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Sonia Sweet gets some after school attention by her dirty old teacher [Sonia Sweet, Old and Young, Hardcore, Teen, Reality, Teacher]

Lets be honest here for a minute: Sonia Sweet is not very bright. With a name like that, are you really at all surprised? But that doesnt keep her from getting ahead in class and always getting top grades, no matter how dumb she is. How does she do it?

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Sexy student Sandra is called into the principals office to fuck and suck cock [Sandra, Old and Young, Hardcore, Teen, Reality, Teacher]

Sandra loves getting into mischief at school. In the hallways, bathrooms and locker-room she is known as the cute, naughty little dick sucker. She loves going down on all the hot boys and has been caught in the act not once, but several times.

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Bedtime Frolics With Nesty [Nesty, Blonde, Long Hair, Trimmed Pussy]

The whole point of being a cuckold is to feel turned on or slightly jealous of the the person your other half is fucking, so you cant just pick anyone. For example, having a drunken female tramp over for fun wouldnt make Lara jealous. However, in Laras case Nesty was the perfect choice and being a naughty little minx, knew the exact buttons to press to drive Lara mad with lust.

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Sexy Schoolgirl [Aylin, Posing, Teen, Old-Young Shaved Pussy, School Girl, Cum On Ass]

Aylin disappeared for a good half an hour and re-emerged as the epitome of the "Sexy schoolgirl" complete with pleated skirt, white socks and high heels (which in my day would have gotten her flayed with rosary beads by angry, twisted and vengeful nuns).

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