The Play Date: Part 2


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Ron and I had been going together for about a month when it all started. We had gone through the usual ‘getting to know you’ phase before we started sleeping together. Now we were in that period where you start trying to find out all the secret intimate details of each other’s past. One night just before we were to go out to dinner and a movie he asked what is the wildest thing I’d ever done sexually. I’m 40 and Ron 38, so we both had a past and I couldn’t help but think that this is a subject best left alone.

I told him I had no good stories to tell, that my sex life had always been kind of mundane, good, but nothing particularly wild. But he kept insisting, telling me a story about how in his early twenties, he and a buddy had picked up a woman hitchhiker and she’d taken turns with them in the back seat, fucking and sucking them silly. It could have happened, but it seemed more like something he wished had happened. I repeated that I had no stories to tell.

“Aw, come on, you must have done something weird at some point.”

Now I’m getting a little annoyed. If he wanted a story, I’d give him one.

“I fucked a dog. OK? Weird enough?”

“Yeah,” he seemed a little taken aback. “If that’s a joke, it’s a sick one. If it’s true, I don’t know what to think.”

“You asked, I told. Deal with it.” I paused briefly. “By the way, how drunk is your hitchhiker? If she was wasted, my love, that’s rape. And, if I said I’d blown a circus elephant, that’s not as sick as two guys gang raping a drunk girl.”

“All right, so when did you do this, this dog fucking thing?”

“Last winter, if it’s any of your concern.”

I’m getting pissed.

“Last winter? So you’re telling me that for the first two weeks we had sex you made me use rubbers, but a month earlier you were fucking a dog? Did he have to wear a rubber too?”

“I knew he was clean, but I’m not sure about you,” I shot back. “Now just drop it, OK?”

He agreed, although I’m pretty sure this is the end of our relationship. So much for telling the truth; I knew it had been a bad idea. But dinner went surprisingly well, with no mention of my indiscretion. We went to the movies, and again, everything seemed normal; he even copped a feel or two. I began to gladly think everything is working itself out.

When he brought me home, I found out while our relationship hadn’t ended, it had taken a slightly different course. When we sat down on the couch, he slid his arm around my shoulders and kissed me. I thought we were on the verge of that nice little bonus, you get after an argument, makeup sex, even though I don’t know if his reaction to my little revelation is really a quarrel. But then he surprised me.

“What is it like, you know, with a dog?”

I’m dumbfounded, not knowing what to say. It seemed our conversation hadn’t ended after all, it’d just been delayed. Then I remembered what my friend Dana had said to me the day I did it and I repeated it.

“It’s just another kind of sex. Why?”

“Just interested, that’s all. I mean, do they have a really big dick?”

“This one did, kind of. Not humongous, about seven inches, maybe more, and kinda thick.”

“What kind of dog was it?”

“A German Shepard called Archie.”

“I gotta’ admit, I can’t get this out of my mind,” he said and smiled.

So that’s it, he’s getting turned on thinking about it. This could get interesting, I figured I’d answer all his questions and see where it would lead.

“Anything else?”

“How many times?”

“Just once.” I hesitated. “A long time ago I let one lick me until I came, I think that’s why I wanted to go all the way with Archie.”

“The ball on their dicks, is that for real?”

“Yeah, his wasn’t exactly a ball, but there was a major swelling. It wasn’t as large as I’d often heard, but substantial.” I looked down, slightly embarrassed, feeling myself smile and added, “It made its presence felt.”

“Get stuck?”

“No, I thought I was, but it turned out I wasn’t.” I saw a confused look on his face. “Don’t try to figure it out. I didn’t get stuck, not like a female dog does. That’s all.”

Suddenly he leaned over and kissed me, hard and lustfully. He may have had some misgivings about a dog fucking me, but I could tell that they weren’t going to get in the way of HIM fucking me, funny how that works. As our tongues entwined I undid the front of my blouse, leaning forward as his hands reached behind me to unhook my bra. I could feel my nipples tightening as his fingers began to lightly tweak first one, then the other. Our lips parted and he started kissing my breasts. My pussy is getting wet rapidly. I couldn’t wait, so I pushed him back, got up and took his hand and led him into the bedroom.

Once there, we quickly stripped off our clothes. I lay on the bed, Ron sat on the edge, leaning over to kiss me. His hand began massaging my pussy while his lips moved from mine down to my breasts. He kissed them, then his tongue grazed across my nipples. Glancing down at his erect cock sticking out like a flagpole, I knew he couldn’t wait long.

When he shuffled over me, I spread my legs wide and waited. Supporting himself on one elbow, he used his free hand to guide himself to my sopping cunt. He went in easily and quickly, I was that wet. He then shifted his weight onto me while his hands gripped my ass cheeks and began drilling his cock into me. Each thrust is taking me closer and closer to an orgasm and since they were coming rapidly, I knew I would be cumming in short order. Locking my ankles behind him I did what I could, straining up against his jabbing cock. I felt a weakness sweep through me as I came. Moments later I felt Ron cum deep inside me. If this is the reward for telling him about the dog, I’m glad I confessed. I’m looking forward to more of this.

The thing is, the subject of my afternoon with Dana’s dog kept coming up. He kept asking questions; did I have pictures, did I really enjoy it, would I like to do it again, things like that. Finally, I asked him what this is all about, then he confessed.

“I kind of wish I could’ve seen it, that’s all.”

So that is it. He’d gone from being put off by the whole thing to being turned on by it to becoming obsessed with it. Now he wanted to watch. I told him there wasn’t much chance of that.


Then one day he told me his sister and her husband were going away for the weekend and he told them instead of sending their Golden Retriever to a kennel, he would stay at their house with the dog.

He asked me on the phone, “Do you wanna come over for a play date?”

I knew what he had in mind.

“Maybe, but I have no intention of screwing that dog, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but if the urge hits, we’ll be the only ones there.”

“Well, let’s just say this, if I did do him, don’t you think your sister would get suspicious if he suddenly tried to jump her every time she bent over?”

“I think he may already be doing that. They keep saying it’s time to get him neutered. You may be his one and only chance to get laid.”

“Not much chance of that, he’ll have to live and die a virgin.” I did, however, agree to go over and help him dog sit.


When the day came I went over. At first there is no sign of the Retriever anywhere. Ron told me he was in the spare bedroom that had been set up as a kind of home office; it is his favorite place. We went in and I saw him. He’s a beautiful animal, well groomed, and friendly. I knelt and began petting him. He sat up and I began to scratch his chest, I couldn’t help staring down at his cock. It is still in its sheath, but it drew my eyes to it like a magnet.

“You guys have the same hair color,” Ron joked.

“Yeah, he must have the same hairdresser as me.”

But then he got back to the point.

“Think about it, honey. You might be his only chance.”

The fact is, I’m thinking of it. There is a kind of erotic feel to the whole situation that I couldn’t ignore. I stopped petting Kevin the dog and stood, it is time to choose whether to do this or not. My two previous experiences with dogs were different; the first is done years ago on impulse. The second, and more important time, the time I went all the way and let a dog fuck me, is done out of my own curiosity; to satisfy me (and the dog, of course). But as I stood there looking at the dog, then at Ron, I felt uncomfortable. I’m basically putting on a show and is kind of reluctant. However the memories of the orgasms I’d had fucking the German Shepherd were still fresh in my mind, so I made my decision based on that. Despite how depraved it may seem to others, I’m ready; the opportunity had presented itself and I’m going to take it.

“Going to do it?” I looked at Ron and nodded. “Anywhere I should be or do?”

I raised my hand up to my forehead, then mumbled, “No, I don’t know. You wanted to watch, that’s why I’m doing this. Just watch I guess.”

I went over to the desk chair and sat down to take off my sneaks and socks, then stood up and took off my jeans and underwear. I left my tee shirt on to minimize scratching. I walked over to Ron.

“You asked if you could do anything, it seems to work best if I’m turned on.”

I took his hand and held it against my pussy. He took the hint and began rubbing. I pulled his head down slightly and kissed him, my tongue forcing its way into his mouth. His fingers caressing my cunt while he sucked on my tongue got me going quicker than if I had done it myself. Within moments I could feel the tingly sensation of arousal. I gently pushed Ron away.

“Good job, honey.” I patted his cheek lightly, “I can take it from here.”

I slowly walked over to where Kevin is sitting. Pushing a finger into my pussy, I wiggled it slightly, then jabbed it in and out several times, getting it as wet as I could. Then, pulling it out, I waved it under Kevin’s nose. He seemed to catch the scent, but unlike Archie, who had experience with women, Kevin didn’t seem to quite know what it is about. I stood in front of him, my feet apart, allowing him to sniff away freely at me. The wet nose bumping against my cunt lips, the feel of his whiskers, long fur and floppy ears on my upper thighs were having a definite effect on me. I could feel myself getting wetter.

Finally his tongue lashed out, stroking my pussy. There is a brief pause, then it flashed out twice more, almost taking my breath away. He backed off slightly, his tongue came out twice as if he were licking the air, I thought for a second he didn’t like it, but he suddenly shoved his snout into my crotch and began lapping away. It had begun, there is no turning back.

I’m on familiar ground now, I backed up to the chair and sat down thighs spread wide and waited for nature to take its course. Kevin came over tentatively, his nose working, inhaling the scent of my secretions. It is if he were trying to make up his mind, then he plunged in suddenly, his tongue working furiously. The results for me were almost immediate, I felt the first tremors of an onrushing orgasm. Flashbacks to my day with Archie in Dana’s game room ran through my mind. There is a big difference, then I’d been a nervous wreck, scared and unsure of it all. This time I knew what is coming; I could relax and enjoy it.

I remembered long ago, letting my parents’ dog lick me, how much wilder it got when I spread my pussy wide open so I decided to do that now. My fingertips pulled my cunt lips apart and Kevin’s tongue began roughly stroking the delicate interior flesh and my clitoris directly. It is tortuously erotic, triggering one really serious orgasm, the damned dog is rocking my world. He continued lapping as I came, prolonging and intensifying my orgasm. It is hard to believe that minutes earlier, he’d been acting as if he didn’t know what to do. He stopped licking me, when I looked down at him I saw his head moving from side to side, then he looked up at me, whimpering. I knew what is next, I’m as eager as he is.

Twisting in the chair, I slid down to the floor on my knees. Shifting back a little I bumped Kevin out of the way. When I looked at him I could see at least three inches of his cock sticking out of its sheath already dripping pre-cum. I leaned forward with my forearms crossed on the seat of the chair, my knees spread. I laid my head on my forearms and waited. Kevin moved behind me and resumed lapping at my pussy. It is almost like, confronted with my change in position, he is starting all over again. Since my orgasm hadn’t completely subsided, this revived it, so I had no complaints. I couldn’t get enough, but the glimpse I’d gotten of his protruding cock had filled me with willing anticipation. I wouldn’t have long to wait.

The lapping ceased and Kevin is suddenly on top of me, making some whinny sounds. I could feel his claws through my shirt. He moved closer and began thrusting his hips rapidly, his cock jabbing hard at my pussy, constantly missing its mark. I reached back between my thighs to help guide it in, but he is thrusting too fast for me to get hold of his prick. The best I could do is to use my fingers to deflect it in the right direction. His dick is leaking pre-cum freely now, I could feel it running down my fingers, warm and sticky. At one point his cock bumped off my fingers and went in about an inch but he pulled back and it came out; I’m really getting frustrated at this point. I’m beginning to think this dog is too damned dumb to get laid.

Finally, I felt his cock go back inside me, this time he did it right, at least he is a fast learner. His hold on me tightened in that peculiar way they have of wrapping their forelegs around your waist. His cock is ramming in and out of me now, quite rapidly. The knot at the base of his dick began banging against my pussy, then forced its way in. The thrusting began to slow down as Kevin instinctively tried to shove his prick as far into my cunt as he could. That’s when his cock began to swell, going to full erection; that wonderful, beautifully erotic feeling as it expanded inside me, filling my pussy to a tight fit, the knot stretching me further, triggering another orgasm.

My hands reached down, gripping the back legs of the chair, bracing myself. I could hear Kevin breathing in short, sharp breaths as he held on to my hips, pulling me to him, his cock as deep inside me as is possible. I felt him shiver as his cum began flowing into my pussy, washing through me. I’d forgotten about Ron until I heard him.

“What’s happening?”

“He’s cumming,” I said between gasps. Then added, “Both of us are cumming.”

I turned my head in his direction and opened my eyes briefly. He is standing there with his pants down, his erect cock in one hand and a handkerchief in the other, jerking off. I didn’t want to see this, I closed my eyes. I’m more concerned with Kevin and the steady flood of cum he is pumping into me. It felt as if my entire reproductive system is awash in the stuff. I know it is leaking out of me. He released his hold on my waist and swung around, facing the other way. All the jerking and pulling he did had an arousing effect. I felt the muscles in my stomach and ass tense up and tighten as another orgasm shook me. When my cunt contracted on his prick, it must have stimulated him further; the stream of cum seemed to pick up, surging into me.

It is at this point I realized how much I’d enjoyed my previous encounter with canine sex and how much I’d missed it. This is why I so easily agreed to do it again. It isn’t because Ron talked me into it; he’d only provided an excuse. It had happened because I wanted it to. Kneeling there feeling the last shudders of the dog’s swollen prick in me as he finished cumming, I had to admit that I’d loved it, I’m overwhelmed with a feeling of decadent ecstasy.

Finally, his cock began to shrink down slowly until he stepped forward, pulling his cock out of me. Turning around, he began licking my pussy again, a delightful end to the whole thing. Once again orgasmic tremors ran through me. I didn’t know if this is another orgasm or a continuation of the last one. For that matter, I didn’t know if I’d had several orgasms throughout the process or one big one with several peaks. I didn’t really care, all I knew was I’m satiated. Pushing off the chair when he finished, I sat back on my heels, breathing heavily. Ron came over and put a hand on my back. I glanced over and saw he’d pulled his pants back up, guess he’d had a good time too.

“You OK, honey?”

“Yeah, oh yeah.” I looked up at him, “I could use a shower though.”

He reached down and helped me to my feet. He gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll take Kevin outside and clean up while you’re in the shower,” he said warmly.

I nodded and picked up my jeans and underpants and walked bare-assed to the bathroom.


Taking off my shirt and bra, I turned on the shower, adjusted the temperature, and stepped in. The warm water felt good as I worked the soap into my crotch and legs. I would have really liked to douche, but had to improvise. I soaped up my fingers and pushed one into my pussy in an attempt to clean out some of the dog cum and whatever other fluids I could, be they mine or his. Surprisingly, it felt good; I’m becoming aroused again. I stopped, thinking to myself enough is enough. I’d had plenty for one afternoon.

Turning off the water, I got out of the shower and began drying myself. Even the feel of the terrycloth towel is somewhat arousing, especially when it ran over my pussy. Interestingly, it seemed as if my whole sexual awareness had been heightened by my latest adventure. While I’m using a comb to get some of the water out of my hair, the door opened and Ron stepped in. Walking up behind me he put his hands on my shoulders.

He asked, “How’re you feeling?”

“Fine, rather good actually. And you?”

“Great, I have to tell you that is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.”

“Yeah, I noticed you were enjoying it,” I smiled in the mirror and raised my fist up and pumped it in a jerking off motion.

“I needed something,” he laughed, “some sort of relief. Damn, I can’t believe you did that.”

“Hey, you insisted you wanted to see it, so I showed you.”

“Yeah, nah. Don’t take it the wrong way. I mean, I can’t believe you did that for me, it’s incredible. I love you for it.”

His hands slid down my arms, then embraced me while he kissed my neck. As I said earlier, I’m not sure if I’d done it for him or me, but I figured what difference did it make? He enjoyed watching it, I enjoyed doing it, and I’m sure the dog had a damn good time. I saw no point in saying anything. Besides, his kiss is turning me on; now is not the time for long winded explanations. He loosened his embrace, one hand moving up to cup my breast while the other slid down my stomach to my pussy.

He nibbled on my earlobe, pausing long enough to whisper, “Is it all right, can we do it? I mean are you up to it?”

I said, “You’re damned right I am.”

I pushed back against him and could feel his erection pressed between us. My knees were weak as I turned to face him.

“As long as we don’t do it doggie style,” I smiled, then I kissed him.

We stood there, lips locked, bodies pressed tightly together briefly, then slowly lowered ourselves down on our knees. I adjusted the plush floor mat, then laid back on it with my legs bent and spread.

Looking between my thighs at Ron, I waited while he quickly disrobed. I really didn’t need or want any foreplay, which is good because it didn’t look like Ron is going to bother with it. He slid over me, his hand on his cock, directing to my waiting pussy. I felt the head poke against me then press in slowly and steadily. You might think after just having a swollen dog dick in me, my cunt would be either numb or sore, but not so. The feel of his hard prick entering me is exquisite; I knew there would be another orgasm.

I arched my back so Ron could get his arms behind me. He held me tight as he began thrusting his prick into me in a twisting, grinding motion, sending waves of erotic pleasure through me with every inward drive. My legs and arms wrapped around him, I hung on for dear life. I started squirming and jerking underneath him involuntarily, crying out as I came. He continued plunging into me wildly, almost in desperation. Finally, he let out a groan and I felt his dick throb as a load of his cum joined the other fluids still in my cunt.
When he got off me, I sat up and slid back to the wall and leaned back against it, breathing heavily. I took my towel and wiped myself off. Ron joined me and I handed him the towel.


When he finished, he draped arm around my neck. I felt his cheek resting on the top of my head.

“You realize having sex with me now is kind of like sticking your dick into a puddle of dog cum, right.” I didn’t think my weak attempts at swabbing myself out had done much good.

“Hadn’t thought of that, thanks for putting that thought into my head.”

“Just figured I’d mention it, hon.”

“Don’t care, I wanted you badly, if that’s the cost, so be it; I’d do it again.” He waited a second or two, “I have to ask you something.”

“Let me guess, you want to know which is better, or how you stacked up?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, it’s only natural, right?”

“Don’t do that honey. It’s an apples and oranges thing. They’re both fruit, but completely different, they can’t be compared.”

“That’s not much of an answer.”

“Look, honey, it’s not a competition. Yeah, dog sex is good. I got off, big time. The thing is, I still prefer men. It’s the difference between making love and getting fucked. Both have their place, OK?”

I hugged him tight. Then I remembered what Dana had said after my tryst with Archie. I had told her then that I liked men better. She’d told me the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. If both felt good, do both; she certainly did. She may have been right. Now, neither Ron nor I have any plans to get a dog, but I do visit Dana occasionally, so if the opportunity presents itself again, and the mood is right, who knows?