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File: Ashley Fires - Bitchy Blonde Boss Ashley Mind-Fucked.mp4
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When bitchy boss Ashley Fires berates Kevin Moore for being late, he mesmerizes her with a devious smart phone app. Soon the pale blonde is rubbing her wet pussy in an erotic trance. Kevin orders his new slave to stroke herself while sucking his stiff dick. Ashley obediently gets on all fours for a doggie-style fuck. The spellbound slut rides his boner. When she emerges from her altered state, Ashley's mouth is filled with sperm.​

File: Katya Rodriguez, Lily Rader - Road Trip Ep 2.mp4
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Katya Rodriguez and her stepbrother Brad Sterling continue on their family road trip. This time, they stop to pick up their adopted cousin Lily Rader so they can take her to college. Lily instantly starts flirting with Brad since she thinks Katya is sleeping. She flashes her tits at him and is quick to join him in the bunk that he's lounging in. Soon Brad is finger banging her hairy pussy. Whipping out his dick, he slides into her from behind.

Urging Brad down into the chair on the lower part of the RV, Lily hops back on her cousin's dick so she can ride his hardon while rubbing her clit. He brings her off, pounding her pussy until her whole body is bucking from the force of her climax. Then she drops to her knees to suck Brad off. At the last moment Lily's hand stroking his stiffie makes Brad cum while his dick is aimed all over Katya's face. She makes it known that she's awake, but her cousin is there to lick her clean.

Now that the two girls have started touching each other, they're both open to some threesome action with Brad. They work together to give him another blowjob, then take turns riding his dick. They then alternate between which girl gets to have her pussy pounded on her back while eating out the other. Brad fucks Lily so hard that she can't help but explode again! Moments later, he cums inside her to fill her with a hot creampie. The rest of the roadtrip is passed in companionable silence.​

File: Carolina Sweets - Things Are Different Now That Were Grown.mp4
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I can't believe after all these years, you finally broke up with her!

What do you mean! You used to talk to so much on her, I thought you hated her!

Well I didn't "hate" her... but let's just say that I'm glad you guys are over.

What about you, weren't seeing some guy recently?

Oh please, honestly I just kept him around to fuck...

Omg sis!! You were using the poor guy! You are so bad!

Oh come on, you're bad too!

I'm no where near as bad as you are! Mom and dad were so worried about sending you off to college... They're just glad you didn't come home pregnant!

LOL shut up bro! ....isn't it weird being back in this room we shared together when we were young?

Yeah it's super weird. Now everything is different, and we're all grown up

Do you remember that weird thing we would do? We'd get completely undressed and show each other what we had...

We were such strange back then sis lol

We should do it again... see all the changes we went through. You know you were the first penis I've ever seen!

No way sis! We can't do that, that's not really something that siblings do... you're joking right?

And you're not curious to see what I look like? Look I'll go first...

But everyone is home!

Then I guess we better not get caught!... Now take your pants off!

I'm shocked that my sister remembered all those times we got naked in front of each other... it's not like we knew any better back then. But now, after a few beverages, I catch myself in a sticky situation with my slut of a sister. She bends over in front of me, teasing me with her pussy as she pulls her shorts down... We stay as quiet as possible to not get caught by our parents as I pound her wet cunt! This is not what I was expecting during my trip home from college!

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File: Sidney Alexis - Fucking Mom While She Makes Dinner.mp4
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Son, please... Calm down. I need to finish making dinner.. And your Father will hear us... He's in the living room watching football... Let's just wait until tonight. What's gotten into you lately?.. Alright fine, but we have to make it quick....

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File: bcc.17.11.13.arianna.mp4
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18 year old fast food worker Arianna enjoys porn featuring old men and young women, and admits she might actually be into girls but isn't sure. She's also not so sure about the getting-naked part in her audition. Or masturbating with toys. Or eating Vince's ass. Or doing ass-to-mouth. We manage to talk her into some of it, but for some she stands her ground. For being barely legal, Arianna is pretty good at drawing the line. Still, despite her hesitation and boundary setting, our blonde, blue-eyed teen gets her delicious ass fucked until Vince busts his nut inside her Hershey highway, all for those modeling jobs that don't actually exist. She confesses that today she got the best sex she's ever had, so the whole ordeal wasn't a total loss for her. Great job, Vince!

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I had a beautiful Hungarian brunette named Tina Belle in my office today. Tina had just gotten out of a long relationship, she told me, and absolutely loved sex, so she thought she would give porno a try. Tina had many sexual adventures under her belt, and long relationships too. I told her she could fetch a fair rate for girl-girl scenes, but the real money was in boy-girl action. Tina was willing to give it a try, so I asked her to strip down to her underwear for a quick photo session. As she posed in her white bra and panties, my dick started to get hard, so I suggested we film a demo porn to send to my producer friends. Tina was happy for the opportunity and quickly got naked, showing me her perky tits, shaved pussy, and tight ass, before giving me a blowjob. I fucked her doggystyle, then missionary, and her pussy was so good I came quickly. I got hard again almost immediately, so I kept fucking her, eventually cuming for a second time on her ass!

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Teen stud Connor is about to turn twenty, but is already one of the luckiest men in the world: he's caught the eye of sexy MILF Eva Berger. Eva, a stunning redhead, grinds her big ass up against Connor's cock as he lifts her grey skirt for a better view. The lovers kiss passionately as Connor feels Eva's beautiful big tits, then eats her pussy and ass. Eva and Connor move to the bedroom, and the redhead MILF pushes the younger man on the bed. She unbuckles his pants as Connor feels the blood rush to his throbbing cock. Eva gives him a masterful blowjob, then mounts his thick dick to fuck him cowgirl style. Connor fucks Eva's pussy sideways, and the couple 69, savoring each other's taste, until Eva is so turned on she jerks Connor off onto her face!​

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After angsty Chloe gets roped into a dinner date with her mom and Keiran, her mom's conservative new boyfriend, she decides to have a little fun with him. Though her mother makes her to change out of her typical goth attire, Chloe has a special surprise waiting for Keiran under her totally tame dinner dress. How far will she go to freak out her future stepfather?

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File: Miley Cole - Roomie Watches Kinky Porn.mp4
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When homie spotted his sexy roommate Miley Cole rubbing her pussy and watching some kinky porn, he had to get it on film. Lucky for him, being caught in the act turned her on so much that she had to get his dick inside her!

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Ania Kinksi was running down the street when I spotter her, a brunette MILF in distress. Her bag was missing and along with it her money, her passport, and her phone. A Polish woman who lived in France, Ania had a hotel room in Prague, but had no idea how she would get home to her husband without any currency. She was a little panicked, so I offered her a deal: if she showed me her beautiful big boobs, I would give her some money. At first she thought I was crazy, but when I pulled out the wad of cash it didn't take long for her to flash me. Normally ladies put their boobs away quick, but Ania left them out: flashing had turned the MILF on. For a bit more money she gave me a blowjob, then wanted me to fuck her in her pierced pussy. We found a secluded location and I fucked her pussy missionary, doggystyle, and cowgirl, before cuming in her mouth. She swallowed every drop!

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We had never fucked before but she was wearing her tight black dress and her ass cheeks were poking out the bottom with her dress pulled that high that I could almost see her pussy. She led me into the bedroom and then climbed up onto the bed with her butt pointing right at my face. I could see her panties...​

File: Ashley Fires - My Reluctant Cuckold - Anal Slut.wmv
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Are you ready my little Cucky Hubby? Are you ready for you Birthday Present? I bet you can hardly contain yourself! Tonight you are going to witness first hand my Boyfriend fucking my ass! I know you have seen the videos and heard me talking about how much I love it. But now you will see it in person. I have never given you my ass before and you will never have it. It's his. He owns my pussy and ass. He can have them anytime he wants. You can not but I will allow you to witness it on specialoccasions! You will see how much I worship his cock. I gag on it and take it all the way down my throat. It makes my pussy soo wet when I have his big cock in my mouth! He cums all over my face and I scoop it all up and put in my mouth. I never waste a drop of his cum. Then he throws me on the bed and starts fucking my pussy hard while you sit there watching how a real man takes me. Even if he cums he still stays hard unlike your limp dick! I tell you how much I love fucking him and how you could never satisfy me the way he does! I tell you to come closer so you can see his cock pounding my wet cunt! I scream his name and tell you what a worthless lover you are. Then it's time for his cock to enter my ass. It just slides in there. I'm so turned on that my ass just swallows up his big cock. I cum so many times you lose count! I beg him to cum in my ass. His shoots his huge load deep inside me. I gape my hole so you can see his sperm swimming in my asshole. I stick my fingers in there and scoop some cum out. I make yousuck it off then I let you lick my freshly fucked ass. Happy Birthday you lucky Cucky!

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File: Meana Wolf - My Sisters Panties.mp4
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Mom and I were waiting for my older brother...we were late for school. "Will you go get him please? We're going to be late!", She nagged. "Fine", I grumbled and trudged up the stairs. He had shut himself up in the bathroom again. He does this all the time...usually with the door locked. Sometimes I like to bug him and jiggle the door handle haha just to scare him. But today the door just opened! There he was shirtless...jerking off...I was totally embarrassed. I mean maybe I thought it was kinda funny...But then I saw my panties sitting on the counter. He'd been jerking off with MY panties. At first I thought it was kinda funny and I sorta made fun of him for a second. But then...I realized it turned me on. I asked if he wanted to sniff the ones I was wearing. I couldn't believe I just asked my brother that. Mom was waiting downstairs but I just couldn't help it. I was curious. My brother was curious too I think. I wanted him to touch me...he wanted to touch me. We couldn't stop ourselves...we just had to fuck.
xoxo Meana Wolf

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File: Mandy Flores - I'll tell Mom Father's day taboo with Mandy Flores.mp4
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Father's day and Mandy was expecting to have some daddy daughter time. She is bugging her dad who is trying to watch porn in his office that he needs to take her somewhere and do something fun. He says that hell be done with work soon and for her to go get ready. Some time passes and Mandy comes barging back in. Dad, I'm ready lets go. Dad quickly shuts off monitor again. OK honey, just give me a few more minutes please. Just lock the door please i need some privacy. Mandy confused and now a little curious. Why do you need privacy? What were you looking at? He makes up an excuse and tells her just 5 more minutes please.Mandy pretends to lock door....She comes back after only a couple minutes and this time her dad had his pants pulled down and panics to turn off the monitor as she is coming to see what hes really doing. mandy flores. What were you looking at, why cant I see? She turns on screen and starts giggling at the image on the computer. He turns it off and asks her to please leave. Dad I'm not stupid, I know what youre doing in here. He tells her even more reason for her to leave. Either you show me what youre looking at or Ill tell Mom how you're "spending time' with me. She turns it back on knowing he has to show her or else. Her eyes widen and mouth drops at the video that is playing. Dad says this part is pretty good but I was actually watching this. The video changes to a blowjob scene and Mandy is glued. This is HOT! Dad says, OK, that's enough and goes to turn it off. No dad, I want to watch. She notices his pants are down and teases him about it.Dad tries to explain that this is his private time and this what he likes to watch and yes he masturbates to it. He doesn't get a lot of this kind of private time when Mom is home. Well, can I watch it with you? I don't care if youre touching yourself. I wont look, I just don't want to be alone and bored and this is very interesting. She promises she wont tell if he lets her stay and watch. As they watch the erotic blowjob scene together dads state of mind takes a bad turn. He starts asking her inappropriate questions. Are you shaved down there? Have you ever done that before? She says no and he asks if she wants to try. Um.....I would love the learn how to do that. Can I practice on you? She begins to imitate on her daddy what she is seeing on the video.She looks at the computer and its a different scene now. Daddy, I want to do what theyre doing. Hes licking her down there can you? He helps her pull her pants and panties off. He kisses and spreads her soft legs and eagerly tastes her. She lays back and enjoys her dads tongue and fingers all over her wet swollen pussy.I want it daddy, give me your cock. Points at the screen and demands he does the same.. Give it to me, give it. Or Ill tell Mommy. Make me cum Daddy. She smiles at him, she knows he has no choice but to give in to her demands. Hes rubbing his cock up and down between her pussy lips. I wont tell she promises him. He cant fight the temptation and he penetrates her virgin pussy. She gasps out loud, Oh God!! It feels so good. Make me cum daddy. He glides in and out of her pussy. Don't stop daddy, I'm gonna cum! She begins to scream out in her first orgasm and its to late to try to pull out now, he fills and sprays her pussy with cum. His jizz is oozing out of his daughters pussy and hes at a loss for words for what hes just done. Don't worry daddy, I wont tell anyone. This was really fun we should do this more often. I'm going to really enjoy having our secret daddy daughter time from now on.​

File: Adriana Chechik - Sibling Anal Squirt Fest.mp4
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Adriana Chechik is being introduced to her new step brother Tyler by her dad. The naughty little vixen and her new sibling begin flirting with each other right away. Tyler shows her his cock under his towel and while at first she is surprised, then she likes it. He then even gets bolder and slips under the table to eat her sweet young pussy out. Once the father leaves, he fucks her right there on the dining room table in both her pussy and ass making her squirt several times in the process.

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Returning home from a long day at the office, Nadya sighs with pleasure as she strips off her staid business attire and sky-high stilettos. When she hears a noise, she goes to investigate and finds her husband Ryan has come home early to surprise her with a gift! Knowing his wife's passion for shoes, Ryan has brought Nadya a new pair of heels, and she eagerly models them for him before thanking him with a kiss. Their embrace becomes more passionate as Ryan can't help but get turned on by seeing his lover in just a bra, panties, stockings, and high heels that perfectly show off her slender body and big tits! Soon, Nadya is showing her appreciation for her husband's thoughtful gift with a blowjob that has him yearning for more! Before long, she's slipped off her new shoes so that she can ride Ryan's cock and treat him to a romantic foot job!​

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Derrick Pierce purchased an island in paradise and is currently seeking staff for the business. Lacey Channing has the beauty but not so much the brains, however, she is a massage therapist and shows off her skills to secure a spot in Derrick's heart by any means necessary, including a full body rub down. Derrick gets butt naked and has Lacey stroke his growing cock. She takes off her dress, revealing her Lacey bra and matching panties. She leans in and begins sucking her bosses cock, stuffing her mouth with a bad ass boner. Derrick wets his fingers and teases Lacey's shaved pussy and has her spread eagle and eats her out vigorously. He picks her up mid air, throws her on top of his hard cock and rides him with her wet pussy. They change positions making Lacey orgasm simultaneously until Derrick busts his load over her hot pussy.

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File: Taylor Sands - Rommate Potential.mp4
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Don't fuck the roomie. That's rule number one of the house. It's never been a problem for Antonio Ross, but it all changes when Taylor Sands comes to visit the place! While he gives the smoking hot brunette a tour of the house, he tries to keep his cool, especially when Taylor purposefully teases her perfect ass and big tits! Of course, Antonio tells her about the "no sex with roomies" rule, but Taylor seems determined to test his resolve! She takes off her shirt and climbs on the glass table where she starts sucking Antonio's big hard cock! As Taylor points out, they're not roommates yet, so the rule technically doesn't apply! Then, she titty-fucks him before begging him to fuck her! Then, he is more than happy to pound her dripping wet pussy!

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You can look, but you can touch, too! This is the hope of Tyler, the pervy boyfriend of Raven Redmond's roommate. Raven just moved in with them due to some financial problems, and Tyler's stoked because she's got big natural tits, which puts his flat-chested girlfriend to shame. But he's not trying to split up with his girl, he just wants a sneak peek of Raven's big boobs, which is why he spies on her in the bathroom.until he gets caught! Raven understandably laughs it off until Tyler takes it to another level and tells her he did it intentionally and wants to feel them in his hands, too! He even gives her the incentive of living two months rent-free! Raven can't pass up that deal, and she can't pass up Tyler's big dick in her pussy, either!

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My blonde bombshell girlfriend Molly West was looking so fucking hot in her outfit today. I guess I was still in amazement of how I managed to score such a hot girlfriend like Molly, because one look at her and I can tell that she's got the most beautiful set of eyes and perfect dick sucking lips! I teased Molly when she got back in the car about not wearing a bra and I couldn't wait to pull down her top and see her big titties on full display! Molly's one kinky broad, proven by the fact that she's got pierced nipples and acts shy about having some naughty fun in traffic--but really she loves every second of showing off her beautiful boobs! After we drove around for a bit, Molly wanted to head back to our apartment where I couldn't wait for her to suck my rock hard cock! Molly wanted to go change her clothes but after all that teasing from the car ride, I just really wanted her to taste my cock! So Molly sucked me off for a bit, then headed into the bedroom. But I just couldn't get enough! I sat down on the bed and played with Molly's sweet pussy lips before she couldn't handle my behavior any longer and pulled down my shorts to finally suck my dick like the proper slut she is! Molly's pussy became instantly dripping wet so I pounded her pussy in various positions until finally I got it out of my system--and jizzed all over her beautiful tits and face! Good golly I sure love fucking my gorgeous girlfriend Molly!

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File: Chloe Scott - Exes with Benefits (2k).mp4
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For as long as she has been dating, Chloe always likes to stay friends with her exes. Not because she doesn't like to hurt their feelings, but because she likes to keep her options open. When she happens to meet up with one of her exes while she is on vacation with her latest boyfriend, she knows she has a decision to make. Will she risk it all for old times' sake?

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File: Monica Asis - Sexy Mexican Monica.mp4
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Busty petite Mexican mama Monica Asis wants to know if she has what it takes to fuck on camera. This 23 year-old brunette with brown eyes and D cups says she loves sex: she tells us all about her favorite position, her experiences with girl-on-girl, and her nightly masturbation routine. We were curious so we asked Monica to show us how she plays with her pussy: she pulled her panties aside and squeezed her beautiful tits while rubbing her clit. She passed part one of the audition, but we wanted to see if she could stay in character despite distractions, so we gave her a script to read and had our veteran male talent, Sean Lawless, come and wiggle his dick in her face. Monica tried to keep reading while sucking Sean's cock, then Sean welcomed her to the industry while she gave him a proper blowjob. Next Monica made her entry into porn official when she slid her pussy down on Sean's cock for some hot fucking in her kneesocks. Welcome to the big leagues, Monica!

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Nobody likes answering surveys, but when a hot teen redhead like Maddy O'Reilly comes knocking on your door with a clipboard in hand, how can you say no? And what if this shy slut comes to your door with cum dripping down her chin? Brad Knight and his wife think they should let Maddy in so she can get cleaned up, and when Brad's wife leaves the room, this homewrecking harlot starts cockteasing by rubbing her pen on her lips and around her busty bosom. Brad is left wondering what kind of survey question "do you want to spank me?" is supposed to be, but at least he knows the answer is "absolutely!" Next thing Brad knows, Maddy is sucking cock in her purple sundress, stripping to her sneakers, and getting her pussy licked. Then she lets Brad give her his dick in doggystyle and fingers her pussy when Brad gives her a second helping of jizz on her face. So what will Brad's wife think?

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Cory is sexy MILF who runs a specialty cake business out of her home. While putting the final touches on a special cake to be entered in a local cake competition, she leaves the kitchen for just a second to grab another icing bag when her new step-son Xander shows up and ruins everything. She returns to the kitchen only to catch Xander chowing down on her beloved creation. Furious, she decides to teach the little twerp a lesson about touching things that don't belong to him and makes him chow down on his dad's favorite peach cobbler. And if he thinks he can get away with dining and dashing, he's got another thing coming. After he eats her out, she makes sure he fucks her as good as she deserves (and then makes him do the dishes).

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Stunning blonde with big tits Bibi Noel is here for a treat. She will have the chance to get her sweet pussy pounded by the well-endowed clown Mark Zane. Mark enters the scene dancing with all of his raw joker energy ready to fuck. He starts by eating her ass before she reciprocates by swallowing his whole cock down her throat. She then goes down on him and begins riding this harlequin stud. Mark drills her wet pussy until he busts all of his clown cum on her tight booty.

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Luckily for me, her pussy just did not have enough cock at home and now she is here. She shows me her mind-and-cock blowing skills and for that she gets my hard cock stuffed deep inside her cunt. In the end I give her a nice cum-splat on her ass and her back tattoo.​

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It looks like Cherie Deville and I came a long way for nothing. We hopped a flight to see this artist Nathan Bronson, about buying his painting for our gallery. But after seeing this work of shit Cherie and I decided to help him out. You see, his artwork lacks passion, so we need to show him what real passion is. I'm betting Cherie and I will get our point across once this poor bastard is buried in our hot pussies and dripping wet mouths.​

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When the ex-wife shows up wearing the exact same dress as the new wife for Thanksgiving supper, you know there'll be trouble. Luckily, this trio knows how to get along when it comes to fucking.

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File: Cherie Deville, Olivia Austin - Thanksgiving Turkey Toss.mp4
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When the ex-wife shows up wearing the exact same dress as the new wife for Thanksgiving supper, you know there'll be trouble. Luckily, this trio knows how to get along when it comes to fucking.

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Lady Dee is the teen star. This House of Taboo episode will blow your mind and give you an instant boner once you see that slim masseuse from the Czech Republic naked on the floor, fucked hard by her client Tarzan.

The brunette bombshell is a tattooed teen masseuse with a medium skin tone, small ass, and long hair. The gorgeous hot babe loves submissive sex games and can't wait to be spanked by Tarzan, who smashed a massive plastic dildo all over her tight butt cheeks before cramming her mouth with that mega dick! He pours oil all over her and rubs it in, slides his hard dick up her vag and fucks that submissive fetish-loving student on the massage table. While holding her nose, he fucks her deep throat and makes her choke a bit before banging her tight twat over and over again, which makes that young masseuse moan ecstatically. Her nipples get hard as he penetrates her face and finally covers her gorgeous face with white spunk!​

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Tyler is fed-up having to deal with Evelin's stepmom. He has to go to ridiculous lengths to see her because Diamond has banished him from the house. So he's decided to sneak in one last time to see his girlfriend. When he thinks he's in the clear, he starts making out with Evelin. Turns out he never should have underestimated Diamond's knack for knowing absolutely everything that goes on under her roof. Diamond decides she's going to teach Tyler and Evelin a lesson they won't soon forget. If they're going to fuck under her roof, they're going to do it her way!

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Alex comes into Nuru Massage in dire need of help after getting kneed in the privates by his angry girlfriend. Apparently, using her savings to buy himself a dirt bike was a big no-no. Blake Morgan knows just what he needs and invites him to step into the shower. Alex is feeling a little shy when Blake Morgan invites him to undress, she wastes no time in shedding her own clothes making him feel more at ease. As he removes his pants Blake is surprised at his raging hard-on, which he says he's had ever since the swift groin kick incident, he's in definite need of a release treatment. She slowly starts with phase one, a warm shower. Slowly working her way to his erection, stroking his very big cock and getting him ready for phase two, the blowjob. She expertly works him over with her mouth, barely hiding her satisfaction at having him come in while she was on shift. Being a consummate professional, however, she sets aside her desire for his cock and moves on to the NURU gel. Alex is agreeably surprised at the sensation of having Blake's hard body and big therapeutic tits sliding over him in this manner. It makes him crave that release even more. She flips him over and shoves his now throbbing penis deep down her throat and massaging it with her gel coated hands, getting it very wet and ready for a little extra. She straddles his cock and very slowly, very sensuously, introduces it into her wanting pussy. Blake can't help herself from moaning a little and exclaiming at how big his cock is. After some adept riding, Alex takes over and starts thrusting his cock as hard as he can, trying to reach maximum penetration. The deeper the better, if he wants a good therapeutic release. When Blake takes control back, she rides him to the point where he's about ready to burst before hopping off and making ejaculate with a vigorous handjob. At the sight of all that cum and after all her hard work, she treats herself to a little taste!

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Friday is here, and so is the GangBangCreampie action you've been waiting to see, get your cocks ready cause this is a masterpiece!

What time do those legs open? They open right now, Sadie is on the bench and she's surrounded. The time for talk is over, now it's time to get it on. The #Cocksmen are chomping at the bit, so they get her on her back, and get her pussy in their mouthes. She's a little bit of a screamer so the guys are on mouth duty all day, making sure she doesn't bring the house down. That's okay though, a cock fits perfectly inside her weenie washing machine. As they go around tasting her pussy, keeping her busy, one of our guest #Cocksmen has quite a a special talent. He gets his hands in her pussy and LITERALLY within 3 seconds she's squirting all over the place. I mean is that a record or what? Personally I can't say I've ever seen anything like that before. Not sure if Sadie has ever experienced such quick ecstasy. The guys all take turns fucking her pussy in every direction they can. Her tiny pussy looks so amazing taking all those cocks. After each guy has had a chance to feel her insides, they start filling those insides with CUM. She loves feeling them explode inside or her, she loves tasting the cum straight from the pussy, and she loves cleaning the mix of cum and pussy juice off their cocks. They guys give her as much as they can, she's quite insatiable. She takes 5 loads in and on her pussy, and a nice facial feeding. That last glazing was so hot, we had to show you twice, so we do hope you enjoyed that instant replay action. Even if she won't admit it, she is an ANGEL, our kind of angel, the slutty kind. She was so fantastic, and probably the best birthday gift Mr. Mitt has ever gotten.

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What is it with young people these days? I had stuck-up blonde Mickey Tyler over to chill in her tiny denim cutoffs and bra, but surprise, surprise, all she wanted to do was stare at her phone. I thought I could bring this brat back to meatworld if there was some big cock on offer, so I had Mickey tell me about all the places on her body she wanted a nice hard dick to go. Before we hooked Mickey up with the Vitamin D she was craving, we had her shake her tits and play with her pierced nipples. Coed Mickey told us she'd rather be a little slut than work a 9-5 and she demonstrated how she plays with her pretty pink pussy lips. When Mickey was horny and ready to beg for big dick, my buddy Bambino came around and showed her what she was hungry for, so Mickey took his cock into her eager mouth for a deep, sloppy blowjob. Next Bambino fucked her and gave her a facial to satisfy her urges. This brat got just what she wanted and more.

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My male talent didn't seem to want to show up so I fucked the photographer. This is why I cant show his face sadly! I was surprised on what a good fuck he was for not being a performer. His cock felt so good I could feel him fighting to to cum through this entire fuck. his cock was throbbing I guess watching for so long really does make you better. He used my pussy Ike it was the last pussy. he was ever going to get. He fucked me so good I couldn't help but feel so good! I came so much and begged for his cum everywhere! Fucking this photographer really made me think I should do this more often maybe just to come over and get fuck more often by him too! Part 2​

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Today is Bruno's lucky day. He found his sister's phone with naked pictures of her best friend in it. She decided to text her from his sister's phone so that she could come over. Once there, he revealed that he had found the pictures, but he wasn't about to give them back to her. Instead, his sister's best friend propositioned to suck his cock in return for the pictures. He instantly agreed. After his dick came out they went all in from there. They didn't just stop at the blowjob. HE fucked her in several different positions before busting a giant load inside her juicy pussy.

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