Seal Island: Part 3


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What is around me is another of the bull seals. He closed in without a challenge. It’s all too clear I’m about to accommodate a second bull, and after the first I’m not sure I could. My choices were limited. Actually, I’m not given a choice. The Bulls are the masters of this tiny beach and I’m the lone female to serve them at their will. I’m still recovering from the powerful mating I had just endured. My legs wouldn’t carry me away in time, but nevertheless I’m going to try.

I sidled away from where I lay. Edging bit by bit toward the grass verge where the beach and land meet. The bull, in a characteristically rolling lunge, followed me. He more than followed ad he’s disruptively quick and is soon blocking my path to safety.

When I tried to stand, the bull lunged at me knocking me backward onto the sand. He’s quickly beside me and could feel the air vibrate with his rattling barks of disapproval at my attempt to leave. At that moment I feel like one of the tiny cows I had seen covered by the huge mass of rutting bulls. I recall their doe eyed look of subservience as the bull manipulated them into position to allow him access to their sex. I’m now the doe eyed female and my sex is even more open to the demanding bull. I’m not about to struggle, I’m going to be compliant and to show my submissiveness. I opened myself to the huge mass of testosterone sliding between my open thighs as I surrendered myself to him.

The roaring crash of the surf is the backdrop to the determined rape of my body. Sure, I had placed myself as an offering to the young bull fur seals, but now my ravished body wanted respite and this stud isn’t about to give me any. His first rolling thrust met little resistance from my already ravished and lubricated vagina. The swollen appendage entered me and pushed or extended into the back of my accommodating sheath. The first nudge against my already tender cervix is painful. It’s unforgiving and relentless as the bone stiffened penis bumped and nudged with each rolling thrust. It seemed like an eternity of hurt by this oversized penis. My best guess is I lay there many minutes, covered almost totally by the bull being pressed into the sand by its great weight while being fucked by the second stud.

My mind went numb and I withdrew into myself. I smelled the sea. Heard the pounding rollers sweep through the narrow entrance to the small cove, and felt the bulls racing heart against my chest. I’m trying to remain detached, but the sudden reality of a deep probing thrust and a stretching, expansion of the penis within me heralded the bull’s initial climax. I arched by instinct trying to escape the powerful probing penis, but It did little good as the gushing discharge filled my belly in a hot spreading tide of seminal fluid.

I struggled for breath while diminishing blasts filled my belly for a second time this cold wet morning in the middle of nowhere. Several more minutes passed while the sea-lion covering me finished his ejaculation. Lethargically he finally withdrew with a slithering plop and flopped down beside me one flipper across my chest like an attentive lover.

A half hour later I reluctantly eased from this bizarre embrace and stretching for the tagging pliers laying in the sand just out of my reach. I eventually managed to tag sea-lion number two.

I’m still dazed, my vision a little blurred and I’m dizzy as I bend over the huge male and snapped the tag into his left back flipper. To my surprise the bull seal hardly even reacted to the tag insertion, although he did flinch away from what must have been a stinging hurt from the tagging. When the male didn’t react I remained kneeling looking at his liquid brown eyes, which showed no emotion at all.

Beneath me the sand shook with a sudden thud. The bull seal next to me hadn’t moved, well not at first, and not enough to create a dull thudding impact. Then, with a surprisingly quick reaction he rolled away from me. Suddenly I’m aware the first bull had come from the water and he’s now lumbering toward us. His intent is clear, there’s going to be a fight. A fight over me, and I didn’t want to be near when the two huge bodies met.

I scrambled to my feet and immediately fell backward. Something hard hit my head as I fell and my world became black.


How long I’m unconscious I had no idea – minutes, hours, – I had no way of knowing. My head throbbed and a sharp pain stabbed into the back of my eyes in rhythm to a similar pain in my skull. There‘s an overwhelming smell of raw fish about me, hot gushing burst of foul fishy smells puffed directly into my face in unison with a thrusting of a body above me. Trying to focus is impossible as my vision is blurred, as if looking through a stained glass window. Only the sound of the pounding surf is clear.

As my senses returned slowly I realized I’m being mated once again, and the bull above me is close to completion. I could feel the thick penis slipping in and out of my distended vagina, pushing hard against my cervix as the massive bull possessed me. Minutes passed, then the rocking thrusts stopped. A short pause followed by the familiar burst of the bull’s seed sending a warmth spreading flush threw my tummy as he ejaculated his seed into my tender portal.

I groaned as he pushed hard against my battered cervix. I knew I couldn’t take any more of this without suffering permanent damage and I tried to ease away from the intruding maleness inside me. I’m partly successful, but my legs and hips were held firm by the sheer bulk pressing me into the sand. At the time I realized I had fallen onto a rounded boulder that had been plucked from the rocky headland and rolled smooth before being deposited on the beach in some past storm. Now it’s my pillow. At the same time my vision began to clear, although my head still throbbed badly.

Time passed slowly and the rain began to fall in wet, icy arrows into my already hurting face. The bull remained inside me for maybe ten minutes or more before slithering wetly from my clutching vagina. I’m still held firmly by the bull’s massive bulk, but I knew I’m going to get only one chance to escape. This is when he moved his weight from my hips and legs and I would have to be ready when the chance came.

A long time later, I lay in the freezing cold, sleeting rain, exhausted and numb, willing myself to move to get away from here. I’ve been nude in this environment for hours now and I knew hypothermia is starting to set in. The sea Lions were returning to the surf as I watched in the fading light of the day. Gradually I pulled my aching body to hands and knees, then with a supreme effort to my feet. I wobbled unsteadily at first unable to gain equilibrium, my legs felt like a wobbly mess of Jelly. Unable to remain standing, I had to steady myself by bending and placing both hands on my shaking knees for several minutes. Then more slowly I gradually rose again to my full height.

Step by shaky step I left the small cove, gathered my cloths and added the tagging pliers to the bundle. Then, without even a thought of dressing I made the trek back to the hut, seal cum leaking from my ravished pussy the whole way home.


I’m sick, probably close to pneumonia and all I could do is remain in bed shivering and perspiring. My sheets became saturated, but I didn’t have the energy to replace them at any stage in the first two days. However, I did manage to report back to base each evening, but it took a supreme effort of will on each occasion. I’m not about to let anyone know I’m unwell. Five days passed and I finally managed to leave my sick-bed and have a small meal. My head ached and I had belly cramps. I realized I’m overdue for my period. Considering what I had allowed myself to be put through, I guess it’s not a surprise. At the best of time my periods are erratic, never regular.

The following day I managed to leave the hut and on shaky legs I went once again to the cove where the Sea-lions had taken me so completely, but they were gone. I walked out to the small headland which overlooked the little cove, but there’s no sign of them fishing or frolicking in the now calm waters off the Island. Following the shore line, I looked in each cove but there’s no sign of the young bulls anywhere. My heart sank.


Over the next few weeks waiting to be retrieved by the research boat, I kept a sharp vigil on the beaches. Perhaps hoping for their return, but there is no sign of them. The day before I’m due to be evacuated I sit on the grassy slope near the hut and look out to sea. I had felt nauseous for the second day running and had vomited my breakfast. However, the sick feeling had passed and I had time to think now as I relaxed in the weak sunshine. I wondered why I let the bulls fuck me, and if I would do it again.

In spite of the very real danger of permanent injury, I thought I might do it again. Time has a way of allowing us to remember the good bits and forgetting or minimizing the painful ones. Now, after four weeks all I could reflect on was the erotic and pleasant fullness of the sea-lion as it forced its thickness inside me. I shuddered at the pleasant feelings the reflections brought to me in that moment. As if my groin clenched on the imagined fullness and I could feel the spongy hardness deep inside me spreading its warmth throughout my belly. Yes, yes, I would do it all again, I thought.

As I rose to return to the hut to make final preparations to leave, I stopped. I tilted my head to the side as I counted off the days with a feeling of dread. I ran to the hut and closed the door. The calendar behind the door told me all I needed to know.

I had missed my second period in a row and I had been sick two mornings in a row.

Numbly I staggered to my bunk, head in hands, and I began to cry.

It couldn’t happen, I thought in panic. It couldn’t be! It’s impossible!

I’m pregnant.