The Play Date: Part 1


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I parked the car in front of Dana’s house at the appointed hour, got out and walked to the front door, nervous as old hell. I had my gym bag with a change of clothes, a couple of disposable douches, sanitary napkins, tampons, and aspirins; I was ready for anything. My hands were shaking when I rang the doorbell, I was more than just nervous, I was scared. The whole thing seemed terrifyingly absurd. After all, it’s not a normal thing to go to someone’s home in the middle of the day to have sex with their dog. I couldn’t help but wonder what I’d gotten myself into; but scared or not I was determined to do this thing. Dana answered the door, a big friendly smile on her face.

“Come on in, I just had Archie out for a walk. He’s down in the game room now resting up, waiting to meet you.”

The light-hearted tone in her voice unnerved me even further. She could see the condition I was in. Closing the door behind us she put a hand on the middle of my back reassuringly.

“Are you sure you’re up for this?” I told her I was, but admitted to being a nervous wreck.

“Well, if you’ve changed your mind, just say so and we’ll call it off, no harm done. If you still want to do it, trust me nothing terrible is going to happen. Whether you’ll like it or not, I can’t say, but nothing bad is going to happen. It’s just a different kind of sex” Her words were somewhat comforting.

“Now look, we’ve got to get you relaxed. Why don’t we sit in the living room and chat? Have a drink or two? What’ll you have?”

I agreed, partly because I figured I could use a drink, and to be honest I was stalling for time. Even though I was determined to go through with this, a part of me was still afraid and wanted to delay it. We decided on wine rather than the harder stuff, I didn’t want to risk getting sick or really drunk and figured wine would mellow me out nicely. I don’t know what I thought we would talk about, but surprisingly we mostly reminisced about when we were kids and people we both knew. By the second glass my hands weren’t shaking any longer and I could enjoy the third. When I finished it I looked at Dana, took a deep breath and nodded my head. She understood; it was time.

“All ready to go then?” I nodded again. “OK, but I have to ask one more time, you’re sure about this?’”

“Yes, still a little anxious about it, but I’m ready.”

“I know, kind of like being a virgin again, afraid to give up your cherry. But you got over it then, this isn’t any different. But I have to point one thing out, you’re dealing with an animal here, not a man. There’s a point of no return, once he starts he goes on instinct, you have to ride it out. They don’t know the meaning of the word no. You can’t beg them to stop, OK?”

I knew what she meant. I told her I understood and we stood up, she put her arm around my waist and guided me to the basement door.

“Come on, sweetie, let’s go meet Archie.”

With that we went downstairs. At the bottom there was a small landing, to the left I could see her washer and drier. To the right was a door; I assumed Archie was on the other side. I was right, Dana opened the door and we went down the two steps into her finished game room. It was a nice set up; a finished room, a few soft chairs, a couch, coffee table, gas fireplace, really nice. But my interest was on one thing; in a dog bed by the fireplace a German Shepherd raised his head and yawned, looking at us. I was scared again. Dana walked over to him and knelt down to scratch his head.

“Hi, buddy,” she was using that high softly excited voice people use when talking to their pets. “Look what I brought you, boy, a new playmate. You’re going to have some fun with her.”

She turned and looked up at me, still petting his head. “And this is Archie, handsome, isn’t he?”

I agreed and bent down and joined her in scratching his head. He seemed to enjoy the attention and sat up. When he did, my eyes were drawn to the furry sheath that held his cock. I was close to backing out. Granted, a German Shepherd is a large dog, but at this moment Archie looked like a dinosaur. I was beyond having second thoughts; it was more like third or fourth thoughts. Then I remembered what Dana had said about losing your virginity, and figured she was right. When we stood up she looked at me.

“Nervous again?” I nodded my head. “Understandable, it’ll be all right. You just have to relax and enjoy it. Like I said, it’s only sex.”

I was busy watching Archie. Once we’d stopped petting him he lost interest. Standing up briefly, he moved in a circular motion on the bed, lying back down. I could no longer see it, but all I could think of was that furry sheath and what it contained. Anticipation can be a bitch. Dana looked at me and smiled reassuringly.

“There are some towels on the on the table, and there’s a baby monitor.” She explained that she used the monitor in the laundry area so she could tell if the machines were still running. “I’m leaving it here so you can call me if you need to. You won’t, but I thought it’d make you feel better knowing you could reach me.”

She turned on the gas fireplace and dimmed the lights. Then she went over to a CD player, turned it on and asked what kind of music I liked.

“First the wine, then the fire, soft lighting, now music,” I joked nervously, “this almost seems like a seduction.”

“It does, kind of. But the wine was to calm you down, the fire is for warmth. I want you to be comfortable, it is winter. The lighting is so you have a feeling of privacy, and the music, privacy also and it makes things less dispassionate. Background noise helps.”

She put a couple of disks in and hit play. Soft classical music began to play. It was relaxing, the whole room felt cozy. I have to admit, she knew what she was talking about. It struck me as odd that Archie wasn’t paying any attention to any of this. I don’t know what I expected, but it was a little comforting to know I wasn’t about to be ravaged by some wild animal. Dana picked up the baby monitor to show me the switch to turn it on.

“If you want it left on, that’s all right with me. I won’t mind listening, but I think you’ll want some privacy.”

I told her to leave it off and she set it down. Realizing this was probably the last of her instructions and I was going to be momentarily left alone with Archie, I was filled with last minute doubts. But I kept thinking if I backed out now I’d probably regret it and there might never be another situation like this to do it. After all, how many people did I know who had a dog with experience fucking a woman? Dana stood next to me with her hand on my back.

“Anything else I can get you or do for you?” I told her no. “Well, relax and enjoy yourself.”

She went over to Archie, he lifted his head up and looked at her. She stroked him between the ears.

”OK buddy, have fun and show the girl a good time.”

Standing up, she turned and headed for the door. As she opened it I spoke up.

“Wait a minute, I don’t know how to do this.”

She turned and looked at me, a funny smile on her face.

“I’m not sure what you mean, Archie does most of the work. You just enjoy it.” There was a quizzical tone in her voice.

“I mean, how do I start? Is there something I should do or say?”

“Oh, I see. Just play it by ear, do what comes naturally. Start from there. It’s all a part of the adventure”

She flashed me a grin, winked, and left, closing the door behind her. So there I was left alone in a room with a dog not knowing how to proceed, not sure this was a good idea; basically scared shitless. Then I remembered the stories of massive orgasms I’d heard about and I wanted the same. I sat down in a chair and took off my shoes and socks, then stood up and removed my slacks and panties. Archie still wasn’t paying any attention.

I walked over to him wearing only the sweatshirt that Dana had recommended to reduce any scratching. Squatting down in front of him, I started to scratch him behind the ears and neck.

“OK, come on, stud, show me what you’ve got.”

I thought being this close to my pussy would have gotten a response, but all I saw was his nose twitch as he sniffed the air. Now I was just frustrated. I’d been all nerved up over this and now the damn dog wasn’t interested. Doubt was replaced by determination. After all I’d been through emotionally in the last twenty four hours, I wasn’t going to be denied.

I sat down in a chair and began rubbing my pussy, when I felt the first glimmer of arousal I pushed my middle finger into my cunt. I finger fucked myself for several seconds, my index finger joining the middle one. I pulled them out they were glistening with my juices. I went back to Archie and held my hand out to him, the two damp fingers extended. He immediately perked up, sniffing them. Two quick licks and he was on his feet licking my hand. After doing a thorough job of that, he moved closer to me and began sniffing my crotch. I had successfully jump started his sexual urges, now he wanted more, so did I. I decided that Dana was right, letting my instincts take over was a good place to start.

I backed up to the coffee table and sat on the edge with Archie following. My arms behind me, I leaned backwards and spread my thighs wide, giving Archie complete access to my pussy. He wasted no time, his tongue forcefully stroking my slit. The effects were almost immediate. My heart began beating rapidly and there was a delightfully queasy feeling in my stomach as an erotic excitement gripped me. My stomach muscles tightened every time the rough tongue brushed over my clitoris. Within minutes I was coming, Archie’s lapping sped up as he tasted the secretions from my pussy. He seemed to be searching for more, licking them up greedily, and why shouldn’t he? He was responsible for them, it was only fair that he should reap the rewards of his efforts. It was as if he’d been thirsty and suddenly discovered a source of water, I was glad to be the source.

Sitting there, my head thrown back, gasping for breath, moaning with every exhale, I was lost in a prolonged orgasm. It was heightened by the soft tickling of his whiskers and fur brushing softly against my inner thighs. It was all that I’d heard of and more, I had no sense of time or anything else; all I was aware of was that tongue working me over and the fact that I was cumming. Nothing else mattered. Archie, however, had other ideas.

He suddenly stopped lapping at me, stood up on his hind legs whimpering with his paws on my shoulders. I kind of rolled back, lying flat on the coffee table, knocking the baby monitor and towels out of the way. As I went back, Archie went with me. This brought his hips up against my pussy, I could feel his cock as it bumped against me. Gripping the edge of the table, I closed my eyes, turned my head sideways, and pressed my lips tightly together, bracing myself for what was about to happen. I could hear Archie’s claws on the table top as he tried to get in position. He tried to wrap his forelegs around me, but was unsuccessful because of my position flat on my back. He awkwardly positioned himself as best as he could and started thrusting his hips rapidly. As his cock began hitting my pussy, I could feel something splattering on me; the “pre cum” that was all ready oozing out of the end of his dick. Then he hit the right spot, the end of his cock entered into me. It wasn’t what I’d expected, it went in easily and actually felt rather comfortable. Of course, between my own pussy juices and the fluid from Archie’s cock, I was pretty well lubricated. His thrusts went rapidly in and out smoothly, thrilling me further.

Then I felt it, the knot at the base of his cock bumping against my cunt lips. A couple of quick bumps and it went in, also rather easily. It was an arousing sensation. Once it was in, Archie kind of hobbled closer, and while trying again to wrap his forelegs around me, gave a couple of deep hard thrusts into me. I could feel his cock swelling and expanding, filling me, stretching my pussy. It was incredible.

The knot had expanded also, putting a strange type of strain on my cunt. It was a totally unique feeling, almost as if my clitoris was being stimulated from below. The sexual thrill of it all greatly outweighed the slight discomfort involved. Actually, that discomfort added to my sensual exhilaration, I loved it. His thrusting had diminished considerably, he seemed to be more interested in trying to get as far into me as was possible than in humping me. Then he stopped, there was a slow throbbing of his prick, he was cumming. His swollen cock had me so stretched out that I was aware of its every throb, twitch and jerk, even the cum flowing into me. The feeling involved was indescribable. His knot wasn’t the seal I’d been led to believe, I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy.

Archie was above me, still trying unsuccessfully to grip me, making small whimpering noises. Then, suddenly he pulled out. His knot came out, no problem. There was a shot of erotic pain as it stretched my cunt lips apart on the way out, but it was an arousing, delicious sort of pain. He licked my pussy several time, then still whimpering scurried around a bit, then sat down and began licking himself. I thought it was over, short but sweet. I couldn’t complain since I had been in a state of almost constant orgasm from the beginning.

I sat up, breathing heavy, and slid down on my knees, determined to see what had just been inside me. His cock was still erect, it seemed to be somewhere between six and seven inches long and stout. It was kind of funny shaped, pointed at the end unlike a human’s. But the main thing was the knot. I always thought of it as a ball or something, but his was a knobby looking thing, large but not really frightening. After all, it had already been inside me and come out, so I knew I could handle it. I did understand why it’s referred to as a knot or a twist, because that’s what it sort of resembled; the knots on a tree limb.

I can’t say much else; I simply didn’t get that good a look at it. Seconds after I knelt down in front of him to get a look, Archie was back on his feet, pacing in front of me, whining as he did. He would come close with his snout low, sniffing around. I realized he wasn’t finished. Why he interrupted things I didn’t know, but there was more to come. Understanding what he wanted, I turned, still on my knees, to face the coffee table. I leaned forward resting my upper body on its surface. Then I felt his tongue lashing my pussy, rapidly and firmly, sending me off again.

The lapping didn’t last long, but it did its job, preparing me for what was next. I felt his paws on my back as he rose up to mount me again. This time his front legs wrapped around my waist with no problem, holding me tight as he started thrusting wildly. Once the end of his dick went in, he moved closer and pushed himself deeper into me. A couple of quick thrusts and I felt his knot go into my pussy with the same delectable stab of pain I’d felt earlier. With another couple of hard thrusts he buried himself deep inside my cunt. He must have been starting the go soft, because it seemed like his cock was expanding again. Then there was the soft pulsing as he started to cum again. There seemed to be a lot more of it this time. I’ve read stories where women have claimed dogs have shot gallons of cum into them, this is a huge exaggeration, of course, but I understand now why they say it; there was a continuous flow of warm fluid coming from his cock, filling me and oozing out of my pussy. I’m not sure how much of it was actually semen and how much was prostatic fluid, the so called pre-cum. At the time I really didn’t care, all I was thinking about was my own series of massive orgasms; I was cumming right along with him. It’s hard to remain clinical at a time like that.

I knelt there, my arms reaching outward, my hands gripping the opposite side of the table. I was panting in ecstasy. The orgasmic spasms of my cunt seemed to be gripping and squeezing Archie’s thick prick, almost like it was milking it. There was a deeply sensuous feel to it all; him clutching me at the waist, his cock quivering as he came, the gentle flowing of his warm cum into me. It would be impossible for me to describe my reactions to all this; I was in a state of sexual euphoria. It’s one of those moments you hope will never end.

Then he suddenly released his grip on me, swinging to the side as his rear leg moved across my back. We were now in the classic ass to ass position. All that jerking and twisting of his dick as he did this had a powerful effect, sending waves of sexual excitement through me. He stopped all movement, but it felt as if he was possibly still ejaculating. I rose up on my elbows and leaned forward, he moved with me. Then I pushed back and again he went with me. That’s when I got scared, all the stories of getting “stuck” came into my head. Looking over to where the baby monitor had fallen, I saw it was just out of my reach. I was beginning to panic. Shuffling sideways, with Archie attached to me, I got to where I could reach it. I turned it on and hoped Dana was within earshot of hers.

“Dana,” I gasped, “are you there?”

“Yeah, what’s up, honey?” Just the sound of her voice was reassuring.

“I’ve got a problem, please.”

“Be right there.”

I heard her coming down the stairs, so did Archie and he began wagging his tail. This caused his prick to vibrate in me. My mind was in a panic, but my body seemed to be enjoying itself, responding to this new stimulation. Had I not been in so scared I would have loved it. About then Dana opened the door and looked in, a concerned look on her face.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“We’re stuck,” I said as I raised my head, “what do I do?”

Dana kind of laughed and shook her head. Then she walked over to me. Add embarrassment to panic and sexual arousal. It was quite the emotional cocktail.

“You’re not stuck, and if you were, you’d just wait for him to go soft.”

“It sure feels like I’m stuck,” I murmured plaintively.

“He turns around like that out of instinct, with a female dog he’ll be locked in, not with you. With his cock behind him like this, it’d probably hurt him if he pulled out now, maybe squeeze his balls.”

It seemed like one hell of a time to give me a lesson in canine sexuality. Looking back on it however, what better time was there?

“He came out the first time, no problem.”

“The first time? You guys have been having one hell of a party.” Then she turned to the dog. “Archie, come here boy, come on.”

I heard her making some kissing sounds and snap her fingers behind my head. Then Archie swung his leg again turning back around. Once again the movement of his cock inside me sent shivers down my spine. Once more I felt my pussy contracting around his prick. When he first turned around, his knot came out, again with that delightfully painful, arousing sensation. But my vaginal convulsions obviously had an effect on him since he immediately wrapped his paws around my waist and began humping again. A couple of thrusts and the knot was back in my pussy as he tried to go as deep as he could once more.

“Oh, a bonus,” I heard Dana exclaim as she turned and walked out, leaving us alone again.

Once more I felt his prick shuddering as he came some more. There really didn’t seem to be as much of it this time. I figured he was pretty much depleted, and the end was close. It was also evident that he more was comfortable in this position to our earlier one, when I was on my back. I, on the other hand, liked it better the first way, I don’t know if it’s considered the missionary position with a dog. I think it was because the angles of my vaginal channel and his cock didn’t quite match up, putting more pressure on my pussy.

Finally all motion stopped, he didn’t do the leg over thing this time, just held onto me for a few minutes. Then I felt his cock softening, returning to its normal size, the knot shrinking. It was an interesting sensation. Finally he slipped out. Dropping to all fours he started licking my pussy, one final thrill as that strong tongue seemed to clean me up. Then even that stopped, I heard his claws on the floor as he walked away. It was over.

I turned around slowly, and sat on the floor with my back against the table and watched as he got onto his dog bed and began licking himself. Despite the fact that I’d been a state of continuous multiple orgasms, something was missing. Then it occurred to me; with human sex there’s touching, caressing, kissing, and post sex cuddling. Even if the affection is false or temporary, it’s there. But, I hadn’t made love with this dog; I had let him fuck me, pure and simple, nothing more, and nothing less. Now he was done and went back to doing whatever it was he felt like doing. He had fucked me and was done, end of story. But it had been one hell of a fuck!

I stood up, picked up the towel from earlier, and began to wipe myself off. I guess mop myself would be a better term, considering the amount of fluid that was involved. I put my panties and slacks back on and went upstairs, leaving Archie alone in our little love nest. My little experiment was over. When I got upstairs Dana was waiting for me.

“All done?” I nodded my head. “Anything you need?”

“Ah, yeah, a shower would be nice.”

“Sure thing, sweetie.”

She gestured to the bathroom door.

I went to the kitchen, picked up my gym bag, and went into the bath room. A quick douche, a fast shower and a change of clothes and I was ready to face the world. There were a few scratches and I could tell my pussy had been stretched out and might be tender for the next couple of days, but I was none the worse for wear. I was a little paranoid about all the dog cum and fluid, after all, it seemed to me a lot more had gone in than had come out. I wasn’t sure where it had gone so I slipped a sanitary napkin into the crotch of my panties in case there was any left to leak out.

When I came out Dana had a kettle of water boiling for tea. We sat at the table and had some, discussing what had happened. It was almost as if I hadn’t just done something unusual. She said that when he pulled out of me the first time it was probably due to the awkward position, that he hadn’t really been finished, just frustrated. If I’d put a couple of the towels under my hips, he would have been able to get his paws under me to hold on and there’d have been no problems. She wanted to know if I had any regrets. I told her no, it had been one hell of an experience and I was glad I had done it. She then asked if I thought it was something I’d like to do again. I said that I didn’t think so, that it was strictly a onetime thing, something I’d wanted to experience and now I had. Of course if someone had asked me a month earlier if I was going to fuck a dog, I’d have said they were insane. So I guess it’s like that old cliché, you can never say never. If that’s true, you also can never say never again.