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File: mbt.17.11.27.Gina.Gerson.And.Kayla.Green.Partys.Over.mp4
Size: 359670208 bytes (343.01 MiB), duration: 00:42:23, avg.bitrate: 1131 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, 2 channels, s16, 128 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x400, 997 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

Blonde MILF Kayla Green returns home to discover that her new stepdaughter, petite teen Gina Gerson, had a wild orgy the night before! Kayla enters the house to find it a mess and that Gina is still partying the morning after! Wanting to teach her naughty stepdaughter and her friends a lesson, Kayla puts them to work-except for Gina, who ends up cleaning her stepmom's pussy! Luckily for these sexy sluts, Gina's friend, Jordi, wants to join in on their fun! Looks like the party's over-or has it just begun? Kayla and Gina give Jordi an incredible double blowjob, then this sexy trio gets down and dirty on the sofa while Gina's friends clean up. The other girls can't help staring as Jordi pumps both these babes with his dick. After Jordi his load all over his friend's stepmom, she pays the other girls and sends them on their way, but not before they see her covered in cum. Gina learns an important lesson - always invite Kayla to the party!

File: bcc.17.11.27.blake.mp4
Size: 1457415101 bytes (1.36 GiB), duration: 00:46:37, avg.bitrate: 4169 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 125 kb/s (und)
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If you're one of the 5 people on earth who haven't seen Paris Hilton's infamous sex tape from, oh a million years ago, you can get a quasi-Night In Paris catch-up by watching Blake's casting video today. She says she gets confused with Paris Hilton a lot and Vince and I believe it. Although Paris' dick sucking skills in the video appear to be about on par with Blake's (mediocre), the heiress falls short on taking it up the ass, like Blake does. Mind you though, Blake talks a good game during her interview about how anal ain't no big deal . Fast forward 20 minutes and it's a painal show she won't ever forget. She also claims she's a real freak in the sheets, which makes her perfect for porn. Blake definitely is overly confident in her sexual skills and aptitude but Vince brings her back to reality which his cock mastery pretty quickly. Highlights are definitely the anal, and the massive creampie Vince shoots in her pussy - which I then tell her to eat up and the let dribble out again for your enjoyment. This chick walked in like a princess and left like the cum-filled gold digger she really is. Sound familiar?

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File: fka.17.11.27.claudia.bavel.mp4
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I was interviewing Claudia Bavel today, and it took all my willpower to look her in the eyes instead of staring at her giant tits! Claudia was wearing a mini-skirt and a low-cut top, and her all-natural boobs were barely contained inside it. Claudia wanted to be an actress, but wanted to make a lot of money first! I balked at the idea of Hollywood: those jobs are few and far between, and not entirely reliable. Looking at her big booty and slim waist, I suggested a career in porn. Claudia loved sex, so she was very interested. She stripped out of her bra and panties so I could take some pictures, and the 20 year old got so horny she started masturbating! It turned her on even more when I pulled out my cock, and she gave me a wet blowjob before twerking for me, then taking my cock doggystyle on the couch and missionary on my desk! She told me she adored eating cum, so I was happy to oblige her with a facial.

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File: Ariana Marie, Vicki Chase - Anal And Open Relationships (2k).mp4
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Vicki and her boyfriend have always had an open relationship and she has found it liberating. Although it is awkward at times, they have their boundaries and always seem to make it work. No hooking up with each others hookups and no threesomes. The only problem is that her boyfriend's most recent conquest is definitely someone that Vicki would like to get to know better. Is it time to change the rules?

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File: August Ames & Monique Alexander - The Exxxceptions Episode 4 (2k).mp4
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 1973 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

After blowing up a strip club, Monique goes out in search of her next evil thrill. When August, a wealthy housewife-type returning from a secluded month-long yoga retreat who has yet to learn of the "disappearance", picks up Monique hitchhiking on the side of the road, the two women become fast friends. The naive, newly-"enlightened" August is eager to impress her "#1 girl crush" and try new things, including hitting up a biker bar with her brand new bestie and nearly fucking the life out of Xander, a self-proclaimed good guy who wants nothing more than to find his beloved girlfriend.

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File: Violet Starr - No Fucking Spoilers (2k).mp4
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Violet's blind date Keiran is a total dud. Not only is he rude, obnoxious and cheap, he also had the audacity to spoil the ending of her favorite TV show's big finale! When Keiran reveals the big twist ending of the movie they've settled on watching, Violet is desperate to shut him up so she enjoy the rest of the film in peace. What better way to silence a guy than sitting on his face? Afterwards, Violet allows Keiran to stick his dick wherever he wants - as long as he doesn't say a single fucking word.

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File: Lily Adams - All Tied Up.mp4
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Lily Adams knows that girls have needs, and she's happy to take care of herself. She puts on some porn and starts rubbing her clit and breasts as she masturbates her landing strip pussy. She has just reached climax when her stepbrother Kyle Mason finds her. He rushes to tell their parents, but Lily intercepts him and offers to do anything he wants to keep her secret.

She spends the next few days being nice to Kyle, but when that doesn't work for her she decides there's a better way to take care of her problem. She coaxes Kyle into her room to help her with a problem and then ties him to her bed so she can be in control now. Pulling down her stepbrother's briefs, she snaps some incriminating pictures and then strokes and sucks him into hardness. She gives him a show with her perky all naturals, and then lifts her miniskirt so he can admire her snatch.

After another deep throat session, Lily swings her leg over Kyle's chest and plants her pussy in his face so he can eat her out. Scooting backward, she mounts his fuck stick and starts riding him while her medium boobs bounce until she explodes with a climax. When she's ready for round two, she uses Kyle as her personal stud again until he brings her off one more time. Her position of power lets her demand a creampie that leaves her totally satisfied.

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File: Synthia Fixx - Horny Realtor Gets Her Asshole Stretched.mp4
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Johnny Castle and his wife are looking for a new house. However, with their new realtor, Synthia Foxx, he's getting more than just a new house. While his wife wasn't paying attention, Synthia decided to go for his cock. Time after time, she seduced him, until eventually she pulled his cock out and began to choking on it as his wife was in the other room. After the house tour continued. Johnny's wife walked out to answer her phone. This gave them the window to fuck. Synthia's pussy and asshole got stretched in several different positions before busting a giant load all over her giant tits.

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I had met Yasmeena online, and we had agreed to meet up today in Prague. She knew me from my movies, which impressed me, because it's not easy to find porn in Afghanistan! Yasmeena had convinced her husband to take a holiday in Prague, but secretly, she was only coming to see my dick. She offered me 1000 Euro to have sex, and looking at her natural tits, I happily agreed. We made sure no one was around in the forest, then Yasmeena gave me a blowjob. My dick barely fit in her mouth, but she really wanted it, so I offered to rent a hotel room for us. I left Yasmeena in the room while I went to the sex shop to buy lube, and decided to surprise her with some dildos. Her pussy was so tight I had to train her a bit first, but with enough lube my huge cock fit inside her. She came hard on my cock, then got on her knees and enthusiastically begged for a facial!

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Saya Song has to get a job thanks to her loser dad. He's got a gambling problem and now, the spoiled Princess, has to fend for herself. Not wanting to leave the house, she figures massaging people from home might be the best play for her. But when her first client walks in, she gets a blast from the past she wasn't expecting. Matt Sloan walks in and recognizes Saya immediately: he went to high school with her and remembers how she treated him. She tells him that she's changed but he's not so sure.

Matt has second thoughts and decides maybe it's best if he leaves but Saya needs this gig, and his money, and will do anything to make him stay. She promises that she'll give a massage he'll never forget. She entices him by taking off her lacy gown to reveal a two piece of sexy white lingerie. She starts taking off his clothes and as reluctant as he initially is, he eventually succumbs to her and lies down on the massage table. She oils up his back and gets to work telling him he won't regret staying. She has him flip over and holds the towel for him getting a nice peak at his huge package. She can't help but smile.

While she works up and down his legs she grabs his cock and starts jerking him off. Getting it nice and hard she puts it in her mouth and starts sucking it. Spitting on it she savors every lick, she takes of her panties and gets ready to put that hard cock inside her. She fucks him as she rides up and down on his hard dick. He flips her over and eventually cums inside her. She promised she would give him the massage special and she certainly delivered!

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File: Abigail Mac & Katrina Jade - Hard 'Core' Training (2k).mp4
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We dusted off this VHS of yesteryear to bring you a Brazzers fitness lost classic - Hard 'Core' Training. Join your hosts Abigail Mac and Katrina Jade as they gyrate the calories away! Katrina and Abigail are sure you'll have that banging porn star bod in no time if you follow their simple tips and tricks. With the help of fitness guru Johnny Sins, they are ready to take this workout into overdrive as the seasoned pro shows off just how hardcore this workout is gonna get. So make sure to stay hydrated and with enough masturbation you'll have the porn star look in no time!* (*YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY. [email protected] MAKES NO GUARANTEE THAT MASTURBATION WILL GIVE YOU A PORN STAR BODY.)

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File: Alisha Rage aka Alisa Rage.MP4
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Our little sexbomb Alisha Rage did a nice little DP creampie session during her trip to us. Our guys worked her petite body so hard, and she took it really well. Those DP moments as well. And those dripping creampies slowly built up, and received in due time at the end.

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Girls that know just what they want - this is what I love. This blonde with a very beautiful body with a supertight pussy got my rod really throbbing the moment I saw her. She opened with a nice sucking of my cock and balls and then I let her sit on my dick and work that tight pussy. I fucked her until she screamed which got me over the edge and I jizzed on her pussy.​

File: Loren Minardi, Monique Woods - Meat the Parents.mp4
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When Monique invites her boyfriend over for dinner, her father loses his appetite when he sees Dean's bad boy looks and tattoos. Stepmother Loren has a very different reaction! Dean is clearly hungrier for Monique than the food, stealthily running his hands up his girlfriend's creamy thighs and even playing with her pussy under the table. After Loren's husband storms out, the sexy brunette MILF decides it's time for her to get a taste of her stepdaughter's lover! Loren admires Dean's tattoos, and Monique is happy to pull off her boyfriend's shirt to give both ladies a better look. Before Dean knows what's happened, both stepmother and stepdaughter are on their knees sucking his hard cock! Hungry for a good fuck, Dean gives Loren and Monique a passionate threesome that's deliciously satisfying!

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File: Mia Monroe - Selfies And Sextoys.mp4
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I was driving around with my gorgeous girlfriend Mia Monroe next to me in the passenger's seat. Mia's a long legged beauty and I couldn't wait to celebrate our anniversary together! I got Mia a special surprise and I couldn't wait to give it to her! Mia reached into the backseat and pulled out the gift--which was the vibrating dildo she's been begging for for months! I got her the pink one to go with her tight, pretty pink little pussy! I really wanted to see Mia play with it, so I convinced her to try it out right there in the car! Mia pulled down her soaking wet panties and started masturbating, getting her clit absolutely throbbing for cock! I had another gift for Mia when she got home--the gift of dick that is! I pounded her pussy all over the house before finally cumming all over her! There's nothing like celebrating a sexy anniversary with selfies, sex toys and a horny as fuck Mia!

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File: Heather Harris - European Teen Hardcore.mp4
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Smoldering hot European brunette Heather Harris needs a place to stay, but the rent her new roommate, Jordi, is demanding, is too high. Heather tries negotiating with Jordi, but her first language is Hungarian. Fortunately, Heather knows enough English to say "do you want me?" and understands that the answer in any language is going to be "yes, please!" Heather strips off her red tanktop and bra to show off her tits for a small reduction in rent, but she's willing to go all the way for Jordi if he will give her the apartment for free. Heather loses her jeans and panties, and when she's fully nude she takes Jordi's dick out to show him how they give hummers in Hungary. After the blowjob, Heather lets Jordi taste her pretty pink pussy before leaning back to take his cock up her tight, wet slit. Heather might not speak much English, but after seeing her take a doggystyle deep-dicking, you'll be convinced she speaks the language of love.

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November 29th 3:12pm - Case # 3599030 - Suspect known as the dash and grab was finally caught. LP officer was due for a big bonus on this apprehension. Suspects bag was emptied revealing a large amount of merchandise, but a strip search was still needed to repo any further items. Instead of turning in suspect, LP officer gave up his bonus to teach them a stern lesson personally. Suspect was then banned from the premises for a period of no less than one year. Evidence logged on Nov 29, 2017.​

File: Sarah Vandella.mp4
Size: 879202664 bytes (838.47 MiB), duration: 00:35:16, avg.bitrate: 3324 kb/s
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Honesty is the best policy for Sarah Vandella. Her boss Johnny is the husband to her best friend, so she feels comfortable when she confides in him that her husband suspects that she and Johnny are fucking. While there isn't any truth to that, Johnny admits to her that it isn't far off from the fantasies he's had of her. After all, she is a sexy blonde with big tits, and he's known her for a long time and works close to her every day, sometimes seven days a week. And while they're throwing out truths, Sarah tells Johnny that she's wearing a buttplug because she intended to give her husband anal sex tonight, but his crazy antics are making her think twice. Well, the truth finally catches up to Johnny and he can't contain himself, so he turns his fantasy into a reality, and fucks his wife's friend in the ass, just as the aligned stars seemingly planned.

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File: Nikki Next - Deepthroat Heaven.mp4
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Sexy Nikki Next gets her pussy pounded by Mark Zane's thick hard throbbing cock. He fucks her pink wet pussy while her tits bounce. She deepthroats his cock until he cums all over her pretty face.

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Bella fits her name to the T. She's a beautiful and petite bundle of sexual energy with big natural breasts and long golden locks. And she's found just the perfect cock for her meal of the day. She rubs her pussy nice and wet then shoves that cock down her throat and rides it like a wild pony before getting her eyes filled with hot creamy cum.​

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Amirah Amira has booked herself a session in the Massage Rooms and is ready for Max to give her a one way ticket to deep relaxation! Beginning with her neck and shoulders, Max works the kinks and knots out of Amirah's muscles, then soothes her back tension with his strong hands. Amirah can't wait to get her shirt off, so she lifts her arms and Max removes it, revealing her natural boobs. Lying flat on the table, Amirah anxiously awaits the oil that Max pours onto her back. As the stud massages down around her ass, Amirah lifts her butt in the air and presents herself for Max's fingers. Fingering the Hungarian babe until she climaxes, Max then pulls out his cock and starts to fuck her missionary. After an oily and sloppy blowjob, Max keeps pounding Amirah's pussy until he cums deep inside her with a creampie!​

File: Julie Kay - Preferential Treatment Part 2 (2k).mp4
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After her friend seduced her teacher for better grades, Julie wants in on the action. She's had a huge crush on him since forever, and now it's her turn. After meeting with him, she admits she knows what happened with Eve and he gets pretty angry. He tells her she'll get exactly what she wants - but it's going to be his way. It's time for this naughty girl to get her punishment.

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File: Monica Asis - If The Shoe Fits (2k).mp4
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Monica is shopping for shoes, but her impatient husband wants her to hurry the fuck up since he's got a game to watch in the afternoon. The couple argue in front of the shoe salesman, JMac, who can't help but feel torn between bringing Monica the shoes she's asked for and her husband ordering him not to bring her anymore pairs. When the husband walks away, Monica confides in JMac and tells her the dirty secret that has her and her husband arguing-he doesn't fuck her anymore! Monica asks JMac for his help to sooth her feet, then she asks him to kiss and lick her toes, and before you know it, this horny slut is eager to suck and fuck the salesman-even if her husband is right around the corner!

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File: gbcp.17.12.01.g139.saya.mp4
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080, 4013 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (und)

It's everyones favorite day of the week Friday! On this Friday we get to see our delicious little treat Saya get FUCKED, FILLD, AND FED, a whooooole lotta cum! We mean a whole lot!

The sexy little slut is on the bench and in record time we're done talking and it's time for fuckin'. Per usual the guys all get to get a taste of that deliciously moist little pussy of hers. You saw it during the interview the thing practically drips when she's turned on. After the guys satisfy their appetites they take turns feeling just how small that thing is. She has the greatest facial expressions as each guy of varying shapes and sizes fills her. She loves how each one feels, how the guys pound her sweet little twat. When the guys start dropping loads this little dick demon goes crazy. It's very reminiscent of the AZ days, Saya takes 7 gigantic loads. She's already very very petite, so common sense would dictate her pussy couldn't hold all that cum. By the end she's a literal mess of creamy cum dripping out of her beautiful brown pussy. The contrast between he two is just absolutely lovely. She took all the dick and cum the #Cocksmen had for her, with a smile on her face. She's the definition of slut, and we love her for that!

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File: Francys Belle - Double Pounding Massage.mp4
Size: 332670384 bytes (317.26 MiB), duration: 00:22:10, avg.bitrate: 2001 kb/s
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Francys Belle is one hot busty babe. She is coming in today for a deep tissue four hand massage. But she needs something more than that. She wants two rock hard cocks deep inside her simultaneously. She starts by pulling out the massage therapist's dicks and swallowing them to the back of her throat. Thomas Stone goes on by fucking her sweet pussy while she keeps on sucking John's shaft. She then gets on top of Thomas to ride his hard shlong and John sticks his dick in her tight bunghole. This is the ultimate pleasure, to have her pink starfish plowed with a second cock in her cooch. She moans in ecstasy as both of her holes are stimulated by firm throbbing knobs. Both guys finish by releasing their loads in Francys's mouth.​

File: Jaye Summers.mp4
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There's been a major explosion at a local strip club. Aaliyah, freshly energized from some hot cum, and being the good slut she is, dashes off to check it out. Once on scene, she immediately tries to help any survivors, however it's not enough. Johnny also saw the explosion and raced to confirm his suspicions, that it was his strip club that had blown up. Aaliyah & Johnny get to talking and he convinces her to clean up at his place, after all-there's nothing else she can do to help at the scene. She agrees and takes a hot sexy shower at his place. When Johnny gets a threatening call from his ex-girlfriend, he knows he has to get Aaliyah and himself out of there. But who can focus on escaping when there's a sexy slut with superpowers in your bathroom. When Aaliyah gets weak, exhausted from expending so much energy and needing a boost from a hot sticky load, Johnny is just the beefcake to give it to her. Their afterglow is spoiled, however, when there's a crash bang heard from downstairs. Is it the evil sluts breaking in?! Find out!

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Melissa's been secretly masturbating to hot-wifing porn for as long as she can remember. But, when her secret is revealed to her husband, Logan, there is some deliberation over whether he's willing to share his wife's sweet pussy with another man. With his therapist's encouragement, Logan finally agrees to give Melissa her ultimate fantasy--another man. Melissa chooses her masseuse, Toni, because of how well his hands know her body. She is certain that it will be a sexual encounter she won't forget, and she isn't wrong. Toni is game, working her body into frenzy as the two enjoy a passionate, heated encounter on his massage table. Melissa is so aroused by the touch of another man that she can hardly contain herself, going after Toni's throbbing cock with a fervor that only a horny wife can.

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Shae Celestine is a hot teen babysitter who only has a few rules to follow in the house she is sitting at. No alcohol, no drugs, and no boys! Seems simple enough. A few minutes later one of her boy toys texted her saying she should come over. Too bad she didn't have a car! She then saw her clients keys on the kitchen table and decided to boost them. She would be back in less than an hour! She got back to her client's house only to be greeted by him with his child in his hands furious. He was not only pissed that she took his car, but also pissed that she left his newborn alone! Shae explained what happened and this guy was still notit. He said he wanted to check her pussy to see if it was still wet, and if she wanted him to forget about this she would let him finish what she started! Shae ended up sucking this guys cock and letting him pound her pussy down until he came on her face in order to keep her job. Some girls will do anything!

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