Seal Island: Part 2


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The sharp, irritating jangling of the alarm woke me. I ached all over every muscle from my chest down hurt. For a while I just lay on my back looking at the unlined ceiling of the research hut aware of my nakedness in the chilly hut. The buildings of the research colony were all the same basic raw cut prefabrications were easy to transport and erect.

My stomach felt as if I had been pummelled by a two hundred pound irate girlfriend of someone I had encouraged too much. Every ache every twinge brought me back to the previous afternoon and the roughly amorous sea lion who had ravished me.

More than my aches served as a reminder of what happened last evening. I stunk and smelled fishy, but there is something else. The entire room smelled of a pungent ammonia like smell, but it’s different. It didn’t take long to realize the smell is coming from the wet mattress under my behind.

“Oh god!” I moaned as I eased my naked butt up to see a large wet patch of what is clearly discharged seminal fluid.

It must have leaked from me during the night and now had ruined my bedding. My foggy mind is clear now and I remembered returning to the shack to send out my evening report, but instead I had laid down exhausted on the bed for a moment, the last thing I remembered.

The computer monitor is flashing with an incoming signal. “Viv, are you there? Viv?”

I looked at the monitor and is glad the webcam is not pointing toward my bunk. I scrambled up stiffly and wrapped my robe around me and staggered stiffly to the computer chair.

“Where have you been girl?” He sounded Irate and my foggy brain is telling me he probably had a right to be annoyed. “You missed last night’s call. Why?”

“Sorry, boss,” I slurred surprised I still felt tired. “I got caught up watching a group of sea lions that haven’t left yet. Thought it’s strange.”

My brain is warming up and I felt a little white lie close to the truth is better than having to actually explain what happened.

“How many?”

“Four bulls, maybe more. I found myself out after dark trying to see if more showed. I was totally exhausted when I got back as it took longer than I thought.”

“It’s essential you report on time, we were starting to hit the panic button here. You know we have other problems?” I waited for him to continue. “It may take longer to get you off of the Island than we had planned. Maybe three weeks, or so. It can’t be helped, sorry. There’s injuries at two of the other stations and to top it off, the boat has some mechanical problems. I’ll know more later today”

“Three weeks?”

The news made me a little numb at first. Supplies I had plenty and solitude is fine, I liked being on my own, but I hadn’t expected that.


For the rest of the day I just read and lay around reflecting on what had happened in the late afternoon I needed to get out and about. I still ached, but I picked up the binoculars and went to the cliff just above the beach. The sea lions still lazed on the beach, which is beginning to take a pounding from the heavy surf. The waves looked bigger and more destructive than yesterday. The roar of the rollers over the rocky reef sending a spray that drifted onshore as a salty mist. Bad weather is brewing and the leaden sky above confirmed this.

I tried to pick out the sea lion who had ravished me, but I couldn’t see any distinguwashing marks allowed me to identify one animal from the other. One of the bulls laid on its side and its thick penis lolled several inches from its sheath.

I held my binoculars on the animal curious and fascinated. One of those things had been inside me, the thought made my groin clenched involuntarily. The seals dick is thick, fleshy, blunt, and appeared to have a glans (head) that emerged from another section slightly greater in diameter. This probably facilitated extension as it grew erect. My immediate comparison is with a stallion’s penis, which dropped thick and flaccid before becoming hard and erect. My thoughts were both troubling and erotic, and my pussy got all runny.


When I returned to the hut I’m still troubled by how I feel and I had to make myself busy to take my mind from the crazy erotic direction its taking. The scheduled time for the evening report gave me more to think about.

Barry’s call summoned me to the computer. “Viv!”

“Here, Barry.” I sidled into the chair in front of the monitor.

“Three weeks confirmed, I’m afraid,” he said.

He sounded genuinely apologetic.

“That’s fine,” I said, and to my own surprise.

I sounded almost excited by the prospect.

“I had a few discussions with the biologists, and they want you to take as many photos of all sides of each of the animals, so they can be identified and tagged next season. Ideally, they should be tagged now, but it’s a job for the experts – several of them. By the way see if you can locate any tags on them now, it’ll help.”

“There aren’t any, Barry. I looked them over closely today, but nothing.”

I’m a self-promoter and it didn’t hurt to let him know I’m on the ball.

“Great! Good thinking. So its photos dates and times that might help explain why the bulls are hanging around. Of course, it may be the weather, but ‘s for the biologists to determine. Good luck, Viv, and again, sorry.”


After dinner, I lay back on the bunk which still smelled of stale seminal fluid. The fluid had soaked into the mattress and I’m going to have to do something about it before the researchers arrived in a few weeks. At least I had extra time to do the washing and airing. For now my thoughts were elsewhere. Just what if I could get close enough to the bulls to tag each one. I know they usually tranquillise them to do it, but I had another way didn’t I. With that thought in mind, I fell asleep and dreams were torrid and graphically recollections of my close, very close encounter with the big bull on the beach. I dreamed of another close encounter several in fact. My dreams that night were many and excruciatingly erotic.


By the cold light of dawn I began to think again about what I had been considering. I shuddered at the thoughts I had. It’s one thing to fantasies and another to turn a fantasy into reality. For a time I lay in my bunk huddled against the extreme cold. The wind had risen overnight and the rain is beating against the bare weather board wall. Where the gaps were insufficiently sealed allowed some water to leak into the hut. None of the huts were lined or even insulated and although they’re basic they’re practical for their purpose.

Later, and with a warm breakfast to warm me, I’m sitting on the low cliff where I had been yesterday looking at the rolling surf. White foam floated into the air from the boiling sea and nowhere below could the four sea lions be seen.

“Damn it, where are you?” I cussed into the wind.

After a thorough inspection with my binoculars I stood disappointed. They must have left. After consideration I decided to move further around the island. It made sense with the way the sea is running the animals may have moved away from the direct hammering of the elements.

The island isn’t big, but it’s cut by a number of sheltered coves. A kilometre and a half from where the sea lions had been yesterday, a small sandy cove cuts back deeply into the western end of the island. This cove offered a likely shelter if it’s what the bulls had been seeking.

The rain is still beating hard, but as I walked west it’s now at my back and not cutting coldly into my face. I marvelled how just days before I had attempted sun baking on the beach near the huts, now I’m shivering in beating raining.

The cove I’m heading to being a hooked-shaped inlet eroded by runoff from the land and from the seaward side by the waves. After I topped the grassy rise near the inlet I walked down a low grade of grass toward the beach end of the inlet. Here the bluff behind me protected the inlet from the worst of the weather. Not more than twenty meters from me the bulk of the sea lions lie huddled against the sandy berms as one large grey-brown mass.

I backed off a few meters and watched the tightly grouped bulls. Like yesterday, one of the group is laying with his penis extended. I shut my eyes and let my imagination take over. There is no reason for me to have the thoughts I did, but I had them now. I felt the bull pushing into me and rutting me. Coming inside me filling me with his animal seminal fluid and the feelings the smells I’m having were so real.

I had thought about it and dreamed about it and now I knew I’m going to do it. I’m crazy, there’s no argument for it. I’m going to tag each of those bulls and earn the praise and favour of my boss. I would be an integral part of the research team if I could do this.

Slowly I removed my back slicker and then with little regard for the biting cold, I undressed and wrapped my clothes inside the folded slicker. I placed the bundle behind some reeds and removed my towel four tags and pliers. It’s really cold each drop of rain on my skin is like a prodding needle and I felt the chill to my bones. I’m shuddering with cold, my skin is little mountains of goose flesh and my nipples were heard.

This had to be the weirdest thing in the world. A naked woman on a lonely, isolated beach in the middle of a vast expanse of ocean. ocean is roaring with anger as the wind pushed the rollers into the rocky shore. Below me one of the bulls raised its head, its small round eyes fixed on me. They knew I’m here. I swallowed deeply pushed my shoulders back and with breasts jutting out proudly I forced my legs into action.

As I got closer to the beach my mind went from blank to total overdrive. I’m heading into unknown territory here. This is dangerous, but to me the dangers were surreal. There were four randy bull sea lions all together on a tiny beach, they were both brothers and rivals. I had seen the bulls on the beaches at peak mating season and they could be mean and angry if it meant breeding a female is the prize. Hopefully, I’ll be OK, is my naive thought. Hopefully they would sort themselves out into some sort of pecking order. One of them I’m sure would become beach master and have me. The others would have to watch and wait, then maybe challenge for his turn.

If the mating didn’t happen, then I would have to become the cautious armourist and make opportunities for each of the bulls to have his turn so I could get close enough to tag each of their flippers.

It’s a plan though not a good one, in fact, a stupid, dangerous plan, but I had become driven to do this. I wondered if it’s actually for recognition or just my own carnal pleasure. I’m still wondering when I reached the end of the little moon shaped beach a few meters from the watchful expectant studs. With shaking limbs from cold and fear I flipped out my soggy towel onto the sand and lay down face up. I placed the tagging pliers in my left hand for ease of access and with legs bent and parted to avoid being trapped under the massive weight of the Bull as I had been the other day I lay there hopefully enticing and certainly wet shivering and cold to the bone.

I’m aware the sea lion group is watching me from my first appearing on the grassy slope all the way to the beach. I felt the eyes of each one burning into me and from where I lay I saw the huddle of animals begin to move. First only one, then as a seething cranky organism of bodies. Only meters from me the bulls with one intention began to fight and posture. I felt the sand shaking as the huge bodies rise threateningly and thumped either into each other with barking yelps of intimidation or back into the sand. It’s little more than body contact but from my lowly position it’s an awesome display of power and dominance. One by one an animal backed down for what appeared to be no apparent reason.

My heart is pounding and in spite of the cold, I felt the hot flush of perspiration and panic. As I watched these dominant bulls fighting over me, I knew I shouldn’t be here, it isn’t a good idea being amongst these bulls as a lone female. I’m stupid. However, I had come among them as a naked offering, and now a beach full of testosterone focused on me. My legs were weak and shaky my heart continued to pound in my chest and in spite of the cold I felt hot and flushed. Just one of the Bulls stood between me and the other less dominant bulls. It’s the one who is going to have his way with me.

I didn’t know if it’s the same bull had taken me two days ago I just couldn’t tell, but with the beach now coming down under control my panic is subsiding. I’m still scared, but I’m also getting wet with anticipation. What I’m feeling is hard to explain or determine. I wanted to feel the bulls thickness inside me, I wanted to feel the rippling power of this animal as it pushed and parted me and cum inside of me.

I grow wetter still and I feel the runny trickle seeping from me as my over congested vagina began to leak between the crack of my bum. I slid my hand over my lower belly and between the sparse thatches of hair between my thighs. I felt my open and spongy folds as I had never felt them before. I raised my shoulders to look at myself. My labia is flared like a petal open and shiny slick with my own lubrication. I’m amused at the sloppy, slippery openness I had happened in spite of myself. I flushed hot and as I looked up the bull is already above me. His head is sniffing my neck. I parted my legs just a little more. My fear had passed, now I just wanted this big bull in a way I had not imagined I could have wanted anything.

I most likely exaggerated to say my fear had passed. The overwhelming fear one feels when something really bad is about to happen had certainly passed, but the fear of something unknown hadn’t. My heart rate is high very high and my legs and arms felt like jelly.

I couldn’t help but feel scared when confronted by the sheer size of the bull seal is now next to me so close so big and so dominantly male. I’m focusing on my breathing as the animal began sniffing me all over. Seemingly satisfied with what he smelled he moved in several ground shaking hops he had turned and swung himself around until his tail fins were covering my lower legs. His chest towered over me and his narrow whiskery face looked down on me surveying me with the deep enigmatic round pools of blackness of his eyes.

His head made a sudden move down toward me and I let me supporting elbows slide away and I lay back feeling the seals’ weight pressing my legs into the sand. The animal moved his body forward into the vacant space between my legs until his lower belly is pressing onto my pubic mound. For a moment I looked up at the still form of the sea lions, he checked out his opponents one of which is coming nearer either curious or threatening, I’m not sure which, but my suitor made growling threats toward the interloper. Even as he threatened the other bull I felt his lower half begin to thrust against me. I raised my shoulders once more to see the thick slug like appendage emerge from the concealment of the sea lions belly slit and slither across my flat taught tummy as it extended.

This close it looked threateningly huge, but I knew my flexible vagina could accommodate this red slug like a penis. The animal realizing he is missing his objective rose in a lethargic ripple and pulled back until the thick redness disappeared between my legs. For a moment all contracts were broken, then the extending penis is pressing into my hair lined wetness. A little higher than practical, but close. I drew breath sharply as he continued to thrust at me and with each thrust the pressure against my wet sloppy and inviting groin grew. Almost anticlimactic the pressure suddenly ceased and all I could feel is the spreading pressure of the sea lions shaft pushing into me spreading my human portal to accommodate something it’s not meant to.

I grunted with each thrust is seating the mass of warm slippery flesh deep inside me stretching me to my limits, but those limits were not the full depth the bull could reach. Each shallow thrust is like a suction against the walls of my tender vaginal opening. Each forward thrust lifting my bottom off the sand as the blunt hardness pressed into the back of my sheath and cervical protrusion. Each backward thrust making wet sucking sounds as it withdrew a little before reentering.

My left leg is now free and I raised it high against the warm fur of the rutting beast. Somehow I felt the comfort of his warmth against my inner thigh. Several sharp tugs brought my right leg free of its entrapment and I raised it high and pressed my heel into the back of the animal now laying over me pressing me into the sandy beach as it began a faster succession of rippling thrusts.

Then the bull’s front flippers pushed forward and he seemed to want to push further up inside me. I heard a weird groan and even as I looked around I realized it’s coming from me as the seal penis impaled me fully. Its penis began to swell alarmingly stretching pressing then discharging his sperm charged seminal fluid into me with such pressure I knew the some must be driven into my cervical orifice, and deeper into my belly.

The first and by far the most powerful discharge is followed by several more before the seal made several powerful thrusts and discharged even more of his potent seed into me. After the first blast the lesser discharges I felt more as an expansion of the beast’s penis and an increase in the spreading warmth deep up inside my body. Four long, breathless minutes the beast lay on me. My heart is racing my breath is short and raspy and my body had turned from a pale white to a hot blushing lust filled pink with beads of perspiration running from my neck along the valley of my chests.

Unable to cope with the seals’ weight any longer, I struggled free and drew back as he deflated slick wet sausage dropped from my distended gash and retreated back inside his own secretive slit which concealed his testicles and penis. For several long minutes I lay there as the sea lion surveyed his conquest. I had almost forgotten the tagging pliers until he swung away from me. I grabbed the cold metal handle of the instrument as the left back flipper landed on my chest scraping me with wet sand. With both hands free I slid the jaws of the heavy tool onto the flesh part of his flipper as I had seen the university people do and pressed. I’m rewarded with a sharp click and suddenly the surprised bull is lunging off toward the surf.

I lay back numb oblivious to where I am and what is around me.