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File: Riley Star, Hannah Hays - Double Trouble.mp4
Size: 1237282389 bytes (1.15 GiB), duration: 01:00:45, avg.bitrate: 2716 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 256 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 852x480, 2453 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

300 EPISODES! To celebrate Ryan brought back Hannah Hays and she brought her friend Riley to help her out! These tiny teens get to work on Ryan's member, offering up their little pussies for him to fill with jizz. Hannah gets a big load deep inside her pussy, then licks up the second cumshot from Riley's body!​

File: Kristina Rose - Hidden Agenda.mp4
Size: 492276162 bytes (469.47 MiB), duration: 00:40:24, avg.bitrate: 1625 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 139 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 1479 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

When Kristina's new roommate Tyler goes out, she decides to take advantage of having the place to herself with a nice long self-pleasure session. But the beauty doesn't have any batteries for her vibe, so she goes looking for some spares and she's shocked at what she finds. Her roomie has set up hidden cameras all over the house! Once Tyler gets home, Kristina puts on a passionate show for him, playing with her pussy on her bed when she knows he'll be watching. Tyler can't believe his eyes when she looks straight into the camera and beckons to him! Soon, he's joining her in her room, and if he thought watching was fun, that's nothing compared to getting his hands all over Kristina's slim body as he licks her wet pussy and fucks her doggystyle!​

File: Cassie Del Isla - Slim brunette with a great arse.mp4
Size: 342336172 bytes (326.48 MiB), duration: 00:28:05, avg.bitrate: 1625 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 1492 kb/s, 25.00 fps(r) (und)

I couldn't find any hot ladies to interview today, and I was about to head home when Cassie Del Isla surprised me from behind. I was startled to find such a looker, but snapped out of my stupor when she asked to borrow my phone. Cassie was in town to see friends and pose for some modeling jobs. I told her I had my own modeling agency, and offered her a casting. We headed to a secluded location where she showed me her little boobs and great ass, and her sexy body made my dick hard. For a few more dollars, Cassie sucked my big cock, then fucked me right there in the stairwell until I came all over her face.

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File: Alexis Rodriguez, Jenna Leigh, Tiffany Kohl - Crashing The Sleepover.mp4
Size: 292870022 bytes (279.30 MiB), duration: 00:23:14, avg.bitrate: 1681 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 768x432, 1546 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (und)

My girlfriend Alexis Rodriguez had a couple of her girlfriends over for a sleepover. So being the horny dude that I am, I decided to pull out my camera and walk into the living room where I found these sexy ladies in their pajamas! I thought that I'd crash the sleepover in hopes of getting to see their sweet tits and asses on full display! I know my busty girlfriend Alexis has always wanted to have sex with a girl, so it just so happens that this was the perfect opportunity for Jenna Ashley and Tiffany Kohl to join us for some fucking fun! I decided to put these sleepover sluts to the test by putting them through various challenges like who has the biggest tits, who can twerk the best before finally whipping out my rock hard cock and wanting to find out which of these sluts can suck dick the best! Obviously, these girls were already naked and dripping wet with excitement before I showed them my cock as they each munched on their pussies and played with their tits to get me in the mood. I sure am glad that I crashed this sleepover, and after watching Alexis and her girlfriends suck me off, I'm sure you will be too!

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File: mrs.18.01.10.lovita.fate.mp4
Size: 1102564429 bytes (1.03 GiB), duration: 00:23:41, avg.bitrate: 6207 kb/s
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Blonde teen masseuse Lovita Fate waits for her next client as she sets up the massage room. Her jaw almost drops when Dorian walks into the room, a tall chiseled hunk of a man wearing only a yellow towel. Lovita can barely contain her excitement as she directs him to the table, and not long after she touches his muscular back she makes the decision to seduce him. Lovita takes off her shirt and touches her perky tits, then runs her hand down Dorian's body until she grabs his cock. Dorian is married, and so is she, but that doesn't stop them from enjoying a passionate fuck. Lovita takes Dorian's cock into her mouth, then bounces her ass up and down on it as he pounds her pussy!​

File: pb.18.01.10.amanda.hill.brunette.gets.icky.sticky.mp4
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This girl got several tattoes adorning her drop dead gorgeous body topped with a pretty face with even prettier smile. She got me rock hard with nice and thorough blowjob, giving a good care to my balls. I love that! Her beautiful smile was driving me crazy when suddenly she took my dick, stuffed it into her pussy and started riding me. Soon after, she looked even better when I was on the top, fucking that nice body. She wanted to fuck me some more so she sat on my dick again, in reverse, which accented her tight pussy even more. Oh boy, she was humping me so good! You can tell she liked it as my cock was greased white with her pussy juices. After I nutted, she let me watch her pussy with my cum slowly dripping off.​

File: Xianna Hill - Only With Daddy.mp4
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A petite daughter makes love to her Dad before her boyfriend comes over....

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File: Zoe Parker - The Good Brother.mp4
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 8081 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (und)

I'm ok... Just a little sad I guess... It's alright, you were acting kind of strange the other day though... What do you mean you think you can help me? How? That would be weird... You're my brother. You can't pretend to be my boyfriend... Why are you even thinking about stuff like that? Yes, I've thought about you too... But it's crazy. We shouldn't even be talking about this. We could never actually do it....

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File: Vanessa Cage - Puddle Play.mp4
Size: 998047121 bytes (951.81 MiB), duration: 00:13:26, avg.bitrate: 9906 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 9703 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (und)

It was just another rainy afternoon and I was watching old westerns on TV when my sister Vanessa came inside wearing nothing but a rain poncho! She said she was out playing in the puddles. I asked her if she thought she might get in trouble for basically being naked outside. She said it was ok because nobody was around. My sister's been acting really crazy lately... THEN SHE ASKED IF SHE COULD BLOW ME!?! I told her we're not allowed to do that! But she didn't care and our parents wouldn't be back for a few hours so I figured fuck it-- nobody would know... My sister started sucking my dick-- it felt so good!! But since we went that far I figured we could try sex. MY LITTLE SISTER'S PUSSY IS SO TIGHT! I almost came a few times. After pounding her from behind I couldn't hold back and I came in her mouth. After today I've realized I need to hang out with my little sister more often!!!

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File: Maria Antonia Alzate - ColombiAnal adventure.mp4
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 960x540, 1506 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (und)

Nacho went on a trip to Colombia looking for the new wave of adult performers, and he was lucky enough to bump into this sweet latina candy called Maria Antonia Alzate. A truly spectacular raising teen star who not only owns a beautiful body a-hundred-percent natural but she's also willing to let Nacho fuck her in the ass...

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File: Blanche Bradburry - 7 Year Anal (2k).mp4
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 1987 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

It's their 7th anniversary and things have gotten a bit stale for Danny and his wife. That's why, this year, she's decided to spice things up and give him the gift of ass (not hers though!). When Danny returns home from work, he finds that his wife has hired a professional (Blanche Bradbury) who really knows how to get the job done. Watch as Danny gets to spend the night finding out just exactly what that means.

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File: Giselle Palmer & Sheridan Love - Cult Of Love (2k).mp4
Size: 621573857 bytes (592.78 MiB), duration: 00:38:59, avg.bitrate: 2126 kb/s
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Giselle is hanging out with her boyfriend, Kyle, when her hippie stepmom, Sheridan, gets home. Sheridan invites the teens to meditate with her in the "chapel" and they give her a strange look. Giselle and Kyle spy on Sheridan, but become enchanted with her sultry bohemian dance. Sheridan leads Giselle and Kyle in a sexy sacrifice to the goddess Mother Love.

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File: Vienna Black - The Secret Photoshoot.mp4
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Wake up... C'mon I need to ask you a question... Well, we're cool right? I mean.. I need a favor. Could you take some pictures for me? I'm just not very good at it... Please, you're my brother, and I know you can keep a secret... Because this guy I like wants some... Look, it'll be easy. Trust me, it's not weird, you're just helping your sister....

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File: Heather Harris.mp4
Size: 1208726197 bytes (1.13 GiB), duration: 01:00:49, avg.bitrate: 2650 kb/s
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Heather Harris is a beautiful brunette who doesn't get enough dick from her boyfriend. Tired of this lack of cock she decided to pay a visit to the Immoral Live studios, get fucked the way she deserves for the first time and begin her career in porn.

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File: Krissy Lynn - Mrs.Lynn Loves Her Son.mp4
Size: 2037960557 bytes (1.90 GiB), duration: 00:46:00, avg.bitrate: 5907 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 5772 kb/s, 29.97 fps(r) (und)

And you're sure you'll be fine alone?.. I don't know, I just worry about you sometimes... How do I look? It's not too much is it? I want to meet a nice guy but I don't want him to get the wrong idea... You're right, I'm probably worrying too much. I'm just nervous. I can't even remember the last time I went out with the girls... Oh, I need to get going. I love you son, and don't stay up, I'll probably be out pretty late....

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Size: 1457093446 bytes (1.36 GiB), duration: 00:31:18, avg.bitrate: 6207 kb/s
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A 19 year old teen with beautiful eyes, skinny cutie Tera Link sat down on the casting couch today. Tera was interested in modeling, but wasn't picky about choosing between fashion, underwear, or porn. I asked her if she was shy, and in response she threw her head back and chuckled. We walked over to the photo studio, where she took off her shirt so I could photograph her tiny boobs. Next, she took her leather pants off, and her small ass looked great in the lace panties she was wearing. I told her if she wanted a job fast she would have to do something else for me, and she knew what I wanted, because she started sucking my cock! My dick looked huge inside her tight pussy, and she fucked me with the enthusiasm of a successful future model!

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File: Vanessa Decker - Downward Facing Dick (2k).mp4
Size: 502632019 bytes (479.35 MiB), duration: 00:31:36, avg.bitrate: 2121 kb/s
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Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 1988 kb/s, 23.98 fps(r) (eng)

Vanessa likes nothing more than to end the day with a relaxing yoga session. When Michael chances upon her he can't help but notice the massive rip in Vanessa's yoga pants. He decides that maybe getting a bit of a demonstration is definitely to his advantage when he gets a peek of Vanessa's banging bod. It doesn't take long for Michael to dive head first into Vanessa's immaculate body. Showing her how to take the downward dick is certain to change up her workout routine!

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File: js.18.01.12.francys.belle.brazilian.goes.nuts.mp4
Size: 1904584816 bytes (1.77 GiB), duration: 00:25:05, avg.bitrate: 10124 kb/s
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You'd have thought that Francys would have been exhausted after orgasming so much during her casting, but you'd be wrong. She rummaged through our clothes and fished out a "College Girl" outfit complete with white socks and put it on. I must admit my eyes nearly popped out on springs. She then stormed back into the room desperate for more cock. So without further ado, I bent her over, pulled her knickers to one side and stuffed my cock into her. She let out a groan and from then on I simply fucked her in every position possible. She certainly seemed to enjoy herself and it was very exciting to​

File: Chanel Shy - 407 My Blonde Chanel.mp4
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We were sitting on the couch cuddling when he leant in to kiss me. As soon as our lips touched I instantly felt a strong connection. His arms were already wrapped around my waist and I felt them grip me tighter as he pulled himself in closer to me. Before long I could feel my clit starting to swell...​

File: hx.18.01.12.Assh.Lee.Got.Ass.mp4
Size: 292224598 bytes (278.69 MiB), duration: 00:34:21, avg.bitrate: 1134 kb/s
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Get ready for one of the biggest asses we've ever had on Hard X. Featuring stunning Assh Lee, with her giant booty, including a sexy poolside tease to show off her massive assets. Assh Lee loves it when it's all anal, with intense multiple anal positions and face sitting to really get her off!

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File: gbcp.18.01.12.g145.brandy.aniston.mp4
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Welcome to the best day of the week! It's Friday and without further ado, we're going to get to GangBangin' Brandy!!

She's on the bench, and full of smiles. The only problem is we gotta get those big shit-kickin' boots off before she takes out someones eye! After she makes short work of the shoe, we get her out of those pants. She gives her pussy one last rub down before the guys get to beating that thing up. Just like in the #GreetTHeMeat, this girl knows how to multitask, she's always got her hands full. They splay her out on her stomach and she gets right to sucking and jerking the dicks while the guys go downtown. As we zoom in from behind you can see how gorgeous that asshole is... and that pussy is ready for loads. The guys pass her around like a party favor, taking her missionary, over the bench. Her head lays across and as her pussy is getting fucked, she's taking a hard dick down her throat. There's something special about this one.. the guys all take turns fucking her seven ways from Sunday, but when it's time to start filling her up the guys fall like flies.. She takes 5 loads in maybe 10 minutes? Mike Mancini even gives her a facial after her fills her pussy. She rides, takes it doggy, on her back, all the while pleasing as many guys at the same time as she can. Before we bid her farewell, we bring in the vibrator and let her get off one last time! She took the guys on like a champion, and if we're keeping score it seems that she bested them this time... this time. Maybe we'll have her back to see if the guys can even the score!

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File: Alina Lopez.mp4
Size: 548309913 bytes (522.91 MiB), duration: 00:42:25, avg.bitrate: 1724 kb/s
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When a woman tells her husband, who's working late, to stop and have a late dinner on the way home from the office, all so she can fuck the man who's over fixing her fan, is that consider cheating? No. Because in this case, Alina Lopez is a hotwife, and her husband is turned on when she gets other cock. And when the sexy Latina sees how good this guy is at repairing something that cools her down, it heats her up! She struts out of the bedroom in lingerie and stockings and asks him to help her with one of her straps, but also to slip his dick into her mouth.and it's all in the name of pleasuring her husband, who isn't even there. Bless hotwifery.

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File: Maya Morena - Extreme Sale.mp4
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Maya will do anything to sell this house that's been on the market for far too long. Luckily the Madison's are looking, and Ryan likes what he sees! She's hesitant at first but once she sees the size of Ryan's "down payment" she's eager to please and close this deal!

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File: Kleio Valentien.mp4
Size: 717091670 bytes (683.87 MiB), duration: 00:55:30, avg.bitrate: 1723 kb/s
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Cam girls are my thing, and buying the clothes and sex toys they use on their shows is even more my thing. And now I'm meeting cam girl and pornstar Kleio Valentien live tonight, in my hotel suite. This time she's going to wear the lingerie I bought for her, and I'm going to have my own personal, private show where anything goes.​

File: nfb.18.01.12.jennifer.amton.busty.blonde.creampie.mp4
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A simple dress and a pair of heels make Jennifer Amton look like a million bucks to Marco. The second she lays eyes on him, she cups her hands over her big all naturals. Pulling her dress down in a slow striptease, she gradually unveils the large globes and then finally draws her hands away from her hard nipples. Jiggling her titties and playing with her nips, she loses the dress before sliding her hand into the front of her sheer thong.

Thoroughly warmed up, Jennifer struts into the room to join Marco. Her boyfriend is already hard as a rock when he finally gets his hands and mouth on her body, but he takes the time to ensure Jennifer's pleasure with hot caresses and blazing kisses that fall everywhere. When her lips come to rest on Marco's hardon, she starts sucking while caressing and squeezing her own breast.

Adjusting her position on the couch, Jennifer rubs the head of Marco's penis along the softness of her boobs. Then she presses them together to create a channel for him to slide between. The titty fuck is slow and sensual, and an utter turn on for both of them.

Urging Jennifer back, Marco pulls her thong aside so he can lean forward to sample the sweetness of her juices. Long laps of his tongue and soft nips get Jennifer's hips bucking. When he relieves her of her underwear and slides a finger into her bare snatch to touch her intimately while continuing to lick her clit, she can't hold back from playing with her knockers while moaning.

Needing to be inside his girlfriend's hot twat, Marco urges Jennifer onto her knees so he can slip into her from behind. She cranes her head around to watch his long slow strokes, and eventually he relents so she can flip onto her back and spread her thighs wide. His hips move in an ever-faster rhythm as he pistons in and out of her for both of their pleasure.

Taking Jennifer's place on the couch, March pulls his lover onto his lap so she can slide down onto his fuck stick. After taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of fullness, Jennifer begins bouncing her hips fast enough to get her boobies jiggling. Her hand creeps forward to rub her clit until she explodes in delight. Moments later, Marco follows her over the edge to give her a creampie of hot cum that leaves her sated and satisfied.​

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Violet Star wants to spend time with her Step Father but he is busy with his friends. The teen girl sneaks into his den while he is having guy time. She is quickly taught a lesson about why she shouldn't do such things. In front of everyone, the all natural brunette is stripped naked. She is told to dance and be sexy. She tries but she is too young to really know what she is doing. Soon it doesn't matter that she is his step daughter, she is going to be punished. In front of everyone, Violet Star is told so suck cock and get fucked. She bends over and does the best job she can in order to redeem herself. With every ounce of stregth she has, she sucks and fucks her Step Daddy until he is ready to blow his load all over her. Once she is done with him, the moment comes where he needs to decide if he should send her away, or turn her over to his friends to please all of them too.​

File: Xev Bellringer, Princess Leia - Xev and Leia Fuck A Fan.mp4
Size: 836785841 bytes (798.02 MiB), duration: 00:21:33, avg.bitrate: 5177 kb/s
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Out of hundreds of men, you won the contest... to do ANYTHING you want to Xev and Leia for one night. And they are excited. The girls don't waste any time slowly disrobing each other in front of you, softly touching, teasing... kissing. But they want you, and before you know it, the pants are off and you're on your back with your two favorite porn stars closing in on your cock. Xev and Leia's lips caress the length of your shaft, then greedily bury it in their mouths. The girls can barely contain themselves... and Leia can't stop sucking so you fill her little mouth up with cum. She loves it, your hot seed pooled on her tongue, the taste of your pleasure. Xev is over come with jealousy and mounts you immediately, sinking her tight pussy onto your sensitive cock. She's not done with you yet, and neither is Leia. You'll cum again, this time in Xev's pussy!

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File: Loren Minardi - Leather Lover (2k).mp4
Size: 469403149 bytes (447.66 MiB), duration: 00:29:32, avg.bitrate: 2119 kb/s
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Loren hopes you don't mind if she slips into something a little more comfortable. She can't help but feeling relaxed clad head to toe in tight black leather. When Danny sees just how tantalizing Loren's perfect pert ass is, he can't help himself but to sample the goods. The only thing Loren loves more than leather is getting her ass stuffed by Danny's monster dong.

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File: Ryan Keely - Ryan Keely Contracts A Cock (2k).mp4
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Ryan has her contractor, Keiran, come over to install a sex swing as a surprise for her girlfriend, but when Keiran sees Ryan's kinky "playroom" he gets other ideas. Keiran secretly cuts a glory hole behind the dildo stuck onto Ryan's closet door, and after waving goodbye he slips back into the closet to replace the dildo with his cock. Ryan enters the room to try out the swing and makes use of what she thinks is her dildo. Keiran can't help but let out a moan and Ryan is surprised to learn she's fucking a real cock. Ryan is upset, but can she go back to plastic after sampling the real thing?

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File: Heather Vahn.mp4
Size: 1313592043 bytes (1.22 GiB), duration: 00:32:54, avg.bitrate: 5324 kb/s
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Ladies night out! Heather Vahn is intent on taking her girlfriend out for drinks, but her friend's husband Sean isn't so keen on the idea when she stops by to tell him. Why? Because, Sean admits, Heather is fucking hot, which means guys will be hitting on her all night, which means guys will be hitting on his wife all night. Logical, right? You know what else is logical? Heather getting turned on that Sean thinks she's sexy, then ripping her clothes off to fuck the shit out of him, even though he's married to her friend. Logic is fun!

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File: Sadie Blake - You Help Me I Help You (2k).mp4
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It has been about a year since Sadie has seen her friend. They were both aspiring actresses - well in fact, Sadie still is. She is so excited now she is living in Hollywood and ready to live the dream. After a few drinks at her friends house, she decides to go home. When she finds herself a little tipsy, she is given the option to stay for the night instead of driving home, and grabs it with both hands. Her friend is married to a famous Hollywood producer, and when Sadie wakes in the morning, she finds herself alone with him. When he offers her some help getting where she wants to be, how can she possibly refuse?

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File: Kendall Kayden - Busted At The Babyshower (2k).mp4
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Keiran has to suck it up and attend his wife's friend's baby shower for the afternoon. He can think of about a million different places he'd rather be than playing a bunch of abysmal party games. The only thing making the whole event worthwhile is just how hot Keiran's wife's friend Kendall is looking. He's lucky that she's just as bored as he is, and decides jerking him off is a whole lot more fun. Kendall can't resist getting a taste of Keiran's girthy cock. Kendall's dripping wet pussy can't handle it anymore, so she takes Keiran into the kitchen for a sneaky dicking. Kendall definitely knows how to shake up a baby shower!

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File: Abigail Mac - Horny and Dangerous (2k).mp4
Size: 644594464 bytes (614.73 MiB), duration: 00:40:13, avg.bitrate: 2137 kb/s
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Cock starved convict Abigail Mac is on the lam and on the hunt for a big juicy cock. She comes across Johnny Sins and gets all worked up watching him work on his car. Abigail needs a sweet release from all her pent up prison passion, but she's running out of time...

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File: Kimmy Granger.mp4
Size: 353954533 bytes (337.56 MiB), duration: 00:29:34, avg.bitrate: 1596 kb/s
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Don't ever count your neighbors out. Kimmy Granger's married, but her husband loves for her to fuck other men - a little secret they keep tucked away behind closed doors in their little quite, secluded burgh. And when Kimmy sees her neighbor Johnny returning home from the gym, she decides she's going to let him in on their lifestyle by becoming a part of it. Her husband agrees, so Kimmy invites Johnny over to dinner while her other half is out of the house. Unsuspecting Johnny thinks he's just getting to know the the couple over a hot meal.until he discovers that his hotwifing neighbor Kimmy is the meal. The petite blonde seduces Johnny in lingerie, sucking his cock good and making him cum by way of her pussy, just like her husband hoped for.

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File: bcc.18.01.15.sterling.mp4
Size: 1854182369 bytes (1.73 GiB), duration: 00:53:02, avg.bitrate: 4662 kb/s
Audio: aac, 48000 Hz, stereo, s16, 125 kb/s (und)
Video: h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 4524 kb/s, 59.94 fps(r) (und)

When rock band singer / stripper/ spiritual love nut Sterling walks in decked out in garters and black stockings, we know today's casting is going to get us what we want. With her college degree and ability to form full, coherent sentences as she tells us about her dick-raising sex stories from her private life, Sterling is definitely a few notches smarter than the average trollop that puts her behind on the casting couch. Sterling's way of teasing and flirting is pretending to be shy about getting naked for us. It's cute but not convincing. Again, look at that outfit. Sterling knows what's coming. And she has no problems at all with it. In fact, she told us she appreciates anal, so naturally Vince does his best to take full advantage of that. Let's hand it to the guy, he's getting better and better at this. He puts Sterling in 2 of the hottest anal positions I've seen in a long time, gets her to do ATM (ass-to-mouth), rim him out - and she loves it all. This temptress may very well be ideally suited for the porn business (if she ever meets a real casting agent).

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