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Darling is relaxing with a martini after work. Her husband is late at the office again. Thats ok, her step daughter is around to entertain her! Darling instructs her to taste her tantalizing toes and sniff her hard working sweat covered feet! She stuffs a dildo gag in her step daughter's mouth and teaches her how to give a proper foot job then makes Emma fuck her pussy! Darling is a MILF which means she is horny all the time and totally insatiable! Darling makes her stepdaughters shove her wet foot in her wet pussy until mommy cums all over Emma's adorable little toes!

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New girl Sara is an extremely cute, bubbly 20 year old girl. In clip, she has her very cute size seven soles propped up on the table for some nice bare sole viewing. She talks to you throughout the clip, and even talks a little naughty, telling you some of the naughty things she likes to do with her feet. Imagine how good it would feel to have Sara's soft bare soles wrapped around your......

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The good news for you is that we all LOVE busting balls and we heard you like it. What does it for you? Let's find out- spread those legs and brace yourself because this is going to hurt! How about some kicks, jabs and KNEES right to your groin. One of us will hold you up and let the other two kick you as hard as they can right square in your testicles. Your pain will be our pleasure.

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Yea you know you've never seen feet this hot before. I expect you on your knees sucking my toes and jerking your dick for them. My perfect size 10 feet are basically your sex life from now on so start stroking your cock like you mean it. Smell my feet and run your tongue all over them. Keep going faster and faster and I'll let you know when you can cum.

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Ember Skye is a beautiful blonde foot fetish enthusiast that cannot wait to have you getting all excited about her flawless feet. The perfect toes and unblemished soles will have you on the edge of pleasure in an instant.nI saw you taking a look at my feet while we were hanging out by the pool today, so after you left I talked to some of your friends and got your email. That’s why this video is in your inbox – I know you like feet, so I thought I’d show you them in all their beauty. You must think that you are the luckiest guy in the world to have me approaching you about my feet.nYou know, if you had just asked me to suck on my toes, I would have let you. These perfect feet could have been all over your tongue if you had some confidence. Anyway, I expect you to be playing with your dick – that’s okay. Just remember: next time, be honest about your foot fetish, and you could have a footjob from a girl as perfect as me.n

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I bet you'd do anything to get at my stocking'ed feet. You'd bury your nose deep into them and inhale for hours. I'll rub them all over your face and make you suck my toes through the nylons. How do they taste slave? - Goddess Deanna

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