Tussinee Gold

Royal Consort

Every year Thailand has a festival during the lunar moon of December named Loy Krathong. The beauty contests that accompany the festival are known as "Noppamas Queen Contests". Noppamas was a royal consort of the a king from the 14th century and she was the first to float a krathong. I didn't enter any of the contests this year, but I still dressed up. I was so horny all day as all the men were looking at me and taking photos, I just had to have come home and have sex as quickly as I could.

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Fun Filled

Today I bought these big shoes with lights that flicker inside them. My sexy little outfit went perfect together with them. My idea was to see if I could get any attention. Well I did because the next thing I knew I was putting my lips around a nice cock and sucking on it. This was making my pussy really wet and I really wanted to have sex. First he fucked me doggy style, then I rode his cock up n down, forward and backwards. I knew he wanted to cum so I told him to go ahead and cum inside me.

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Basic Steps

I maybe a teen, but I am learning the basic steps to making men horny. First I select a sexy pair of thigh high nylons with bright colors. I put on my high heels, a pair of pink panties, and a skin tight t-shirt. But I don't stop there. I know I have to tease by touching and playing with my teen body. Within minutes I am bent over and my pussy is getting pounded from behind, then I'm led to the top of the stairs and fucked hard again. After, my face is sprayed with a load of sperm and I lick it all up.

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Bangin Body

Every girl has an alter ego. Mine just so happens to have long hair with short bangs. I think when I am dressed different than my norm, I am hornier than ever. My teen pussy just aches to have something hard drill me inside and out. But today I wanted to do something even wilder. I wanted to try anal. Yes that's right today my mouth wanted to taste cock, my pussy wanted to feel cock and my ass wanted to get filled with cock for the first time. I squealed, but I took it. After I swallowed all the sperm.

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Sperm Spree

After a day of shopping, I only needed one more thing to finish a perfect day...can you guess what that is?? Hehe. After teasing his cock with my sweet and soft lips it was time for me to get pleasured. I stripped out of my sexy dress and got down on all fours. After slipping his white cock into my shaved Thai pussy I was in absolute heaven. He fucked my tight teen cunt every which way and afterwards blasted me with what seemed like a gallon of cum! Ahh shopping and sex, it's a match made in heaven!

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Private Pool

I may just be a shy Thai teenager, but I love sex! So when I found the pool boy finishing up his maintenance, I just had to seduce him. I slowly stripped out of my pink bikini and exposed my hairless Thai pussy. Before I knew it he was drilling me deep with his thick cock. Missionary, cowgirl, doggy style, my pussy was pounded into sexual bliss! After he was done having his way with me, I knelt down and licked his balls until he came all over my pretty face. Pool Boys are fun!

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Lesbian Love

My first lesbian experience! I have been wanting to fool around with one of my girlfriends for a while and today was the perfect opportunity! Her name is Fai and she has a tiny little body with silky white skin. I invited her over and within minutes we were kissing and fondling each other! We stripped each other naked and I licked her bald pussy for the first time and it was sooo hot! I just loved the way my girlfriend licked my hairless cunt. Finally we dildo fucked each other until we both came!

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Pink Swallow

Hey look at my pink hair! hehehe. There's just something about dressing up that makes my pussy so wet! I've been learning more and more about sex and I've gotten better and better. Ever since drinking sperm for the first time, I've craved to taste another load. I love sucking cock just as much as riding it. So this time I wanted to show off the cum on my tongue before eating it. Once his cock was finished fucking my pussy, I sucked him off into my mouth and swallowed all his warm cum!

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Net Creampie

Mmmm, I love creamy cum dripping out of my tight little pussy! I go wild over big loads of cum and today I received a huge one! I didn't think it was going to be that big because I blew him the night before this video. They say a man can produce more cum if he's extremely excited and I guess it's true. Sometimes the only thing I want is to suck a cock to completion but today I wanted a huge load shot deep inside my teen fuck hole. And I got my wish with one giant creampie finish! Enjoy!!

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Siam Sybian

My first ride on the Sybian! Who needs a man when you've got a machine? hehe. My boyfriend has been trying to get me to ride the Sybian for a while but I've always been too intimidated. When I saw the Sybian, I have to admit I felt scared. but I love to try new things sexually. It entered my pussy little by little. It started fucking me and rubbing my clit at the same time! I can't explain it, but I felt like I would explode, one orgasm after another. Watch my tiny teen pussy ride the Sybian for the first time!

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Flesh Love

I know what turns a man on. Dress like a school girl, put my hair in ponytails, approach you with giggles and smiles and then tell you I have a surprise for you. I'm a good little Asian fuck doll. I'm so good that I'm going to give you an amazing threesome. I pull out my new girlfriend named, FleshLight. That's right, I'm going share your hard cock with her sweet soft pink lips while I tongue your balls. When you're ready to cum, I want you to shoot it all in my mouth so I can swallow it like a good girl.

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Look deeply into my eyes, you know the pleasures I can give to you. I slowly uncover myself for you. Your imagination runs wild as I move my hands over my body. You wish to touch me where I touch myself. I demonstrate my oral skills as the toy cock slides in and out of my mouth. When I slip the toy cock into my pussy your cock screams to be inside of me, to feel it slide into my hot pussy. Today I am your courtesan and I bring your sexual pleasures to life.

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Cream My Pussy

Please cream my pussy. I love when your hard cock throbs, as my tongue glides across your helmet. My pussy is dripping with moisture when you enter my Asian womb. My walls expand as you shove your rigid cock deep inside me. You ram my cunt from every position then blast your white sticky load all over my aching pussy. Your thumb shovels giant pools of sperm to the entrance of my hole and I feel the hot cum flow down to the depths of my pussy.

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Semen Spit

As I'm taught more about sex, I learn that a man needs to ejaculate every night before he sleeps. So after a romantic evening filled with dinner and a movie, I prepare myself to give my man the ultimate thrill of a deep throat blowjob before bed. I wear only my bra, panties, and high heels and strut my tiny assets bedside to greet him. I drop down and gorge myself on his beautiful cock before it finally spills it's seed into my open mouth. I then dribble his cum down my lips and chin to show him how much I appreciated the wonderful evening. Sleep tight my love!

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Cum Dump

I know my place in the world. I get to enjoy so many things in so many places, but like anything, it all comes at a price. Luckily for me, the balance is usually paid for with my body and it's skillful features. I love the taste of a throbbing cock in my mouth. I love licking his ass because I know it enhances the blowjob. I love being fucked hard and strong, but most off all I love when he cums in me or on me. My mouth will swallow, but my pussy will always be his personal cum dump. Shovel it all in me Baby!

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Lovely Pie

Out of a town and lodged in a hotel room can be really exciting. I was so horny that I had to have some sex before I left the room. My pussy was on fire and the only thing to put the flame out was a good morning fuck. I immediately headed for the nearest cock, stroked it, sucked it, and got it rock hard. I then stripped naked and hovered my dripping wet pussy over his manhood and gave myself an amazing ride to orgasm. After that, I let him drill my pussy deep and hard until finally the firemen came and doused the inside of my hot pussy with buckets of life saving sperm. 911, can I help you?

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Special Ops

Today I have a very special set for you. I am playing the part of a special operator on a secret mission. I'm part of a special force team that was sent here to ensure you men in the field are sexually satisfied while on your mission. My job is to strip down while I lick my lips and touch my body all over, then play with my pussy with my fingers and sometimes a nice toy until all of you empty your ammunition. Now drop those pants and give me 20....strokes that is!

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Goal Keeper

Do you think you can shoot your ball past the hottest soccer goalie in the world Tussinee? I will stop any balls that come my way so give it your best shot! I love when I get a good set of balls in my hands. Being the only member of the team that can touch balls with their hand I get lots of practice touching and handling them. Go ahead whip out your cock and balls and shoot it towards me! Haha!

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Punked Up - Tussinee Gold

I thought I would try a totally new look when I go out to the clubs tonight. I think the guys will love the short skirt and black hose. Check out my smokey eye makeup too! I think this will turn on a few guys don't you? I decided to pose in my punky outfit so you can really use your imagination when you think of me going out tonight. Do you have any suggestions? What makes you hot? I think I will leave my panties off - *wink*

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Red Widow - Tussinee Gold

I just love the color red on me. They say red is hot, and it is stands for danger. Heck red is everywhere on the streets. Red stop signs, red stop lights... but in Amsterdam, Netherlands it means a hooker is there behind the red light... sure you guys stop for that too! Today is my turn to stop you ... from thinking of any one else but me! Check out my fabulous red boots and all the other touches of red I could find. I hope you love it when I take it off too! Aww now my face is red.

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Extinguish - Tussinee Gold

Did someone call 911? They said there was a fire in your pants, and I'm here to put that flame out. Now before I douse you with an extinguisher, let me get a little more comfortable. It's sure is hot in here. I start to remove my hot red outfit, slowly sliding my leather dress up over my hips revealing my slightly curved hips, nice round ass and wet, pink pussy. Ooops, looks like you doused yourself with your own white stuff.

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Pussy Position - Tussinee Gold

I just love this outfit but I love taking it off for you more. I make sure that I show you every sexy part of my body. I hope you totally enjoy my beautiful naked body as I reveal it to you. I was thinking....the best place to be in is first position, right? So if I'm in first place, that means my pussy is in pole position and it's hot and roaring and waiting for the light to turn green so I can get myself off.

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Valley Girl - Tussinee Gold

I watch American TV on the internet and found some really hot girls called Valley Girls. I just love how they talk and act. They remind me of spoiled rich girls and I would love to be a spoiled rich girl. I see they seem to be spoiled, I would love someone to spoil me. They even know how to get sexy and naughty. I know how to be sexy and naughty. Maybe I'm a little to Thai to be a valley girl, but I won't tell if you don't. Like totally!

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Extra Credit - Tussinee Gold

I sure wish I had the nerve to wear this outfit when I was in school. I was thinking of one of my sexy teachers as I posed and took off each item. I wondered if he would just stand there and watch me slowly unbuttoning my skimpy blouse. And if his dick would be getting hard as I ran my hands around my firm breasts. Would he touch himself when I slid my skirt down over my hips? Would he want to put his hard dick in my pretty pussy? hummmm

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A Lot Of Dots - Tussinee Gold

I was feeling very sexy for this shoot. I was thinking I was posing for a Playboy centerfold. I tried to look as sexy as I could, you know, make the right smile and the best sexy face I could imagine. I would think about all of my fans looking at me and what they would be doing as they watched me. I imagined they would be having their hand on their hard cock and it excited me. I think I would make a great centerfold model... don't you?

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Blondie Land - Tussinee Gold

So they say that gentlemen prefer blondes and that blondes have all the fun. I just don't know about that! But I figured what the hell, I'll give it a try. I went shopping and found this really cute blonde wig that I thought would look great with my fence net stockings and gold high heels. I think you will agree that I look cute as a blonde. I have to admit that as a blonde I sure had a lot of fun!

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