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When it comes to naughty elves....Cameron Canela is the definition. Watch this slutty little elf suck a big fat cock, and get what was waiting for her at the bottom of the sack. She will lick, suck, caress and make love to your cock in POV action. She has lips that every man wishes could be around their manhood. They can be....right here.​

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Today's update features the sexy Misha Mayfair in a hot hardcore anal threesome with Alberto Blanco and Ben Kelly. Playing a swinger wife, her hubby Ben talks her into letting Alberto and himself fuck her ass. She doens't take much persuading and is soon getting spitroasted by two big cocks.​

File: Mia Malkova - Die Hardcore Part 1 (2k).mp4
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Mia Malkova lands in L.A. eager to spend Christmas with her husband Danny Mountain. The two have some hot makeup sex at the Brazzers holiday party, but their reunion is cut short by foreign porn-crazed thugs. Will Mia be taken hostage? Or will she make sure these guys DIE HARDCORE?

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File: Olive Glass - Arch Support (2k).mp4
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Olive has an unusual problem with her feet-she can't stop cumming when they're touched. She goes to a podiatrist to see if he can help but instead they end up enjoying the benefits of her "problem" together. There may not be a cure for her orgasms but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy a little hands on therapy.

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File: hoh.17.12.17.licky.lex.mp4
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Our new babe Licky Lex gets stuffed hard by Kai Taylor and Erik Everhard in today's Full HD HOHe premium porn! Please welcome our blonde goddess and give her a hand of applause as she debuts on our dirty family website! The curvy hot babe with natural tits, fiery tattoos and sexy piercings can't wait to peel off that skin-tight dress and blow Kai Taylor's massive dick in the bedroom while Erik Everhard plays with her natural tits and receives a handjob!

The sexy secretary can't wait to seduce that carpenter who just finished installing a new slatted frame in the bedroom after the old one fell apart due to heavy duty reverse cowgirl rides! The two dudes lick her pink and bang her pussy before fingering her asshole and sliding their thick pricks up her anus! Heavy anal sex and intense double penetration makes that young blonde moan ecstatically as she orgasms over and over again and gets ready for a double cumshot, when today's glamour XXX porn comes to a happy end!​

File: Licky Lex - Licky Loves Creampies.mp4
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After Matt Darco finishes fixing things around Licky Lex's house she makes it clear that she needs one more thing from him. Which is to have his huge cock deep inside her till he explodes with cum dripping from her pussy. Licky loves nothing more than a creampie ending!​

File: Krissy Lynn.mp4
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OMG, you got laid off! Poor guy. Some people think they're making the economy better, but you're living proof that things aren't right. And telling your wife Krissy Lynn isn't going to make it any better. But she is your wife, and she's understanding. So when you break the news to her, it's not as bad as you anticipated. In fact, she offers to make you your favorite dish. But then she gets another idea and offers to become your dish, starting off by giving you a blowjob outside! You tell your wife you got canned and she blows this real life? And then she pulls you your big cock inside, sticks her big tits and big ass in your face, fucks your brains out and then tells you she's going to make your favorite dish. Maybe you should get laid off more often???

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File: Coco Vandi - Son Poses Nude For Mom Complete Series.mp4
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My mom went back to collage and is taking a photography class and today she asked me to help. she has a big project due but her model canceled on her at the last minute and she needed me to model for her.. nude! I said i would help and we got the shoot started, after a little while she had me get naked. when i hesitated she asked if there was anything she could do to make me more comfortable, i said she could get naked too and she agreed! in between each set of pictures mom took she would text her professor and asked what other pics she needed for her assignment. each time he would have me and then us doing something a little more wild until finally my raging hard dick was in my moms mouth!
So after the crazy photo shoot we did yesterday (my mom sucked my dick) and i didn't think it would get any better. my mom came into my room and said her the professor of her collage class looked at the pics she sent from yesterday, he told her she need to do more to get a A in his class. my mom asked if i could help her again like yesterday, i pretended to be nervous about it but inside i was like hell yeah, so i agreed to help! we both striped down, me naked and her to her underwear. she then pretend to suck my dick for the photos but then she actually started sucking it again! After we did some of those photos we started doing pics in a the missionary position and made it looked like i was fucking her until my dick actually slipped in. we both just looked at her and i started thrusting in and out and she really started moaning. we switched to doggy style and i filled her up with my juicy nut!​

File: Monique Alexander - Secret Anal Desires (2k).mp4
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Since her husband started his new business last year, Monique has had hardly any time with him. She has found ways to keep busy but in the end they have only been distractions. However, this weekend has been different. When he takes charge of the situation, Monique has her suspicions that he knows what she has been up to, and she is about to get her punishment.

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File: Coco Vandi - Mom Helps Hurt Son Bathe.mp4
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Part 1
I love skate boarding but the other day i broke both my wrist, my mom had to come to the hospital to pick me. when we got home mom was really cool with what happened and just let me lay down to rest for the night. the next day my mom took really good care of me but later on in the night mom came in and said i needed to shower. we talked about it and i told her that i couldn't shower and risk getting my bandages wet. she said a bath then but i wont be able to even hold the soap so i would need help and dad is out of town for work. mom thought about it for a minute but then decided she would be the one to help me take a bath. she filled the tub up for me and when i cam into the bathroom she told me to strip, now i felt a little weird about being naked in from of my mom but she insisted. so i got naked and then got into the tub facing away from my while she washed my backside, i was really nervous but kinda turned on at the same time. after a little while she told me to turn around so she could do my front, i did and she started scrubbing me down. then the moment of truth came and mom said she had to wash everything, i said hell no but mom wasn't having it and that's when she put her hands on my cock! i just stood there while mom worked hers soft soapy hands all over my cock and balls and wow did it feel good. when she was done she rinsed me and helped me dry off. she said we were gonna do this again tomorrow night and i cant wait!

Part 2
Yesterday my mom had to help me with a bath because i hurt my hands and couldn't get them wet. Being naked in front of my mother was weird at first but it kinda turned me on. today my mom woke me up for my bath and told me she was gonna change into a bathing suit since her clothes got wet last time. when mom finished my back she told me to turn around and it happened, my cock was rock hard. i had a boner because i hadn't jerked off since the accident and also because my mom looked hot in her baiting suit. she seemed a little uncomfortable but tried to do her best about giving me advice but everything she said wouldn't help me right now. so i looked my mom in the face and asked her if she could help, she was a little nervous but she agreed. my sexy mom in a black bikini jerked me off and it felt amazing , i cant wait for bath time tomorrow!

Part 3
It was time for my bath and my mom came into my room to wake me up. when she walked in she was wearing a sexy slinky black robe and it kinda caught me off guard. she told me that she just got home from work and wanted to get my bath over with. so we got started, after she finished my back i turned around in the tub with a ragging boner, mom looked at it and i said sorry. i asked if she could help me like she did yesterday, she was hesitant but agreed. when i hadn't cum right away she told me she was tired and wanted to speed things up, she wanted to know if there was anyway to help me cum faster. i asked her if she could take her top off and maybe throw in a little dirty talk? to my surprise she agreed, with my topless mom stroking my cock and talking dirty it didn't take me long to cum at all!

Part 4
Today my mom came in to give me a bath, i asked if she was gonna still help like she did yesterday and she said she would but she didn't seem to happy about it. after she finished washing my backside she had me turn around so she could wash my front. she tried to ignore the boner i had but eventually she decided we should take care of it. she said she had a really long day and wanted to get it over with quickly, i said ok she started stroking my cock. watching my topless my jerk me off was amazing but i wanted to see what else i could get her do to so i held off from coming. after a couple minutes i could tell my mom was getting irritated, she asked if there was anything else she could do to speed it up. i asked if she would be ok with me humping her butt, you know like slide my dick up and down her oiled ass. she looked unhappy but in the end she agreed. i slide my dick up and down my moms ass until i busted a nut. im looking forward to bath time tomorrow.

Part 5
so my mom came in to help me with my bath like normal and after she finished my backside she told me to spin around like normal. my mom has gotten pretty comfortable with bathing me and she even does it topless, which is just awesome! so my mom was washing my front and then we decided it was time for my daily release, so my mom started jerking me. after a few minutes my mom asked if there was anything else we could do to speed things up, she also said we couldn't do what we did yesterday because it was to messy. (yesterday she let me slide my dick up and down her lubed ass crack) i told her i was scared to ask and she just said spit it out. i said she could maybe use her mouth to help me finish faster, she stopped what she was doing and just stared at me. then she agreed and start sucking my cock, i actually came in my beautiful topless mothers mouth!

Part 6
So today i got my wraps off of my hands and im all healed up! my mom brought me home from the doctors and we had a little small talk and i told how much i was gonna miss bath time and she laughed. then i worked up the courage and asked if she could help me out 1 more time as a goodbye bath time fun. she looked at me and said get on the bed! mom did a sexy strip tease then got me naked and sucked me off. then she straddled me and rode my cock till she came on it, then i stood on the side of the bed and pounded her missionary style. she was screaming so loud i thought the neighbors would heir! for the big finish i fucked her doggy and filled her up with my nut!​

File: Mandy Flores - Mom and Son IV - Home From College.mp4
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There is a knock at the son shows up unexpected and I can hardly contain my joy. You've been away at college, I figured you would stay with friends for the summer break. I give you a big hug and kisses. We go into the living room to catch up. You notice that Im still wearing my wedding ring. Your Father recently divorced me for a younger woman and you haven't been talking to him because of it. "Mom, why are still wearing your ring?" Im embarrassed, not sure what to say. I hide it on my finger. "You couldn't understand honey, 20 years I loved that man. Its hard to let go and with you gone, I'm just so lonely." You tell me that all your friends think Im a total MILF and I'll get a ton of guys tripping over themselves to be with me, you'll see. "Oh honey, that is so sweet of you, thank you." "Well, Im sure you are tired from you're long trip, we can catch up later."

You are taking a shower and I come in to give you a towel. "Sorry honey, I remembered there was no towels in here." Its your Mom, it doesn't really faze you that she can see you through the glass shower doors. Normally I wouldn't notice you in the way that I just did right before I go to leave. I catch a glimpse of your wet naked body and stop to look. Oh my god, what am I doing? I leave quick before you notice me staring...

Its later in the evening and you have been resting in your old room. I keep finding myself making excuses to go into your room. Maybe he's thirsty, hungry..lonely too? Im confused about my feelings...I just cant help myself...I should have known better when I needed to fix myself up before visiting you..I knock on your door.."Honey, you sleeping?" You invite me in. You were just reading.

I lay down with you joking about how we used to share the "big bed" while dad was out of town. I really miss those days. I ask if I can stay with you tonight and you know how sad I am and you tell me "Of course mom." I ask you about your relationship and you tell me how your girlfriend just dumped you...too. "Guess we have that in common mom." I tell you not to worry, you are such a handsome young man. I start to feel you up, commenting on good of shape you are in. I remove my robe to show you how I've been working out a little bit and maybe we can do some sessions together. Im flirting with you but you dont object because you begin to stare are my legs and cleavage. You never noticed how hot your mom really was. I turn over to get comfortable, back up to lightly spoon with you. I bump up against your erection and get embarrassed. I know that is my fault and what was I thinking. "Im sorry, I dont what Im doing, Im really confused." I go to leave but you stop me. You tell me its okay and you pull back the covers. I stare at your large erection in your boxers. You touch it and look at me. (featuring Mandy Flores)

I know its wrong and we shouldn't continue, but I cant help myself and I give in....

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File: lang.17.09.19.vera.modeling.audition.mp4
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We will admit. Cute blondes wearing pink have greater chances to make it to our audition process. That's because our main Producer has a thing for blondes. But what about pink? Well, in the case of our next Model - a cute 21 year old who saw our "MODELS WANTED" ad - there was no way for us to know she would come over wearing pink. except for the fact that ALL of her submission selfies were of her in a pink outfit. As it turns out, she DID wear pink at her test photoshoot with us, and she looked as hot as in her seflies. So hot that our Producer was "taken" by her sex appeal, and literally had trouble breathing (at least, that's what we heard). But if this new girl is so perfect for Modeling in the TEEN category. why did she get fucked during her photoshoot?

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File: lang.17.10.03.kenzi.3.modeling.audition.mp4
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Saying our next Model is a cutie pie is an understatement. Look at how cute she looks with her peach tank and her beach sandals. Teen girls like her are very popular in the Modeling industry because they fit perfectly the school girl fashion movement. As it turns out, our next recruit just turned 18 a couple months ago, and just so happened to have seen our "MODELS WANTED" ad on social media. Needless to say, her submission selfies hit home with our Producers, and her invitation for a test photoshoot was sent out quickly. As she entered our studio, she appeared more calm than most, which was surprising because she had only done a few photoshoots. Could she be a natural? Absolutely! Watch her strike poses after poses - with the most amazing grace. Wow, she is a smash hit! But did she really have to get fucked by our Producer in the studio?

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File: lang.17.10.30.vienna.modeling.audition.mp4
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And she struck again.. the "blonde obsession" hovering over our website is here again. This time, we have an 18 year old blonde entering our studio. She wears a neon pink tank with sparkling emblems. The reason she is here today: she saw our "MODELS WANTED" ads in the local weekend newspaper. Her interest in becoming a Model has driven her to apply for a test photoshoot, and her application was approved by our Producers. She seemed shy and reserved during the intro - which surprised our Producer, who was expecting something different. As she starts posing though, we discover a side of her not typical for a teenager. She has grace, and class. Now, our Producer has no choice but to change his mind. This may be gold after all. But did she really have to get fucked by him in the middle of the photoshoot?

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File: lang.17.11.07.hanna.modeling.audition.mp4
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When it's time to book Models for our test photoshoots, we have a lot of different things to consider. It becomes hard to choose, but we usually end up selecting girls who have the most "potential". But that's a little bit of a vague term. And what kind of potential are we talking about? Namely the "marketable" kind - that is potential to be booked for real jobs. It goes without saying that 18 year old girls have a lot more chances to get booked because they can fit in the booming TEEN category. In the case of our next Model, an 18 year old blonde from Georgia, we had a lot of hopes for her to be placed. When she submitted her pictures, after seeing our "MODELS WANTED" ad, she was skeptical as to how we could help her. Thankfully our Producer was able to convince her to stop by for a test photoshoot. That was a good move on his part because she ended up having a natural talent as a Model. It was just obvious from the very first pose she struck. Our Producer is more than pleased. He is convinced. But, was there a reason for her to get fucked by him during the shoot?

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File: lang.17.11.14.tara.modeling.audition.mp4
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It's been a lot of Teens lately, but this week we definitely do NOT have one in the studio. Our new recruit is 32 years old, and she is one of the sexiest girl we have ever auditioned. This super sexy brunette saw our "MODELS WANTED" ad on social media and wasted no time to apply. She knew she was going to be in Los Angeles for a few days, so she was hoping to be selected for a test photoshoot with us. She did. Our Producer welcomed her in the studio on a warm day of fall, where she displayed her natural sense of style. What a hottie this girl is!!! Our Producer is astonished. Her sex appeal is through the roof, and he begins thinking about all the jobs we could book her for. That will be huge! But, did she really have to get fucked in our studio?

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File: Jericha Jem - Father's Lust.mp4
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Daddy please... We can't... But Daddy I have a boyfriend, please stop... You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that Daddy... Yes please, yes I promise I'll be a good girl for you Daddy. I'll do whatever you say....

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File: Riley Star - Father and Daughter Sex Ed.mp4
Size: 588556220 bytes (561.29 MiB), duration: 00:17:51, avg.bitrate: 4396 kb/s
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Oh nothing Daddy... I just wanted to show you my panties, Do you like them? I'm afraid they might be too tight.. What do you think Daddy? Don't be silly Daddy, it's not a big deal... Why Daddy, are you afraid you'll get a boner again like you did last time? I don't mind Daddy. In health class they said it's totally normal for guys to get hard all the time... And actually Daddy I was wondering if you could explain some things to me. I'm just really curious and you always teach me new stuff, will you please show me how to have sex Daddy?...

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File: Vera Bliss - Little Sister Wants To Learn.mp4
Size: 565369256 bytes (539.18 MiB), duration: 00:17:14, avg.bitrate: 4374 kb/s
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I've watched you fucking your girlfriend... She seems to really like it. I want to feel like that... Please, I trust you, you're my big brother. I don't have anyone else to help me. I promise I won't tell anyone.. Please show me how to do it, I'm ready to learn....

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File: Hailey Little & Lily Rader - Little Daughters Share Daddy's Cock.mp4
Size: 1061067560 bytes (1011.91 MiB), duration: 00:28:38, avg.bitrate: 4941 kb/s
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Daddy, we missed you so much... We've been practicing, Daddy. Can we show you? Are we doing a good job? We've been learning a lot... Thank you Daddy, we just want to make you happy....

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File: Coco Vandi - Aunt teaches Nephew Sex Ed.mp4
Size: 214219068 bytes (204.30 MiB), duration: 00:17:50, avg.bitrate: 1602 kb/s
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So im really getting interested in girls and need the bird's and the bees talk. My dad is always gone with work and my mom is super up tight, mom said i should talk to my aunt Coco about it. Now my aunt Coco is super hot and ive always had a little crush on her, so i thought that would be a great idea. when i got to aunt Coco'c house we chatted at in the living room for a minutes my aunt Coco said she was gonna get changed in her room and to come in after a few minutes. when i walked into aunt Coco's room she was in a bra and cute pajama pants, she said i should learn about a woman body, so she took off her bra and showed me her breast. then she started asking me about lube and if i used it for masturbating, i said i didn't. so she said she'd have to show me, she got a thing of lube and told me to take my pants off! she put the lube on my dick and started stroking, after a few minutes of her stoking my hard cock i asked her about blowjobs! she said since this was sex ed she should show me what a blowjob was like, yes my super hot aunt started sucking my dick! once she had sucked me for a few minutes i asked her about actual sex, i got to fuck my aunt in a bunch of different positions and then creampie my aunt!​

File: Alex Blake - Casual Conversation.mp4
Size: 1428315333 bytes (1.33 GiB), duration: 00:22:46, avg.bitrate: 8365 kb/s
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A brother and sister discuss their uneventful love lives and discover they have more in common than they thought....

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File: Kylie Quinn - She's Half My Age.mp4
Size: 1182647408 bytes (1.10 GiB), duration: 00:53:31, avg.bitrate: 2946 kb/s
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Sexy teen gets fucked in various positions by Mark Zane's thick hard cock. Her small tits bounce as she moans in pleasure while he fucks her shaved pink pussy. After fucking Kylie from behind, Mark shoots a load of warm cum all over her nice round ass.

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File: h.17.12.19.mira.ecstatic.erotic.massage.mp4
Size: 1399472107 bytes (1.30 GiB), duration: 00:50:27, avg.bitrate: 3699 kb/s
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Film can do many things, but one of its greatest gifts is the power of intimacy. It can take you somewhere so personal that you almost feel like you're living inside the motion. And some films can be so intimate it feels even more real than reality itself.

This is such a film. A clean white bed sits amidst whispering palms in a tropical paradise. The couple enters, naked. They touch foreheads, she sits in his lap, he lies on top of her. Then he begins to oil her body and fully explore her sensual openness.

And the intimacy grows deeper and deeper. It takes your breath away. She gasps, he probes, he rubs, she quivers. And near the end, the female model even loses control, steps out of script, and reaches for her partner's throbbing, erect member. She was supposed to be a passive receiver, but things happen.

And that's just how real and genuine this film is. And we are there for the entire journey, from initial calm embrace to wild thrusting orgasm. It is truly an amazing encounter: two beautiful people going to heaven together. And you get to come along.​

File: Natalia Starr.mp4
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Your wife Natalia Starr is so happy! You took her on a vacation to Miami, and she's ready to party! First, she wants to go shopping to get a sexy dress to wear out to dinner with you. But she knows you want something else first - titties! You've got your hot Polish wife in a hotel and all you can think of is fat natural tits swinging in figure eights while she's giving you a maniacal and drooly blowjob. And she knows this; after all, she's your wife. And because of this, she's going to give you just what you want, because she knows it makes both you and her happy. As a matter of fact, she's been dying to deepthroat your big, long dick, especially in a zip code where she's never been! But she doesn't want it to stop at that. No, she wants you to bend her over and plunge that stiff cock deep into her pussy. Do you think you can do that to your wife? You get yours, she gets hers, she gets her dress, you both get your dinner, and then you fuck again afterward. Get your vacation on!

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India pulls Jake aside to break the terrible news to him. She's ready to divorce his Dad. Jake is a bit confused, considering his Dad just married India recently. India regales him about all the precious memories - which Jake finds weird because he's been away at college most of the time. India is desperate to keep in touch with him, and hopes that they can continue to see each other. India tells him now that she'll be divorced, they finally can have a bit of fun. Before Jake knows it, India's slobbering all over his hard cock. If divorce sets you free, Jake is more than happy to be giving India that hard dicking she's been craving.

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File: AJ Applegate - Couple's Therapy 2.mp4
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Bill has been working late and trying to provide for AJ, but his over exhaustion leaves him too worn out to fulfill her sexual needs. She decides to force his hand by making him think she's cheating on him, thinking that jealousy will get her the hard fucking her pussy craves. The plan works and he puts her big juicy ass to work on his cock.​

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Cory Chase is tired of not getting a good fuck from her man anymore. She tells her girlfriend that the sexy lingerie she buys doesn't do it for him, and he only lasts for about two minutes in bed now. In need of something different, she gets an idea when the 19-year old boy next door appears in her yard because his volleyball rolled onto her property. He's a strapping young man - just what she needs to make her pussy feel better! The prowling cougar hunts her prey with cunning, cleverly trapping him into admitting his weakness for her big tits. And once she sees her mark, the lusty, cock-hungry cougar snaps, catching her prey in her cleavage! She devours him - much to his delight - gobbling up his cock until it's good and hard and ready to fuck her wet pussy by the pool. After a hearty session of outdoor sex, the cougar sends her prey on his way, only to catch him another day.

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It has been a while since Victoria Pure has gotten some, so she calls up a massage service and books Steve for an in-call. Victoria tells him to set up the table, then retires to her bedroom. She comes out in a silk robe, and Steve stares in bewilderment as she takes it off to show him her tiny tits and round booty. Victoria puts Steve's fingers on her pussy, and the masseur eats her out. After a blowjob and a rimjob, Steve fucks Victoria until he cums deep insider her pink pussy!

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Sexy blonde bombshell Jade Amber is setting up her room to surprise her boyfriend Ramon Nomar for Christmas. Jade is feeling very kinky this Holiday season, so instead of the traditional mistletoe, this beautiful hoe has set up a mistledick! Jade takes it one sexy step further by draping herself with bows on her boobs and some garland wrapped around her seriously delicious body! Jade then hops up on the ladder where we see her fine ass on full display! After plenty of teasing, Jade calls her boyfriend Ramon in to finally unwrap her nearly naked body! Jade's pussy is dripping wet and eager to get fucked, so what's Ramon waiting for? All this horny slut wants for Christmas is a mistledick to pound her pussy until the New Year!

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Nicole has been waiting patiently for her man to return home from a business trip. She has something very special planned for him, and when her arrives in his chauffeur driven car, she meets him wearing some very sexy lingerie, knowing this will please him. When he signals for the driver to leave them alone, it leaves Nicole with a perfectly clean route to get exactly what she wants - right there - right now.

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I had been noticing that my panties have been disappearing lately. On this day I changed from my work clothes into my Yoga outfit and specifically remember leaving my panties in the dirty clothes hamper. When I went back into the bathroom, the panties were missing! I immediately went to my sons room to question him about this. When I walked in he had my panties wrapped around this cock and he was jerking off! I confronted him and he apologized and said he was having trouble cumming. I suggested that maybe he sniffed my panties. He did and his cock began to grow. I wanted to make sure he came so I began to jerk his cock for him. Soon I started sucking his cock. Before I knew it i was on top of him riding his cock. I got so horney I asked him to fuck my ass to ensure that he would cum, he fucked my ass doggy and reverse until his cock was ready to blow. In the end I sucked his cock off until he exploded all over my face. Thank goodness we solved the problem.​

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Markus and his crew are demanding [email protected] passwords in exchange for hostages, but getting that info isn't so easy. Especially when martial arts-trained Mia is taunting them over their walkie talkies. Markus sends Charles to find her, but when he tracks her down he's no match for her pretty face and perfect ass.

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Deliciously curvy and natural stunner Jada Stevens has a craving for cock. She sways her big booty accented by a thong and cutout stockings - Jada wants it so bad! She can hardly wait to slobber on his knob making it nice and ready to mount, not bothering to remove her nylons at all and just fucking him through the hole! Jada works her thick ass as she takes a ride, and truly, Jada's bottom is a thing of great beauty and I want to oil it up and rub my hands all over that thang just like Xander. What a lucky guy.

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Porno Dan devours sexy brunette Lana's sweet tasty pussy and ass. He fucks her pink wet hole while she uses a vibrator on her pretty clit. This gorgeous brunette makes Porno Dan cum twice, once on her stomach and the second time in her hands. She takes the warm load in her hands and rubs it all over her big natural tits.

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