Why every woman should seriously consider having sex with a dog


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The planet we all live on is rapidly becoming overpopulated with people. Some may say it is already past the point of over-population. Much of the problem lies with the fact that people love to have sex. That carnal act is just far too much enjoyable for a few sex education classes to dissuade us from trying it out. And current methods of birth control leave a lot to be desired. However there is one avenue that these organizations have failed to explore – that’s right – sex with dogs! Interspecies intercourse.

Engaging in that most lustful of acts with a dog still lets one get their fix for sex – while avoiding the problems of birth control and overpopulation through reproduction. Indeed try as one might it is quite impossible to get pregnant by having unprotected sex with a dog. Those dog sperm are shaped and formed differently to human sperm and are incompatible with human eggs. Just like trying to put the wrong key into a lock doesn’t work, no amount of dog sperm will be enough to fertilize a human egg.

Another attractive point for k9 sex is that one cannot easily catch any of those scary human STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) that sex education spends so much time warning us about. While diseases can and do jump species it takes generations for them to evolve to do so and so catching a dog-specific infection isn’t something that is going to happen. The only real risk is if the dog has recently had sex with a human STD carrier, a rare event! If you and your partner are looking at experimenting by adding extra partners or you are single and looking to play around but worried about the STD risks then experimenting with a k9 instead makes for a much safer choice.

One problem with human partners is that they have their own brain, will and autonomy. Their own agendas. However hunky dory a relationship starts out, there will inevitably be arguments, conflicts of interest and perhaps even struggles for power in the relationship further down the road.

Try as one might, even the most casual of relationships can result in personal and emotional issues, making a relationship with a fellow human quite the emotional investment. One completely avoids this risk and tension when engaging in a relationship with a dog. There can be no arguments with someone who can’t grasp human speech and no fights over financial issues with someone who doesn’t give a fig about money. And as for power struggles a dog is only interested in knowing who is pack leader – some simple dog training can help resolve this. This makes a relationship with a dog an emotional risk free investment, yet you still get the companionship, affection and of course, the great sex!

A dog is the most loyal partner you could ever wish for. Tired of people letting you down, not caring enough about you, only being interested in their own needs and wants, being unfaithful or dishonest? Well a dog will care about one thing above all others in it’s life – it’s owner or caretaker.
Get a dog for a partner and you will have a companion that cares about you 24/7.

Which brings us to the next point: a dog, unlike a human partner, does not worry how you look. You needn’t worry about your appearance with a k9 partner they are completely non-judgmental and don’t have a care whether you do look fat in that dress or not. A dog will always make you feel wanted and special.

When it comes to the mating procedure or as we humans like to call it, the “dating game”, this can sometimes prove to be quite a lengthy, complex and daunting interaction. For which many of us take drugs such as alcohol to help “lubricate” the process and ease the tension.

As dogs are much less socially complex than humans, what with our big brains that tend to over-think things, dating is far less involved. And leads straight into sex; no waiting around for second dates or getting to know one another. All that is required is sniffing one another’s butts and then some wiggling of said butts, some tentative humping and then it’s all on. Cock will be flying into pussy, seed will be spilled and two sexually satisfied beings will be left lying on the floor in content.

So with a k9 partner all that time and money wasted flirting, and often failing with incompatible human partners will be avoided. Getting some action will be as simple as wiggling one’s butt.

Rough, unbridled, primal sex. Many women like it. In fact, according to a study by University of North Texas, 57 percent of women are turned on by the idea of rough sex. But many aren’t getting what they need from their male partners as many men treat females as ‘fragile’ or are afraid they won’t like it when they try it out, or just have no imagination.

But what could be more rough and primal than being fucked by a dog? A dog has no such hang ups and will just go for it, obeying his primal urges to just fuck and disperse his seed. No concerns about being gentle for a dog. When it’s on, it’s on.

The entrance to a lady’s vagina, or just within where the G-spot may be located behind the urethra, is among the most sexually sensitive parts for a woman. The knot at the base of a dog’s penis that swells to lock the penis inside the vagina is much better than a man’s penis for stimulating those most sensitive parts. And a dog’s cock is warmer than a man’s. That extra heat, combined with the pressure from the knot against those deliciously sensitive bits, and the throbbing from the knot as the dog shoots his semen is sure to push a woman deep into orgasm territory.

And talking about semen, those with a pregnancy risk or cum fetish, may be interested to know that dogs may produce around 5-6 times as much semen as the average man. This of course depends on the dog and breed. But it’s a lot no matter what breed of dog. And they’ll keep coming for the whole time their knot is inside you, sometimes for up to 20 or 30 minutes!. No quick come and then it’s over like for a man. It definitely makes for an interesting sexual experience at the very least.

Also, when it’s over, it’s not over for long. A dog will keep coming back for more again and again!

Unlike a man a dog will never talk to others about their sex life or relationship with you. A dog is the most discreet partner you can possible have. Simply because he cannot talk. With a k9 partner you can be sure that what goes on in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom.

With this list I’m sure many of you will have at least a starting point to go from if k9 sex is something you’ve ever pondered or fantasized about. As a 30-something woman who’s been having sex with dogs since she was a teenager, I can most definitely recommend that every woman should try it at least once in her life.