor. Toby stuck his nose into her snatch and licked her juices and his own sperm from around her burning, contracting snatch. When the dog had cleaned her he went and lay in the corner of the room to lick Norma’s juices from his own shrinking cock.
When she finally stood up she felt degraded and dirty so she went and showered, she lathered her pubic hair and mound with soap trying to wash all traces of the dog away. As she came out of the bathroom Toby came bounding up to her and gave her snatch another lick.

“All right,” she said to the dog. “I guess I did enjoy it, more than I thought I would.”

Norma got down on hands and knees again; the dog mounted her and drove his cock into her again. Norma’s knees might get sore but she is no longer frustrated. She had turned into a sexually satisfied woman and if Stan couldn’t satisfy her Toby their dog surely could.

Whenever Stan fucked her he left her up in the air so she went straight to the dog on the pretense of going to the bathroom. As Toby licked Stan’s semen from Norma’s cunt she always had an orgasm, especially when she knew that Stan was in the next room. Before returning to bed she always let Toby satisfy himself. Norma was always happy because Toby’s cock remained hard and hotter inside her for long enough to relieve all of the tensions and frustrations her husband leaves with her.


Norma’s love for her dog grew stronger and stronger. The love she’d had for her husband died. The dog was more than her pet, he was her lover. She had learned how to control her pelvic and vaginal muscles. She was able to tighten her pussy muscles around the dog’s hard cock to keep him inside her pussy longer. All Stan ever did was to roll on top of her, push his small cock unceremoniously into her pussy. After a few quick thrusts he would finish, pull his flaccid cock out and roll over and go to sleep. Stan’s cock was so small that she couldn’t hold him inside her pussy after he had finished. The result was that Stan always left her sexually frustrated and unfulfilled.

The result was always the same, leaving her with a craving for orgasmic release. The only way was to wait until she heard Stan snoring. She’d quietly slip out of bed and creep to the laundry, open the back door and let Toby in. Sex with Toby always left her sexually satisfied if it hadn’t been for that fateful afternoon she would have continued in an unfulfilled married life. Sex with Toby was to be very different on this particular night.

When Toby entered the laundry he immediately pushed his nose up between Norma’s thighs, Norma shuddered as he pushed his cold wet nose against her hot slit, and started licking seconds he forced the tip of his tongue between the lips of her cunt; his rough tongue was driving her toward her orgasm every time his tongue made contact with her sensitive clit. He was licking and slurping at remnants of Stan’s cum. Norma spread her legs even wider. She couldn’t hold back any longer, she climaxed her harder than ever before. Her legs went all rubbery; it took all the strength she could muster to remain on her feet. After settling down she quickly pulled her nightdress up and discarded it

The whole time Toby kept licking at her pussy, his rough tongue was going deeper into her open pussy; it was as if he was softening her up like he would a bitch, before mounting her. Her vagina was dripping with her juices and his saliva as he kept lapping at her pussy.

Realising that Stan might awaken and find her completely naked with their, so she opened the door, let herself out and Toby quickly followed her out into the yard and they headed for a secluded spot in the far corner of the yard with Toby sniffing and licking her ass and pussy as she walked.
She had never attempted to have sex with Toby outside in the open before. Even though the night air was quite warm Norma shivered a little as if she were cold. In her excitement her arms and legs felt weak as she was sinking to her knees to assume the doggie position Toby was wrapping his legs around her waist, trying his best to get his lengthening cock into her. She hadn’t quite reached her hands and knees, when she felt the hot pointed tip of his cock probing between her ass cheeks. Leaning forward she dropped and supported her upper body with her hands planted firmly on the soft grass, in doing so she dislodged Toby’s hot cock from between her ass cheeks and it slid between her thighs and briefly brushed against the parted lips of her hot pussy.

Letting go of her, he slid off her back.

Dropping her head down lower, she spread her knees and poked her ass into the air. She knew her pussy lips were gaping open, in anticipation of him getting his cock into her. He quickly mounted her again, wrapping his forelegs tightly around her waist. There was just enough moonlight for Norma to look back between her swaying tits and see her swollen hairy mound nestled between her legs and his hard dripping cock as he mounted her again. She wasn’t sure if her pussy was at the right height for him as she watched him thrusting his thickening cock at her pussy. He pumped his hips back and forth as he sprayed her ass and pussy with precum. Several probing thrusts later, he found the entrance to her overheated pussy, with the pointed tip of his hot cock as the tip of his hot cock slid between her pussy lips; he gripped her waist tighter and shoved hard. She felt his long thickening cock savagely driven way up into her. She climaxed again.

She could feel his cum squirting into her as he pumped his thick cock in and out, driving it deeper into her vagina with every savage thrust. Then when she felt his knot pushing against her pussy lips it and she knew what it was, and as it grew bigger and harder with every thrust. She knew he was going to force his knot into her, and empty the rest of his cum laden testicles into her. He gripped her even tighter and savagely thrust his hind quarters forward and upwards again. His shove was so hard that half of his knot was forced through the outer opening to her soon to be ravished cunt. Pulling back slightly Toby tightened his grip around her waist, his sharp nails digging into her skin. And savagely thrust forward her cunt stretched around the growing knot, Norma had to bite her lip to stop from screaming her cunt closed tightly around it the knot in his cock expanded to an even greater size through the tight opening to her vaginal passage. They were now tied together.

She felt the pointed tip of his cock was pushing hard against the tiny opening in her cervix. The pressure deep inside her cunt was for the first time turning towards pain, his cock thickened deep inside her. He was thrusting back and forth with short rapid strokes. Norma pushed back to meet his thrusts. With a final thrust the pointed tip of his hard cock found the tiny opening in the entrance to her womb. As the tiny entrance was invaded by Toby’s cock he pulled back slightly, gripping her waist tighter with his forelegs he thrust savagely forward again. Norma felt something deep inside her give and his cock painfully entered the neck of her womb. The painful thrust bought tears to her eyes again. Then she felt his hot cum squirting, deep inside her. As he continued to empty all of his sperm filled liquid deep inside her womb. She climaxed again. It was as if she were a bitch. Lifting his hind leg he turned on her and they were locked together like a bitch and a dog, his throbbing cock locked tightly inside her cunt.

The only thought going through her mind was, Stan can’t do it, can you? She knew what she wanted wasn’t possible but she still wanted it to happen.

“I wish you could knock me up, that would teach Stan,” she whispered to the dog.

Norma had always wanted to have a baby for as long as she could remember. She felt pressure building inside her as spurt after spurt of his hot cum filled her womb and vaginal passage. When he tried pull out of her, but all he managed to do was painfully drag her with him. She tried to stand up without success. There was no way he could pull his swollen cock out of her. The knot locked inside her had almost doubled in size as his cock kept jerking shooting inside her. She climaxed again which was followed by another and then another.

Sometime later the knot in his cock began to decrease until he able to pull his cock came out of her cunt. His cock came out with a loud wet pop followed by doggie cum running freely from her ravished cunt to the ground. Toby turned and licked and cleaned Norma’s pussy his saliva bonding her pussy lips together sealing his puppy making cum inside her. She finally managed to stand up on shaky legs, Norma watched briefly as Toby lay down and licked and cleaned his blood engorged wet cock, and then she headed for the laundry to clean herself up, noticing that there was a little dog cum leaking from her cunt. She was satisfied for the time being. Although she knew that the satisfaction she felt wouldn’t last for very long.

It was nearly 2 AM when Norma finally went into the guest room to get some sleep. Because her sexual hunger for Toby was growing she preferred to sleep in the guest room. As Stan was a heavy sleeper, but the thought of him waking up didn’t impress her at all. If Stan were to wake up he would want to fuck her with his puny little cock. She wouldn’t have been able to explain the amount of cum that was still in her pussy.


It was nearly 9.00am before she woke the next morning. Stan had already left for the office. She had been exhausted after the previous night’s sexual activities with Toby. Her sexual appetite had been satisfied for the time being. Going to the bathroom she showered and attended to her toiletries, taking great pains in cleaning her pussy lips and pubic hair.

For some time Norma had been considering the prospect of shaving her pubic hair. She knew that Stan would object to her having a naked pussy. The thought racing through her mind was exciting her. Sitting on the toilet with her legs spread she reached between her legs and rubbed and fingered her hairy cunt lips only to find that she was still wet from her shower. Removing her hand she bought it to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. As she was licking her fingers Toby came into the toilet and sat in front of his naked mistress. Norma could see the tip of his shiny cock poking out of its hairy sheath.

“Oh! Toby” she whispered, “You always seem to be ready, why can’t Stan be more like you? Especially in the cock department. Maybe then he could knock me up.”

Norma made her decision; she quickly stood up and taking Stan’s shaving cream she lathered her cunt hairs, picked up his razor she quickly shaved. Once she was finished she washed the remaining her pussy and went into her bedroom laying on the bed she admired her handiwork in the full length mirror. When she was satisfied with what she had accomplished. She got off the bed and got down onto her hands and knees beside the bed and waited.
Toby had followed her into her bedroom and was sniffing and licking at her cunt when she couldn’t take his tongue lashings any longer.

She said, “Now Toby.”

Toby needed no coaxing he quickly mounted her wrapped his legs tightly around her waist and with one shove he drove his long cock into her bare cunt.

When Norma felt his hairy sheath pressing against her naked pussy lips she orgasmed almost immediately. On this occasion Toby didn’t tie with her and as quickly as he squirted his hot cum into her and they came apart. Norma got off the floor showered and decided to do the housework and walk around naked, something she would never have considered had been Stan at home. When it came to nudity Stan had always been the ultimate prude. He wouldn’t even make love with the light on and he refused to let Norma sleep naked. He tolerated no panties but total nudity was definitely out.. Norma didn’t know how Stan was going to take the fact that she had shaved her pubes; she really didn’t care. He had always been against nakedness.
She found out quickly enough that night. As they lay side by side in bed Stan reached out under her nightie feeling for her pussy, he was appalled when he felt her naked pussy, he quickly pulled his hand away; it was as if he had been burnt. Stan jumped out of bed and he was quickly followed by Norma. A heated fight followed where insult followed insult with the bed between them Norma felt a little safety.

“You’re turning into a slut,” Stan yelled at her. “You think I don’t know what is going on, do you?”

“And what do you care,” she screamed back at him. “All you care about is how quick you can get your puny little cock into me and empty your balls into me and how quickly you can get to sleep. You are nothing more than a little cocked bastard who can’t satisfy a real woman.”

Norma stormed out into the lounge room quickly pursued by Stan. As he caught up with her he closed his hand into a fist and raised it as if he was going to strike his now furious wife. Fearful for her safety Norma went to the back door and let Toby inside. The dog sat quietly alongside Norma. Stan raised his fist to her again but thought better of it as the fur on the back of Toby’s neck stood up and he snarled menacingly at Stan. It was as if Toby was saying keep away she’s my bitch now not yours.

Stan backed off very quickly, not wanting to tangle with Toby as Norma said, “I want a baby but it seems you aren’t even capable of that.”

“Well I don’t,” he roared back at her. “I don’t want any kid stretching your cunt out of shape or sucking your tits.”

Norma walked out of the lounge room and into the guest room followed closely by Toby; she locked the door to keep Stan out.

Sometime through the night Stan packed a bag and left. Norma didn’t know how long he was going to be gone. So the first thing next morning Norma packed all of her things and departed taking Toby with her.

Norma had tears streaming down her cheeks as she drove recklessly out of the driveway. She didn’t know where she was going or what she was going to do. She had plenty of her own money; she didn’t need any from Stan. Norma knew that the days of marriage were over forever. She knew that there were going to be some difficult questions to answer when she reached her parents farm.


As far as she was concerned Stan was going to become nothing more than an image of incompetence, a failure as a husband and she would remember him as a man with a cock so small that satisfaction was impossible. Looking at Toby sitting in the passenger seat she knew that he could calm the raging fire in her stomach that left her yearning for a hot hard cock. Toby, since that first day had always been able to keep her satisfied. Norma had never known another man’s caresses. Stan had taken her virginity. She had never known that sex was a two-way affair with a lot of give and take. All she knew was that Stan had always been all take and no give. His lovemaking had always been brief and unrewarding. Toby on the other hand was more than a lovable pet he was an excellent lover and one who could never tell anyone about their affair.

Norma came to the realisation that Stan had most likely guessed what was happening between Toby and herself. She had always been careful and her personal hygiene and her cleanliness were always above reproach. It was always the same after being fucked senseless by Toby that she had a doggie smell about her. It was the main reason that she always showered after sex with the dog.

As she drove she was thinking about the times she’d had with Toby and how it felt when the dog shoved his hot cock into her. The more she reminisced the hotter she got. Her panties were soaking wet, she could smell the odour of her own excitement. Then looking at Toby sitting in the passenger seat she saw that three or four inches of his cock was poking out. Sideways glances at Toby’s emerging cock only added fuel to the fire that was burning inside her pussy. She knew that if she could smell herself that Toby also smelt her arousal.

The dog moved toward her but she pushed him away, saying “No, Toby.”

That was when Norma suddenly realised that she had turned off the road and was driving toward her parents; home, six miles from the main road. Toby started howling and jumping around. She stopped the car and let him out. He made his way to the nearest tree and urinated. Norma also realised the she needed to relieve herself as well. They were a mile off the main road and still a long way from the farm-house. Norma lifted her short skirt, pushed her panties down and squatted to pee.

The dog had never watched her urinate before. He bounded over to Norma stuck his nose up between her legs and started licking her pussy through the stream of urine. After she finished urinating she stood up pulling her panties up and lowered her and smoothed skirt into place. Toby’s licking had left her so hot. Unlike all dogs Toby was more interested in his mistress’s pussy than in any canine bitch. By licking her pussy gave him the chance to get her really worked up and to get himself ready. As she walked back to the car Toby stuck his head up under her skirt, gripped her panties in his teeth and pulled, his attack on her panties was so swift that Norma wasn’t ready. With a quick jerk Toby ripped the crotch of her panties to shreds.

Reaching the car Norma took the blanket off the back seat and spread it on the ground.

“I guess I’m not being fair to you, Toby,” she whispered.

She had never had sex with Toby out in the open, it had always been when they were always either in the seclusion of the house or in amongst the shrubs and bushes in her garden. This was something different and it aroused her immensely. Norma undid her skirt, let it drop to the ground and stepped out of it. Pushing her torn panties down; she discarded them. Naked from her waist down she stepped onto the blanket and knelt down and leaned forward and supported her upper body with her arms and hands. Spreading her knees wider, she lowered her head and looked back beneath her body. Toby didn’t need any prompting pushed his nose against her pussy and started licking again. She knew that her pussy gaping open, the dog was forcing his rough tongue right up into her pussy and teasing her sensitive clit.

It was Toby who decided it was time to mount his white-assed bitch. Jumping onto her back, gripping her slender waist tightly with his forelegs he nipped her on the back of the neck. He knew exactly where her hot pussy hole was, they’d had sex often enough. The moment the tip of his hard cock found her hot opening he squirted precum into her and with hard shove. He rammed his hard doggie cock all the way into her. She had never had sex with her dog in such an open area before and it excited her immensely. She felt more like a bitch than ever.

Toby forced his slightly swollen knot into her on the first shove; her hot cunt swallowed the swelling knot with ease; his knot instantly swell as pussy lips closed around it. His hot cum gushed into her, first a hot thin liquid followed by the thicker sperm laden cum. Norma climaxed uncontrollably. She could feel the pointed head of his cock pushing into the tiny opening of her cervix. They were locked together. She felt the pointed tip of his cock pushing hard against the tiny opening in her cervix. The pressure deep inside her cunt was turning towards pain, his cock lengthened and thickened deep inside her. Pulling back slightly he thrust savagely forward again, she pushed back to meet his thrust. Right at that moment the pointed tip of his hard cock found the tiny opening in her cervix. When he pushed it up into her she closed her legs and clamped down with her pussy muscles. As he filled her cunt with his cum, she felt a strange sensation deep within her abdomen, a feeling that she had never felt before.

Forty minutes later they parted, Norma retrieved her skirt dressed and getting back into the car and they continued their journey.
Norma’s pussy felt full and she could feel the dog’s cum oozing out of her. She felt a little pool growing in the crack that led to her arse. She was feeling uncomfortable mainly because she hadn’t bothered to put any panties on and her ass was sticking to the leather upholstered driver’s seat. The feeling she had deep in her stomach was something new to her. She knew that Toby couldn’t get her pregnant.

Norma was scared as she was thinking, What if Mum finds out what I’ve been doing with Toby. What will she say or more to the point what will she do about it?