The Blood Hound


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This story contains detailed descriptions of sexual acts between a male human and male dogs. If this offends you or is illegal in your area, please stop reading now. Otherwise, please read, enjoy, and I welcome any comments and email you would like to send. Is this a true story? What do you think?

The Blood Hound

Was over at a friends clearing junk and stuff out of the barn. My friend, ended up having to work, i had nothing else to do, so i went anyway. Been there a couple hours when i took a smoke break and munch on some cheese crackers. Sitting on a 5gal bucket, when i caught movement out of the corner of my eye. A huge, probably 120lbs or so, gorgeous blood hound was standing 10 feet away wagging his tail. Guess he heard the cellophane and my crunching.

Guessing you wanting a cracker buddy. Toss him about half of one, snatched it out of the air. Yup he wanted a cracker. He came over and sat down right at my feet. When a big dog sits in front of you looking up, even when you look them in the eye you are at the perfect angle to clearly see a large sheath staring back. Damn, looked like he had an
Italian sausage. By the 3rd cracker there is no way not to notice how much large pink is showing, wagging at me as he wags his tail. It was a real good thing i was alone, because i think anyone would have noticed me noticing and the tent in my shorts. I honestly think i was drooling as much as he was. It simply wasn't crackers i was drooling over.

When he finished off the crackers he got up and stuck his head in my lap sniffing for more, so i started scratching his head, he was clearly liking the attention, and i start taking longer strokes scratching down his sides and back up to his head, couldn't reach much more then half his side with my short arms. Shifted my position so i could reach farther down his side. Don't know if it was because i stopped scratching for a sec or the fact that i moved. He pounced on me, knocking me off the bucket on the ground with him trying to straddle me humping like crazy. It's real different if a strong dog has you pretty much pinned and you staring at a HUGE slab of meat a few inches from your face. There was little chance of me breaking his grip, until he decided to let me up. I had to fight him pretty good just to get out from under him enough to sit up.

Once i was sitting and could start scratching his side again he settled back down somewhat. He still had well over an inch of the biggest dick i had even seen to this date, poking out at me almost like he was trying to tease me with it. With out stopping the side rubbing i slowly shifted forward onto my knees, giving more of his side i could reach. I slowly worked my way lower, till i was rubbing his belly, slowly from front leg to hind leg, lightly brushing his sheath as my hand went by. And back again. I don't think i lasted more then half a dozen passes before i leaned completely over one hand for support the other rubbing his belly.

I am now on all fours... well .. on all threes ... right against his side. My head slightly underneath him no more then an inch away from from 2inches of exposed, huge dripping dog dick. OMFG! I tipped my head forward and stuck my tongue against the tip. His whole body shivered, and gave me a big squirt. Damn! Like nectar. Leaned forward and slid about an inch of him in my mouth, he went off like a squirt gun. Shots so strong i could not only feel it hit the back of my throat with force i swear i could even hear it hit. Remember when you was younger sticking the dime store squirt gun in your mouth and shooting the back of your throat as fast as you could pull the trigger. The same exact thing but a bigger stream it felt like. Just WOW! I had not had an opportunity to taste a dog in several months, and maybe it was simply my bad want for it, but i would swear he was the best tasting dog i ever met.

I don't know how much i drank from him before i couldn't stand it no longer and pulled away. He never moved even after i put my other hand down for support, never humped, never even started getting harder, just calmly hosing my tonsils in precum. As pulled back i put my hand back rubbing his side, telling him how great he was and great he tasted, and if he would stay calm long enough i would take care of all his needs. By this point i could care less if i might have gotten caught. I had no thought except HIM. Unfortunately no possible way to get my shorts off with hands usable. unless i rolled over on my back to get a hand free. Never occurred to me to try that way. I just tried to slowly stand up into a half crouch to get enough balance to use one hand to shove my shorts down. Lost my balance before i could barely get them started and had to jerk my hand off him to keep from falling on my face.

He KNEW it was going farther. He simply sat down as soon as my hand left his side watching me get up enough to shove my shorts down. With a huge shit eating grin on his face, wagging his tail so hard his whole body was wagging. Anyone that thinks a dog can not have a shit eating grin, hasn't been around dogs much, because they can. They seem to be able to smile with their whole body. I kept talking to him how great he was and such stupid nonsense, and repeating easy, easy, easy and very slowly trying to ease back onto all fours. Thinking he is going to jump on me before i ever reach the ground. He never moved until i was on all fours. I guess i had managed to take enough of his desperation away.

Then he not quite calmly walked around behind me, and started licking, and licking. Licking hard, almost trying to work his tongue in my ass. He licked long enough i was almost out of my mind. Come on and fuck me already. PLEASE! I actually remember starting to beg and plead for him to FUCK ME. I was quite literally insane with lust. If i had actually seen several people walk into the barn and see us, i honestly don't think i would have cared. Then he stopped. I expected him to slam down on top of me like a dog in heat after a hot bitch, which i was. Nothing. WTF! He whined. I twisted my head around to the point it hurt trying to look back over my shoulder. He is just standing there wagging his tail and drooling. P.... U...... L..... E E SE!

My looking back at him must have been the final trigger he wanted, to know i wanted him. He launched at me, slammed on to me hard enough to take my breath and nearly knock me flat. I had been with a lab a few years earlier that had been chasing a bitch in heat a few days with out getting any. A dog wanting it that bad is NOT FUN. That was probably the closest i could ever come to knowing what it would be like to be raped. Part of me dreaded what was fixing to happen. But i was beyond caring. I was simply mentally prepared to take it like a bitch, no matter how hard and rough he got. Most dogs, even not real wound up pretty much start jack hammering trying to get in the sec they on your back. Jabs when they miss HURT, really bad if they catch you on the tender spot of the rim.

After the initial slam down on me he just starts lightly pushing back and forth trying to find where he needs to get like he is perfectly calm about the whole thing. Never had a dog do this before. I probably had a look of shock on my face that he was being so delicate poking around. About the time i got my balance back enough to try and shift enough to reach back and guide him in, he hit home. He slowly shoves in, no actual thrust at all, just pushes himself in.

He is not quite close enough and i doubt he slid more then half his length into me. Gives a light grunt, almost moan, then pulls back. About the time i think he is going to fall out, he pushes back in. Sighs.Gives the back of my neck a long slow lick. Then pulls back out, just before falling out he pushes back in. I'm in lala land. This continues for probably a dozen strokes... might have been 4 or 20... but seems like it was near 12. Every other stroke he would sigh a bit then slow lick my neck. WOW!

There is no doubt he was truly enjoying it as much as i was. He is going slow enough i can feel every blessed inch of him. Feels like 6inches is massaging my colon... i know reality was only 3 or 4 at most. But i can only describe how i believe it felt at the time, and i would swear he using 6inches. At the end of about the 12th stroke he stepped forward and re-pushed again to get deeper felt like he gained another 3-4 inches. Then pulled back. Slowly drug out for ever, even felt like he stretched a bit backward to pull out as far as possible. Then the slow push back in. When he hit full depth he moaned a bit, then i felt his dick throb. Pull back out. as far as he can then slow push back in. When he hit full depth, throb, felt harder that time. Back out. Slow push back in. Throb. Definitely a harder throb that time. Back out. Back in. Throb.

My dazed mind finally realizes. That was a surge of blood as his dick pumped up. Back out. Back in. Throb. He is definitely bigger now. Back out. He steps forward. Back in. Seems like he pushes in for an entire sec or longer and another 3-4 inches, as i feel the knot bump my ass.THROB! Felt like another inch throbbed out in length, as well as a good bit in thickness. Long slow drag back out feel like a foot he just kept pulling back. He definitely stretches back as he tries to get as much out as he can. Back in. Knot bumps my ass, THROB. More length and bigger in size. He sighs again. Long slow lick across the back of my neck. Back out.

This time just as he starts back in, THROB. He is now big enough that he shoving harder to push in. Throb and back out. He is definitely pulling harder out.Throb. Back in much harder he has to push. The knot bumps my ass. Throb. Back out. Throb. This time he is shoving pretty good to get back in, seems like at about half way i get much tighter and despite how hard he shoving it is going slower. The knot bumps my ass. Sigh, THROB, back out. He is actual pulling me slightly back with him. Feels like over a foot just got dragged out and he is now huge. Throb. Back in. It's not so easy going back in this time. He is shoving hard, slows down about half way barely sliding forward. I finally realize i have no clue just how big he can get. Feels like an entire minute to get it all back in. The knot bumps my ass. THROB! a big sigh and he pulls back again. Throb as he starts back in.

He is shoving hard this time and pulling me back into him. About half way in he slows down to a near stop. Pulls me harder into him, an inch and stop, keeps pressure, and and after a sec or 2 another inch suddenly slides in. He quickly jerks his feet farther forward on me almost in my arm pits. Squeezes me in a death grip, and pulls back hard, another inch. Relax, take a breath, then jerk me back. Another inch. Relax, take a breath. Jerk me back. Another inch. No clue how many times he did this until i felt the knot finally bump into my ass. No throb this time, guess he finally maxed out thank goodness, he is big enough now to be almost uncomfortable.

Big sigh, 2 long slow licks across my neck. Still don't feel him throbbing as he starts cumming. Another couple secs then he pulls back out. I assume that is it and he's pulling out.Then he re-grips me in a death grip and shoves back in. He actually slowly slides all the way back into the knot. Back out. Back in.

Relaxes a sec, then i feel him start to deflate as he pulls back out. He is actually done this time. When he reaches full pull back, i shift my arms which are starting to cramp. He stops and finishes deflating. Slides his paws back down my sides, till they hit my thighs. When he feels my thighs, he snatches me up in a vice grip and slams back into me.
He now proceeds to fuck me like i originally expected and like only a dog can. He starts to jack hammer my ass, slamming hard into me.

On about the 4-5th slam i barely feel knot bump my ass. He quickly steps froward almost a jump. His back feet are now slightly in front of my ass. Jerk back. SLAM! Knot and all goes in, his balls slap mine. The next instant jerked back out. maybe a golf ball, i am now stretched and relaxed to the point it may have been the size of my fist. Slam back in knot and all, his balls slap mine, then he jerks it back out. Maybe 4-5 times then i feel a serious THROB. This continues at breakneck speed until the knot is big enough it hurts getting ripped in and out. Then it finally is to big to go in and slams the out side of my ass several times

I am honestly glad we can't tie. He suddenly jerks me back even harder and seems like he jumped forward the knot slammed into me so hard. Hurt pretty good. Couple slams like this and i no longer having a good time. Then he jumps and jerks me back nearly folding me up he is pulling so hard on me. Stops and just holds me there as tight as he can. It hurts, feels like i am stretching he is pushing so hard. He then starts shuffling his feet. I am definitely slowly stretching out the pain is getting intense as pressure keeps up. I can't take no more .

Then the unthinkable happened, i suddenly felt an intense jab of pain, and POP. In it fucking went. Once it was finally in the worst of the pain was over. An instant explosion in size, he starts trying to shove it deeper, feels like he is hopping hard enough for his feet to come off the ground. I can actually feel it going in deeper. THROB so hard it feels like my entire body vibrated, and another inch of length. Throb i can't believe the knot is actually going deeper, never felt a knot this deep before. THROB! another huge jump in girth and another inch in length and i would swear the knot even went slightly deeper. Feels like he is getting some of his sheath in my ass.

Feel like the biggest knot i have ever felt. THROB! Still another inch. Seems like the tip is fixing to go past my belly button. THROB! The knot is now big enough to be uncomfortable. Holly shit. How big can he get. I am now praying he is not inflating a big salami on the end of a cantaloupe.

He finally collapses across my back. Throb! Feels like it vibrates my entire body, as he squirts his load into me. My dick throbs in time with every throb squirt. A few more throbs and i blast off, shooting with what seems like super force. The knot is so big it is very uncomfortable. I never lost my hard on as i continued to throb in time with him. I later learned it was throbbing on my prostate. This continued for what seemed like ages as i slowly worked back up to another orgasm, this time when i blasted off it actually hurt a bit. Eventually he gave the back of my neck a lick then i felt the sudden deflation and he pulled out.