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File: Eva Lovia - Bed, Head & Breakfast (2k).mp4
Size: 635768851 bytes (606.32 MiB), duration: 00:39:44, avg.bitrate: 2133 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 128 kb/s (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 2000 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

Mick is visiting LA for the first time, staying in a B&B he found online. His hot hostess looks familiar - a little too familiar. After discovering a secret stash of sex toys, Mick realizes he's renting a room in the home of a pornstar! The sexy Ms. Lovia is a gracious host, serving her guest her tight pussy for breakfast.

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File: Azalea Stone - Bucket List Bae.mp4
Size: 241980918 bytes (230.77 MiB), duration: 00:32:04, avg.bitrate: 1006 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 129 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 768x432, 872 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

I was on my way to get some fresh eats but the restaurant was locked. Fortunately, this blonde cutie Azalea Stone was sitting outside and she let me chill at her table. We instantly started flirting and she told me about her bucket list. She said she wanted to hook up with a stranger like me and snuck me away to a bathroom. Azalea locked us in and took out her tits for me to squeeze while she massaged my dick. She must have liked what she saw when she took it out of my pants, because she was all too eager to suck my cock and drop her miniskirt. Then she bent over and showed me her ass, which had a curve to it that made me want to bust a nut right then and there. The lady let me fuck her right in the public bathroom, and after some doggystyle I shot big wads of cum all over her lips and tongue. She rubbed the cum into her tits and kept sucking me a while as a thank you for helping her check another item off her bucket list.

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Size: 717879428 bytes (684.62 MiB), duration: 00:23:15, avg.bitrate: 4117 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 110 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 3999 kb/s, 25.00 fps(r) (und)

We welcome the sexy Euro babe Gina Gerson in her debut scene for K1ll3rgram. She has to work late at the office and to relieve her stress her kind boss thinks a good fucking would help. Marc Rose plays the boss lucky enough to get to fuck this little hottie and enjoy her tight fit body.​

File: Sloan Harper.mp4
Size: 1167270158 bytes (1.09 GiB), duration: 00:29:57, avg.bitrate: 5197 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 189 kb/s (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 4999 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

Hurricane! Sloan Harper is trying to prepare for the massive category 4 hurricane that's on its way to Florida, but her dumb-ass, good-for-nothing boyfriend is nowhere in sight! As a matter of fact, when she calls him to see where the fuck he is, he tells her he's out playing poker with the boys! But just after she hangs up with that fool and tries moving their outdoor furniture herself, her boyfriend's pal Peter strolls in looking for her man. Hmm, that's fishy, because he's one of the boys.shouldn't he be out playing poker too? Whatever. Sloan doesn't have time for bullshit, the storm's on its way. Peter feels bad so he and his muscles move all her furniture.and it turns Sloan on. So much so that afterward she invites him inside and shows him how she wants to thank returning from the bedroom with her big natural tits out, wearing sexy lingerie! Peter nearly spits his water out, but Sloan tells him not to worry, that she's going to give him the best blowjob of his life. Which is a good thing, because with the hurricane about to sweep through, it could be his last!

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File: Cassidy Klein - Brother's Crush.mp4
Size: 319532790 bytes (304.73 MiB), duration: 00:31:28, avg.bitrate: 1354 kb/s
Audio: aac, 24000 Hz, mono, s16, 64 kb/s (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 1285 kb/s, 30.00 fps(r) (eng)

Part One:
My sister comes to visit me at college and instead of staying at a hotel, she says why would she do that when she could sleep with me? We did it when we were younger anyway. My only problem is, I love my sister. I mean, really love her. We've always had a really close connection like I've never had with anyone else. When she falls asleep, I can't stop starring at her body, and I sneak my hand over hers. I couldn't help myself, because I just wanted to touch more of her. To my surprise, she opened her eyes and looked into mine, and what happened next I never though would actually happen..
Part Two:
I came home a day early from school, even though I was supposed to come home tomorrow. I really just wanted to see my sister again. I cannot get the night we spent together out of my head! My grades even started slipping a little bit. This is more than just some crush, and she's more than just some girl. When I come in the room, she doesn't really seem thrilled to see me. I try to talk about our night together and she says shhhh and not to talk about it. I tried not to seem noticeably crushed, but I really was, until she put her hand on my thigh. And then started to go up a little higher. I guess I;m not the only one that can't control my urges in this family.

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File: Tana Lea - Pleasing Her Son.wmv
Size: 1613713881 bytes (1.50 GiB), duration: 00:34:05, avg.bitrate: 6313 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 320 kb/s (eng)
Video: wmv3, yuv420p, 1280x720, 6000 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)

Part One:
Tana brings you into her room to do what you like.

Part Two:
Mom takes care of your boner before you go to work.

Part Three:
Tana comes in from the pool to dry off. She see's you on the couch and comes in to talk to you, comforting you a little too closely.

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File: Abigail Mac & Keisha Grey - Abigail and Keisha.mp4
Size: 841202304 bytes (802.23 MiB), duration: 00:52:10, avg.bitrate: 2150 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 128 kb/s (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 2017 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

Buckle up and get ready for a [email protected] special - Abigail Mac and Keisha Grey are answering questions straight from [email protected] followers themselves! Get to know these two smokin' brunettes before they get down and dirty with Markus Dupree.

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File: Christiana Cinn - Taking Care Of Mom.wmv
Size: 2148973883 bytes (2.00 GiB), duration: 00:45:12, avg.bitrate: 6339 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 44100 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 320 kb/s (eng)
Video: wmv3, yuv420p, 1280x720, 6000 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)

Part One:
Your mom just got back from a really crappy date. She's been pretty lonely lately, but luckily she has you to come home to take care of her.

Part Two:
Your mom just got home from work and she is very stressed out. Hesitantly, she brings up the night you had with her, and asks if you could do it again. It would really help her..

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File: bcc.17.10.23.lexii.mp4
Size: 1503243432 bytes (1.40 GiB), duration: 00:43:04, avg.bitrate: 4654 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 125 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 4517 kb/s, 59.94 fps(r) (und)

Every casting is game of chances - is the girl going to go for it or walk out? Even if she's game for it all, how far is she going to go? So it's a huge relief when 22 year old food server Lexii flat-out admits that she likes anal. LIKES ANAL. Immediately that's all we can think about. Lexii has some gangbang fantasies that she hopes to live out in the porn biz. That's a pretty unique and hot reason to get into the biz, There's something..."filthy" about Lexii, in a good way. Perpetual bedroom eyes and that flirting thing she does, combine that with her love for anal sex (she orgasms from the assfucking, watch her feet!) and Lexii would make a pretty damn great porn starlet if she ever meets a real producer. If you're about to send me hate mail because Vince busts his nut on her face instead of inside her - don't. I'm very aware that half of you love creampies, the other half loves facials. I try to please all of you. There'll be plenty of creampies going forward, as usual.

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File: s.17.10.23.sarah.jessie.loves.oil.mp4
Size: 1982115084 bytes (1.85 GiB), duration: 00:32:28, avg.bitrate: 8140 kb/s
Audio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16, 128 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 8002 kb/s, 30.00 fps(r) (und)

This super slut cannot possible get any hotter. Watch Robby Echo oil up Sarah Jessie, and take her to pound town. She is the definition of fuck doll, and you will see why. Watch her deep throat cock, and get her tight little pussy filled up. He finishes by putting oil of his on right on her slutty face.​

File: Blair Williams, Cherie Deville - Anal Threesome With My Boss (2k).mp4
Size: 592584349 bytes (565.13 MiB), duration: 00:37:21, avg.bitrate: 2115 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 63 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 2048 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

After getting her MBA, Blair is ready for anything. It has opened a lot of doors for her but she wants to gain more worldly experience. When she meets a beautiful older lady who runs a very successful fashion empire, and is taken on as her assistant, it certainly opens her eyes. This woman never loses a deal and always gets what she wants - and now Blair is going along for the ride.

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File: mrs.17.10.23.penelope.cum.mp4
Size: 1226228598 bytes (1.14 GiB), duration: 00:26:27, avg.bitrate: 6181 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 5979 kb/s, 25.00 fps(r) (und)

Penelope Cum lies on the big white massage table having her sore muscles worked on by Radek, a therapist stud. Using his strong hands and a liberal amount of oil, Radek rubs the tension out of Penelope's back, shoulders, and neck, and the Spanish teen relaxes deeply. Penelope turns over, and invites Radek to continue the therapy, so he pours more oil on her big tits and shaved pussy. Radek is a hard-working man and prides himself on the satisfaction, so at Penelope's request, he penetrates her vigorously, bringing her to orgasm. Penelope returns the favor by taking his cock into her mouth, sucking it passionately, and then mounting Radek for a 69. Concentrating on his partner's enjoyment, Radek takes turns eating Penelope out and fucking her fast and hard, eventually unleashing his cum all over her body.​

File: Harley Ann Wolf - Boning The Bookworm.mp4
Size: 266349833 bytes (254.01 MiB), duration: 00:45:29, avg.bitrate: 781 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 128 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 768x432, 648 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

Glasses-wearing geek girl Harley Ann Wolf is supposed to be reading, but she can't keep her eyes on her book when there's a dick around. If this hot brunette nerd wants to get crammed in this study session, she'll have to get her boyfriend Van Wylde's attention. Brown-eyed Harley Ann knows just the trick to tempt any man: a teasing, tempting, sensuous footjob! Harley gets Van's dick so hard - first in her socks and then with her soft teenaged soles - and when she sees that cock standing up for her, she gives it a wet, sloppy blowjob. But Van can't get enough of Harley Ann's feet. He fucks and rubs her delicate tootsies before entering this petite teen from behind for some hot doggystyle. Harley thrusts her round, supple ass against him, then sucks her juices off his cock. Van worships this tiny tit nerd's pussy and blasts cum all over her pretty face!

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File: Allura Skye - Allura's Jealous Son Makes Her His Whore.wmv
Size: 1313207528 bytes (1.22 GiB), duration: 00:27:51, avg.bitrate: 6287 kb/s
Audio: wmav2, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 192 kb/s (eng)
Video: wmv3, yuv420p, 1280x720, 6099 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)

Allura Sky - Part ONE - Mom's Home From Happy Hour: Allura comes in from happy hour feeling good about the little bit of attention she got from wearing a sexy dress. When her son confronts her, saying she is dressed like a whore she loses her buzz. The dress isn't even that revealing, But he is almost enraged and suddenly Allura realizes she is not going to resist him. As far as he is concerned, his mom probably had every guy in the bar trying to fuck her, She belongs to him! He throws her down, rubbing and even eating her pussy, she doesn't protest like she should and things go too far. Her son's cock is ENORMOUS and he nearly destroys her pussy. She is ashamed that she comes all over his huge dick, and meekly goes to her room to put on "something decent to wear"

Allura Skye - Part TWO - Mom's Whore Gym Clothes: Allura had a great work out at the gym and is looking forward to a hot shower, but her son follows her up the stairs He can't believe how much her gym clothes make her look like a whore. Allura knows half the women at the gym dress in less to work out, and she thinks he is just being unreasonable, but she knows what happens now when he gets this way, He forces her to take off her slutty skin tight gym clothes and then work out naked. he is so possessive and jealous of his mom. He knows how hot she is, the way men look at her and he isn't going to share her with anyone.

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File: Lily Labeau - Just Desserts (2k).mp4
Size: 506709944 bytes (483.24 MiB), duration: 00:31:41, avg.bitrate: 2132 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 128 kb/s (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 1999 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

When Lily discovers her husband's cheating on her, she wants to get revenge served sexy. So she hires a hot chef, Keiran, to prepare an anniversary meal. After, she serves dessert dressed in nothing but whipped cream. But this sweet treat isn't for her husband - he's gong to watch as she offers herself to the chef instead.

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File: Evelin Stone.mp4
Size: 923440815 bytes (880.66 MiB), duration: 00:23:07, avg.bitrate: 5326 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 317 kb/s (eng)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 5000 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

Evelyn Stone's boyfriend isn't very handy around the house, but his buddy Ramon is, so he helps out and installs the new shower head they've been needing for some time now. Evelyn's been dying to take a shower all day, so once it's complete she's ready to get wet. And since the door's open, Ramon decides to take a quick perv peep on her as she undresses and gets in the shower! But because the door is open, Evelyn catches him in action! So, it's either she tells her boyfriend that his pal is spying on her naked, or.he gets naked with her under the water! Ramon's already sporting a raging boner, so her steps in to get sucked and fucked! Power hour in the shower leads to Ramon cumming all over his friend's girlfriend's big ass, and her telling him thanks for the free shower head!

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File: hlaf.17.10.24.samantha.rone.mp4
Size: 1520908717 bytes (1.42 GiB), duration: 00:24:45, avg.bitrate: 8193 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 189 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 7993 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (und)

We proudly present to you our brand new top model from the United States, Miss Samantha Rone. The blonde hottie with an amazing big ass and small natural titties is a foot and leg fetishist, starring in today's HLAF premium office ass fuck. Sit back, get ready, and enjoy a 4K multitude of mind-blowing anal sex, foot licking and toe sucking!

Soon after Erik Everhard inspects her shiny high heels, his hand strokes along her sexy thighs, which gives that stunning bombshell a wet hole within seconds. Erik Everhard's dick gets so hard, he can't wait for her to swallow it down her deep throat during a nice warmup blowjob. Soon after, a footjob makes her nipples hard and his balls vibrate! The two shift onto the couch and start an intense office ass fucking marathon! Watch that sexy blonde's ass gape and see that boy-girl XXX porn scene heat up when he fucks her doggy style, cramming her tight butthole with his massive rod!

Today's 4K foot fetish porn masterpiece ends with a load of cum on her sexy feet and two happy co-workers who can't wait to make their foot fetish dreams come true day after day at the office.​

File: ta.17.10.25.mary.wet.big.tits.deepthroat.mp4
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Brunette babe with big fake tits gives her man a deepthroat BJ and then takes it deep in cowgirl, doggystyle, and more, then gets a nice load all over her tight belly!​

File: Dana DeArmond, Khloe Kapri - Trick or Treat.mp4
Size: 359372851 bytes (342.72 MiB), duration: 00:30:59, avg.bitrate: 1547 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 1401 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

Teens Khloe and Codey venture up to the big house with the forbidding gate in search of some sweet treats. The lady of the house, horny devil Dana, is all out of candy, but the sexy MILF invites them inside, because she's got something even tastier to offer! Dana first turns her attention on Codey, running her hands all over his muscular body and treating him to a great view of her big tits as she sits in his lap! Khloe begins to feel jealous of the hot cougar monopolizing her boyfriend, but Dana soon shows that she's got more than enough sugar to go around! Soon, Khloe is getting a master class in deepthroating as Dana demonstrates her advanced cock-sucking techniques on Codey's hard dick! Codey gets the chance to fuck both hot babes in a delicious Halloween threesome far more satisfying than any candy!

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File: Cassidy Klein - Heart and Soul.mp4
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Flexible slut Cassidy knows her pussy is good enough to get paid for. So she gives it up to Charles whenever he wants, not just because he pays her well, but because his thick cock makes her cum over and over again. She leaves his apartment with a fistful of cash and a cunt full of jizz.​

File: Nickey Huntsman - Fucking The Fraud (2k).mp4
Size: 608372021 bytes (580.19 MiB), duration: 00:38:17, avg.bitrate: 2119 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 1986 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

When Nickey's husband gifts her an at-home session with Danny, a self-proclaimed "professional bed yogi", she's instantly suspicious of him. After spending the entire session interrogating him, Nickey finally starts to feel comfortable. As she eases into her last position, she hears a strange noise from Danny. The second she whips her head around for a look, her suspicions are confirmed - not only is he a fraud, he's jerking off on the job! As Danny panics and tries to make a swift exit, Nickey takes matters into her own hands and decides to put his dick to good use. Sucking, fucking and squirting ensues, just the way Nickey likes it.

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File: Katana - Spanish Asian Amateur s Sloppy BJ.mp4
Size: 270015884 bytes (257.51 MiB), duration: 00:31:31, avg.bitrate: 1142 kb/s
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Katana stood out from the crowd in Spain, so it's no wonder that dude tried picking her up. Lucky for him, she was down to flash her small tits and perky ass for a bit of money. Next thing you know, she was on her knees giving him a sloppy blowjob!

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File: Tia Cyrus Fucks Her Roommates Boyfriend.mp4
Size: 454840302 bytes (433.77 MiB), duration: 00:38:53, avg.bitrate: 1560 kb/s
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Tia Cyrus wants to bang her roommates boyfriend. This particular day, she couldn't resist the urge. She snuck up on him when he was behind the counter and started sucking his dick as he was talking to her roommate. Tia needs to get fucked badly. As her roommate left, she demanded him to fuck her. Of course, he complied and pounded her tiny pink hole all over their kitchen. Once she was properly fucked, it was time to make him nut. He busted a giant load right in her mouth.

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File: Chanel Preston - Anal Dominance (2k).mp4
Size: 516536817 bytes (492.61 MiB), duration: 00:32:33, avg.bitrate: 2116 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 2048 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

Chanel and her boyfriend are having sex when he's suddenly called away for work. She starts to pleasure herself when vito, someone renting a room from her boyfriend, walks in. After an intense stare down, she decides to let him finish what her boyfriend started.

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File: Anya Olsen, Lux Orchid - Mommy And Brother House Rules.wmv
Size: 950437480 bytes (906.41 MiB), duration: 00:25:26, avg.bitrate: 4983 kb/s
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Video: wmv3, yuv420p, 1280x720, 5000 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (eng)

Ive always fancied myself a loving mother; Im traditional and old fashioned. When a ruckus is heard suddenly from across the house (where my Son and Daughters bedrooms are), I storm into my daughters room only to catch the whore has stolen one of my sex toys! The reason behind all of the yelling and fighting! Shes such a bad little girl; she lies and tells me that he put it there but I know my little boy, he wouldnt do that! I cant believe how this little slut immediately blamed her sweet, innocent brother instead of taking responsibility for her own disgraceful actions. Her ruthlessness towards him didnt end there with the accusations either; the little bitch kneed my poor boy right in his precious manhood causing him to cry out in pain! Not Mommys baby! Its time to teach this little slut how to properly treat a man. I order her onto her knees before him, scolding her for injuring him and not doing as he says in the first place. I tell her that she must make it up to him by to worshipping his beautiful cock with her mouth until he feels better again. Once Im satisfied my baby boy has received a sincere and worthy apology from his awful sister, I force her to remove her panties and lie on the bed so that I can prepare her tight fuck hole to be penetrated by his young, hard and eager cock. Like any good mother would, I start by inserting one finger at a time into her, then another; the little whore is wet! My faith of raising a classy, obedient lady such as myself has been restored! I give my little girl a few gentle, motherly licks before I step out of the way of my perfect boy to have his way with his gorgeous sister. I remind him not to waste his cum on her face but to make sure he cums inside of her. She starts crying about how she is not on birth control and I tell her it's the only way I will ever be a Grandma! Were such a wonderful family! My are so lucky to have a mother who loves them like I do!

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File: num.17.11.08.riley.reyes.acceptance.massage.mp4
Size: 1580521171 bytes (1.47 GiB), duration: 00:39:43, avg.bitrate: 5306 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 5108 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

Soon to be Step-Siblings Riley Reyes and Alex Legend receive phone calls from their parents inviting both for supper. Both Alex and Riley have never met until Alex visits Riley at the Nuru Massage for a rub me down. Alex knows the routine and they both undress and head towards the shower. Alex explains why he's stressed out in meeting his new sister and mother-in law. Riley remarks that she's coincidentally in the same scenario. Riley rubs Alex's athletic chest with soap and warm water, then slowly leads her hand towards his enormous cock. Riley goes on her knees and sucks his colossal cock with her succulent lips until Alex is ready for his Nuru Massage. She pours nuru gel over his naked body and her perky boobs and reassures him not to stress over meeting his new sister. She glides her body over his back, has him turn around and jerks him off with both hands. Riley fills her mouth with his cock then asks permission to fill her pussy. She rides his huge cock, moaning and panting with pleasure. Alex finishes her off by pounding her tight pussy vigorously and pops his hot load over her pink pussy lips still oblivious that he just fucked his sister!

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File: Adria Rae - Suck And Blow (2k).mp4
Size: 557485376 bytes (531.66 MiB), duration: 00:34:55, avg.bitrate: 2129 kb/s
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When Keiran gets home from work he overhears his teen babysitter talking on the phone about a game she's going to play at a party that night. It's called Suck And Blow - a game of passing cards which quickly leads to kissing. As Keiran eavesdrops on Adria's convo, he learns she's nervous because she wants to impress a guy she likes at the party. Intrigued, Keiran tells Adria he'll give her a little "practice" before her big night. Soon the innocent card game gets carried away as Keiran teaches the teen how to suck and blow his big cock.

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File: Stephanie West.mp4
Size: 397135014 bytes (378.74 MiB), duration: 00:30:43, avg.bitrate: 1724 kb/s
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Your wife Stephanie West loves you so much, and just knows you're ready to please her at a moment's notice. Well, the notice is now! Stephanie has had a long day and all she wants is a massage. Squeeze some lotion onto your hands and start at the top by her shoulders. But soon she'll want you to work your way down.down, down down. Grab those big ass cheeks and squeeze! Slide your and all over them, around them and in between her legs. Now you're giving your wife what she really wants! And when she turns around to give you a blowjob, you know you've been attentive to her! Fuck your wife nice and good and see how the golden rule works!

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Olive Glass feels bad for her friend's husband Justin Hunt, because his wife treats him terribly. Olive even points out how she berates him in front of everyone during social functions, then scoots off to the bathroom with some other guy for nearly an hour! Olive wants to give him what he deserves; after all, he really is a good, nice man.with a big dick. She's had her eye on him and his prize for quite a while, and she seizes the moment to get what she wants and relieve him from his evil wife! No matter that his wife is her best friend - he still needs a good, long, sweaty, hard fuck. What are friend's for?

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Being in need of a proper hard fucking, Vanessa turns to a hookup app to get that good dick. She matches up with Charles who can't wait to get his hands and mouth on those big, juicy titties and plump ass after she sends some filthy pics his way. She's waiting by the door when he gets there and makes his day by filling her mouth with his big load.​

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"Who doesn't want a cute, tiny girl?" Eighteen year-old blue-eyed ginger Briar Rose is ultra-petite, at four-foot-nine-and-a-half with tiny tits. Briar told us all about her experience with girl-on-girl and threesomes, how she loves getting her ass slapped, and her favorite sexual positions, before announcing how well she takes dick. She talked a big talk, but her milky white ass was everything she made it out to be. Then she played with her pussy through her clothes and this firecracker even talked dirty for the camera, teasing us and driving us crazy with desire. Briar fingered herself until she was dripping wet and ready to orgasm, then it was time for phase two of her audition: this tiny teen let Johnny Castle lick her pussy and asshole, before swallowing his big dick. Even Johnny was impressed by how this newcomer sucked dick. After a good, long fucking and cum facial, we were afraid Briar might melt the lens from the camera and decided to call off the audition!

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A girl with a bit of mid-eastern look but almost zero tits was looking to fuck me and since I love these types, I could not refuse. After nice blowjob she fucked me, showing that nice foreign pussy with a piercing. It was nice that she was doing almost all the hard work fucking my cock, with me just lying and enjoying it. I fucked her for a bit to show her who is the man before she finished me, however I was fucking so much lately, my balls were literally empty in the end. Send in the next one, tho!​

File: Anastasia Knight - Sorry Honey.mp4
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Hi, honey, it's me. the smoldering hot blonde love of your life, Anastasia Knight. Listen, I know you've been mad at me about how much of your money I've been spending, so I put together a sexy black lingerie outfit and an even sexier video to tell you about my new compromise. See, I met this really generous guy, Robby Echo, and he's agreed to help me out with some extra cash. All I have to do is get dolled up like a little call girl and do whatever he desires. But don't worry sweetie, he doesn't mind if you watch! Let me show you all the things I do for him, like sucking his cock, fucking him in our bed, letting him lick my asshole, and moaning when I take his dick in doggystyle. You won't mind if I let him cum all over me, will you? I think I'm really good at this amateur porn thing, agreed? #sorrynotsorry!​

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Milf Cum Slut Lara J is back at K1ll3rgram Towers to have a full on, wild gang bang session with the Cum Team. Its an all action hardcore fuck fest as Lara gets her fill of hard cocks. A great scene for lovers of reality hardcore porn.​

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