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The main question for opponents of wide legalisation of beastiality is - do you consider that kill and eat animals is socially acceptable, but make love with animals should be banned.
Hunting, laboratory testing, and slaughtering animals for meat is protective? But ''rape'' that isn't even a rape is wrong? It isn't rape since some animals can take initiative.

And here i want to establish worldwide zoophilia rights movement to help each other and ask lawyers and media-owners for support.

Especially i want to appeal to the "progressive" LGBT community - why do you selfish guys discriminate zoophiles? Zoophilia, the sexual orientation of being emotionally and romantically attracted to nonhuman animals, and zoosexuality, which is zoophilia that also includes physical and sexual attraction to animals, are still viewed as perverted, sick, a mental illness, potential for rape and abuse, etc. It is very socially rejected and taboo with a small minority of people being zoo and a very small minority of general society being tolerant and accepting of people who are zoo. Most of the rest of society rejects zoophilia/zoosexuality, and that includes people who happen to be LGBT. Beastiality now has the same state as same-sex relationships in 1950s

If you read this and able to think please do not pass by!
Equality for all.
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